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I was absolutely nuts and crazy about my neighbor, she was a lady of about thirty years old, married but her husband was an absolute jerk. He worked shifts at some geological site and sometimes he was missing for days spending his time in the mountains looking for gold and stuff like that. His wife, Jane would easily drive any man crazy, she was a brunette with long legs and big, yummy boobs, her face was beautiful and one could drown in her deep, dark eyes. I really couldn’t understand why she married her husband, he was the exact opposite of her, a middle-aged man with a belly. It was obvious that Jane wouldn’t stand him for long and recently I began to notice that when her husband was on his shift she was visited by a man, he stayed over at her place and it was certain she cheated on her husband. I must say that I didn’t care, I didn’t blame her as a woman like her needs a good man by her side, but not her husband. The only thing that was as frustrating as it could be was that I was not her lover and I wished I were. My problem was that I was too young at that time, I was only 20 and she was ten years older than me. Of course she never even thought about me being her lover, but I dreamed about her so much, lying in my bed and jerking off imagining her close to me, riding and sucking my dick. I definitely felt I needed to do something so one day I decided to try my luck. She lived on the second floor and I lived on the first, so I walked up and knocked on her door. It was Sunday, and I was sure that she was home. She opened the door in her sexy, red robe, I really wanted to know what she was hiding behind it and I was looking at her numb and unable to say anything. She was really hypnotizing me with her beauty. “Hi, Kevin, can I help you”, she was the first to start and I sighed with relief. “Mrs.

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   Jane, I need to talk to you about your husband”, I said as that was the first thing that came to my mind. “Ok, come on in, what exactly do you want to talk about?”, She let me in and I could see that she was intrigued. “I think you’re abusing your relations with him, he loves you so much and I’ve been noticing some men visiting you while he was taking his shifts”, I shot right from the shoulder. I knew this was a bit rush to start like that, but I decided to cut to the chase, I looked into her eyes and saw them widening with anger. “What the fuck!, It’s none of your business! Get out of here!”, She shouted and I could see that I really made her angry, may be I shouldn’t have started that so rudely but I felt I had nothing to lose. “Well, maybe you’re right, it’s none of my business, but I am sure it’s your husband’s business and he’ll be very interested in the information that I possess, I took some pictures of this guy and I’ll show them to your husband, just wanna see his reaction”, I was bluffing, of course I didn’t take any pictures and I never even thought about it, but my bluffing had a strong influence on Jane. “Wait, Kevin, what do you want?, are you trying to blackmail me? Do you want money?”, She asked and I understood that I hooked her up. “No, I don’t need your money, I need something else you can give me”, I said and understood that I’ve had it made. She was afraid of her husband learning the truth so she was going to do what I wanted her to do. “What do you mean, Kevin?, What exactly do you want from me?”, Jane asked and I knew I had to make a small step to my goal. “I want you to treat me as the man who visited you while your husband was away”, I said in a firm voiceJane looked at me and her eyes told me that she understood what I wanted from her. She smiled and didn’t say a word, she just approached me and put her hand on my shoulder, “So, is that why you’re here?, so what exactly do you want me to do first?” I felt that my mouth went dry, Mrs. Jane was very sexy and her voice was so alluring that I felt getting dizzy. “How about this, I’ll play with your dick and let you cum and we’ll forget about the whole thing?”, she offered and kneeled. I was standing in the corridor and when she started unzipping my pants I leaned against the wall and closed my eyes, I still couldn’t believe this was happening to me.

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   In a minute my dick jumped out of my pants and it was rock-hard. Jane took it in her hands and exposed my dickhead, it was wet with precum, she looked at it for a second and then started licking it. I can’t describe what I was feeling at that moment. My dream was coming true, I opened my eyes and looked at Jane, her tongue was skillfully working on my dickhead and in about a minute she took my dick in her mouth and started sucking it. That was the real pleasure, for a twenty year old guy whose mind was focused on sex only that was more than enough, She was sucking me so skillfully that in about two minutes I felt I was building up to an orgasm, I didn’t want to stop her and I just took her head in my head and started impaling her on my dick trying to get as deeper in her throat as I could, suddenly she squeezed my dick with her mouth and I started cumming, my sperm hit her throat and tried to push my dick deeper and deeper, Jane was a great sucker, she started moving her head along my dick so quickly letting her mouth squeeze every drop of me, my orgasm was really intense, I was moaning and groaning and she was still sucking on my dick even after I completely drained my balls. “Oh, boy, you got my pussy wet and leaking, you’re so passionate and you’ve flooded me with your cum”, She said and licked the drops of my cum from her lips. “let me make some coffee and why don’t you go to the room and wait for me on the sofa”, she said and headed to the kitchen, and I went to the hall, I was unable to speak and my legs were shaking, that was the best blowjob I ever got. I sat on the sofa and in a minute Jane came with a tray and two coffee cups on it, I took one and she put the tray on the table. We drank coffee and talked a bit. When I finished my cup I felt that I was returning to senses. I looked at Jane and realized that I wanted her again. “So, now it’s time to please my pussy, it’s all wet and do you want to find out how wet it is?”, She said in an alluring voice and came up to me. She then slightly pushed me and I lay on the sofa, after that I saw her unbuttoning her robe and in a few seconds she was leaning over me absolutely nude. Her body was slender and her legs were long and slim. “Do you want to know how wet my pussy is now?”, she repeated her question and was waiting for me to answer.

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  “Yes”, I murmured still not knowing what she was going to do. She moved closer to me and sat on my face!!! That was the first time a woman was sitting on my face, her pussy was on my mouth and I felt how wet it was. She pressed her pussy to my mouth and started rubbing it over my face, in a few seconds all my face was wet with her love juices, I stuck my tongue out and started licking her pussy, whenever I touched her clit she was moaning, in a few minutes she turned into a real horny bitch and started rubbing all over my face with such fury that I felt I was going to choke, I just held my tongue out and was moving it all over her pussy, it went like this for about five minutes, then she got off my face and looked at my dick. It was rock-hard by that time. She moved closer to my dick and mounted it. Her pussy was so pleasantly wet that my dick easily got inside and in a second Jane started riding it like a wild cowboy. I was just lying and seeing her going up and down my dick, her tits were jumping before my face, the speed was incredible and I understood how horny that bitch was. It was the second fuck so I managed to last much longer and in a few minutes we were both sweating. When Jane felt that she was satisfies, although it’s hard for a bitch like her to get enough, she got off from my dick and lay close to me, then she took my dick in her hands and started jerking it quickly, her face was right before my dick, when I started shaking she understood that my orgasm was near so she opened her mouth wide and kept jerking my dick, in a few seconds I presented her with a cumshot that hit her face, then second and the third, I was cumming intensely and some of my sperm got inside her mouth, some of it was all over her face and hair, she kept jerking my dick until there wasn’t a tiny cum drop left in my balls and after that she took it into her mouth and sucked my dick until it was pure and clean. I was lying on the sofa, seeing Jane licking my dickhead, she was covered in my cum and she looked funny. I smiled and thought that this was just a dream when I woke up but we can make our dreams come true. All we need is to try that. “So, when’s your hubby arriving?”, I asked in a relaxed voice. “He won’t be in town until after Wednesday”, She answered in a sweet voice. “Well, then I’ll drop by tonight if you don’t mind”, I said and rose from the sofa.

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