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“Yeah?” he asked suspiciously, “It’s me, Tee. ” His face registered recognition as a huge smile broke out on his face. “Hold on a second, ok?” He walked over to a woman and told her that he would be right back. She nodded and then came from behind the counter and motioned for me to follow him. “So, what do you think?” I asked him while we waited for the elevator to go upstairs. “Your fine as hell. You’ve got a huge ass. “He reached out and smacked it lightly. I blushed from my cheeks to my toes from that compliment. I knew I wasn’t bad looking. Most brothas loved the way that I looked. Being Mexican and 5. 6 was a plus for sure. But, add my green eyes, long dark hair, light skin, 44dd chest and big booty and the brothas really went nuts. We walked to the back of the second floor , were a row of four tables were located with four chairs each. It was in a faraway spot that people probably only came to when they needed to study or look for a book.

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   Sitting at one of them we talked small talk. You know, the kind that people do when they first met. Where you from? How are you? Where’s your woman/man? Blah, Blah, Blah…. After about ten minutes of that I came right out and asked him what was on my mind. “So, you want to fuck or what?” I blurted when I got bored of the small talk. “What? How you just gonna come out and ask me that?” Micah asked, looking at me crazy. “Because, you’ve got a woman, I’ve got a man. What do we need to get to know each other for?” “True, True. Whenever is clever girl. I don’t care. How about later on next week or something?” He stood up, signaling that the conversation was over. “Ok. Sounds good to me. “I stood up as well. “I have to get back to work.

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   Call me later on, ok?” I nodded my head. “Do I get a hug?” he opened his arms for me to come into. “Of course you do. ” I stepped into his arms, waiting to be enveloped into a nice hug. He squeezed me tight, commenting on how good I smelled. Before I knew what happened I felt his lips brush against my neck. I responded by kissing his small lips. He pushed his tongue into my mouth, touching it with mine lightly. He kissed me harder, his mouth crushing into mine. Still kissing me he gently moved me from the spot I was at and pushed me towards the table. I sat on it as he pushed my shirt up from my waistband. “Hey, what are you doin?” I asked him frantically as he tried to pull my shirt up. “Shhh, no one is going to catch us girl. Calm down. ” he shooed my fears away from my mind.

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   “Are you sure?” I wasn’t fully convinced about that statement. “Yeah, I work here. I know. ” Feeling comfortable with that answer I let him pull my shirt up to my chin, where it bunched annoyingly. He then lifted my bra up, letting my breasts fall out. “Damn, look at those titties. ” he commented before sucking on one of my dark, brown nipples. I opened my legs up wider as he put his hand on the outside of my jeans, feeling on my pussy through the thick material. I arched my back as he kissed the other one, making my pussy throb with excitement. I noticed a man walking towards us and pushed him away quickly. I pulled my shirt down just in time for the man to walk right by us, looking into the rows of books for a particular one. The man nodded at us and walked away, empty-handed. As soon as the man was out of sight he quickly unzipped his pants, stroking his seven inch erection. “Touch me. ” he panted while stroking himself faster.


   “You want me to? Huh? Ask me nicer then. ” I smiled wickedly. “Touch me please. ” He begged as I took his dick into my hand. I stroked it lightly, touching the light pink head with my fingertips. I stopped momentarily; putting some saliva from my mouth onto my hand I stroked his dick faster. “Kiss it baby. ” he moaned lightly. “Do you want me to? How bad?” I was teasing the hell out of him but I did’nt even care. I knew it was driving him crazy. “Yes, I want you to, bad as hell. ” “Do you now?” I dropped to my knees quickly, taking his dick into my mouth. I contracted my cheeks and sucked the head first, before taking the whole thing into my mouth. I bobbed my head up and down, letting it hit the back of my throat. I heard him moan lightly as I bobbed my head faster and faster.

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   I looked into his eyes and they were fixated on my mouth. “Yeah…. ” he whispered while looking around. I almost had forgotten that we were in plain view and stopped abruptly. I did’nt want to risk the embarrassment of getting caught. I got off of the floor and sat on the table again while he got himself together. “Why you stop?” he pouted while pulling his pants up. “Hello? We are in public? Anyone could come down here. ” I scrunched my face up to show him that it annoyed me. “Yeah, but no one is coming now. Let me feel that pussy. Pull your pants down for me. “He told me while stroking his dick gently. “Nope, not in the open like this. I’ll die if someone catches us down here.

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   “ “Let me see if I can find us a place to be alone. ” he quickly zipped himself back up and motioned for me to follow him. I did as he asked and followed him around for a good ten minutes as he checked everywhere from the conference rooms to the bathroom. He had a look of frustration as he came up empty handed each time he checked a new place. I shook my head from side to side and let out an exhale of frustration also. My pussy was wet as hell and dying to get fucked at that point. He gave up a moment later, his light skin turning red from annoyance. “Man, this is bullshit. I know there is someplace that we can be alone. ” “Look, I have to go anyway, how about I come back tomorrow, about the same time and we can go from there?” I slung my purse back over my shoulder and headed towards the elevator. “Ok, that sounds cool. See you then…. ” The Next Day As soon as I came through the door of the library again I saw him right when I walked in. I nodded my head at him, to let him know that I saw him to. He motioned for me to walk towards the elevator and wait for him.

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   I walked over to the same set of elevators and waited for him to follow me over. Two older women punched the button after me and waited patiently next to me for it to come. They talked about something foreign to me while I anxiously waited for Micah to come. He came over and stood next to me, ignoring me like he did’nt know who I was. As we all entered the elevator he made small talk with the older women. When they exited the second floor he waited for the doors to close before punching the button to the third floor. “Third floor?” I inquired. “Yup, I should’ve thought of this yesterday. No one is up there right now; classes have all gotten out for the semester. It’s deserted up there. “ “You sure that no one will come up there?” I still was a little antsy about fucking in the library. “No one will, trust me. ” “Ok, if you say so. ” The doors opened to the third floor and sure enough he was right. It was completely deserted.

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   Exiting the elevator we walked into a computer lab that looked like it hadn’t seen some action in quite awhile. Inside of the room was a smaller room that had a desk and chair inside. He led me into that room and shut the door behind me. I tossed my jacket and purse onto the floor and pulled myself onto the empty desk and waited. He came over to me, kissing me lightly on the lips. I responded, my mouth covering his as our tongues danced. He then lifted my shirt and bra, letting my breasts free. His tongue flicked on one as his mouth covered my dark, brown nipple a moment later. I let out a moan as he moved his head to the other one, doing the same thing to it. He rubbed my pussy through my jeans, making me so hot that I almost came right there. Stopping he unzipped his pants and pulled his erection out. I stood and moved him to the spot where I was at, letting him sit on the desk as I sat in the chair in front of him. “Yes, suck my dick baby. “He almost whispered. “Want me to Micah? Ask me again.

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  ” I teased the tip of his dick with my tongue. “Yes, suck it please. ” he begged again. I sucked the head first, flicking my tongue over the mushroom part of his dick. I then pushed it into my mouth, letting it hit the back of my tonsils. I bobbed my head back up, doing the same motion again while making it slippery with my saliva. I continued to suck his dick like an ice cream cone melting on a hot day. His hands gripped the desk, soft moans escaping his lips every now and then. I was so moist that my pussy was begging to be touched. I stopped slowly, looking into his eyes while I pushed my saliva around his dick. “Take your pants off. ” he said as he pushed my out of the way so that he stood. “No, just let me pull them down to my knees and you can hit it from the back. ” I had already begun to take my pants down. “Where’s the condom?” I rummaged around in my purse with my pants to my knees to retrieve the condom that I had brought.

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   Handing to him he tore the packet open and pulled the latex out. I eased my body onto the table, my face resting on top of the desk. His hands gripped onto my ass as he spread my cheeks with care. He pushed his dick inside of my slippery wetness, my body responding by welcoming him inside. He pushed deeper inside of me, letting his dick go in as far as it could. “Damn, you are wet Tee. ” he moaned as he began to push in and out of my walls. “Yes, fuck me baby. ’ I moaned. He did just that, slamming me into the desk with a force that my body was loving. His hands were wrapped around my bra strap, using it as a sort of reins. My chain and charm were clanking on the desk below me, showing me that he was fucking the daylights out of me. The combination of almost getting caught and the force was making my body respond in ways I did’nt know existed. My pussy walls contracted and my body shuddered as I felt myself get ready to cum. “Micah, im gonna cum…And ….


  It…feels sooooo good. ” I moaned as I came over his dick for him,” Fuck me, don’t stop. ” He eased up a bit when he felt my wetness surround his dick. He giggled, knowing that it was his dick that was makin me feel so good. “I’m gonna cum to, ok? Can I come in your mouth. ” he asked me while ramming me harder still. “Yes, you can. ” He pulled his dick out of my pussy quickly while snatching off the condom. I wrapped my lips around his dick and sucked all of the cum out of his body. I felt it explode into my mouth as he held my head tight, my mouth almost not being able to contain all of it. I swallowed and slurped, not letting a single drop get onto my clothes. “Ugghh…. wow. . Shit….

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  ” he jerked and pulled out of my mouth before I could really mess with his mind. He looked at me with a face that said, where and the hell did you come from? “That was so cool. ” That is what was said over and over between the both of us. “Yes, it was. ” That was the only thing that I was thinking also. .

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