A Party with Melissa

Short Sex

“You ready to go yet?” Eric shouted through the house at Melissa who was in the bathroom putting on the finishing touches to her make-up. They were getting ready to go over to Mark and Tiffani’s house for a party. Eric and Melissa were excited because it was the first weekend in about a year that they didn’t have the kids and they were finally able to go out and enjoy being adults for a night. They had plans to go to the party tonight and then hit up the strip club the next night. “Just about,” Melissa shouted back. She stepped back and examined herself in the mirror and smiled. Her jean mini-skirt and her white low v-neck halter top were a perfect match. Her thick black hair was hanging loose halfway down her back, and tucked behind her ears so that her silver earrings would show. Her make up was light, but accented enough of her big brown eyes and her tanned skin. The v-neck on her halter top showed off the cleavage of her 36D breasts perfectly. After she was satisfied with how she looked, she knelt down and slipped on her favorite brown sandals and walked out of the bathroom into the living room. Eric had his back facing her and didn’t know she was standing there until she asked how she looked. Eric turned around and let out a long slow whistle. “I don’t know if I want to go now,” Eric said. “I want to rip those clothes off of you and fuck you right now. ” Melissa just grinned at him and said, “There won’t be a need to”, and showed him that she wasn’t wearing any panties under her skirt.

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   Eric groaned and said, “Woman, you are going to be the death of me. ” and moved over to where she was standing, slid his hand under her mini skirt and shoved his finger in between her pussy lips and rubbed her clit until she moaned out loud. Eric kissed her and then moved away, with a grin that said there will be more as he moved towards the door.

They made sure the porch light was on and the door was locked then walked down the street to Mark and Tiffani’s house. When they arrived, Tiffani answered the door wearing a mini skirt similar to Melissa’s and her shoulder length blonde hair pulled up into a pony tail. “Come on in,” Tiffani said led them through her house into the back yard where the party was already kicking off. Mark was at the grill tending the steaks in his cut off kaki shorts, flip flops, and no shirt. His chest was glistening with sweat, from being outside all afternoon getting things ready and now being in front of the huge charcoal grill they had rented just for this party. There were a few other couples already there milling about, drinking beer and mixed drinks. Tiffani offered Eric and Melissa a beer and dragged Melissa off to a group of girls that were talking and giggling in the corner of the yard. Eric wondered over to talk to Mark at the grill.

After a few drinks were in her, Melissa told Tiffani that she had to go to the bathroom. “Follow me,said and took Melissa into the house and showed her which bathroom to use. Mark and Tiffani were in the process of renovating their house and one of the three full baths were out of order. Tiffani took her to the master bath room.

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   Melissa was flabbergasted at the amount of work they had done in there. The bathroom was gorgeous with the huge whirlpool tub and stand alone shower. “This bathroom is gorgeous,” Melissa said. You guys did an awesome job with it. I love the tub. That thing is big enough to fit three people. Tiffani just grinned and her and thought to herself, I know. That’s why I got it. So I can get you in it. Tiffani had wanted Melissa for a long time. They knew that each other were bisexual, but Tiffani never told her that she found Melissa attractive. Melissa had always found Tiffani sexy as hell, and wanted to get between her legs and eat her pussy at least once. They had seen each other naked before and Melissa had always salivated at the sight of Tiffani’s shaved pussy. Unfortunately Eric had certain stipulations on Melissa’s “extra curricular” activities. He had to be there, be involved, and the woman couldn’t be married or have a boyfriend.

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   So that ruled out her being able to hook up with Tiffani. Mark, on the other hand, didn’t care. As long as he could watch every now and then, and possibly join depending on the chic. I’ll see you back outside said Tiffani and walked out.

By the time Melissa had walked back out in the yard, the steaks were done and Mark was serving everyone their food right off the grill. Melissa found Eric and they went and got in line to get their plates piled high with steak, potatoes, and grilled veggies and they walked over to the table to get their potato salad and more drinks. Everyone just found a spot to sit in the yard and started eating and chatting. Melissa found her and Eric a spot next to Mark and Tiffani. Everyone ate their food so quick you would have thought they were hadn’t eaten in months. Most of the people there had been to one of Tiffani and Mark’s parties before and knew what was coming next and after the amount of booze in their systems, they all knew they needed to sober up some and get ready for more drinking and partying.

After everyone was filled to the brim with food, Tiffani ushered everyone into the living room for a movie and Melissa helped Tiffani clean up the yard and the kitchen. All the other ladies sat down in the living room to get ready for the movie along with the rest of the crowd. After they were done cleaning up Tiffani and Melissa joined everyone else and Tiffani turned on the movie and dimmed the lights some. Melissa joined Eric on the couch and they all sat back and enjoyed watching Underworld: Evolution. All the action and the sex scene got everyone a little wound up.

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   Eric put his arm around Melissa and started trace circles around her nipple. Melissa sat there and grinned at Eric, then looked around the room. She noticed that Tiffani was looking at them and grinning. Her legs were spread wide open and Melissa noticed that Tiffani also had no panties on. Just the mere sight of Tiffani’s pussy made her groan inward and lick her lips. As she looked around the room a little more she noticed there were more people already making out and some that were passed out on the floor. Eric put his finger under Melissa’s chin and pulled her lips up to him and kissed her slow and deep and cupped her full breast in his hand. Once he broke the kiss Melissa settled back down next to him and noticed that he had a hard on and was looking towards Tiffani. Melissa looked that way as well and Mark had Tiffani’s legs spread out wide for everyone to see and was playing with her 36D tits that were now out of her shirt. With Tiffani’s legs spread Melissa got a huge eye full of her pussy and couldn’t help but groan out loud this time. Eric looked at her and asked her what’s wrong. Melissa just looked at him and said all this is turning me on. Eric leaned down and kissed her hard and shoved his tongue in her mouth and started to rub his hand up and down the inside of her thigh. He stopped just short of the hem of her skirt which, by this point, was just barely showing off her pussy. All of a sudden they heard Tiffani ask can I cut in and Melissa looked up and saw a gorgeous naked Tiffani standing in front of them.

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   Melissa looked behind her and saw that Mark was getting a blow job from a slender brunette named Candy and nodded his head in approval to Melissa. So she said sure and expecting Tiffani to start with her, she straddled Eric’s lap and started kissing him. Eric just looked shocked and looked and Melissa with his, what in the world look. Melissa just looked back at him, smiled and mouthed enjoy yourself. So Eric kissed Tiffani back and started to run his hands all over her hard body. Tiffani stopped kissing Eric and leaned over to Melissa and started to kiss her. Slowly at first, then deepening the kiss and eventually shoving her tongue into Melissa’s mouth and exploring the sweetness of it. Eric was too busy teasing and sucking on Tiffani’s tits to even hear her tell Melissa that she wanted to fuck her. Melissa just groaned and told Tiffani that she wanted to so bad, that if they didn’t that very night that she was going to explode. Tiffani turned her attention back to Eric and stood up, grabbed him by the hand and led him into one of the bedrooms. She had motioned for Melissa to follow but she didn’t see it. She was too focused on watching what the other people in the room were doing. Candy was now giving a blow job to an older gentleman that was sitting in the recliner, while his wife was getting her pussy eaten out by a young stud, Chris. Mark was sitting there just watching also and when he saw that Melissa was all alone, he knew that Tiffani had gone in the back room to fuck Eric. Mark motioned for Melissa to come over to him.

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   So, like she had a spell put on her, Melissa gets up from her couch and goes over to Mark. He pats the empty spot on the loveseat next to him for her to sit down. As soon as she does gets comfy, Mark gets on his knees in front of her, spreads her legs wide open so her mini skirt is now at her waist, and starts kissing the inside of her thighs. Michelle hears a loud scream and looks around. No one else is bothered by it because they are used to it, but Mark informs her that Tiffani just came all over Eric’s cock. As soon as he gets “cock” out of his mouth, Mark dives into Melissa’s shaved pussy and shoves his tongue deep into her. Melissa takes a deep breath in while Mark pulls his tongue out and slowly moves up to her clit. He starts to lick from the bottom of her pussy, stopping to shove his tongue deep inside her pussy to taste her honey, then moves up to the tip of her clit, sucking it into his mouth and tugging at it with his teeth, sucking on it, and flicking it with his tongue. Mark does that to Melissa over and over again. Suddenly she clamps her legs around his head, and moans. He shoves his tongue back into her pussy, in and out, in and out. Over and over again until Melissa’s back arches and she screams out…OH FUCK!!!! She cums all over his tongue and goatee, but Mark doesn’t stop. He keeps tongue fucking her. Driving his tongue deeper into her pussy to the point his nose is rubbing against her clit. Melissa moans and tells Mark in between gasps, you’re.

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  . . gonna. . . make. . . me. . . cum. . . again, and screams as he gives her another body racking orgasm.

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Melissa opens her eyes and looks down at Mark, who now has her cum all over his goatee, smiles at him and leans down and kisses him. That was good she murmured against his lips and smiles. As she sits back up, she sees Eric looking at her with lust in his eyes and his dick in his hand. He had been standing there the entire time and was jerking off while she was getting eaten out by Mark. Tiffani was sucking Chris’s dick while watching, once they were done she had crawled over to Mark to kiss him so she could taste as well. Melissa locked eyes with Tiffani and told her that why taste it off him when she can have the real thing and spread her legs for her to dive in. Eric just stands over in the corner grinning and stroking his dick. Tiffani grins and licks the cum dripping out of Melissa’s pussy and shoves her tongue deep into it. Melissa looks over at Eric who is furiously pumping his cock now, completely turned on by watching Tiffani eat his wife’s pussy. Next thing he knows, Candy is in front of him with her mouth wide open, waiting for him to face fuck her. So he slides his cock into her mouth and lets her suck his dick, but turns to the side so Melissa can watch her do it. Tiffani steadily licks and tongue fucks Melissa’s hot pussy taking time to enjoy every last drop of cum that seeps out of her gorgeous pussy. Melissa looks around the room and see’s that everyone is fucking or getting blow jobs or eating pussy; it turns her on even more. Especially when she sees that Eric is getting head from Candy. Her clit starts throbbing harder and she see’s that cum is dripping from Candy’s young tight pussy.

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   Melissa licks her lips while looking at it and tells Eric that she wants him to fuck her, and she wants to watch. So he pulls his cock out of her mouth, has her get down on her knees and Eric shoves his cock into her tight pussy. He keeps his strokes in time with Tiffani’s licks on her pussy because he wants Candy and Melissa to cum at the same time. Tiffani keeps licking and sucking Melissa’s clit and Melissa keeps her eyes fixed on Eric fucking Candy. Soon Candy starts to moan for him fuck her harder and faster, but he doesn’t, he holds off until he sees that Tiffani is doing the same to Melissa. He keeps watching his wife get tongue fucked by the hottest chic on their block, the same one that just gave him one of the best fucks of his life, and he can’t hold on not longer. He grabs Candy’s long brown hair, and starts to slam his cock into her. The faster and harder he slams his cock into her tight pussy, the louder and more she moans. Eric keeps telling her, you’re a dirty fucking whore aren’t you. Candy says yes. God fuck me like the dirty little slut I am. With the two of them talking like that, watching his cock slam in and out of that young tight pussy, and Tiffani eating her pussy, Melissa starts to cum. She clamps down on Tiffani’s head, holds her by her hair to hold her head in place and cums all over Tiffani’s face with a loud FUCK. At the same time, Candy screams also because Eric has made her cum all over his cock.

Eric pulls his cock out of Candy’s pussy and starts to come over to Melissa, but Candy stops him and says she want to clean it off.

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   Eric tells her no and says it’s for Melissa to clean off. Candy groans with the thought of it and also moves towards her on her hands and knees wanting to taste Melissa’s cum. Eric sticks his cock into Melissa’s mouth and she sucks the rest of the cum out of his dick and licks all of Candy’s cum off. Meanwhile, Candy is headfirst into Melissa’s pussy licking all the cum off her and out of her and sucking on her clit. Once Melissa is done sucking all of Candy’s cum off of Eric, she shoves Candy away from her pussy, knocking her on flat on her back on the living room floor. Tiffani comes over and dives between Candy’s legs, craving the taste of pussy like a wild animal in heat. Tiffani leaves her ass sticking up in the air, and with her legs somewhat spread, Melissa can see perfectly the cum that is dripping out of Tiffani’s cunt. Melissa looks at Eric, who is already head first into the older woman’s pussy, making her do the back stroke across the living room and the hallway. Working their way to the spare bedroom so he can fuck her brains out once he gets hard again. Melissa gets down on her hands and knees and crawls over to Tiffani wanting to taste the cum that is dripping out of her. So she slides her head underneath Tiffani’s pussy, and slowly slides her tongue into Tiffani’s pussy. Tiffani groans at the same time and sends Candy into a mind numbing orgasm that leaves her in a puddle in the middle of the living room. Thanks fully she had, because Melissa wanted Tiffani’s full attention to be her eating her gorgeous pussy. Melissa didn’t want Candy’s pussy blocking the orgasmic scream that would come out of Tiffani’s mouth once she got her to cum all over her face. Melissa slowly slid her tongue in and out of Tiffani’s pussy.


   With Tiffani sitting on her face, it gave Melissa easier access to Tiffani’s clit and her fuck hole. As Melissa sat there and sucked and tugged on Tiffani’s clit bringing her closer to an orgasm, Melissa moved her own hand down to her pussy and started to finger herself. Mark saw this after just walking back into the room from stepping out side to smoke, and he immediately walked over, shoved his dick into Tiffani’s mouth to get it hard again. As soon as Tiffani had it hard, he dropped to his knees in front of Melissa, and slowly slid in thick cock into her pussy. At first Melissa was shocked, but as Mark started to slide his cock in and out of her soaking wet pussy, she wrapped her legs around Mark’s waist, and forced him to slam his cock into her. Melissa wanted to be fucked like a whore. She didn’t care at that point, she just wanted to feel a cock slam into her and make her cum all over it.

Melissa was steadily eating Tiffani’s pussy and getting fucked by Mark, and enjoying every last minute of it. She mumbled to Mark to fuck her like the whore she was that night, and Mark started to slam his cock into her as hard as he could without seriously hurting Melissa. Tiffani was now grinding the tip of her clit on Melissa’s nose. She was so close to having the most explosive orgasm ever given to her, and she wanted Melissa to be able to taste every last bit of it. Mark was also on his way to an orgasm, and started to slow down on driving his cock in and out of Melissa. He wanted her to feel him cum in her, and he knew as long as Tiffani was sitting on her face, Melissa would not be able to pay attention, so he slowed up to make sure that he didn’t cum to quick. It was so hard for him to do, because he was so close and Melissa’s pussy felt so fucking good. After a few minutes, he as able to slow down and slowly slide his cock in and out of her slick pussy.

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   In just a matter of minutes Tiffani was starting to buck against, Melissa’s tongue, the next thing Melissa knows, Tiffani is groaning, moaning, and grinding her clit harder on her nose as she releases a river of her sticky sweet cum down Melissa’s throat. Melissa shoves her tongue deep into Tiffani’s pussy wanting to not miss an entire drop of the sweet cum flowing out of her.