I Love College Towns - Ch. 7

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"Julia, I really don't want to do this. " I said, trying to plead with her. Any man would've given his left testicle to be in the situation I was in, but not me. I didn't want to reveal to her that I loved her, but I just couldn't go through with the current situation. It felt so wrong. "Did I ask?" She snapped back at me, in a cruel tone. Her expression had now changed from one of secdutive beauty to one of anger. "James, you're nothing but a dick to me. The same goes for Lisa and Stephanie. You're just a good fuck. And that's exactly what you're going to be to every girl out here, tonight. Just a dick. " She hissed at me, her words cutting me like a knife. I felt as though I'd been punched in the stomach. All the events we'd shared together, over the past few days. All the trouble I was getting into, at work.

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   I thought it was over a girl who I was in love with. I should've known better. "Julia. . . " I fought to speak. My stomach was full of knots. "I fell in love with you. " I told her. That was when everyone burst into laughter. Especially Julia. I felt like I was going to be sick. "Just like a little dog, huh, Jules?" Lisa giggled. Julia was still laughing. It took another five minutes, before any of them finished.

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   Slowly, she was regaining her composure. Slowly, she walked up to me. Her hand rested on my cheek, and I felt her fingers slide through the warm liquid that was streaming down them. I didn't realize that I'd been crying. Out of my view, one of the girls behind her handed her something. She kissed my lips once more, softly, before she hit me with a blunt object, knocking me out. --What followed is still a mystery. I remember so many faces, fading in and out of memory. I remember regaining conscienceness momentarily, while I choked for air. A young brunette was strattling my face, riding her cunt across my mouth. By then, I must've been cut down from the tree. I had little or no idea of what was happening, as I felt the mind-numbing pain, from the trauma to my head. It felt as though I had sunk to the bottom of a swimming pool, and was looking up. The few images I remember are too blurry to get much detail. The voices, though.

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  . . I remember everything I heard. "Give me that dick, you dirty bastard!" I heard one girl say, while feeling her weight bouncing on and off of my cock. The other girls giggled and moaned, I assumed they were watching. I could feel hands on my body, caressing my flesh, as they took turns using me to get off with. I was now a victim. Nothing more than a tool to use in their sexual exploits. But then again, according to Julia, this was all I'd been since the beginning. The difference was, that now, I wasn't willing. The night went on, and I felt myself get fucked, time and again. They took turns using me, then cleaning up the mess with their toungues. When I thought it was all over with, I started to regain conscienceness. I was wrong. The worst was about to come.

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   The last time I would ever feel Julia's touch. My eyes opened, slowly, as she mounted me. My dick slid easily into her waiting pussy. Her eyes were locked on mine. "I was hoping you'd be awake for this, James. " She said, as she finished mounting me. Slowly, she began pumping. She was in no hurry. "I wanted you to know that I've enjoyed our time together. " She said, her tone sounding like a disappointed parent, talking to a child. I wanted to push her off of me, but I was too weak. I wanted to say something back to her, but my head hurt way too bad. "I'm sorry it's come to this. " She said, her eyes still locked on mine, as she began picking up her pace. I could feel her sweet cunt, so tight around my now-aching erection.

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   "I never liked the idea of actually harming you, but you weren't going to ruin tonight for the sorority. For me. " Her words were cold and harsh. Her hands rested on my chest, as her hips bucked, pushing me deeper inside her. Her breath was now getting rapid, as her eyes peered into mine. I wanted it all to stop, now. I wanted to go back to the Broken Bridge. Back to Deep Ellum. Hell, even back to the Wal-Mart fitting room. I never wanted this to be the result of my relationship with her. Not this. Her speed increased, as she gave me a small smirk. "I'm a senior, James. I'm about to leave Texas. So are the rest of the girls here.

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  " Her smirk grew, as did my swollen member, inside of her. "Our sorority has a tradition. One last fuck fest, before the end of college. One guy, versus the entire sorority. " Her riding started to become wilder, causing my throbbing cock to ache even more. "You were supposed to be the guy. The one to fuck every one of us. But you had to do something childish, and fall in love. ""But, Julia. . " I struggled to say. Her hand quickly landed on my mouth, shutting me up. "Shh!" She told me, as her eyes closed, and her head tilted upward. Her ass was now slapping against me, her hips bucking wilder than ever before. This entire situation, what she'd managed to do to me.

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  . . unbelievably, it was all getting her off. That bitch. "This year, we all had to fuck you. " She gasped, grinning. Her eyes remained closed, as her index finger sank into my mouth. Her jaw dropped and her eyes squinted. Her cunt felt as though it was collapsing around my dick. She had acheived orgasm, and was milking my cock to an explosion. Within seconds, it did just that. Burst after burst filled her womb, as she squealed in delight. Her body racked and jerked with each explosion. Within moments, both of our orgasms subsided. "I hope you had fun, James.

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   I know I did. " She said, before rising from her position, on top of me. "If it's any consolation, I probably could've loved you. You just weren't my type. " She said, before I started feeling drowsy. The pressure from the orgasm had been enough to trigger a blackout. Slowly, everything faded away. The last thing I heard was Julia's voice. "Sorry. "--I awoke the next morning, in my own bed. There was a cold rag across my forehead, and my clothes had been removed. I had been bathed and left there. As I started to remember the events from the night before, I could feel my anger grow. I'd been betrayed by Julia, Lisa and Stephanie. My stomach began hurting, all over again.

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   After a moment, I turned to my nightstand, to find my cigarettes. As I picked up the pack to light one, a letter was sitting under them. Carefully, I picked it up, and looked at the envelope. It had 'James' written across the front of it. I lit a cigarette, and laid the ashtray on the bed, before opening the envelope. Inside was a folded letter and alot of pictures. Weary, I unfolded the letter and began reading. . . James,I know everything I did to you was wrong, but so are many things in life. What matters are the experiences we share during our time together. Should you stay mad at me? Yes. Should you forget me? No. I've enclosed several copies of the pictures we took, last night. I'm keeping alot of them.

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   The Sorority also has copies, to go in the scrapbook. After last night, you won't see me again. I've already left, this morning. Don't worry, more girls will come. You're due at work at 2. Don't be late, breakfast is in the microwave. Sincerely, Julia. I felt my anger rise. I'm amazed the bitch had the nerve to do what she did to me. How could she? Fuck her. I rose from the bed and rubbed my aching head. The clock read 1:38p. m. . It was already time for me to prepare for work.


   I really wasn't in the mood, but I got up anyway. I looked through the closet and searched through the clothing, looking for what to wear. I picked out a shirt, and threw it on the bed, beside the envelope full of photographs. They caught my attention. Did I want to see what was on them? No. I dressed and left. --"You look like you got run over, man. " Brian said, as I entered the smoker's lounge. "What the hell happened?""Don't ask. " I replied, as I lit a cigarette, before I had to clock in. "It's a long fucking story. "I took a seat, across from him. Groaning as I rubbed my head, and still angry. I couldn't believe I let that bitch play me for a fool. And a fool, I was.

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   My focus on the issue was lost, when the door to the lounge opened, and Kevin entered. I looked up and found him looking over me. "Mr. Jacobs?" He said, as he closed the door. This really wasn't the person I needed to see. "Yeah?""Would you mind clocking in early, and speaking with me in private?" He asked, sounding more polite than usual. I looked at him for a long minute. "Sure, I guess. " I answered, putting my cigarette out and rising from my seat. --"I wanted to apologize for treating you the way I did, yesterday. " Kevin said, as he closed the door to the office. He walked over and took a seat, behind his workstation. "I've been under alot of pressure, lately, with my daughter finishing college, and leaving to pursue her Masters. " He finished. I wasn't in the mood to fight with him, and simply shook my head.

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  "Don't worry about it. I've had alot to deal with, lately, too. " I told him, shrugging it off. "Well, I know you hate working in fabrics, and I've managed to get you a transfer, if you want. It's my way of apologizing for what I did. ""A transfer? To where?" I asked. "The toy department. " He said, handing me the sheet of paper authorizing my move. "Do you want the position?" He asked. "Sure!" I told him, before taking the sheet. "This is great, man. I appreciate it. " I said, ecstatic with the situation. "Well, we just hired a girl named Heather, that you'll be working with, in fabrics, for the night. Tomorrow, you'll be moved to toys.

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  " He told me, before rising from his chair and shaking my hand. I stood and turned for the door, as he escorted me out. "Once again, I'm sorry. I know my daughter isn't any excuse, but it won't happen again. " He told me, as we stepped out of the office. "Nah, don't worry about it. I had no idea you were a father. " I said, as we walked back to the break room. "Oh, yeah! Here!" He opened his wallet and handed me a picture. The girl in it smiled back at me, with short brown hair, and a face I knew I'd never forget. "That's my Julia. She'll be in Mississippi for the next four years. " He said. "Pretty girl. Bet she's just like you.

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  " I said, more sarcastic than polite, as I handed the picture back to him. He took it as a compliment. It figured. THE END?.