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Another fictionalized (although not that much to be honest) account of an actual event. Recently went to an event with my girlfriend and we missed a lot of the event because of scenes like this. . . hehWe lay in one another's arms for the umpteenth time that weekend. Most of the event we had spent in the room like to wild animals.
"I'm so full of cum…" had been one of the mildest things she had said.
Each time we promised we would not have sex again because of how sore we were already it proved to be a horrendous lie.
So laying together in one another's arms watching *Jerry McGuire* on the hotel HBO channel was a fun break. She was laying facing away from me on her side so all I could see was her back. It was smooth and porcelain color. She had tan lines from a recovering sunburn that had melted into a nice brownish tinge. Her hair was an unruly mop of dark brown almost raven black.
Damn but it smelled terrific.
She looked over her shoulder at me, "What?"
I was speechless, "I just can't stop looking at you. "
"Nooo," she said in a playful childish tone, "don't do it!" she hid her face and I laughed and shoved her shoulder down as she playfully fought against me.

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   She resisted for a moment before finally gasping with the effort and our faces hovered in front of one another. Her eyes taking me in as much as mine took her in.
It was more than just looking it was a conscious desire to take in the other person.
Then our faces met. Her hands clutched my head and mine found the curve of her back and I pulled her into me as she pulled me into her and together we melted. Our energy sparked and I thought the table lamp would burst from it.
Her skin was smooth and I wanted to taste it. So I bit her neck behind her ear and she gasped. Then she bit my chest hard and it sent a thrill of energy through me. She channelled her carnal energy through her bite and it hit me at my core. I tossed the blanket we'd been swimming in aside revealing her naked body. She turned her head slightly looking at me through her long eye lashes and biting her thumb in a facsimile of feigned demureness. She clutched her breast suggestively and couldn't help but smile at me for the look of shear lust on my face.
I attacked her then.
I gripped her free breast and squeezed till she winced and then I licked her nipple till it stood rigid beneath my tongue.

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   I sucked pulling her breast up by the nipple between my lips. She pulled it back with a bratty expression, "No!" She said with a smirk.
I smiled and ran my tongue down her ribs which made her jump a little from the sensation. Then I followed the trail down her stomach and ending on her beautiful slit. It smelled of our intermingled juices and I wanted to taste us together. I buried my face in her cunt with complete abandon.
Her gasp told me I was doing something right. She bit her own palm to try to stave off the sensations she was experiencing. My cock was rigid beneath me and aching from desire. I got on my knees and she looked at me with no pretense of anything but her own desire.
I grabbed her legs and yanked her to me in one strong motion. She gasped and whined trying to close her legs. Her resistance was half hearted though and I sucked her toes. She watched, mesmerized by the act. I licked between her toes and down her ankle all the while my engorged cock flexed and found where it wanted to be.

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   I released her foot then and her leg instinctually wrapped around my waist.
I rubbed my hand up her thigh and side. I took her chin in my hand and she opened her mouth and took my thumb into her mouth sucking on it.
I lowered myself so my lips were pressed against her ear.
"I don't want to fuck…" I barely whispered.
She was short of breath, "Yeah?" She managed.
I nodded and whispered, "I want to make love to you. "
She nodded.
I felt  the head of my cock slide up and down her wet crease. She was soaked and I could feel the head of my own sex slick with precum. I couldn't be any harder if I wanted to be. It felt like I was about to burst out of my own skin from the shear weight of my sexual tension.
When I gently slid into her tight pussy it was like she somehow took a firm grip of it. She was tight and the muscles in her vagina let me know I was a welcome intruder. It was like her cunt wanted to pull me inside.

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   She gripped her feet then so she could open up wider for me and I found her cervix. She made a pained face.
"Are you okay?" I managed to say between heaving breaths.
She nodded and then shook her head, "Don't-don't stop…"
Slowly I pulled out nearly to the tip then dove back in with a solid hit. Her eyes burst open the first time and she arched her back and let out a low keening moan. She started meeting me as I moved to push in. The energy we put off made me feel as if everyone in every room surrounding us should have felt what was happening in our room.
My vision was hazy like seeing through fire and I knew we were sweating. Every sense became heightened. I could see every rivulet of sweat roll down her body. Then a single drop of sweat fell off the end of my nose and I watched it fall in slow motion and splash on her chest.
She rubbed it and licked it. Then she pushed me up into a kneeling position and arching her back she pushed her ass up so everything else met me where I was. I put my hands under her back and used her ass as a handle pulling her onto me harder and harder.
At some point we ceased to be individuals and began being something else.

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   Through it all I felt my enraged cock push against her cervix and each time she winced and moaned and I could feel my own tension building.
"I'm going to cum…" I managed.
She nodded and started moving more vigorously. As it built and built and built I leaned up and pressed both palms on the wall above the headboard. I used the leverage to increase my own speed and as it built I suddenly saw blinding white hot fire behind my eyes.
I clenched my eyes shut then as every nerve in me lit up bright as the sun and I could feel the well spring of my orgasm break free and a gut wrenching scream of ecstasy erupted from me. I collapsed on her and it continued. Wave after wave crashing up against me and throwing me on the rocks of my own slated hunger.
When the mind numbing orgasm passed I was heaving to breath as was she. She lifted my head and wiped the sweat from my brow. Then she kissed me gently.
"I love you. " She whispered.
All I could do was nod since forming words was too difficult at that moment. I rolled off of her and she cuddled up tightly to me.

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