I Love College Towns - Ch. 3

Sex In Public

Carefully, she finished kissing me, and pulled her head back. Her eyes looked deeply into mine, as her hand gracefully brushed her hair from her face. "Did you enjoy yourself, last night?" She asked, smiling almost mischeiviously. "You tell me. " I answered, smiling, as I nodded toward the bulge of morning wood, that pertruded from inside my pants. She giggled. "I'm glad. How about dessert?" She said, as her hand landed on my thigh, and began sliding upward. "Shit, yes. " I hissed, her touch overwhelming me. She giggled and continued running her hand up my thigh, until it landed on my dick. With amazing precision, she unzipped my fly, allowing my tool to spring forward from it's cloth prison. Her small hand wrapped around the shaft and began stroking it. Her eyes locked on mine, once again, her smile almost becoming a permenant fixture. I was so focused on the pleasure she was giving me, that I was completely unaware that Lisa and Stephanie had rolled away from me, in their sleep. We kissed, passionately, as her hand slid up and down the length of my now-throbbing cock.

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   I could feel the pressure building inside me, as the pleasure began consuming me entirely. I couldn't take it any longer. I had to have her. With a sudden motion, I rolled onto her, spreading her legs instantly. She squealed with suprise, as the head of my dick landed between her legs, up her skirt. She giggled, slightly, before feeling my cock pressing against her naked flesh. "Oooh. " She said, in a silly tone. "Taking control, are we?" She finished, grinning. I ignored her words, as I took my dick in-hand, and began rubbing it up and down the span of her soft, shaven pussy. After a moment, her eyes closed and her head tilted back. She began to moan, slightly, as the grin washed from her face, and she bit her lip. My pre-cum and her dampness thinly coated the flesh surrounding her opening, as she began gyrating her hips against my pulsating member. When I felt she was wet enough, I slid the head of my dick into her opening, causing her eyes to open, along with her mouth, in an expression of shock. She was unbelievably tight, forcing me to put a little more effort into my insertion.

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   Slowly, I worked the head of my fully erect shaft in and out of her tiny hole, unwittingly teasing her while trying to ease my entrance into her. Her hands wrapped around my torso, her nails automatically digging into my back. She clawed lines from the top of my back, to my ass, before grabbing it with both hands. With a grunt, she used her grip on my ass to push my dick firmly inside of her, impaling herself on my 9 inch shaft. "Oh, God!" She almost bellowed, as it bottomed-out inside her with one thrust. Her eyes were filled with such desire, as they glared into mine with the hunger of an animal. Quickly, I pulled out and thrust back in, causing her to squeal once again. Her cunt fit so tight around my shaft that I had to concentrate to keep from exploding within her velvet-like walls. "Oh, fuck yes!" She exclaimed, as I pulled out once more, and slammed it back inside of her. My inhibitions were now non-existant, as my mind overflowed with the memories she'd given me over the past two days. As the image of her beautiful young figure, masturbating in the Wal-Mart dressing room, played back in my mind, I began thrusting harder into her, pounding myself deeper into her glove-like box. I was now fucking her with everything I had to give, using my aching sex to punish her for the dick tease she'd been, since the night before last. Her petite body flailed under me, before wrapping her legs tightly around my waist. Her feet met one another, behind me, before her ankles locked against one another. Her head tilted back in pleasure, as every thrust I gave her, seemed to knock the breath from her lungs.

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  "God! Yes! Pound it in! Fuck me, baby!" She gasped, between thrusts. My head sank, as I began kissing along her neck, occasionally biting the soft flesh. Her hips bucked wildly, beneath me. Before long, I began to feel the familiar sensation, burning from within me. "I'm cumming!" I told her, as I continued feeding my hard shaft into her tight hole. "Yes! Cum for me! Cum deep inside me! Fill my pussy up with it!" She hissed, her legs squeezing me beyond all belief. The muscles of her cunt felt unfathomable, as they tightened, milking my seed from me. I exploded, slamming into her, one last time, with more force than I ever imagined. The force of my climax shot Julia towards her own. We laid there, rocking against one another, not breathing, but lost in the undescribable feeling of our mutual orgasm. Before I knew it, it was over. My head came to rest between her breasts, as I struggled to regain the breath I'd lost. Her lips pressed against my forehead, kissing it gently, as we both laid there, minds reeling from the afterglow. --Not too long after, Lisa and Stephanie had awoken. They smiled at our sweat-covered figures, still laying against one another, holding each other tightly.

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   Together, the four of us gathered the things we'd brought the night before, and packed them back into the paper bags. I was driven home. Although I was slightly embarassed by the low-rent apartment I was living in, they didn't seem to mind. With a kiss from not one, but all three girls, they dropped me off at my door, and grinned at me as they drove off. I unlocked the door and entered the apartment, before closing the door, behind me. The clock on the puke-green stove read 8:45, I noticed, as I dropped my keys on the counter, and pulled my shirt off. I didn't care what time it was. I knew I had today off, and with the events of last night, I fully intended to enjoy it. I grinned wildly, as I headed for the shower. --Julia had told me that they had a suprise for me tonight, and while in the bathroom, I chose to use the time to get shaving out of the way. Julia was in my mind now, more than ever. This was the third day I'd known her, and I couldn't stop thinking about her. I sprayed the shaving gel into my hand, and worked it into a lather, across my face. My reflection stared back at me, from the mirror. Her final words to me flooded back from memory.

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  . . "Be ready to leave at 9:30, tonight. Dress comfortably, because I've got a suprise for you. If you liked last night, you're going to love tonight. " She'd said, before the three had driven off. A suprise? What could it be? I didn't think anything could top what had happened last night. I continued shaving, before taking my shower. I laid down and napped for a total of two hours, throughout the day. Come 7 o'clock, I was already dressed, waiting patiently for them to arrive. What was waiting for me, tonight? What kind of suprise could be better than what happened, last night? I had every intention of finding out. .