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What is an orgasm ? …………… This question could be answer in a million ways, but for me it cannot be put into words. The sensual feeling is too …… Overpowering. Orgasm isn't that petty feeling you get when you fool around with yourself. Its the feeling that comes when a true man pounds you with all his might and never lets you forget it
Let me tell you a little about myself first. My name is Mary. I am 30. I am 5’ 7, a body with curve just in the right places, 34 D. In short what I am saying that I make heads turn every time I want to or not . I am a well to do Estate Agent. I have all the luxury that I require . I am not a whore or slut or any meaning of the two, but I love a good fuck and lets be honest who doesn't . I just broke up with my boyfriend . The bastard moved in to slack off on my money . But what went away with him was the sensational fuck that I got every time I turned him on even the slightest bit . Most of my panties were usually ripped apart . So here I am , alone in my house on a Sunday watching T.

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  V when suddenly my door bell rings. Some new people have moved in across the street . The family looked decent, but what caught my eyes was their son who looked about 20 or so . He looked like he worked out and could handle women easily . I shrugged the thoughts and chatted with the couple and invited them in . We had some coffee and some sweets then they went to their place . I was asleep and woke up around 3 am feeling thirsty. Went to get some water when I came back I looked outside my window, He was in his room roaming around in his briefs and from what I can see he had a hard on. I had to see more so I went and got a binoculars and started looking. The guy had good stuff stuffed in those boxers. My mind started imaging of all the things he could do and all the things I could do to him. I laid down on my bed removed my panties and started feeling myselffrom my lips my fingers snaked down to my pebble hard nipples then to my wet waiting pussy just begging to be touched. I played until I came but it still couldn't compare to the feeling of being drilled but a thick juicy dick. So next morning I went across the street the neighbors place . I chatted with his mother and asked for his name after a little while .

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  His name was Jason . I asked her if she could send him over some time I usually get lonely and need a man's hand around the house . She agreed . We chatted for a while and went home . I was waiting desperately to find a way to call for him . Then I thought of an idea I went into the garage .

It was Sunday afternoon , A day most of us will usually end in some chores or stuff around the house. I brought my car out put on some shorts and a tight top and started washing my car. In every guy movie I've seen , there is guy lusting behind a girl across the street washing her car and him wanking his dick of just looking at her. I was planning for the same thing. Now if you are indeed a girl who is aware of what it feels to seduce a guy , you can understand what it feels like having him powerless , his mouth open his cock in his hands wanking harder and harder. I was out in my shorts and top squeezing the sponge all over the car and my body , my knocker glistening more than the car . No sooner I spot him watching from his window. I cant see his hands but i hope they're busy somewhere. I soak the sponge in the soapy water and squeeze it hard landing the water on my tits .

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   To some I might be sounding like a dirty whore but I don't care what you say I love being watched.
That night I intentionally roamed in my house in my bra and panties hoping he might watch and sure enough he was there watching me from his window. I went upstairs to my room . My curvy body covered in a thin satin lace bra and panties , standing in front of my mirror giving him a view of my ass. I slowly started feeling my body. Undoing the hook of my bra and sliding it off with my naked back to him. I bend down slowly wiggling while i take of my panties and giving him a clear view of it then roaming my hand all over the soft skin before slapping it playfully. I checked from the mirror reflection that he was still there. I turned around to stretch myself giving him clear view of my tits dropping them slowly giving them the most erotic shake. I could see his hand started to move. I lay down on my bed slowly roaming my hand from my head . Putting my forefinger in my mouth then running it down gently rubbing it on my hard nipples squeezing them both , pinching , rubbing , thumbing . I was sooo turned on by the fact that i was making a boy wank his dick off just by giving him a view. The thought made me even turned on. I was getting wetter.

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   I dipped a finger in my cunny , running it around , pulling it out and tasting my own juices. Oh how I wished it was his meat that was going in me . Thinking about him fucking me made me hot, like a bitch in heat. I slowly started stroking myself . My finger going in and out , In , Out , In , Out, the action was soooo impulsive that I was getting turned on even more. I added 2 more fingers. 3 fingers going in and out of my pussy. I wanted to cum . More Importantly I wanted to squirt with him watching me squirt for him. I was on the verge of a ground shattering orgasm. My fingers went in soo furiously , I used my other hand to slap my clit hard. My tits were shaking each time my fingers went in. I looked over to the window i saw him wanking hard. That was all it took I screamed soo hard as I started squirting all over my bed. My body shaking hard , pulsing and all that could I could utter was mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

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   I was enjoying the after glow that delicious orgasn when all of a sudden the door bell rang. I looked over the window he was gone . Depressed. I put on my robe thinking," Who Could IT Be At This Hour ? "




Let me know if you like this part so ill give u an even juicier part 2


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