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TJ brings his hands up and cups my tits in his hands. He plays with my nipples, twisting them softly in between his fingers. I can feel his 8 inch cock hardening against my crotch as I press against him. I push my hands down into the back of his shorts and place my hands on his perfect ass. I stop kissing him and push his shorts down with my hands to get a full view of his cock which I've experienced so many times before. I start kissing TJ again, using my tongue to explore his mouth. I can feel myself becoming wet and I remove my bikini bottoms. TJ pushes me against the wall, and I jump up and wrap my legs around his waist, with my arms around his neck. I push my chest into TJ's face as he carries me to the king sized bed. He gently lays me on the bed, and pushes my legs apart. My pussy lips open, revealing my pussy, glistening with my juices. He runs a finger over the shaven smoothness of my crotch, and gently rubs my clit. TJ then guides his cock to the opening of my pussy, and gently pushes in, spreading my lips wide. He enters my wet tunnel, and thrusts in, then out until only the head was left inside. He then thrust back in, gaining speed and strength with each thrust. Before long he was thrusting in and out of me with great force and speed, that all I could do was moan in pleasure.

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   After about 10 minutes of pleasureable fucking, we both found that we were reaching an incredible orgasm. "I'M CUMMMMIINNNGGGG!!" We both cry in unison as we both explode and shudder in each others arms. We lay there for about 5 minutes, catching our breath. We then get up, and dress. I walk towards the bathroom, when TJ grabs my arm, pulls me to him and kisses me. "Where are you going?" He whispers in my ear. "To the bathroom to get cleaned up. " I smile up at him. "Don't worry about that babe. You'll ruin the 'fresh fucked look'" He grins, pushing me gently towards the door. We both spend the day swimming in the sea, and sunbathing. At about 8 PM, we head back to the hotel room to get cleaned up and changed to go partying. I put on my new black miniskirt, which shows off my long, slender legs which TJ loves and my white halter neck top, which gives me a fantastic cleavage. TJ wears a pair of cream khaki shorts with a half un-buttoned hawaiian shirt. He waits patiently as I finish brushing my long, dark brown hair.

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   I stand up to recieve a loving glance and a wolf-whistle from TJ. I smile shyly, and walk out of the door. TJ puts his arm around me, and together we walk into the town. When we get there, we both get a lot of stares from men and women, but we just smile and hug each other. We walk around, and enter a bar called "Creation. " We start dancing and then head towards the bar to get a drink. After about 2 hours, we're both quite tipsy, and we head off towards the beach for a romantic stroll. We walk hand in hand for a while, just talking about what we're going to do tomorrow. TJ then asks a surprising question. "Do you wanna go swim in the sea. . . naked?" He grins, and I gently slap him on the chest. "I'm drunk, but not that drunk!" I laugh, looking at how cute TJ looks when he grins. He pulls me close to him, and puts his arms around my waist, and places his hands on my cute ass.

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  "I love you," he purrs. "I want you right here, right now" He smiles, waiting for an answer. I look in his eyes, and reply. "I love you too sweetie, and I want you -" I stop, as I heard giggling not far away from us. I motion for TJ to be quiet and takes his hand. I pull him to where the giggling came from. There was a small hut standing just off the edge of the beach, and a couple were inside, obviously having some fun. TJ looked inside, and saw a chubby man - in his mid 30's - led on this young girl - about 17. He was obviously fucking her, and the girl seemed to be enjoying it. I was actually enjoying the show, and so was TJ, as his cock was rising underneath his shorts. He watched as the young girl screamed in pleasure. "Oh, daddy!! Fuck me harder. Make me cum. . .

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   I wanna be your little slut!""Oh, you're my slut alright, sweetie. I'm gonna make you cum so hard, just for daddy. " the chubby man replied, thrusting himself deeper into his daughter. I looked at TJ, and he grinned. He really was enjoying seeing this pretty girl get fucked by her dad. He pulled me over to him, and reached under my skirt as he started to kiss my neck. I didn't put any underwear on, and so he pushed his middle finger into my now soaking pussy. He then pushed in another finger, then another. I moaned in pleasure, and the 2 people inside the hut stopped. TJ took his fingers out of my pussy, and laughed as the dad pulled himself off of his daughter and pulled his trousers up. Then he helped his daughter up and they both left, grumbling to themselves. I giggled and pulled TJ into the hut, and pushed him onto the blanket that the people before had put there. TJ pulled his shorts off, revealing his hard cock, and I climbed on top of him, sitting on his cock. I pushed down, and his cock slid into my tight pussy easily. I took all 8 inches, and moaned in pleasure.

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   I started to bounce up and down, my tits dancing under my top. TJ grabbed my hips, pushing me down harder onto his cock, making his nuts slap against my ass with each thrust. I fucked him for about 5 minutes before I felt an orgasm coming on. TJ felt one as well, and moments before we climaxed, I pulled myself off of my lover and moved over so we were in the 69 position. "OHHH MYYY GOOOOODDDD!!" I screamed as I felt the familiar tingle run up my spine, as TJ explored my pussy with his tongue, sending me into heaven. I exploded, and TJ lapped as much of my juices as he could, while he sent his hot cream into my mouth, spurt after spurt. I tried to swallow it all, but couldn't manage the heavy load TJ produced. It was then I heard laughing from outside, and "Jeez look at how she sucks cock. Amazing!" I looked up, and saw two male teenagers standing at the entrance, jacking themselves off. I pulled myself up, and pulled my skirt down. I then helped TJ up, and he put his shorts back on. I grabbed his hand, pushed past the two young lads and ran back to the hotel giggling. "Maybe those two could enjoy another show tomorrow?" TJ asked, once we were both back in out hotel room led on the bed, naked and wrapped in each others' arms. I grinned, and replied "Maybe" before falling asleep in TJ's arms. .

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