The Greeks, Mathematics, and S3^X

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Note: The following story is a work of fiction.

Tony Marquez was an Hispanic dude who lived in Yorkshire in the UK. He attended Yorkshire University and was studying to become a chemical engineer. He'd finished high school and had loved Chemistry, but when he entered university at Yorkshire, he realized that all the things he'd learned in high school were getting slightly more advanced and heavy in the higher learning institutions. He was struggling to keep up.

It was a good thing that Yorkshire University offered a first-rate help lab that contained mini departments that each specialized in a certain field. Tony found the department for Chemistry and got a lot of help that made a difference in his performance when studying, participating in class, and doing the assignments, tests, and quizzes. Okay, so he got better in Chemistry, but there was still Advanced Mathematics that he needed to pull his socks up on. Even with all the help he got at the help lab's Mathematics department, he was still doing poorly in that subject. Something needed to be done about it and fast.

Tony turned to his fellow students who also took Advanced Mathematics. Most he turned to did try to help, but whatever they were trying to impart to him, he wasn't getting. He was frustrated and almost gave up until one day he was on his way to the cafeteria to grab some lunch when he saw a notice with a fancy background consisting of mathematical figures and symbols. This notice had the heading "Mathematical Knowledge Quiz - General and Advanced Levels. " Reading the rest of the notice, he learned that any student willing to participate would simply have to sign up by filling a form and placing it in the Dean of Science's office. Also stated was the invitation to all students and staff to attend the quiz and watch as other students put their brains to the test to see who would get the most answers right and win the quiz prize.

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Tony noted the time and venue of the event and went to get some lunch. Yes! He would go and watch the quiz, and if he was lucky, he would get the quiz prize winnner to be his math tutor, or at least, one of the smart people who came close to winning the prize.


When the time for the Mathematical Knowledge Quiz came, Tony was one of the first people to arrive at the venue, which turned out to be the multipurpose hall located between the main campus and the gymnasium.

After waiting for twenty three minutes, a steady flow of people came into the multipurpose hall, quickly filling up the place, however, there was a large space with seats kept reserved for the participants of the quiz. A prize would be given each to the winners of the General and Advanced levels of the quiz, however, the Advanced level had the more luxurious prize for its winner.

Once the reserved seats for the participants had been occupied, the quiz went underway. Tony was delighted at himself when he knew the answers to some of the questions that were asked during the General level of the quiz. After two hours of watching, that level of the quiz was over and the winner turned out to be one of his previous classmates in the university.

Now it was time for the Advanced level. Tony made sure he had a pen and paper ready so he could write the names of potential candidates for his math tutor position from this level of the quiz. The Advanced level of the quiz also took two hours and by the end of it, the winner was a student named Joseph.

Tony could've approached him immediately after the quiz when Joseph had received the prize, but he saw a group of people clustered nearby the doorway whose names he had written on his pad. He went to ask if any of them would be his math tutor for 10 pounds an hour. They all refused, and when he wanted to look for Joseph, Joseph had left the hall and was lost to him for that entire day.

The next day he bumped into Joseph while on the way to the library.

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   He asked Joseph to be his tutor and Joseph looked at him funny and said no. Tony was disappointed and downcast. He had almost entered the library when he heard someone say "Hey!" He turned to look and saw Joseph walking back to where he was. Was he going to accept his offer?

Joseph, with a concerned look on his face, said, "I can't help you as your tutor because I have a lot of committments here at the university, but I do know someone who is capable of doing so. She's a cousin of mine. I happen to be Greek, by the way, and so is she. Her name is Nikita and she is studying to get a degree in Mathematics. She takes Human Physiology and Anatomy class - it's an elective she wanted - in Biology lab 5 on Mondays at 3 pm in the afternoon. I will let her know to expect to meet you sometime before or after her class there so you can arrange a schedule for your tutorials. "

Tony was elated to hear this and thanked Joseph with a big long hand shake and many words of gratitude. They parted ways and Tony went to the library, stopping at the librarian's desk to make a note on his reminder pad about when and where to meet Nikita - such a wonderful name!


Monday came and Tony realized that he didn't know what Nikita looked like so how was he going to recognize her? Damn it! I screwed up when I didn't ask Joseph for more details, he told himself. He decided that he would just have to wait outside Biology lab 5 at 2:50 pm and catch her somehow before her class started.

Tony also realized that day that he would not be able to make it to Biology lab 5 at 2:50 pm because he had another class to attend. He might be able to make it to the Biology lab in time for Nikita's class right after it finished, but then again, he didn't know how long that would take. Tony kept his fingers crossed and left for Biology lab 5 as soon as the class was over.

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When he got there, the lab was empty and several students were sitting outside, waiting for the next class, he thought. Then one of the students got up and walked over to where he was standing and looking at the floor in frustration. "Excuse me. Are you Tony Marquez?" He looked up to see an angel with long and curly raven black hair looking right at him with the most gorgeous blue eyes, the color of the deep ocean. Poseidon's daughter, he thought, amazed at her beauty.

Before she could beg his pardon for mistaking him for someone else, he stammered, "Yes, yes. That's me. Uh. . . er. . . you're Nikita?" She broke into a heavenly smile and replied, "Yep, that's my name. Nice to meet you," and she put out her hand and he took it gently, but then gave it a good firm shake (so she didn't think he was a sissy) and let her have it back (even though he would've liked to hold onto it for a bit longer).

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   "My cousin, Joseph, told me you needed a math tutor. Do you want to arrange a schedule or something so we could meet and I could help you out a bit? I'm not the greatest mathematician in the world, but I'd like to help you on a few things that you might be stuck on in your Math class. "

Tony quickly replied, "Of course, yes. Uh. . . how about uh. . . tomorrow sometime er. . . " She gave him another divine show of perfect teeth and said, "Here's my schedule. . .

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  " And they figured out a regular time and place to meet so she could tutor him. On telling her about the rate he would pay, she shrugged and said it was fine. His heart lept at that, but he tried not to seem too overjoyed or he might just freak her out.

Time went by and Tony and Nikita got along quite well with each other and with the tutorials. Despite his growing feelings of romance towards her, he kept those to himself and tried his best to use what knowledge she imparted to him in his Advanced Mathematics class. When he did that, he excelled in his studies and got better grades. He was grateful to Nikita because of what he accomplished with her help and for the simple fact that she was an awesome mathematician and a nice friend. Oh, why did he have to have these feelings of desire for her? They just might destroy the good thing he had. No. He had to do exactly what he'd set out to do which was to learn from his tutor and do well in his classes so that he could graduate and become a chemical engineer.


The time to prepare for final examinations finally came. Tony had a last tutorial session with Nikita and paid her 200 pounds in gratitude and she, flustered at the substantial amount that went over her normal payment, accepted and gave him a hug, wishing him good luck in his studies and final exams. He now understood the concepts in Advanced Mathematics, thanks to Nikita's tutorials, and was able to study and revise all he'd learned through that semester.

In the week before the final exams, Tony decided to relax his brain muscles a bit with a group of his friends from the university. They went bowling at a nearby bowling alley.

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   Tony wasn't such a good bowler as the rest of his friends who'd gone bowling ever since they were kids. Tony was more into baseball, but he wanted to relax and bowling seemed like a relaxing activity to do, rather than baseball, in which he would only get competitive and shift into overdrive.

When Tony and his friends arrived at the bowling alley, who do you think he ran into there also bowling with a bunch of her friends - guy friends! It was Nikita! She had on a white sleaveless dress that reached her knees and was fastened around her waist by a black leather belt. Her hair was tied loosely in a bushy tail that fell mid-way on her back. The other guys around her had the same skin complexion she had and the same curly hair, but theirs wasn't aslong as hers. They must be Greek as well, Tony thought.

Tony's friends were not as quiet as he wanted them to be, now that he had spotted Nikita. They talked loudly and jostled each other, making jokes as they bought shoes and chose two lanes to bowl in. Tony turned his back to where Nikita and her friends were and pretended to be involved in his friends' jokes and mini discussions. He sat on a bench to tie his bowling shoes and was done tying the last one when a pair of white bowling shoes worn by feet attached to beautiful legs belonging to Nikita came into his vision. He looked up and saw her angelic Greek face smiling down at him.

He smiled and said, "Hi, Nikita. My friends and I decided to drop by and toss a few bowling balls. Hope you don't mind us being noisy and disturbing the peace. " She gave him a funny frown and said, "This is supposed to be a fun place.

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   Please, make noise!" She laughed and flashed a perfect set of teeth. Then she asked, "How's the preparation for the exams coming along?" He replied, "Oh, fantastic. I couldn't have done it without you. Thanks for asking. " "No problem. Just wanted to check up on my student. " She gave him a maternal smile that made him feel a lot younger than her somehow, even though they were about the same age (early twenties).

He stood up and said, "Well, I guess you better get back to your friends over there. I think they're beginning to miss you. I'm going to join my pals here before they think you're trying to kidnap me for another tutorial session. " They both laughed and she looked over to her friends and waved at them. They had removed their shoes and looked like they were going to leave. "Oh, it's time to go already. I'll see you around then," he told her. She turned to him abruptly and said, "Nah.

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   I'm just waving to them. I could use a few more throws. "

"Oh, okay. You want to join us?" he asked feeling his heart beat a bit faster. "Yeah, I'd love that," she beamed at him. "Cool! Er. . . Let me introduce you to the gang," he said and introduced her to his friends, who cordially welcomed her into their group. "Looks like Nikita's going to be teaching you a lot more than Math, Tony," said his Modern Art classmate, Jerry. Tony gave him a stern look of disapproval. "I meant, bowling, okay? She's really good. I saw her hit all the pins when we came in. " Tony straightened up, "Oh. Yeah, sure.

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   You're up, teach! Show us how it's done. " Nikita grinned, biting her bottom lip and then, picked a ball from the rack. She seemed to skip and glide before releasing the ball from her swing. All the pins got knocked down on that first throw.

"Yeah! Wohoo!" "Awesome, Nikita!" "Way to go, girl!" "That was beautiful!" "Alright!" Nikita glowed and bowed to her cheerers. Everybody gave her high-fives, but when Tony wanted to give her a high-five she missed his hand on purpose, frowned, then broke into a grin and hugged him tight. Oh shit! he thought to himself. She might've intended that as a simple friendly gesture, but for poor Tony, his heart wanted to leap out of his chest and do cartwheels on the floor.

Everyone took turns bowling in the two lanes. Tony did worse than everyone else and they all did their best to give him tips, especially Nikita, which only made matters worse for him. Okay, so bowling isn't my thing, but did it have to be torture with Nikita around? he thought.

He decided to sit down early and let everyone else do the bowling. They'll be hungry and thirsty soon with all the walking and throwing and fun they're having, he figured, so he went to the food stand nearby and bought everyone something to eat and drink.

When they were all tired from throwing heavy bowling balls, Tony led them to the dining benches where they could eat and drink and watch other people bowl in the lanes. Nikita and the girls went to the restroom to freshen up a bit before joining the guys.


   Another friend of Tony's sat down next to him and said, "Tony, what have you been doing all this time? You had her as a tutor and you two never did anything other than tutorials?" Tony replied, "Allen, she helped me out in Advanced Math and that was that. " Allen sighed and said, "Eh, whatever. "

The girls returned from the restroom and joined the guys. Nikita sat next to Tony and thanked him for remembering what her favorite drink and snack food was. Tony was pleased at himself for at least one thing that he did right at the bowling alley that day.

When they'd finished their meal, everyone headed back to the cars parked outside the bowling alley. Nikita walked with Tony and told him, "There's a Greek art exhibit next to the street where I live. Today's the last day they'll be displaying. You want to hitch a ride with me and go see it, since you take that subject in your course schedule? It could be educational. " Tony looked around and saw his friends loading into the cars they'd traveled to the bowling alley in. He had hitched a ride on one of those cars. Jerry gave him a wink before he ducked his head into a car.

Tony looked down at his feet then up at the sky before looking at her and said, "Er. . .


   I guess it's okay. I mean, if it's okay with you. " Nikita made an expression of stupidity, "Duh! Of course it's okay with me. That's why I asked you, dummy!" Tony put his hands in his pockets and laughed. "I'm sorry. You're not a dummy," apologized Nikita. She went over to the driver's side of her car and said, "You coming? I'm jumping in the car. " Tony took the seat next to the driver's.


The Greek art exhibit turned out to be a small display in the corner of a small library located in a suburb around Yorkshire. It consisted of several pieces of pottery and two carvings of what must've been an artist's impression of a pair of demons from the underworld. "Wow. This is a lot of stuff to be looking at all in one go," said Tony in mock amazement. "Shut up, dummy," said Nikita to him, grabbing his arm as if forcing him to do something, then she wrapped her arm around his, clinging to him as they both looked at the ancient art.

After six minutes of just staring at the displays, Nikita asked Tony, "Seen enough?" His reply was, "Lady, if you gave me a quiz on these artifacts, I'd pass with flying colors. " She giggled and led him outside the library, back into her car.

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Tony put on his seatbelt and Nikita faced him and said, "Do you want to come over to my place? There's some Greek food you might like to sample. Sort of like a part of your extended education in my tutorial sessions. " He arched his eyebrows at her and said, "Man, by the time you're done with me, I'll be completely Greek!" She frowned playfully saying, "Aww! You figured out my evil master plan! Now I'm just going to have to kill you. " Tony threw up his hands in mock alarm, "Help! She's going to kill me! Somebody help!"

She started the car and backed out, turning the wheel and driving the car out of the parking lot to where the main road ran past. She looked both ways, seeing if it was clear (yes, after the next car), then drove out onto the main road and said, "Sorry, Tony. Too late for you now. " And it WAS too late for him. He had now sold his soul to her, and if she didn't buy it, he would lose big time!


They got to Nikita's house, she opened the door, entered and let Tony in, closing the door behind him.

Nikita told Tony to sit down on a dull green leather couch while she went into the kitchen. After a while, she came back with two cans of Mello Yellow and two plates stacked high with ham and cheese sandwiches.

"Ooh! Classical Greek food! Mm mm!" said Tony. "Oh be quiet and dig in. Don't want you to go hungry when you're here. " He took a sip from his can and asked, "Why would I go hungry? I'm just going to be here for a short while and. .

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  . . " It was then that he saw a look in Nikita's eyes that he'd never seen before. This wasn't Nikita, the kind and caring girl on the university campus who tutored him in Advanced Mathematics, and this wasn't the fun and cheerful girl he'd seen at the bowling alley - this was another Nikita, a woman who wanted to take and expected to receive.

Tony was a bit unsettled, and when he realized this, he beat himself up mentally. Why so frightened, now that you're in her house and sharing a meal with her? Didn't you want this? Well, yes, but this was also something to be avoided.

"Is there something wrong?" Nikita asked. She'd picked up a sandwich from her plate. "Uh. No. Everything's good," Tony replied as he took another sip from his can of Mello Yellow and took a sandwich from his plate. He took a bite. It tasted really good. Maybe there's a love potion in these sandwiches, he said to himself. No, there isn't.

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   The only love potion here is the one ready to surge through your stiff cock and fill her pussy to overflowing. Oh what a disgusting thought to be thinking when eating your food, thought Tony, scolding himself, especially in the presence of a really nice pretty girl who cared enough to spend time with you, helping you with Advanced Math.

Nikita sensed the turmoil going on within Tony and said, "Seems to me like there's a war going on inside you. Conflicting emotions?" She added more slyly, "Unbalanced equations? You know, if you ever have problems with math, come to teacher. " When she said "come to teacher," she held out her hand slightly, flicking two fingers back toward her in a receptive gesture.

She then put the sandwich to her mouth and took a good chunk out of it. Tony looked at her and she looked back at him, masticating the food and finally swallowing. He ate the sandwich he was holding and told her, "Nikita, this sandwich is awesome!" She looked pleased and replied, "Thank you, Tony. " They both ate in silence.

Tony could not finish all the sandwiches on his plate, but Nikita ate all of the ones on her plate. When she was done, she saw his plate that had two sandwiches left over. "Are you going to have those?" she asked. "No. You want them?" "Yep," she took them and ate them. While she ate, he just stared at her mouth.

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She finished digesting his second-last sandwich and noticed him staring at her. "I know, I'm such a pig. " He shook his head and said, "Not at all. I just love the way your mouth works as you eat your food. It's . . . . I don't know, I just like it. " She picked up the last sandwich and said, "Want to see it again?" He nodded his head. She giggled, then ate the last sandwich slowly and sensuously as if something more than a sandwich was being digested in her oral cavity.

When Nikita had finished the last of the sandwiches, she took the empty cans and plates back to the kitchen. Tony remained on the couch, unmoving, but in his head, his thoughts were running about at light speed - going one way, then the other, and then crashing as they collided. Nikita's voice came from the kitchen saying, "Guess I'll drive you back to the campus dorm. "

Nikita was at the sink scrubbing one of the plates with a soapy sponge when Tony spoke, standing right behind her "I do have an unbalanced equation.

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  " She got startled and dropped the plate in the sink. She turned wide eyed.

He waited until her heart rate had dropped to normal and her breathing came easy, then continued, "There's these two numbers and one of them likes the other one, but he doesn't know what the unknown number on the other side of the equal sign will turn out to be if he tells the number on his side that he likes her. "

Nikita looked down at the floor and then straight into his eyes. "Are you saying that you like me?" He told her, "Yes. I like- Wait! Scratch that. I love you. I think you're gorgeous on the outside and the inside. I've been your student for almost the entire semester, and I think you're terrific. When I make good on all my grades - and I know I will - it will be in a large part due to your helping me out. " He paused, gathered some more thoughts, then said, "And if you don't feel the same way, I totally understand. No hard feelings, really. "

He gave her a friendly smile and walked out of the kitchen. He re-entered the living room where the dull green leather couch was and said aloud, "By the way, I like your living room. It's got a lot of spaceand has a homey appeal to it.

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  " He thought to himself: Yeah, just keep talking. Try to forget what you just said in the kitchen.

Nikita's voice came from directly behind him, "Thanks. I was hoping we'd make love in here, because my bedroom is in a total state of disarray right now. " Tony turned and saw her standing behind him in the entrance way to the kitchen. She was completely naked and had a hungry look on her face - and it wasn't food she was hungry for.


Tony (naked, along with Nikita) ran his fingers through Nikita's long curly black hair. There was nothing tying it now, so it was loose and explorable. She was sitting up on her knees, her frontal body pressed against the backrest of the dull green leather couch, her arms resting on top of it. Tony was behind her, also sitting up on his knees on the couch, his lower legs laying between hers that were parted. They were both naked and he was running both his hands through her thick bushy black hair.

"How did you get your hair so curly?" he asked while stroking her hair and slightly massaging her scalp. She moaned and said, "I was born with it, dummy!" He chuckled and brought his hands down to her shoulders, massaging them thoroughly. "Mmmm," she said. He told her, "It's a good thing I didn't do too much bowling, otherwise, I'd have to get a massage as well.

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  " She just replied with a sigh and "Mmmmm. "

Then he brought his hands down to her back, loosening up the nerves in there. He went further down to her waist and kneeded the joints and whatever else was there that needed attention. His hands then went to her ass, squeezing and massaging the cheeks. She made a happy mewing sound at this. He smiled and went down to her ass, pushing his face in between those two soft buns and moving his head around. "Oooh," she uttered, getting aroused.

Still nudging his face around in her ass cheeks, he asked, "Who were those guys you were bowling with? They looked Greek. " She replied, "Your Greek skills are improving, my student. Yes, they are Greek, and believe it or not, they all happen to be in the same Theoretical Mathematics class as I am. " He moved his face upwards and deeper until his nose penetrated her ass hole. "Great," he said. She asked, "Great what? That those guys and I are in the same Theoretical Math class or that your nose is in my hole?" She giggled, causing her ass to vibrate around his face. "The former," he answered, then in a lower tone that she could still hear, "And the latter as well. " She smiled at herself and bit her lip.

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Tony decided it was time to let Mr. Tongue out; he licked her ass between her buttox and later, licked the spot right on her hole. Nikita smiled moaning and said, "Mmmm! Yeah. . . Er. . . You're not going to -" He stuck his tongue full length into her hole and humped it up and down like a dolphin's tail. "Mighty Zeus, Tony!" she cried in pleasure and amazement, "You just shot your tongue up my hole! Oh Mercury!"

He flicked his tongue up and down in her ass hole for a full minute before pulling it out and saying, "Mercury? Isn't he supposed to be Hermes for Greeks?" Nikita took her chin off the top of the backrest of the couch where it was resting and looked down at Tony who was looking up at her and sucking the hills of her ass. "Wow! Someone's been doing their Greek homework; I am truly impressed by my student. " She then opened her mouth and moved her tongue in an erotic fashion at him. Then she said, "Come up here and give me a kiss, lover boy!" He looked reluctant and said, "But I'm still down here working on your ass. " To which she replied, "Then stick your lovely hard cock inside it and come up here and give me a kiss. That is an order from your teacher!" He took on the expression of a disciplined soldier and said, "Yes, mam!"

He rose up on his knees until he was face to face with her.

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   She smiled at him and bumped her ass against his pelvis, reminding him of what to do. He got behind her and pushed his cock up her ass. She grunted slightly as she unpuckered her ass hole, allowing his penis head to squeeze through easier. Once his penis head was in, she relaxed, knowing that the rest of his cock would be able to handle the passage into her bowels. Easing the shaft of his cock through her hole, Tony looked straight into Nikita's eyes. She was giving him a dirty lustful look. He placed his hands over hers that were holding onto the top of the backrest, and pressed his mouth and face against hers, kissing her passionately, mixing tongues, saliva, and hot breath. While kissing her, his hips swayed back and forth against her ass, his cock plunging full-lenth into her bowels, fucking her ass good and proper.

Ten minutes into the kissing (and anal screwing), Nikita began to moan, however, she continued to kiss him, cancelling out any more sounds from her mouth. But after thirty seconds, she began to moan again, as if in complaint. Tony knew what was happening, but continued kissing and fucking her as they were both sitting up on their knees against the couch with their hands intertwined on the backrest. Nikita broke their kiss and looked into his eyes while he intensified his onslaught into her hole. "Mmmm, mmm, huuh, mmm, hhhuuhh" she gasped in short breaths. "Mmmrrrrgghh!" he grunted and smacked his pelvis repeatedly against her ass, taking the anal fucking to a new level. "Aahhhh aahhh Oohhh aaahhh!" she cried and tightened her grip on his hands.



Then he frantically rode her like he was on horseback, riding up a vertical hill. She put her head down on the backrest and took his hand that was clasped on top of hers and bit into it, drawing blood. He winced and gritted his teeth. He rode faster into her, his balls slapping against her cunt. Then her head came up like she was bursting out of the water for life giving air, and she yelled at the top of her lungs, "AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH FUCKKK!! POSEIDON!!" She climaxed and her fluids gushed downwards and drenched the couch directly beneath them. (He'd ejeculated a minute earlier inside her hole. )

Tony and Nikita collapsed down onto the couch (she on top of him), sweaty and out of breath. He told her, "Well, you got Poseidon right. Very appropriate. You must've gushed out an ocean there. " She giggled, kissed his chest and said, "Shut up, dummy. " He looked hurt and said, "After all the time and effort you've invested in me, you still call me dummy?" She replied, "Yeah. You're still a dummy - MY dummy!" He shrugged and said, "I guess it's okay to be a dummy as long as I belong to you. " She nodded and looked down as she gripped his cock. "Yep.


   My personal love dummy. " He stroked her beautiful hair and said, "My personal Greek Math whiz tutor. " She looked back up at him (still gripping his cock) and said, "Aw! You're so sweet. " He replied, "And you've got to be a descendant of some Greek deity - you're too beautiful and too smart. "

Soon Nikita was sitting up on the couch, on her knees again. This time, however, she was facing the armrest, not the backrest. Tony was laying on his back with his head between Nikita's parted upper legs. He was sucking her pussy, while she held his head in place with one hand and held onto the couch backrest with the other. He swished his tongue all over her pelvis and around her pussy lips. Concentrating on her cunt, he licked the genitalia and slid his tongue up inside the sacred interior. Nikita felt his tongue explore the inside of her vagina and she moaned in delight. Then she placed both hands under his head and pushed him up further inside her. He kept on licking and putting as much of his saliva as he possiby could inside her. Nikita made sure Tony's head was slightly snug between her thighs, then she moved her hips, rubbing her wet vagina all over his face. Realizing that his tongue was now ineffectual against her, he switched gears and rubbed his face into her pussy and she responded with a loud moan and humped her lumbar region vigorously down onto his face, completely drenching it with her juices.

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When Nikita had satisfactorily soaked his face with her moist cunt for five minutes, Tony made her lay back on the couch, her head on the armrest. He came up to her face with his legs parted on either side of her body. She smiled knowingly and he grinned, taking his cock and lazilly lowering it onto her lovely face, watching it flop on her cheek, mouth, and chin. She laughed and said, "Hey! Watch where you park that thing!" He replied in a courteous voice, "I'm sorry, mam. I'm new here. I'm a tourist looking for the Cave of Oral Pleasure. Would you know where I could find it?" She spoke in mock kindness, "Oh! Well, you're in the general vicinity. Follow me and I'll take you right to it. " Keeping her eyes on him, she maneuvered her head slightly to one side until his cock - still resting on her face - fell into her mouth (Oh, that was good! thought Tony). As if reading his mind, she winked coyly at him.

First she completely engulfed his cock in her mouth and closed her lips around the end of his shaft. She kept air in her mouth and he could feel hot breath around his cock as it lay on her sleeping tongue. Her eyes were still on him and he, feeling more than lust for her, reached down to stroke her hair. Then she smile around his cock and slowly moved her head back and forth over his length. "Auughh!" he groaned and continued to stroke her wonderful black hair.

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   Her tongue awoke and lapped up against the underside of his cock as she moved her mouth to and fro on him. He groaned again and mouthed "I love you!" to her and on seeing this, her eyes went lazy and she increased the pressure and sucking on his cock. She reached up and stroked his balls with her fingers and did a curve suck on his dick, where her head would turn as she moved back and forth and his cock would slide against a wall of her mouth.

After four minutes of curve sucking, she went straight again, letting him go deeper down her mouth and throat and sucking harder, working her tongue over his shaft and head in an amazing show of oral athleticism. He finally climaxed - groaning aloud - and shot hot semen into her mouth. She swallowed it and sucked his cock clean of any more drips. Then she held his cock upward against his pelvis and licked it like ice cream, looking up into his face while doing so.

Finally, Nikita stood up from the couch and took Tony by the hand. She led him into her bedroom and closed the door. Her bedroom was a mess with her clothes and other personal stuff tossed all over the place. Tony surveyed the area and said, "Uh. I guess it could be worse. " She asked, "Like how?" He answered, "Like left over food and drinks with flies buzzing around everywhere. " She responded, "Ew! I hate flies. That's why there is no left over food and drinks in here.

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  " Tony said, "I figured. "

After clearing off the bed, leaving just a bed sheet over the mattress and two pillows on top, Nikita pushed Tony onto the bed and he collapsed exactly where his head could land on a pillow. She crawled sensuously onto the bed and smiled at him saying, "Welcome to my bedroom and my bed. I hope you enjoy your stay. " Tony nodded his head and said, "I think I will. Yep, definitely will. "

She straddled his lap and they both worked together to get Mr. Cock inside Ms. Pussy. She rode him into a gallop and grabbed her tits, her chest heaving. Her hands gripped her breasts and squeezed them nicely, rubbing and massaging them for Tony to see. Tony watched and held onto her waist which was bouncing up and down happily on him. She bounced higher and harder on him, almost punishing his cock with the effect of her vagina peeling back his foreskin everytime she came down on him. "Ooosshh!" he said through clenched teeth. She smiled and bit her lower lip.

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   Then she - still bouncing - pulled her hair forward over her boobs, hiding them entirely in the long bushy black curls. He frowned as if she'd just changed the channels on the television while he was watching a favorite show. But then she cupped her tits behind the curly curtains and pushed them out, revealing her luscious breasts and nipples once again to his smiling face. She mouthed the words, "Hello again!" to him and he laughed, rising from the pillow to grab her bouncing body and kiss her lovingly. They lingered on the kiss, then she pushed him back playfully onto the bed and rode him and herself to a joyous climax.

They rested for twenty minutes after that climax, then Tony got on top of Nikita and fucked her in the missionary position. He sucked on her breasts and she passionately kissed his face and head all over. Her legs opened up to him and he drove his cock hungrily into her pussy. She wrapped her legs around his waist and thrust upwards and called out all the names of the Greek gods and some other ones she'd learned about in various readings. They both climaxed and Tony lay on top of Nikita, kissing her and licking her face affectionately. She wrapped her arms around his back and stroked it while he tenderly kissed her neck and whispered loving words into her ear.

They fell asleep embracing each other, he on top of her, his cock and her pussy squashed between them.


The final exams arrived and Tony sat for them. He scored all A's and graduated from Yorkshire University with a degree in Chemical Engineering. Nikita graduated as well, receiving a degree in Mathematics.

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   He moved to the European mainland and got a high-paying job that required him to test various chemicals for safety in applications. Nikita moved to Russia to teach Advanced and Theoretical Mathematics in a small institution there. Neither he nor she got married or had a relationship of any kind in all that time.

Eleven years later, they both moved to Greece and met up on a cruise boat sailing the Mediterranean Sea. They got married on that boat and had a lot of really wild sex. This resulted in the making of twenty Hispanic-Greek babies. Taking care of the children wasn't a problem since they both got high-paying jobs at a well-known Greek university.

And - well, I guess they should live happily ever after, huh? Yeah, alright - and they lived happily ever after.


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