I Love College Towns - Ch. 4

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I'd avoided the topic, and eventually succeeded in getting her off of the phone. But not before she made a request that I found humorous. "Do me a favor and stay inside, tonight. It's Friday, and there's too many college kids out partying. I don't need you in trouble. " She'd said, making it very hard for me not to laugh. If she only knew. Before too long, I'd heard the bass of an approaching vehicle, and peeked out the window to see who it was. The blue camaro was creeping into the parking lot, with it's ground effects on. The radio blared whatever hip-hop pop song was the style of that week. Quickly, I appeased my Mother enough to get off the phone. As the car parked in front of my apartment, and honked, I grabbed my wallet and keys, and left. --We drove for the next two hours, before finally ending up right beside downtown Dallas. The area was packed with people, roaming the sidewalks and standing in lines. As we crept down the street, exotic-looking cars could be seen in front, behind, and beside us, all of which looked like something out of the movies. Neon signs painted every corner of the streets, reflecting from the surfaces of the sports cars, who emitted their own neon glow, from under their chassis.

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  "Okay, where the hell are we?" I asked, as I looked around in awe. Beautiful women could be seen everywhere, some walking the sidewalk with little or nothing on. Music filled the night air, changing genres as we slowly drove past different nightclubs. "Deep Ellum. " Lisa said, before turning to smile at me. Julia grinned. "Ever heard of it?" Julia asked, as Stephanie turned to glance at me, from behind the steering wheel. "Yeah, on the radio. Especially when they're broadcasting on Friday and Saturday nights, and advertising the different clubs. I've never been here, though, just heard of it. " I answered, staring at the assortment of freaks, goths, preps, punks and skaters that lined the streets. It looked more like something you'd see at Mardi Gras. Men on the sidewalk, using their teeth to pull full shot glasses from between the breasts of beautiful half-dressed women. Street performers were using nothing more than simple cans of spray paint and poster board to create amazing works of art, finishing the process in a matter of seconds. But what really blew me away was the fact that there wasn't a police car to be seen.

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   It was unbelievable. "Well, tonight you get to experience it, first-hand. " Julia said, grinning at me seductively. All three girls erupted in a marathon of giggling, as we slowly approached our destination. By the time we'd reached the parking lot, we were deep within the party territory. Slowly, the Camaro pulled in, before shutting off the ground effects and lights, and killing the engine. As we filed out of the little blue sports car, engines could be heard roaring, and I turned just in time to see two cars fly down the road behind the buildings, flames erupting from the rear of the vehicles. "Street racing?" I asked, amazed to see it in real life. "Every Friday and Saturday night. Winner takes home $5,000. " Stephanie answered, as she came from around the car, to join us. "Come on!" Julia giggled, getting my attention away from the hundreds of distractions that Deep Ellum had to offer me. She grabbed my hand, and pulled me in her direction, as the four of us headed down the sidewalk. After a few moments, we approached a building that looked to be condemned. There were no signs, no lines, and the windows were boarded.


   The girls seemed to know where they were going, so I followed, quietly. They led me down an alleyway, where a basement doorway sat. Stephanie knocked three times, before kneeling and sliding a reflective silver card under the door. A moment passed, and the card was slid back out from under the door, before the sound of heavy locks could be heard, unbolting. The metal door opened, slowly, and a large black male stepped out, completely bald. "You know the drill. $200 a piece, and once you enter, stay on your left until you reach the V. I. P. room. " He said, in a deep voice. I was shocked at the price, and I didn't even know where we were going. "Relax, baby. I got you. " Julia said, as she handed the man a was of hundred dollar bills, totalling $800.

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   He nodded to us, and we went in. The hallway was long and dark, making it hard to tell where you were going. Occasionally, you would see an arrow spray-painted on the wall, visible only because of the nearby blacklight. We stayed to the left side of the hallway, and walked on. Before long, music could be heard in the distance, thumping with bass. The further we walked, the louder the music got, before a dark blue light could be seen. We followed the light, and I was amazed with where it led us. --"This is the V. I. P. room of what's called 'The Ellum Underground'. " Stephanie said, as we entered the large room, filled with blue light. Above us, the ceiling hung, made completely of plexi-glass. On top of that, we had a ground-up view of a club dance floor, giving us exclusive visual access to what was under every girl's skirt, while they all danced away, above us. "Holy shit.

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  " I muttered, as the girls took their seats in the room. After a moment, a beautiful woman entered the room, her hair dark brown with purple streaks that stood out in the lighting. She wore a see-through lace dress, which was designed to look like a highly exotic maid outfit. Her breasts, ass, and crotch were clearly visible, as she crossed the room, grinning. In her hands was a huge silver tray, with a lid. She sat it on table, smiled at us, and left. On her way out, she turned to me and winked. This caught me off-guard. "Like the view, James?" Julia asked, as she lit a cigarette. Lisa removed the lid from the tray, to reveal a number of exotic drinks, sitting in several shot glasses. "I like everything. " I answered, still not sure exactly what to say. I sat down in a white recliner, before tilting my head up. I watched the view above me, staring at the unbelievable amount of women who weren't wearing anything under their skirts. As their bodies moved with the music, I watched several other girls, grinding seductively with their dance partners.

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  "It's all one-way mirror. Occasionally it'll get scuffed up in one area or another, but they never have any idea that anybody's down here. " Julia finished, before drinking from one of the shot glasses, in front of her. "James, relax. Have something to eat. " Stephanie suggested, taking my attention away from the dance floor, above us. In all the excitement, I had forgotten that I hadn't eaten since the day before. On the table sat a perpetual feast of foods, ranging from pasta, to finely prepared pork chops. I didn't hesitate to grab a plate. --After about an hour, another group were let into the room. A couple of really well-built guys entered the room, each one with a girl at his side. Lisa stood up and grinned. "It's about damn time, Robbie. You guys get lost?" She asked, as she walked over to a chair, near the entrance to the room. "No, we had to make a couple of stops, for supplies.

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  " The larger guy said, obviously named Robbie. "Who's this?" He asked her, nodding to me. "This is James. Julia's new boy toy. " She giggled, before getting shot a look by Julia. "What's up? I'm Robbie. You call me Rob. " He said, his tone sporting that typical holier-than-thou jock attitude, as he extended his hand. I started to hesitate shaking it, but decided not to make any trouble. After all, Julia paid $200 for me to come with them, I really shouldn't blow it now. As the new group moved to sit down, Julia stood, offering them her seat. Of course they took it, not caring that she had no place to sit. Before I could offer her my place, she strolled over and sat in my lap, before looking at me and smiling. Her back rested against my chest, and her arm reached around my neck, pulling me to her. "Kiss me.

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  " She whispered, amongst the conversation of the others, and the loud music. I happily obliged. My lips met hers, and her toungue slid into my mouth. I glanced down the length of her body to see that her hand was sliding down the length of her thigh, slowly. Within seconds, she had grabbed the end of her skirt, and was slowly working it back up her legs. The group continued talking, either not noticing us, or ignoring us, as we laid there, making out in the recliner. Julia's skirt was now around her waist, exposing everything she had to offer. Her hips began moving in small circles, as she used the weight and feel of her warm body to work my flacid dick into a full erection. Her head turned upward, staring at the people dancing above us, as she pulled my lips to her neck. I felt my fly unzip, as I kissed her neck, passionately. Her slow, relaxed breaths started shortening, as her hand sat underneath her body, inside my jeans. She watched the dancers as if it were a television show she'd been interested in, since the pilot episode. They seemed to excite her. "I love what you do to me, baby. " She whispered, as I felt her hand massage my now-erect member, inside my unzipped jeans.

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   "Do you want me?" She asked, almost playfully, her eyes never leaving the dance floor, directly above us. "Hell yeah. " I answered, at a loss for words. Her fingers worked my dick out of my jeans, it's fully-hardened shape pushing into her naked flesh. Within moments, she slid it between her legs, and into her soaking cunt. The group across from us still seemed to have no idea. "Mmm. . . I love that dick. " She moaned, before slowly pushing her hips back, taking all of it in. She began rocking her hips, slowly, to the beat of the music, before her skirt fell back down, covering my penetration of her. I continued kissing her neck, as the music instigated every movement she made, on my throbbing cock. I began to recognize the beat, something I normally would've already known, had I not been lost in Julia's actions. One of my all-time favorite songs, by Massive Attack was playing.

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   Angel. Her slow ride of me, while sitting in my lap, mimicked it's seductive tone and beat, excellently. I could feel my blood pulsing into my cock, as her glove-like pussy fit tightly around it. My lips danced across her neck, as her free hand strolled through the back of my hair. The smell of her perfume was intoxicating, and her trance-like watch of the dancers reminded me of a starving animal. Her ambiance was almost predatory, as her hips bucked to the beat of the song. Across from us, the conversation raged on. We were in our own world now, and nothing else mattered. As the tempo of the music reached climax, I began to, as well. I felt her juices dripping on me, the wetness penetrating the fabric of my jeans. Her moans were steady, now, as she rocked back and forth on me, my manhood plunging deeper into her. Before I knew it, she was orgasming to the music. Her breathing had stopped, and I could see her face flush, even in the dark room. Her pussy tightened against the shaft of my dick, and began milking the length of it. My balls retracted, and I felt myself blast load after load, into her.


   Her head turned to me, kissing me hungrily, as she quietly let out a gutteral moan, with each explosion of my cock. Slowly, as our mutual climax subsided, the music faded out. Our lips stayed locked, our toungues dancing against one another's. And then, an epiphany. This wasn't just lust, I was feeling. I was in love. But how? I didn't know anything about her. The feeling in my stomach, and the warmth of her skin against mine told me otherwise. Tonight belonged to us, not the group. I had to find out if she felt the same way. Did she love me, too? Or was this all for fun?.