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Most recently, when I was on a rapid to work, I noticed a girl eyeing me. Now, I consider myself to be attractive although some people might disagree. I'm African-American, but I'm light-skinned. More like high-yellow. I stand at 5'11, with dark brown eyes, and slightly ripped abs. I'm no arebesque, but I've got a tight little six pack that shows enough through my shirt. I also harbor a thick 9 1/2 inch dick, which is the cause of all these issues. The girl who was eyeing me was Caucasian, maybe 5'5. She had long brown hair that touched the back of her ass, a pair of round, bouncy 36B tits (my favorites). She lifted one leg over the other so I could admire the curves of her ass. It was a round, plump thing that made the tip of my cock nearly burst from my jeans. She noticed my tent and smiled. I moved closer to her, and struck up a conversation. Like most of my conversations, they always involve a lot of touching: From shaking her hand to rubbing her arm, to squeezing her hips, just to get a feel of what it would be like to stuff her with my cock.
In the midst of our conversation, I gathered that her name was Jennifer, she was 17, and she was on her way to school. I saw her glance again at my cock.

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   It was straining to be free, my horniness was beginning to take over and I couldn't contain it. "If it needs to breathe, just let it out. " Jennifer suggested.
"You mean, pull my dick out, right here?" I asked.
"Sure. I wanna see it anyway. " She said, and with that, I unzipped the fly on my jeans, and released a thick, light-skinned rock hard cock. Jennifer's eyes bulged out of her skull. "Whoa! That's a big dick!" she exclaimed. We'd forgotten we were on the rapid. There were several people behind us. Mostly ederly, and the young people had on headphones. Jennifer looked back to make sure no one could see and then she took her hand to my cock and started to jerk it. Her hand was already smooth as it slid sweetly up and down my cock.
"Oh God, don't tease me now.

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  " I stifled out. Jennifer caught on and brought her head down to my cock, she opened her mouth and welcomed my dick inside. "Oh yeah" I said between quick breaths. Jennifer started to slurp and spit all over my cock to wet each inch of it. I know some of the ederly had to look back at us, and when they didn't see Jennifer's head and me squirming, they had to know what was going on. They didn't shout their disapproval, but turned their head in disgust. Jennifer was a pro at sucking cock. She managed to engulf all 9 1/2 inches of my dick. "Oh fuck, damn that's good. " I lifted up her shirt, and pulled her bra over her tits. Not all the way off, just far enough to set them both free. I squeezed them, and brought them to my dick. I tittie-fucked her until I shot a load of cum on her tits. She smiled, and started to pull her bra back down. I stopped her and said, "Wait, we still got more to do.

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"We can't", she protested, "We're on a rapid. "
"We've gone this far. " I said. I sat her back in the seat, and undid her jeans. I tugged them off of her, and laid them under the seat. She wore a thin black laced thong, I decided not to take it off, but just pushed it to the side. Her hair was shaved which made my cock jump back to life.
    "Try not to scream so loud. " I demanded. I took off my jeans, and laid them next to hers, lowered my boxers to my knees, and dove inside her wet pussy. Her mouth opened wide.
    "Oh my god, It's so huge. "
    "Yeah, you like that big dick, don't you?"
    "Oh yeah, fuck my pussy, fuck it. " I did oblige. I pounded her clit angrily.

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       Letting off light grunts to not have anyone come back there and notice what we were doing although I'm sure the people who we rode past saw my ass pounding inside this white chick. I lifted Jennifer's legs into the air, and pounded her pussy louder and louder. By now, I didn't care who saw. Her pussy was so wet and juicy and it clapped loudly around my balls. I laid down on her and sucked on her nipples while I drove my cock in and out of her snatch. She had cum three times on my dick already. Now it was my turn.
    "Oh shit, I'm gonna cum. " I warned her. I gave a few more hard thrusts, took her breasts in my hands, and thrusts sharply inside her clit. "Oh here it comes!" I said and spurted a huge wad of semen in her pussy. I couldn't help, but scream out in pleasure and everyone turned around and saw me. Some old ladies covered their mouths in shock that we were actually have sex on a public rapid, but I didn't care. Jennifer had some of the best stranger pussy I'd ever fucked. I relaxed on her chest, and slipped my cock out of her pussy.

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    "Shit, you came in me!" Jennifer shouted.
    "Sorry, it was so good. "
    "Fuck, my boyfriend is gonna kill me!"

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