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My friend Erica has a hot bf and she tells me all the time about how good he is in bed and how big and thick his cock is and how much he loves to fuck. We as friends are very open about our sexual exploits. Now I do not like steady bf as I love variety. Erica likes to show off a bf all the time. We have been good friends for 5 years now and have often shared a guy or given a guy his dream come true by letting him fuck both of us together. So we are very well versed in showing a guy a good time.

Erica is the hot blonde. . . 5'8", 125, 34c, and 23. I am the small petite girl. 22, 5'3", 100, 32a. So we both are a little different but hot together for any guy to want to fuck us together.

Erica wanted to please Josh (her bf) and wanted me to seduce him. I was not going to say no either as I always wanted to fuck Josh. So we made our plan.

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   Erica, Josh and me decided to take a weekend trip to a nearby resort. We had 2 rooms. I had my own. During the day we all lay besides the pool, both of us girls wearing our hot bikinis. I was checking out josh and so was he checking out me. We were drinking and laughing and getting all touch feely as we drank. I drank quick and a lot to start showing Josh that I was getting tipsy so I could lean on him more and rub my tits against his arm and so on. Erica in the midst of it told Josh that she is not feeling too good and has had too much sun and wants to go to bed and sleep it off as we all had big plans for a night out. Josh was eager to see her leave as now he had me alone at the pool. We continued to fool around and in the pool we started to horse around a little more. I asked Josh to stand with his legs open in the pool and I will swim between his legs. He agreed and as I swam under his legs, I reached up and groped his balls and cock. As I came up for air, Josh was smiling and said it is not fair that I get to grope while he does not. I said, 'who said you cannot grope?'. He needed no encouragement and he went for my perk little tits and had both in his hands.

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   I laughed and said he could have groped only one and now that he has two, I get another chance to make it equal. He was all for it so I reached down in the pool and this time started to stroke his cock over his swim trunks. Next thing we know we are deep kissing.

I pulled away and asked Josh. . . 'do you want to fuck me?' His jaw hit the ground and he nodded yes. I told him what will Erica think. he said she will be fine as they both fuck around and they have an open relationship. I asked if he was sure and he nodded yes as obviously his cock was doing all the thinking. So we went to my room.

As soon as we were in, I pulled his wet trunks down to see a really big and thick cock standing erect. I was down on my knees in the hall way sucking his cock. He had his hands in my hair and was face fucking me. I knew if I continued another minute he will explode.

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   I stopped and stood up and said, not so quick sweety. Lets go to my bed. He followed with his cock erect behind me. As I was walking my top was off me and I had the strings of my bottom open. I let them drop as I hit the bed and opened my legs. I asked him to eat me. Josh was down between my legs, his tongue eating me. As he did that, the door of the bathroom opened and Erica walked in naked and leaned in and whispered in Josh's ear. . . 'what are you doing baby?' It startled Josh and he turned around shocked but when he saw naked Erica, smiled and said. . . 'taking care of your horny friend!'

Erica smiled and kissed him and he went back to eating me. Erica came over and sat on my face and I started to eat her pussy.

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   Josh was so turned on that he started to finger me and eat me and it did its magic as I came hard. Erica got off my face and got doggie style and asked Josh to fuck her hard. Josh was behind Erica fucking her tight pussy while I lay playing with my clit watching them fuck. It was so hot. He made Erica cum and as soon as she collapsed, Josh was out and in my pussy with my legs wide open for him. He filled my small tight pussy fully. It was nice to have this 6'1" 200 pound guy fuck my small petite body. He was an animal. He obviously has been wanting to fuck me and here I was naked, legs wide open having the fuck of my life. He picked speed and I told him when it was time for him to cum I wanted him to cum in my mouth. He used my pussy hard and made me cum. . . made me moan and yell and when it was time to come, he pulled out and pushed his wet sloppy cock in my mouth and exploded. I sucked down every drop of cum from his cock.

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We all lay naked and after about 15 minutes, Erica was down on Josh'c cock getting him hard again. She does not like anal fuck but knew I loved it. She got Josh hard and told him i love it up in my ass. Josh was delighted and once hard, he lubed my ass up and was in my tight ass fucking me. He was thick and it filled me up real tight. I was moaning and yelling being fucked hard. Josh was loving fucking my ass and was slapping my tight ass as he fucked me. . . fucked me till he came again. . . this time in my ass.

We obviously fucked a number of time that weekend and even today once in a while I let Josh get some of my pussy action ;)

Cindy4u (personalinbox@mac. com).

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