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Jeanie had been inclined to try many sorts of toys and games in our sex life over the years, but when she saw a Feeldoe online it was the one thing she said she wanted. So when she headed off to New York last month for a day, I headed out to a store that carried them. Granted , it would have been much cheaper online, but there was the 'instant gratification' factor to take into account. About $90 later and some interesting looks from the girl at the store and I was headed home with our new purchase. Yes, that's right. . 'our' new purchase, because I was going to be on the recieving end, so to speak, when she got home.
She returned in the  early evening, tired from a long day in airports and hurrying from one meeting to another. I had supper cooked , some wine chilling , and a secret in the bedroom. Jean decided she really wasn't hungry.  and the wine just got her started. Both of us soon graduated to brandy, lights low, music playing, relaxation time. She said she was going to go up and have a bath. I knew she would see the Feeldoe, as it was laying on her pillow. I didn't say anything , and after she headed upstairs she didn't either. After about 30 minutes she called for me to come up and to bring her another brandy.

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The sight that greeted me made that $90 dollars the best I had ever spent. She was in the bedroom  wearing a dark red leather corset from an earlier gift giving, garters and stocking. Nipple chains adorned her 36D's and her makeup was straight from teh porn industry, dark, dusky eye shadow, crimsom, full lips, her blonde hair loose and flowing. And , of course, that big blue Feeldoe sticking proudly out of her cunt like a 7"cock.  
Without another word I crossed the room, handed her her brandy and then with a look from her, I was on my knees with that cock in my mouth. She took the back of my head and proceeded to fuck me in the mouth, thrusting in and pulling out from my lips. The longer she pumped my face the harder I got until I thought I was going to pop.
Then came the command. I knew how this was going to go when I heard the tone in her voice. 'Lay across the bed, and spread your ass. ' Doing just as I was told, with trepidation I felt her lining up and expecting it to be a smooth and gradual entry, I was shocked when in one hard ram she was in me and fucking away. I looked over my shoulder at her face and was amazed at what I saw. She was in ecstasy. The Feeldoe had a small vibrator in its base that directly buzzed on her clit and at the same tiem vibrated deep in her cunt as the ball of the dong wedged firmly in her pussy. She was slamming into my ass and I could tell she was cumming.

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  I realized so was I, all over our quilt, but neither of us cared at the moment. She stopped for a minute, then after a few more pumps said, Now, do waht you like me to do so much. '
I didn't need to hear it again, She pulled out of my ass, I droipped back to my knees and she fucked me in teh mouth again. now, ATM is a different thing when you're the one doing the sucking, even when it'sa 7" dong , but having it sticking out of your wife's dripping cunt, and knowing that in just a few minutes you're going to be getting one heavenly blowjob followed by a fucking that legends are woven from made it an experience I wouldn't have refused for anything.
Feeldoe. . . not just for lesbians. And so much better than teh old school strapons. We had tried them before, but the hands free action, the simultaneous pussy penetration while she fucked me has made me a convert. We do this often now, not so often as to have it become stale, but regularly.