A Different Dimension of Sex Chapter 3

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Public service message. if you think this was supposed to reflect any reality you need help bad.

Sex education in this version of America isn't controversial, nor isbirth control. Most kids start being taught  the details of it bypuberty, but for the negligent or ignorant parents, there is mandatoryseventh grade sex education for all children as well as a law thatdictates that all girls who have begun puberty have to be on oralcontraceptives, which are subsidized by the government and thus low costenough for all to afford. In these sex education programs, not only arethe biological workings of it taught, but also hints on how guys canlast longer in bed and foreplay is extensively discussed, includinghands on instruction on giving head for girls and cunnilingus for boys. Moreover, their first actual encounter with sex for most people is whenthey see their parents doing it on the couch or couples having arecreational screw while at local parks or the beach. The attitude ofparents toward their kids' sexual activity is, "have fun with it, butmanage it responsibly. " There are no sexually transmitted diseases inthis dimension, either, so the only issue is pregnancy. Since teachersare charged with ensuring that girls take their pills in the morning,there is an almost non-existent teen birth rate. For those few who doget knocked up and take the pregnancy to term, they are looked at not assinners or evil, but stupid and irresponsible to the point that veryfew guys will have anything to do with them afterward. Abortions arealso provided for in all medical plans due to legislation mandating itand all parents are required to keep Plan B pills in their medicinecabinets just in case. Again, though, because of freely available andenforced contraception, the actual need for abortion is exceedinglyrare. There is well financed and ongoing research into a male birthcontrol pill as well, but has yet to produce anything of use.

Monday, in Todd Reston's 11th grade first period British lit class, heand one of his friends, Brent Burroughs, were doing some pre-start ofclass trash talking. "Dude, nobody eats pussy like me. I totally havethe magic tongue," Todd claimed: "Dude, nobody eats pussy like youbecause you suck so bad at it.


   I'm the number one muff muncher here andchicks line up for it. " "Dude, begging girls in line for concert ticketsto let you go down on them doesn't mean that they want your mouth onthem. . " "I get them moaning so loud my parents soundproofed my bedroom. ""Hey man, we've both done Kayleigh over there. Let's ask her. HeyKayleigh, who ate you out the best?" "I wouldn't kick either of you guysout of bed," Kayleigh smiled, "but Brent got me off A LOT quicker,Todd. Sorry sweety. " "Boo yah! Told you, Todd. Ha ha!" "But you knowwhat Brent?" Kayleigh interjected. "Todd's cock is a little bigger andfeels better inside of me than your's. So it's kind of a tie," shegiggled. "Fuck yeah!" Todd exalted. "Hey Kayleigh, would you like tofeel my cock inside of you again at lunch? Todd inquired" "Sure," shegiggled.

"Brent honey, one of my girlfriends really likes you.

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   You want to makeit a double date?" "Who's your girlfriend, Kayleigh?" "Mindy Schuller. ""Oh yeah, I'd hit that all day long," he promised. "Great, so I guessit's a date," Kayleigh smiled. "I love it when a girl gets me laid,Kayleigh. , so thanks. " "No problem baby. I wouldn't have bothered if Ihadn't had you myself. "

Their teacher, Chris Chenier, walked in and called the class to order. "Okay girls, time to take your pill," he commanded and there was a lotof rustling as the class' female contingent produced their pillcontainers and each swallowed one. "Oh, by the way, Candy," he said tobuxom Candy Marshall, "you left these at my house yesterday," hedisclosed, pulling a pair of dark red panties out of his briefcase andhanding them to her. "Sorry about that Mr. Marshall," she apologized asshe stuffed the underwear into her book bag. "No big deal, dear. Ithappens. My daughter's done that, too.

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When Candy got home that day, she saw her mom Theresa laying on a loungechair out by the pool. Candy went into her bedroom and changed into herthong bikini and wiggled her big ass and tits out to the  backyard andplopped herself down on a chair next to her mother. "Hi Candy honey!"Theresa chirped, giving her daughter a soft kiss on the lips. Candygiggled. "Hi mom. Where are Rudy and Denny?" "You know them, sweety,they come in, drop their shit off then leave and we never see them againuntil dinner. " "Mom, you remember how I was at Mr. Chenier's houseyesterday? I forgot to put my panties back on after we had sex and sotoday he hands them back to me in class!" she said, giggling. "Oh my,Candy. I think every girl has done that at some time or another. How washe?" "He wasn't bad. He treated me really nice. His wife is reallynice, too. " "So did you get with her, too?" "No. She was going outshopping just as I came over.

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   She's not really into girls anyway. "

"Fuck Candy, that top really emphasizes your boobs. I'm getting wet justlooking at them. " "Thanks mom. I wish I had your leaner body, though. ""Speaking of which, I tried to give this body to the package deliveryguy this afternoon. What a body he had on him! Tall and muscled but nottoo much, you know what I mean?" "Sounds yummy mom. " "He didn't have thetime to stop and fuck me, so I gave him a quick bj. " "You're so lucky,mom. " "That's for sure, honey. He had a nice pipe on him. It actuallytook me some effort to get it down my throat. " "How did his cum taste?""He must eat well because it wasn't bad. " "That's good. " "So did youfuck anybody at school today?" "No.

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   Me and Barry LaRue did some makingout and he fingered me, but that was about it. We both lost track of thetime and I was on my second orgasm when the bell rang. " "Did you gethim off, too?" "No. I kinda lost my concentration when I began to rampup to my peak and forgot to keep stroking him. " "How was his cock?" "Itwas seven inches and one of those that's a little wide below the headand then it tapers off just a bit. I'm sure it would have felt great ifwe had time to fuck. I hope I can get with him tomorrow. " "How come youdidn't bring him home with you?" "He wanted to walk his girlfriend home. He's probably banging the shit out of her right now. "

"Hey sweety, it's going to be a couple of hours before your father comeshome. How about you and me have some mother-daughter time in my bed?""Okay mom. I'm wet now, too, after telling you about what me and Barrywere doing. " "That's good, honey," Theresa said, giggling. She thengrabbed Candy's hand and led her to her bedroom. They got into bedtogether and Theresa climbed on top of her and reached under Candy'sbody and undid the strap holding her bikini top on.

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   "Fuck, you have suchincredible tits, Candy. I don't know why mine aren't that big," shelamented. Theresa shed her own top and they began kissing, their softlips easing over the other's before Candy parted hers slightly to acceptthe tip of Theresa's tongue, Theresa then running her tongue over theinner half of her daughter's lips. Their breasts mashed together withthe weight of Theresa's slim body on hers, the sensation of nipples onbreast tissue conveying to their brains the mutual tenderness of theirmammaries.

Candy looked up into her mom's green eyes, her face surrounded byluxurious honey blonde hair that had a few gray streaks in it since shewas in her mid-40's now before she felt Theresa's lips on hers again,lips that then traveled to her neck, nuzzling and kissing it, beforethey glided over her chest to Candy's left nipple, which was alreadyerect from her arousal. "Oh shit mom, that feels so good," she dreamilynotified, her mother's treatment of her milk ducts inspiring furtherslickness and wetness between her legs. "You look so cute when you'regetting worked up, honey," Theresa whispered. Candy emitted a moan andTheresa's heart was gladdened at the pleasure she was enabling herdaughter to experience, Candy's young, silky skin feeling so amazingagainst her own. The softness of her mother's lips on her teats wassomething she couldn't experience with the somewhat firmer texture of aboy's and Candy was definitely feeding off of the variety. Theresa'smouth headed south on the younger woman's body, flicking her tongue ather navel, which made Candy giggle, and then dragging it through Candy'scurly bush to her drenched pussy. Theresa took her time sampling thetaste of her little girl's sensual excitement, trying to savor everydrop. She finally trailed her tongue up to Candy's clit and whipped thehood with her tongue. Theresa reached up and played with Candy's melonswhile she did this, the daughter's rising passion evident in how shebreathed and the intensity with which she gasped her words, spurring momto want to do even better for the one she had given birth to only 16years before. "Fuck mom, oh oh oh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh oh shit!"Candy puffed while she tousled her mother's hair. Her daughter'sbreathing now chaotic, Theresa went for the gold and sucked and lickedCandy's nubbin with all the devotion she could muster and Candy feltlike something was breaking her into two as the orgasm conquered hersenses.

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Theresa pulled her mouth off of her daughter's vulva. "Candy honey, youreally need to shave your pubic hair darling. It really gets in theway. " "Sorry mom," Candy replied through heavily lidded eyes. "Somepeople like it, some want me to shave it off. I wish everybody wouldmake up their minds. " "Well, since I'm your mother, we're going to shaveit, sweety," Theresa demanded. Theresa stood up, pulled Candy up withher and led her into the shower stall. "Okay Candy, just take your usualshower, but don't get out when you're done. Keep the warm water runningover your body and I'll shave it for you. " "Okay mom. I guess it can'thurt to try it and see what happens. " "That's a good girl. Call me whenyou're ready. "

25 minutes later, Candy called out for her still nude mom, who joinedher in the shower stall.

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  , except holding a tube of pre-shave lotion,some moisturizer and a fresh razor. Theresa applied the lotion toCandy's  mound and vulva, creating a nice foamy lather on it. She pickedup the razor and carefully pared the pubic hair away from the delicateskin. 15 minutes later, Candy's snatch was as bald as a cue ball, whichput her tight, pink slit on full exhibit. "Your pussy looks beautiful,Candy. The boys are going to love this," Theresa predicted. To preventany bumps from emerging from the irritation of the razor blade againstthe skin, Theresa used the moisturizer on it. "It's still prettysensitive honey. So you're going to have to wear panties when you getdressed. "Okay mom. Thanks. And thanks for eating me. That felt reallygood. " "You're so adorable when you cum, honey. So the pleasure is allmine.

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  " Theresa kissed Candy hard and then allowed her daughter to dryoff.

An hour later, her father Glenn came home while Candy was sitting on theliving room couch watching tv with Theresa. "Hi daddy!" "Hi sweetheart!How was school today?" "Oh you know, more of the same. " "Hey honey, youshould see what I did with our daughter's pussy today. ": "Okay, I'llbite. So show me Candy!" Candy giggled in embarrassment because shedidn't think having her cunt clipped was that big a deal. She unzippedher skirt and then pushed her panties down. "Oooh, nice!" Glenn praised. "And the good news is, I could really use a good fuck right now, too!"he said, unzipping his trousers and pulling his cock out. "Do you mindhoney?" he asked his wife. "No sweety. Take it for a test drive," shegrinned. Both Glenn and Candy got completely naked and he sunk to hisknees and slurped her pretty little love tunnel and her clit. "You have agorgeous pussy, princess. It's nice you're not hiding it under a bushanymore," he smiled.

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   He pulled her legs toward him to slide her hipscloser to the edge of the couch and then buried his dick all the wayinto her. "Oh fuck daddy, we have to do this more often," she gasped ashe initiated thrusting sequence, pumping his prong in and out of her. Herelished the way her globular tits trembled every time his pubic bonecollided with her ass as he fucked her and he reached out with bodyhands to fondle them.

"Shit, you and your mom have the sweetest feeling pussies ever," hemoaned as he continued to pleasure himself inside of her, her vaginalmuscles clamped around his fat fuckstick. "Ohhhhhhhhh," she sighed, ashe felt him reaming her, the friction mounting, making her moreexcited. , He dug his hands into the underside of her thighs near herknees for leverage and savagely ravaged her, putting her on a collisioncourse with an orgasm, which culminated in a pulsing sensation in bothof them that caused her to scream out, "Oh fuck, I'm cumming!" her bodyjerking with each tendril of pleasure that she sensed and he unleashinghis thick, warm love grease into his daughter's baby factory. Theresapushed Glenn out of the way and kneeled on the floor and wiped Candy'sslimed pussy up with her tongue. Candy's parents both fell on to thecouch alongside their daughter and they all laughed at what justhappened. Glenn placed his left arm around Candy and cuddled her. "Thankyou for taking care of your dad like that, hon," he appreciated. Shehugged him back. "I love you, daddy. "

The door to the house opened and in walked both Rudy and Denny, who hadbeen playing a pickup basketball game with buddies of their's. "Ah, Isee dad  has had another go at Candy," Rudy smirked. "He isn't the onlyone," Theresa jumped in.


   'So do we get a turn then?" Denny interrogatedwith a shit eating grin on his face. "Only if you guys get cleaned upfirst," Candy offered. "Okay, but I get first dibs," Rudy insisted. "I'mthe oldest, so I get her first," Denny advocated. 'Fuck, you guys,don't make this more complicated than it needs to be. You can doubleteam me. It's not like you've never done THAT before," Candy directed. "Besides, I love the smell of a man just out of the shower. ".

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