MPreg – Bad Day at Work

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This story takes place in a universe where males bear the children of the women. Any names referenced in its writing that bear resemblance to actual people is purely coincidental. Thank You and Enjoy.


MPreg – Bad Day at Work

                Sara walked in the front door, tired from a long day at the insurance agency. It’s a high-stress job, particularly when you’re dealing with everybody and their relative calling in about how much their car insurance sucks. She’s lucky she has her husband who helps her deal with all the frustration. She put her purse down on the table, and took off her shoes, ready to relax for the night. Looking around, she doesn’t see her husband anywhere. Considering he’s about to pop any day now, it’s not like he could do much. A smirk comes to her face, and she walks into their bedroom and sees her husband in is pregnant glory, dressed only in an overlarge shirt.

                Quietly walking into their bathroom, Sara takes off her blouse and skirt. After she removes her make-up, she slowly walks back into the bedroom, and can’t help but marvel at her husband’s gravid belly, and how sexy he looks. Just staring at him get hers dick hard. “It really is a shame I have to wait a few weeks to knock him up again” she says to herself.

                She climbs on the bed, her cock now poking out of her panties, eager to breed something. She takes her mouth, and grabs Chris’s ear, tonguing it in the process.

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   He gasps in his sleep, and wakes up to find his wife giving his ear a good go. “Hey there you stud” Chris says, with his wife replying “Hey there yourself, you fucking gorgeous baby maker. ” “You must have had a rough day, especially if you’re this ready to breed me again. ” Sara groans as her husband rubs his hand over the head of her 9 inch dick, pre-cum staining the front of her panties. “You’re damn right, I’m gonna pound your ass into labor, but I want you to beg for it” Sara groans.

                She lies back on the bed with pillows under her head, her dick pointing towards the sky, almost begging for her husband to deep throat it. Her husband rises on his knees, and takes off his only article of clothing, an overly large shirt. Sara takes in his pregnant form, belly large and gravid, looking like it’ll almost pop any day now. Chris drops to his hands, doggy style, making sure his belly isn’t squished too much, and grabs his wife’s panties, and rips them off. The result is the 9-incher that fucked a baby in his belly.

Its clean shaven, and pulsing as if it’s begging for what he’s about to do.

                He starts by licking the tip of her cock, tonguing the slit as pre-cum oozes out. He can only get a little bit in, but that’s more than he could get in when they first started. With his tongue in her slit, he lowers his mouth, engulfing its whole head in his mouth. Slowly, painfully for Sara, he starts to pump his head on her dick, but only the head.

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   “Ohh, you fucking tease. Just you wait, I’ll pound that ass of yours into labor” Sara says out of frustration.

                Chris just looks up into her eyes, and smiles, knowing what’s in store for him later. He lifts off her cock, to her disappointment, and gives the underside of her dick a good lick. He starts at the base, and slowly drags his tongue up, enjoying the pulse of every vein along its way. Stopping at the head, he does the same back down, stopping at the base to take her balls in his mouth. He starts with the first one, relishing the feel of the thing where his babies come from. Moving to the next, he starts to knead her balls with his fingers, eliciting a groan from his stud.

                He moves back up, and puts his mouth over the head, and pushes past the suction of his mouth, engulfing his wife’s love organ. He doesn’t stop until he can feel skin against his nose. Knowing how much his wife loves this, he looks up straight into her emerald green eyes. Sara, meeting her husband’s eyes, “You love this don’t you slut. You love sucking down the beast that knocked you up. You’re probably sorry you’ve only got one brat in that belly of yours. ” He pulls off her cock, “Well, isn’t that you’re fault, I mean it’s not my fault the stud didn’t produce enough baby batter.


  ” Smirking, Sara replies, “You really do want an ass pounding don’t you. Well, I guess I need to oblige, I mean we can’t have a mare running around telling that it’s the stud’s fault that you only have one brat up your ass. ”

                Grinning ear to ear, Chris turns around, exposing his puckered ass-hole to his stud. “Ohh, no no, I want you on your side. I want to see your face when I pound your hole to oblivion. ” Sara orders. Obliging, he rolls onto his side, and raises his leg in the air, exposing his hole and a 5 inch cock of his own. Sara gets up; her cock slick with her bitch’s spit, and rubs it against his opening. He groans with pleasure knowing what’s about to happen to him.

                As she rubs her dick along the cracks of his ass-hole, teasing him, she grabs his dick. “Look at this, it looks like we’re hard as steel. I still don’t know why men have these things, especially considering it’s the men who have the kids. They’re always so small, especially compared to the wives who do the breeding. ” She gets her hand slick with pre-cum, and rubs it into the skin pulled tight on his belly. She admires how the dark line on his belly shines with the pre-cum, and takes special care with his outie belly button.

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                Groaning from the stimulation and teasing, Chris cries out, “Please, put it in me!! I need it, I’ve gone all day without it!!”” Giggling, she responds, “Oh no, I want to hear how much you want it.

I want to hear how much of a slut and a whore you are. ” In his desperation to feel her dick in his ass, he obliges, “I’m your cum-loving slut! I worship your huge dick, and want it to pump me full of cum till I die! I want to have my ass spread and torn apart by the babies that come out! NOW FUCK ME!!!!!!”

                With a deep smile on her face, she finally pushes her 9 inch baby maker deep into his depths with one thrust. “OH MY GODDD!!!” Chris grunts out, his dick spewing useless cum from it. As Sara gets into a rhythm, the cum geyser from her mare’s cock doesn’t stop, but keeps going. “You like that don’t you. You’re nothing more than a bitch, made to be bred like an animal. And here you are, getting off on your stud making you cum like a geyser. THAT”S WHAT YOU ARE, AREN’T YOU!!!!” Sara groans her pace picking up. Crying out from the continuous orgasms, “Yes, I’m your bitch. Fuck me, breed me, do whatever you want to me, just FUCK MEE!!!!” Chris screams.

                Pounding his ass in a fury, She keeps up the talk, “You’re a great piece of preggo ass slut. It’s really a shame I keep you to myself. Maybe I should rent you out to my friends and let them pound your ass too. Maybe I’ll let one of them knock you up.

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   Would you like that whore?” Chris is unable to respond with his mouth hanging open, drool dripping onto the bed sheets. Sara, feeling her own climax coming, “Yea, I think that’ll do nicely, rent you asshole out. But it’ll always be mine bitch. No matter how many dicks you take, you will always be mine. Now take it, TAKE MY CUMMM!!!!!!” She cries out, telling the entire world that the thing she’s pounding just got creamed. Chris cries out a yell, deep from his throat, unable to speak, only able to make animalistic moans.

                As Sara finishes coating her husband’s bowels with her cum, she pulls out, leaving the cum to drip out of his ass-hole. She collapses on the bed, exhausted from her own orgasm. Once she’s had a chance to catch her breath, she stands up, and makes for the bathroom to clean herself up. As she turns around, she’s greeted by a site she’s familiar with. Her husband is now passed out from his own orgasm, his cock now limp between his legs. His entire body and the sheets are covered with his own, pathetic cum. If he had been wearing any clothes at all, she was sure they would have been completely soaked. She giggles to herself as she resumes going to the bathroom, “Maybe I better make him clean up the sheets with his mouth this time. ”

The stress relief worked, until her husband squeezed out their son two days later




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I have a few more writing ideas, but I’m not currently doing too much with them. Thus, I’d be grateful about feedback regarding subject matter/scenarios that might want to be read about. And as always, feedback about my writing itself is also appreciated.


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