Introducing Elly part 5

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Elly and Josh had become an offical couple, yet kept themselves to themselves mostly. It was a week night and Josh was at Elly’s house as her parents were out for the night. They planned to  watch a few films but Josh needed to cum before they did that, so he wasted no time in forcing the clothes off his slutty girlfriend, scratching and slapping every bit of skin as it became exposed. Tears had already began to form in the girls brown eyes, and as Josh slapped her she groaned and fell backwards on to her bed with a smile as a tear ran down her cheek. Josh saw it and slapped her again, then moved towards her crawling across the bed.


“Is your dirty shit hole ready for a treat?” Josh asked, a cruel smile on his face. Elly licked her lips but didn’t answer, and Josh pulled her up towards him by her hair and repeateded his question. She giggled and nodded, biting her lip seductively. He let go of her hair and pushed her down, then flipped her over so her perfect ass was exposed. He felt his cock grow hard almost instantly as he grabbed the right cheek roughly, his nails digging in the skin as he gripped with force. He spread the cheek open and spat down on her hole, then used his other hand to rub the salvia in. He took his own jeans off followed by his boxers and began slapping his cock against her ass.


“What are you going to do to my slutty ass baby?” she asked quietly, her head turned to the side and her mouth open slightly. Josh answered by pushing a finger into her anus, then spanked the girl twice hard as her body naturally lifted off the bed. “Stay down, whore, and you’ll find out. ” He said with a grin, listening to Elly’s soft moans.

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   He spat down onto her ass hole twice more and lubed her up, then positioned the head of his cock between her perfect but now bruised ass cheeks, then pushed his cock in just two inches. “Yesssssss, spread my shitter!” was Elly’s response as she gripped her bed sheets. However, he had fucked her ass countless times so she was curious as to what he was going to do that was so different.


After slowly fucking her to losen up her anus, Josh pulled out so that just the tip of his cock was inside, and began to piss. “Suck all my piss up and keep it in there! If you waste a drop I’ll slap your face until you pass out. ” Josh said simply, sighing as he emptied his bladder into his girlfriends bowels. The sensation felt incredible for the brunette who was now moaning softly and concentrating on not letting any of the warm liquid fall out. Josh finished pissing and slowly removed his cock, then moved the girl up so she was on all fours, smiling. “Mm, look at that. Your perfect slutty ass filled with piss! How does it feel?” he asked, stroking her thighs. “It feels so fucking good, my ass deserves to be filled with piss, I’m a useless skank!” Josh slapped her thigh and moved his cock so it was in line with her ass hole.


“What do you want me to do baby?” Elly asked, her voice now showing strain as she struggled to keep the piss contained. “Squirt it out of your shit hole, all over my cock, now!” Josh replied, holding his cock in place with one hand and his other resting on her side. Elly giggled, then pushed out with her anus. The piss squirted out like a jet all over the boys cock.

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   “SHIT that feels so good!” he began to moan, wanking his cock as he was sprayed with shitty piss. Elly was moaning wildly, never having expiranced a feeling like this before. “Ahhhh, fuuuuk, my ass is leaking piss! Take it all baby it’s so fucking warm!” Elly had now entered one of her sexual frenzies.


The jet of piss stopped and was now just pouring out, followed by occasional farts, which only turned Josh on even more, and he could now feel the familiar build up of an orgasm. Josh began rubbing the tip of his dick on her soaked ass hole, “Oh my fucking god it’s making me cum! I’m gonna cum all over your filthy ass cheeks!” he yelled before shooting four ropes of hot cum over her ass, then collapsed down onto her back breathing heavily. Elly giggled as he eventually lifted his head off, and she rolled back down onto her back. “Mmmm, you make me do such dirty things!” she said with a smile, running a finger through a wet patch on the bed. “That’s because you’re a well trained slut, arent you?” he asked, watching her scoop up some wetness off the sheets and lick it off her finger whilst nodding.


Josh moved between her legs and lapped up the wetness off her clit, then forced three fingers inside her with speed. Elly thrashed her head back and gripped the now damp sheets, biting her bottom lip. He began finger fucking her faster and faster, then used his other hand to slap her pierced clit, making the girl moan his name louder and louder. Her clit soon turned red and she began gushing more and more girl juice, before she shifted suddenly on the bed and screamed. “MY PUSSY IS GONNA SQUIRT, FUCK, FASTER, FASTER, FASTER FUCK, YES I’M FUCKING CUMMING!!” her legs were twitching wildy but Josh increased his pace, being treated to the wonderful sight of his girlfriend squirting her cum all over his legs, cock and arm.


She soon calmed and fell backwards in exhaustion. Josh admired the slow bouncing of her tits as she breathed, and his cock came back to life.

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   He moved into position so her feet were either side of his cock and she began to rub him with her toes, making him cum again, making a mess between her small toes and the soles of her feet. The couple soon fell asleep in their relaxed state.


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