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The party scene is as always a crazy one. The music thumps through the crush of the crowd, the fast beat echoing the pace of the several hundred beating hearts. Esctasy, to them not just a drug but a state of mind. Bodies shift, bend and wave in chaotic, frantic movements. Just Doyle's kind of place. Entering the room, it's as if the energy spikes ten fold. His first place of business is to be fully like minded with the crowd, esctasy is taken and quickly begins to rush through his veins. Now he finds himself on the dance floor with a strobe light sliding over his body like a lovers hand. A small lovely woman, long dark hair is sliding up to him with such a pretty smile on her face. He shudders and tugs her closer, his face buries into her throat and hair as he slithers against her, feeling her heat mingle with his. As the music starts to speed up, Doyle's hips react, pressing against the lovely chica's. Just how much he's enjoying this is quite evident. Through the beating, pounding music Doyle's ears hone in on the soft squealing giggle the girl gives. Ever much the predator in his own right he grins widely then leans in and nips at the pulse in her throat. It's just hard enough to feel his teeth and then he's licking lightly along the spot almost tickling. She gasps, her fingers clinching lightly as she presses closer to him.

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   There's a groan, from who is unsure, perhaps it's both. The slow seduction begins to quickly unravel as she starts to react so strongly to his advances. His hands slide up her body openly, fingers dancing along her stomach to her breasts. Small circles to the tiny points standing out so proudly before he pinches them with just enough pressure. A jerk spasms through her and she moans loudly, her own nails scraping along his back under his opened shirt. The heavier and hotter it gets, the more he wants of this one. His mouth slides down to replace the pinching fingers and she's gripping his hair and mewling beautifully. Leaning in a bit she whispers that she wants him. . Please. That cocky smile slides over his face and he's nodding. Despite what she thought, he doesn't take her to one of the back rooms to fuck her. Instead he ushers her backwards, using his bulk to force that backwards walk till her back is pressed to the wall. There in the midst of the crowd he slides to his knees, his face at the perfect level as he unbuttons her leather pants and slides them slowly off her hips, down her thighs to her ankles. He stops to remove the heels she wears and pulls them comepletely off, holding her body to help her keep balance as he does this.

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   Her eyes widen with shock at the sudden public undressing, however the esctasy is supressing her normal inhibitions. She watches in awe as he spreads her thighs apart, tilts her hips forward and brings his lips to her shaved pussy. Several soft kisses before his tongue flicks out to lick over the length of the slit. She's gasping, fingers twining in his hair but her eyes are moving to those in front of her. A small crowd is watching the show with intrest. He's busy, and uncaring of the audience as he laps over her flesh teasingly, promises of touching her inner lips, of stroking her clit but not yet fullfilling that promise. Her breaths are hitching in her chest forcing her small, round breasts to heave upward. With a groan that echos a roar the promise is fullfilled, Doyle's mouth invades her lips, parting them with forceful ease. His tongue burrows through to slide along the length of the inner lips, parting them as well. His whole mouth opening to cup her small pussy He's almost able to suckle the entire length of her just by spreading his mouth open. And it's not as if he doesn't try that, His jaw works fast and hard to move along her, lapping over the slick filled sex. His tongue darts inside to wiggle around, spearing into her forcefully. She lets out a squeal and tugs on his hair with a groan. His hands start to slide up along her sides toward her breasts as he cocks his head up and finds her clit. He tongues over it, getting it nice and aroused so it stands out even more, swollen with need.

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   He tugs it into his mouth possessively and sucks it like a tiny cock. His hands reach their bounty and begin to massage her small mounds, his large fingers flicking over her hard nipples, tugging and pulling on them in the same rhythm as his sucks her clit. The small crowd watches and could only describe her as lost, her eyes glisten as she mewls, whimpers and bucks her hips into his attentions. She can't hold still the need is so great, his mouth is demanding her responses. His hands there to force her hand. Her head falls back as she no longer cares about the crowd. Sensing this Doyles fingers work to push up her shirt, as she has on no bra, she's beared to the crowd. Beautiful rose nipples stand proudly, begging for attention as Doyle's fingers trail around the mound of her breast. His fingers finally give in to the begging and begins to twist and tug lightly on her nipples, loud hiccupping moans spill from the girl as she starts to jerk in his arms. Right there in front of the crowd he drives her close, so close. On the brink and she's begging to fall off the edge already. He releases her clit and slides his mouth down so he can spear inside her again, his tongue held taunt. His entire head shifts to fuck her with his tongue. At this point some in the crowd are begining to react as well. Couples are splitting off to heavily pet one another.

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   One guy standing on the edge slides himself out and begins stroking himself right there. Doyle, however, is not caring of any of that. He's focused on this one in his hands, on making her squeal out his name. Once the tremors start really jerking her body he knows she's very close. A sudden movement has him pulling away from her. She cries out in disappointment but doesn't have to much time to protest. He's standing, his jeans being flicked open and unzipped for him to shove down just past his hips. He's hard, ready and standing proudly. She's lifted up, using the wall to steady her and he guides his cock to her opening. His eyes slide up to find hers and he leans in close. "My Name is Doyle. Scream it. " With his hips thrust forward, splitting her open so forcefully, he bottoms himself out inside her with the first thrust. Her back arches hard and she screams out his name, as her nails sink into his shoulders. He starts a hard, fast pace that has her hips grinding so hard into the walls, she'll have bruises tomorrow.

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   She doesn't seem to care, the squealing and begging doesn't stop. His name is called out like a prayer as she starts to climb back to that brink only to spill over in a rush of heat. The orgasm burns through her, forcing convulsions as she soaks his thighs and cock. He lets out a harsh laugh, lifts her hips up just enough to smack the side of her back thigh hard and then releases her to fall against the wall again as his thrusts become harder, faster. He feels her tremor a second time then fall into a smaller orgasm, with that he finally lets go and groans, his hands flattening out against the wall as he thrusts so hard she's being shove upward against the wall, his seed pouring into her body. He's flattening her against the wall, his chest rubbing along her breasts as they both breath hard trying to remember where they are. Over to the side other couples have started where they left off, more squeals and moans filling the room and the one lone watcher that stayed strokes himself off with a shudder, a groan and a spill of cum over his hands. He smiles at Doyle and his girl tips an imaginary hat then turns to a couple in a huge easy chair beside him. The woman straddles her man and bounces on his lap, the watcher holds out his cum covered hand and she giggles and begins to lick it clean, making sure to suckle his fingers. He leans in kisses her, replaces himself and wanders back into the crowd. Doyle's eyes stay on this woman, the one he's still got pinned to the wall. She's given a small kiss then a smile. He slides out of her and slowly lets her down to stand. Grabbing some poor guys shirt that was tossed aside. He cleans her up then helps her back into her pants, pats her ass and tucks a piece of paper into her pocket.

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   They both know the drill, no hard feelings and no expectations. Want antoher ride? Call the number on the paper and he'll see if he's free. With that he gives one last kiss on the lips and turns to see what other fun he can stir up here. .