School Parking Lot Pt. 2

Sex In Public

If you remember from the first part of this story I have this THICK redhead on her knees in the school parking lot completely naked with my hard dick shoved down her throat. She sucks my cock so good and deep throats it as soon as it tightens and i shoot my load down her throat and it starts spewing out of her mouth.
After I finish shooting my load down Danielles throat and she finishes sucking my cock clean all the while moaning like a bitch in heat i grab a hand full of her bright natural red hair and snatch her to her feet. This treatment gets her even hotter and she cums again for a second time simply from the pleasure of the pain. Climbing to her feet she grabs my neck and squeezes as she shoves her tongue in my mouth. we kiss passionately while I pull her hair harder and harder and she starts pulling mine in return.
Finally with my free hand I grab her neck and spin her around and force her to bend over the hood of her car. Now with her ass up in the air and her face forced down on her hood I shove my dick into her soping wet cunt. "AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH Fuck me hard you son of a bitch!!" she yells out as I bottom out and my balls slap her thighs.
"Oh Don't worry I will" I say as I start to ram my cock in and out of her pussy as her juices squish and continue to run down her legs. Damn this bitch loves it rough. I think to myself.
I am now pounding my rock hard cock in and out of her as fast as I can and she is still screaming ". . . .

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  . faster, harder, more, more, more. Fuck me you asshole. "
At hearing this I pull out of her and grab her hair again forcing her to stand up and turn to face me. Her face is red from sliding around on the hood of the car as I pounded her snatch. and she has tears of joy running down her face. Once she is facing me she lays her head on my shoulder and bites my neck hard enough to draw blood. I let out a moan and pull her head away by her hair and say "Now you bitch get on your fucking knees and suck your juices off of my dick. "
She slaps me in the face and says "Who the fuck are you to talk to me like that you get on your fucking knees and suck my juices out of my pussy and lick them off my legs. "
"Yes ma'am"
I get on my knees and happily lap the sex juices from her thighs and lick up to her cunt as she bends backward over the hood again and lets out an "OOOOOOOOHHH yeah suck my clit muthafucker" Once again I gladly start licking on her swollen clit and suck it into my mouth. "YEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAA thats it suck it bitch"she demands getting louder and louder with every moment. then her body tightens and starts to shake and she squits all over my face and I do my best go swallow it all. what I miss I once again lick from her thighs.
"Ok bitch I have played the bitch long enough" I say standing to my feet and she instantly drops to her knees and sucks her dried juices from my dick making my cock wet again with her saliva as she lick up and down my shaft. I stand her back to her feet by her neck and bend her back over her hood onto her back and once again ram my cock into her waiting wet hungry pussy.

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I start pounding her vag again harder and harder as she lets out a loud shriek of pleasure. The loudest yet. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck, fuck, fuck, FUUUUUUUUUUUck meeeeeeeeeeee. "
I pound her as hard as I can with my hand on her neck and she starts running her nails down my bare back. Suddenly my rod starts throbing my knees start to buckle and I shove into her as hard and deep as I can and start shooting my hot load into her cervix.
After the last shot of my load is let out I drop to my knees and lay down on my back in the parking lot and she slides down the hood of her car and lays on top of me as we are both now unable to stand because our legs are too wably.
"Ok now I have to go pick up my son" she says after we lay this way for about five minutes. she climbs to her feet and automatically lets out a gasp. I roll over onto my side and look up to realize that about seven people had now arrived for the next set of classes. Upon both of us seeing them they all start to cheer. I climb to my feet and we both get dressed and wave at the group and take a few bows before getting into our cars and smiling at each other. Then we both drive away.
I can't wait for next saturday.
Sorry it took me so long to finish the story.  

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