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I was far away in a distant land. I had just said goodbye to the friend I was traveling with as it was time for me to return home. She left me at the train station and went on her way. I boarded the train and quickly found a seat with the help of the kindly old conductor. He must have seen in my face how tired I was (as I had partied a bit too much the night before)because he brought me to a compartment that was a bit away from the others. I appreciated this as I needed some quiet and rest. The kindly conductor, brought me a drink, saying he thought it would help to revive me. As he handed the drink to me, He stumbled and the glass turned in his hand, spilling all over my white trousers. Just my luck, he had brought me cranberry juice. " Oh no!, I can't sit for 12 hours like this, " I cried. My bags were stored away and I couldn't get another set of clothes. I could see he felt bad. He apologized and said he would return with something for me to wear. I stood by my seat, leaning onto the seat as I was having a hard time standing with the movement of the train. A few minutes later the conductor reappeared. He had a skirt with him.

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   "This is all I could find" he said. "But it will be better than sitting in those wet clothes". I agreed and waited for him to leave so that I could change my clothes. "I am sure you must be sticky from the juice, so I brought a wet cloth for you to wipe off with"he added. How kind of him I thought. I waited for him to leave so that I could take care of myself, but he just stood there. "Little one" he said, "with the rocking of the train and the tight quarters you are going to need some help" I was embarrassed but I knew he was right. Peeling off the wet pants would not be easy. However I was embarrassed. "Don't you worry, I am an old man, and I won't be seeing anything I haven't seen before. " he told me. If I wasn't so tired I am sure I would have sent him on his way, but I just wanted to change and get some rest. I figured that arguing with him would take up too much time so I told him fine, he could help. Besides, the guy was old enough to be my grandfather. He placed the skirt and cloth on the seat across from me and as I held on to prevent my self from falling, he undid my pants.

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   I felt my face get warm as he pulled them down over my hips bringing my panties down too. I was 18 years old and the only person that had seen me naked in years was my boyfriend Nick who was waiting for me back home. He had me lift my legs, one at a time as he pulled off my clothes. " I am going to wipe the juice from you now, " he said. " Don't be startled. " I leaned over a bit to make it easier for him and I felt the cloth on my ass. When I exclaimed at the coldness of it, he apologized and said he would bring in some warm water. He told me to remain in the position I was in and he would return. Of course, since he was older than me, I listened to him(having been taught to always listen to my elders) and did not move. I heard some noises behind me and realized that when the conductor left he had neglected to close the door to the compartment and anyone walking by could see my smooth round ass. Because, I was bending down, they were able to see more as well. Before I could figure out how to cover myself, the train jerked and I fell to all fours exposing myself even more. I wanted to get up, but I didn't want them to see my face so I stayed as I was. Anyone standing outside my door was able to see my ass and my pussy. I was ashamed but slowly I was getting excited as well.

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   "Out of the way" I heard behind me as the conductor returned. He came in and closed the door. I thought he would help me up, but he told me to stay how I was as it would be easier for him to clean me off. I felt the cloth on my ass and the warm water dripping down my lips. It tingled. He must have seen that I liked the way it made me feel as he then moved the cloth to my pussy and rubbed it. I didn't think it was necessary to do so much rubbing but I figured he knew what he was doing. Before I realized what I was doing, my hips started moving back and forth. Without saying anything the conductor slipped a finger inside of me. Now, I knew that was not necessary to wipe the juice off of me. I started to tell him to stop, but a moan escaped my lips instead. He must have taken that as permission to take advantage of me even more as he put another finger in me and began moving it in and out. I moaned even more and I don't' know why a moan made him think I said yes, but the next thing I knew, I heard the sound of a zipper and I felt something larger than a finger entering my hole. Ooh, It was so big! He moved his cock in and out of my pussy, faster and faster. His hand made its way around to my clit and began to rub.

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   I came within minutes and he followed soon after. I was embarrassed to look at him, but he just stood up and helped me to my feet. He sat in me in my seat and spread my legs. He looked at my pussy, a smile on his lips. He then picked up the cloth and started to wipe his juices off me. I looked up at a sound and saw the door open. A young couple were entering the compartment. "oh, look, such fun" the woman exclaimed as she shut the door and she proceeded to strip off her clothes. She had a beautiful body with full firm breasts. "Here, take this : she said as she pushed a nipple into my mouth. What a shock that was to me, but I obeyed and sucked on her breast as her nipple grew harder. The conductor moved back and sat on the seat across from me, sat next to the young man and they both watched as I sucked the woman's tit. She was busy in another way. Her hand moved down and spread my lips. She told me to spread my legs more as she wanted her husband to have a good view of what was happening.

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   her finger went inside my pussy, in and out and then with my own wetness in her fingers she began rubbing my clit. This continued and as I was about to cum, she stopped. Not yet, my pet she told me. She got down and used her tongue on the spot her finger had just left. She finger fucked me as she licked and sucked on my clit. I opened my mouth to tell her how good it felt and before I could make a sound, her husband stuck his hard cock in it. I licked and sucked his cock as he played with my hair. There I was, a young girl who had had sex with only one boy in her life, sitting on a train, having been fucked by an old man that was watching as a beautiful young woman was playing with my pussy, while I sucked on a cock. . The man pulled out of my mouth for a moment, just long enough for him to pull off my shirt. He shoved his hard cock back into my mouth as he reached around and unclasped my bra. I was now totally naked. He fucked my mouth as his wife licked my clit and fingered me. The man came in my mouth, his load dripping down the corners of my mouth, dropping onto my breasts. I swallowed what I could as he reached down and rubbed his cum into my breasts.

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  The man then rejoined the conductor across from us as the woman continued playing with my pussy. The old man had his cock out and was playing with it. I started bucking my hips, seconds away from cumming and she stopped. "no" I shouted. She just smiled down at me, turned and put on her clothes. She and her husband left the compartment leaving me alone with the conductor. He looked at me and winked, He then also, left. I looked around for my clothes and not finding them, realized that the young man had my shirt and bra and the conductor must have taken away my dirty clothes. Fortunately, the skirt was still there, so I put it on and quickly fell asleep in my seat, breasts exposed, wearing only a skirt, and no panties underneath, not even realizing what kind of a train I was on and that my door had been left open for all to see. .

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