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And then, out of nowhere, you arrived. I feel your eyes on me, watching, and this arouses me even more. Looking up at you leaning against the door, I smile in welcome. I’ve no idea how long you’ve been standing there but there’s an intensity about you that I’ve become familiar with and my body automatically quickens in response. My smile slowly fades and my own eyes become equally intense. "Come here," you say softly, seriously, intensely…Unfolding my legs, I stand and walk over to you. Gently, you tug on the band holding my ponytail and my hair falls past my shoulders. Burying your hands in my hair you tilt my face up for your kiss. I open my mouth to receive you, our breath blending, melding together and tongues meeting. A slow liquid fire begins in my center and melts through my body. I relax and lean into you… letting you take the weight of me. I wrap my arms around your neck and standing on my tiptoes, press closer to you for support and a more intimate contact. Sliding your hands down my back, you press me tightly to you, meshing my body with yours. When your hands come to my ass, you cup my softly rounded cheeks and lift me into you, grinding slightly, rolling your hips into me. I pull my head away and moan softly, fingers clutching your shoulders. It’s so instant now, the way I immediately reach arousal at a mere look or touch from you.

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   I wrap one leg around your hip; your hand slides down to cradle my thigh around your waist. Tangling your hand in my hair, you tug and my eyes meet yours. The arousal I see on your face sets me aflame, I lean even closer against you my naked body against you, pressing myself against your raging hard-on. "Do you trust me?" you ask. Looking into your eyes, searching and wondering at the question, I finally respond with a soft but absolute, "Yes. "You stand straight and my thigh slides down yours. Then, taking my hand, you lead me into the bedroom and to the full-length mirror. You tip it so that it has a better angle for your purposes. With questions in my eyes, I watch you pull pillows off the bed and arrange them for comfort then reach into the nightstand and take out my vibrator. Finally, you sit with your back supported against the bed, pillows adding cushion. Standing naked before you I feel a bit vulnerable and excited. I kneel and begin to move towards you but stop when you softly murmur, "no. "You reach your hand out and I take it. Then you pull me into you so that I’m sitting between your thighs, my back against your chest. You run your hands along my smooth inner thighs and then drape them over your bent legs.

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   Spreading your legs wider, I’m opened to your gaze in the mirror. My eyes meet yours in the glass and I can barely catch my breath. Slow, shallow intakes and exhales of air raise and lower my breasts. I watch in the mirror as your right hand travels up my thigh, lightly over my pubic hair and up to clasp my left breast. One nipple disappearing under your grasp and the other pressed against your forearm. The hair on your arm is in direct contrast to the smooth rose and cream that is me. You flex your hand and I moan softly, my eyes close and I rest my head back against your shoulder. "Open your eyes," you whisper intensely. "I want you to watch. "With heavy lids, my eyes open revealing dilated pupils. I lick my suddenly dry lips and bite my lower lip. My eyes don’t leave yours as you knead and caress my nipples to attention, forming hard little nubs that press against your hand and forearm. Taking a breast in each hand, you kneed deeply and then softly caress my sensitive flesh, causing goose bumps to rise along my arms. My areola puckers tightly, causing my nipples to rise further. I can feel the hardness of your arousal pressing against my lower back and I rock my hips back into you.

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   I have the pleasure of watching your eyes close and then too, with heavy lids, they open to reveal dark eyes. Spreading your legs still further, my thighs follow yours and at last you can see the little nub hidden inside me along with the moisture that is beginning to seep out. I watch your hand as it slides down my body, as your fingers part me further and you slip into me, one finger and then two, testing my wetness and stroking me. I moan and my eyes close, again. "Open your eyes…"I obey and watch with erotic fascination as your finger disappears inside me and then withdraws glistening with my moisture. My fingers dig into your thighs and I reach back to pull your head to mine, mouths meeting and tongues entwining. You lift your head up to watch in the mirror as you press deeply into me, making me suck in my breath and bite my lip. "Show me how you touch yourself," you command. My flush rises higher but I reach between my legs and slowly begin to stroke myself, middle finger slipping between my lips and beginning the small circular motions that begin my play, that initiates my body to touch. You watch, your eyes intense… and I watch you until my eyes travel down my body and stop where I’m touching myself. I’m slightly shocked at the look of me; two fingers nestled in black hair and the third softly stroking. It’s sexy watching you slide in and out of me and for the first time I completely understand visual eroticism. You slide your finger out of me and slip your hand under mine, letting me guide your finger over me, feeling how slick and hard I’ve become. You murmur sexy, erotic words meant to arouse… and they work. I lean my head to the side, but don’t close my eyes.

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   It’s so damn hot watching us in the mirror, my breasts proud and nipples hard, your hand cupping me, stroking me, my hand over yours, guiding and teaching. The contrast between my nakedness and you fully clothed creates a feeling of vulnerability in me and at the same time intense longing. You pull your hand away and reach over for my vibrator. Moving a hand behind my lower back, you tilt my pelvis up and placing the tip of the plastic against me, slowly begin to push into me, white plastic and rubber disappearing by degrees into my hot flushed flesh. My body stretches to accommodate the intrusion and then melts around it, accepting. I stop you with a hand on your wrist when you’re deep enough. You pull out gently, slowly and then with equal slowness, slide it back in. I watch as my body stretches to take it in and then the slight resistance and release on the way out, as though I’m loath to give back the fullness. "This is what I see when I’m inside you," you whisper and I’m flooded with desire. I imagine that it’s you that I’m able to see, sliding into me and then pulling out, glistening wet, sliding in and out with measured strokes. "Please. . . " I murmur. "What?" you ask.

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   "Tell me what you want. "Shaking my head restlessly back and forth, I try to find the words to describe my need, to form a coherent sentence. Turning on the switch of the vibrator, a low buzz fills the room and you slip the plastic back into me so that the vibrating butterfly meets my clit. My body jerks and my fingers dig into your thighs with the sudden intensity of sensation and you lower the speed of vibration. "This?" you ask, as my body relaxes back into yours. "Yes…" My eyes drift closed as a new more focused tension moves through my body. "Open your eyes… I want you to watch as you cum…"I just want to be lost in sensation and escape into that. The desire to deny you is there but I open my eyes. You surround me, with my back pressed to you and your arms around me, one hand caressing my breast and the other between my legs. I rest one hand lightly on your wrist and the other hand comes up to follow the path of your first hand, stroking the hair along your arms. I can feel your arousal straining against me and with each moan and cry I make, I can feel you twitch. I feel so decadent and selfish but am beyond doing anything about it. I can feel my climax coming on and I strain to meet it, my thighs and buttocks tightening, clenching with need. "That’s it, babe. Let it come.

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   Don’t close your eyes, watch…"I reach down and press the vibrator closer to my clit and instead of the slamming of sensation that I’m expecting, a liquid fire races through my body and seems to melt my bones, turning me to jelly. I sag back against you, legs, spine and neck going limp as the fire burns its way through me. "God, that feels so good," I say and can’t stop the whimper that leaves my lips. You shut off the vibrator and gently slide it out me. After leaning me back onto the floor you quickly strip out of your clothes. Gloriously naked, I watch as you kneel between my thighs, and then taking my buttocks in your hands, you pull me close as you slide into my hot wetness: my sensitive flesh clasping you to me, tugging and milking you. You moan low in your throat and begin moving with deep, long strokes, giving me all of you and taking all of me in turn. I cry out with each penetration and sink my teeth into you, my arms wrapping around you to pull you closer. I allow my legs to relax into my hip girdle in order to open myself more fully to you, allowing greater access. I can feel your pubic hair rub against my sensitive clit with each thrust that you make and I thrust back, sliding my hands down your back and gripping your ass, feeling you clench and unclench with each thrust. "Oh, God, you feel so good… Don’t stop. "You lean over and kiss the damp hair on my forehead and then take my mouth with yours… hot and urgent. I can feel the muscles of your arms straining and I turn my head to lick you. You bend over so that each forearm is resting along side my head and push hard and deep into me. I cry out and you do it again.

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   My mouth is moist from yours and you watch as my lower lip disappears between my teeth. Leaning in, you inhale my scent and bite my neck. "Yes," I say and expose my neck for better access. "Do you like it when I fuck you?" you ask and punctuate your question with a hard thrust. "Yes… please…" I moan. You claim possession with words and thrusts, forcing me to meet you, to take all of you and I’m on fire, frantic with wanting. I can feel your body tense and know that you’re nearing your own climax. "Now, darling…" I whisper in your ear. "Cum for me now… I want you… need to feel you as you cum inside me… feel you join with me. "With a low moan and a hard thrust, you fall over the precipice and with each eruption of cum, you push into me, meeting the second climax that’s come over me, allowing my body to milk every drop from you. Each clutch of my body caresses you and draws you deeper. Collapsing on top of me you groan and I laugh with the physical release. My legs, sore from being spread so wide for so long, relax along yours. Your heavy weight presses into me, making it hard to draw a full breath, but I don’t mind. You kiss my shoulder and I wipe the sweat off of your face.

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  "You’re fucking amazing. You know that?" I ask, sigh and then drift to sleep, still surrounded by you. .