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My name is James and I am a 19 year old male. I recently started working at a business that among other things offered car washes. I am home from the summer and decided that since I am in resonably good shape (not like everyone else on this website that has 6 pack abs) that I should try to get a job that would allow me to get a tan and also work somewhat hard so that I could get more toned.
It started with me trying to find a lifeguarding position but by the time I got arourd to applying it was too late and all those positions were filled. Finally, after a couple of weeks of summer I got the job that I have now. It was a job that my friend actually helped set up for me in that he got me the interview with the hiring manager and also put in a good word for me. Now, onto my new job. As i mentioned before it was a job that basically involved washing cars all day. Now not the worst job in the world it did become somewhat boring so I often fantisised about this blonde co-worker named Meredith.
This girl was absolutely fantastic. She had blonde hair and had an ass that most men would love to stare at for days. By my best estimation her tits were about 36 B's. Not terribly big but they did seem to fit her body well without dominating her body. Now onto the story. . .

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  . It was a hot Tuesday afternoon (a relatively slow day for our business) and since there was not a whole lot for me to do I was just relaxing washing cars at my own pace. I had removed my shirt, and since I was training to run a biathlon, I had developed into better shape. Well Meredith was inside monitering the counter when a group of customers came in all needing attention at the same time. Since it was only Meredith and I working at the time she tried to help them as quickly as she could while I, at the same time, tried to clean as many cars for the customers as I could. This developed into a routine over the next few hours and after some time Meredith and I finally finished off the last of the customers.
It was now well into the afternoon and getting really warm outside. I still had four cars to wash before we could leave and since the store was scheduled to close in an hour and there were no customers at the moment Meredith said she would help me clean the rest of the cars so that we could leave early. I noted that her help would be greatly appreciated and she said she would be right back as she went to change out of her business suit before helping me. When she came back she was a sight to see. Although she hadn't changed into anything terribly revealing it had none the less started to make me think about Meredith in a different way. She had changed into a sheer white cotton t-shirt and a pair of those skimpy black athletic shorts that you always see cheerleaders wear. The car washing went as would be expected until the last car. Then, Meredith had the hose and she started to get flirty by spraying me with the hose and getting me wet when I wasn't looking or was washing a different part of the car. However, as annoying as that may have been at the time I would get my revenge momentarily as it was then my turn to wash the side of the car I had been scrubbing.

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   I intentionally would let the hose stray little bit and spray Meredith in the face at first. Gradually I started to move the spray down so that some of the water would get onto her shirt. She started to catch on and more deliberately would try to entice me into spraying her.
This carries on during our washing of the last car. When we were done we went inside to clock out on our hours and this is where the real fucn began. When we got inside Meredith grabbed me by the shoulder and turned me around and just started kissing me. I knew we had been flirting but I had no idea that it would come to this. I quickly returned the kiss not wanting to spoil the opportunity. After about a minute or so I began to run my hands over her body and judging but the sounds she had begun to make I could tell she was enjoying this. I continued my trek with my hands and began to caress her tits. They were so soft and because they weren't to large they managed to fit into my hands perfectly. Next I moved onto her ass which, although fantastic, could not compare with her tits. We continued to make out inside the office and after a few minutes of feeling each others bodies things got pretty heated. She reached her hands down my pants and started to rub my dick through my boxers and at the same time I had managed to move my hand down her shorts and onto her pussy while still rubbing through her underwear. After finding her clit through her underwear she really started to moan and at that point I knew things were going to end well for me.

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   I moved her underwear to the side and plunged my fingers into her pussy and she really started to moan in pleasure. For me this was the ultimate. A beautiful girl moaning as I finger fucked her and her hand rubbed my dick. I then took her shirt off with her help from both of our remaining hands and she was soon topless. I could not get enough of her tits and started sucking on them. She pulled my shorts and boxers down and after awhile of rubbing and stroking each other I guess she decided it was time for a change. She moved back but only enough to get my fingers out of her pussy.
She then grabbed my hand and started sucking on my fingers making sure that she had removed all of her juice from them. She then started to kiss lower and lower down my body until she got to my dick. She took my dick into her mouth and it was phenomenal. She sucked it like a pro. She would take her hand and grip it around the base of the shaft and jerk me off slightly while she would hold the head in her mouth and tease the tip of my dick with her tounge. This felt so good but nothing prepared me for what she was about to do next. After teeasing me with her tounge for awhile she suddenly just dropped her head down onto my dick and took my whole cock into her mouth. THis was the most amazing feeling and I suddenly felt as if I were going to blow my load down her throat right that instant.

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   However, I managed to hold on and she kept sucking and one of the sexiest things she did was to ask "baby can i suck on your balls" for me this just put me over the edge as she started sucking my balls and jacking me off at the same time. She continued to jack me off but after awhile she came back and kept sucking me up and down taking me to the back of her throat to the point that her nose was nestled into my pubic hair. She kept sucking and finally when I got close she told me she was going to give me the best finish I had ever had. She gripped her hand around the base of my cock and held it tightly and when I came she barely allowed any out at a time until all of a sudden she let go and it seemed as if a river had been released. She opened her mouth and surprisingly took all of my cum down her throat until she swallowed. After I had exploded I started to relax and sit down in a chair but she said "oh no James, you aren't anywhere near down with me" and at that point I knew it was going to be a good day at work and hopefully a good rest of the summer. . . . .
it's my first story so comment and let me know what you think. there should be more as long as the comments don't say that i suck. thanks.  

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