The Diary of an Invisible Woman Chapter 4

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I took a tour of the house and got into some of the family'spersonal stuff. I discovered that the mother was an attorney. Finally, a rich woman who wasn't just a complete gold digging whore!How refreshing! This home was smaller than the other one I invadedthe previous day. The daughter, though, was left alone until themother finally returned after eight. The daughter came home about anour after she went swimming and, about 15 minutes later, herboyfriend showed up. They immediately repaired to her bedroom . Hewas an okay looking guy facially, but had a a surfer's body and skintone. Her bikini was off in a flash as they rolled around in bedmaking out before he attacked her nipples.

She had undone his pants and pulled his already hard cockout and was stroking it until the sensations from the suckling onher milk ducts caused her to lose herself. He got up to shed hisclothes and then told her to suck him. She got on all fours on thebed as he stood next to the side of it and she stroked it a fewtimes before sliding it between her lips. He let out a pleasuredgroan. I positioned myself behind her and buried my face in hervulva. She looked behind her for a moment and then resumed rubbinghis dick with her tongue. I sucked and licked her clit, which wasswelling with blood as she became more and more aroused. She was nowmoaning on his cock as it glided in and out of her piehole.

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   Shesubconsciously splayed her legs wider and shoved her ass back towardmy face. Her bj was having its effect on her and her passion wasrising due to a combination of my ministrations and her generalarousal from the situation. Her head became a blur going back andfourth on his fuck stick and that earned her a heapin' helpin' ofhis cum just as she was feeling the electrical charges of her orgasmcourse through her. The semen dripped out of her mouth as her mouthhung open from the brain neutralizing effects of the climax and herbody quivered. It was totally hot and made me super wet.

She laid on her back again and he dove between her legs, drinkingher wetness from her garden before slathering her sensitized clitwith his saliva and rolling his tongue over it. I bent my headdown over hers and gave her a quick kiss before I moved down to hernipples and sucked on them like a starving infant. She hit me acouple times on the head when she went to play with those tendermilk ducts and I quickly pulled away waiting for another opportunityto suckle them. When she began to convulse in ecstasy, I increasedthe strength with which I sucked on her milk duds .

The boyfriend scooted on  top of her and forced his flesh hammer intoher. She wrapped her legs around him and I stood and watched, myhand inevitably ending up in my vulva and moaning and sighing rightalong with them as his hips flexed over and over to spear her andfeel the sensation of his penis being squeezed by her vaginalmuscles. The room filled with the smell of sex, bodily and boxspring noises and sexual exaltations. I felt that familiar tide ofpleasure barreling through me and it was all I could do to remainstanding as he repeatedly targeted his missile at his girlfriend'sheat. She cried out breathily when her orgasm flushed through hersystem. At that moment, I had two fingers inside me strumming my gspot as I viewed the constant rhythm with which his little monsterrampaged into her sacred hall, bringing her off again before hecould no longer restrain himself and jetted his burden deep intoher.

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They laid still for a couple of minutes resting while I sat onthe floor, my brain also drowned in endorphins. She went to thebathroom, presumably to wipe the cum off of her pussy, and they leftto do God only knows what. I made myself another sandwich and thensat on the couch in the living room to watch the news. The dogcurled up next to me as I absentmindedly scratched it behind theears and petted it. As I said before,  the mother finally came homeat eight, but the daughter didn't come back until midnight. This issomething that became a theme as I made my way through thecommunities of the affluent, the out  of control nature of theirchildren due to negligent parenting.

I spent the night there sleeping in a guest bedroom, though Icouldn't close the door and nor use the blankets since the muttwould immediately start scratching at the door and the homeownerwould see the bed clothes with a big mysterious lump in them (i. e. ,my body). I slept fitfully, but was alone again when I woke up.

I had to go home just to collect my mail and return whatever phonecalls I might have gotten while I was gone. It took me nearly fourhours riding the bus before I was back in my own place. At 11 p. m. ,I started my car and drove it around a bit to keep the engineworking as it should (in case I  needed it to flee due to a naturaldisaster).

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   My heart was pounding out of my chest the whole time atthe possibility of being sussed by the police, but none were inevidence and I pulled back into my garage without incident.

I came up with a new gambit to get food, too. I called up a localpizza delivery place and and ordered an extra large pie and toldthem that I would leave the money, including tip, for it in anenvelope on my door and they were just to leave the pizza at mydoorstep because I have a germ phobia and didn't want to talk toanyone. It worked. That was enough food for me for three days, butit was a little bit of an expensive way to go compared to making abatch of pasta for oneself, for example.

After staying home through the weekend, I was becoming restless. So Idecided to take a walk to the local high school. Now again, keep in mindthat I'm totally naked when I do this, so it felt weird to be amblingthrough crowded hallways between classes with my boobs hanging out, butthere was also something thrilling about it, too. I also sometimeswalked between two boys and groped their crotches. I also grabbed acouple of the male teachers while they tried to give their lectures.

That got boring, though, and I went home. That night, I pulled anotherblack bag job at the supermarket so that I could keep myself fed. Theyhad to keep their backdoor unlocked due to the fire laws, so therewasn't anything preventing me from running out of it with bagfuls ofgroceries.

The next morning, I got up at 5 a. m.

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  , showered, then walked about twomiles into the wealthier (though not uber rich) side of town. I couldn'ttake the bus because no visible folks were taking it in that directionnear where I lived. I stood around one of the cul de sacs and saw agarage door begin to open across the street. I quickly ran into thatgarage before the door commenced lowering itself. There was another carthere. I sat around waiting for the door into the house to open. Aboutan hour later, the wife, who was dressed professionally, and her twodaughters, entered the garage and climbed into the car and were goneabout a minute later. I didn't hear any dogs, so I went through the doorinto their kitchen and immediately hit the fridge. I first went for thefruit because I needed the vitamins and sugars they contained and thenfinished off some leftover pasta. I didn't eat before I left home topreserve my food supply. Therefore, I munched away until I was full,topping it off with ice cream for dessert, if you want to view it thatway. As I usually try to do, I washed my dishes, put them away and left.

I cased the neighborhood. Most of the houses had dogs living in them andnobody seemed to be home in the others. I walked over to an adjoiningneighborhood.

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   A garage door opened and I scrambled to get in under it. Gingerly, I pushed the door from the garage to the kitchen open. Nobodyhome. I remembered that I saw a second refrigerator in the garage and Ichecked to see how well it was stocked. It was packed. The household wasa family of five. The kids were elementary school age. I stuck around,which, to be honest, was tedious. But it was worth it. At about 1 a. m. , Ivery quietly loaded up a plastic shopping bag with stuff from thatfridge in the garage, which included ice cream, chicken and tv dinners. Ialso snagged some fruits and vegetables from the fridge in the kitchenand snuck out the front door. I was sweating bullets the entire time Iwas scurrying home. I took side streets where I could and even used acouple of alleys and arrived home safe and sound.

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   The combined take fromthat house plus the supermarket had me in good shape for the nextcouple of weeks.

I kicked back at my place for the next three days. Saturday, I boardedthe bus for my favorite beach. It was now late May and college and highschool kids were beginning to congregate there to beat the late springheat. There were some amazing bodies on display. I sidled over next tothis one group of high school girls who were laying on their stomachsand sat as close as I could to the one nearest the lifeguard tower. She,like her friends, were all oiled up and they had undone the straps orties of their bikini tops to avoid tan lines. I could see the sides ofsome nice soft tits being compressed underneath their nubile forms. Ileaned over and took a nice whiff of the one girl, who smelled likecocoa butter. That made me instantly wet. Her legs were slightly parted. I attempted to slip a finger under the crotch of her bikini bottom andinto her pussy. She yelped and reflexively looked behind her, exposingher B cups to one and all. When she didn't see anyone, she put her headdown again. This time, her legs were completely closed.

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   I tickled herfeet and she yelped again. "Okay you guys, which one of you is messingwith me?" she wondered. They all said "not me. "

She retied her top and turned over to lay on her back. She drizzled moreoil on herself and rubbed it in, making her skin glisten slightly. Herlegs were somewhat open again, so I pressed my palm and fingers againsther pussy over her bottoms. She let out a small noise and then caughtherself. I took my middle and ring fingers and put more pressure on itand began to massage her clit. She had a look of consternation on herface because she didn't know what was happening, only that her clit wasbecoming stiff and there was something pressing on it. She squirmed andwaggled the bottoms around, figuring that maybe they had ridden up onher. After she did that and laid back down, I applied friction to thatarea once more while I leaned over and kissed her softly on the lips. She jerked her head away. I forced my mouth on hers this time as Istimulated her clit more forcefuly. I pulled my lips away and shestifled a moan. She suddenly announced that she was going to thebathroom, the spoil sport.

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When she left, I positioned myself on my knees right in front of themiddle girl. She was built slightly bigger and was still on her stomach. I leaned over her and slid both hands under her bikini bottom andgrabbed a handful of ass. She was now the one yelping and displaying forthe rest of the beach her puffy C cups to see who was fondling her. Shealso refastened her top and went to kicking it on her back. I assumeshe closed her eyes behind the sunglasses she was wearing. I bent downover her and kissed her gently. She looked around like, "what was THAT?"I kissed her hard, pinning her head to her towel, and flicked hernipples with both hands, which had snaked under her top. The other girlsaw the middle girl's reactions. "Jen, what are you doing?" she asked ina somewhat embarrassed tone. "Uh nothing," the middle girl attempted tocover. "Why were you shaking your head like that?" "I don't know," wasall the middle girl could manage.

The end girl rehooked her top and turned over on her side looking at herfriend. "Are you okay?" she worried. "Yeah, I think so," the middlegirl muttered.

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They had been played with enough, I thought. I didn't want them totallyfreaking out. I walked along the beach and saw this hunky guy coming outof the water. What a tight, muscled body he had! He was probably 18-19years old. He was only about my height, 5'10", but oh well. I followedhim across the sand to one of the rental units that lined the strand. The first floor sliding glass door was open. There was an older guy,probably early 20's, drinking a beer sitting on the couch. My targetwent to the fridge and got himself a cold one, too. Hey, underagedrinking at the beach! An American tradition since the inception of therepublic! He flopped down on the couch a couple of feet from his buddy,who was watching a baseball game. I was on the arm of the couch next toMr. Hunky and gave his cheek a quick smooch. I giggled inside as heflinched when he felt my lips on him. I reached over with my righthandand gave his hard chest a little rub. He brought his hand to his chestand made a motion like he was swatting my hand away.

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   I had pulled itback just in time, so no problem. I stood up and carefully insinuatedmyself between the coffee table and the couch. I bent at the waist andbraced one hand against the sofa back. My other hand ran up and down hiscrotch, finding his limp cock. "What the fuck?" he verbalized. "What isit, bro?" the older dude inquired. "No biggie," Mr. Hunky endeavored toplay off.

After Mr. Hunky had reclined against the couch back again, I resumedmolesting his dick. This time, he sat dead still, perhaps at a loss asto how to cope with this without looking either like a total douche, apussy or just flat wacked in the head. I kept rubbing it and it startedto bulge through his swim trunks. He coughed to try to suppress a moan. He had a pretty nice extension going on and I was not getting really wetwanting to climb on to it. I very much wanted to pull those shorts offof him so that I could get a look at what felt like a rod of somesubstance.


   The fun ended, though, when he went to the bathroom, probablyto rub one out. Mr. Hunky then said he was "going over to Debbie's. "Forsaken again. Story of my life.

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