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Hey, this is the second installment of my story. I don’t know exactly how many parts there will be, but my hope is that these stories continue to be a combination of sorts: part short story, part ‘adult fiction’. I have loosely based these characters on a short story I am writing, so forgive me if the stories are a little long winded. I feel the need for some character development. I will try to make these developments more interesting, but ifyou want I could mark the sections in the next part where it gets hot and heavy and you could just skip ahead. Just say so in a review.


Aeneas walked down the market square.
He had just finished his last lesson of the day and he wasn’t quite ready to make the long journey back home.
I could just drop in on Sophia again…he thought. No, he had seen her once already; it would be suspicious if he just dropped by, unannounced.
Aeneas thought about how that lesson had ended, Sophia laying next to him naked on her bed, both of them breathing heavily. A normal lesson between them. But then he had seen Persephone, Sophia’s little sister, watching them. He wasn’t sure if she knew what she had seen, but he knew that he would be in big trouble with Sophia’s father. He wouldn’t want his eldest daughter sleeping with a tutor. Aeneas would just have to confront Persephone during their next lesson.

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  If he even had his job by then, that is.
But Aeneas wasn’t worried about that now. He just wanted to have some fun in Athens before he went home. He liked his home, but it was quiet and isolated. Athens was a great place to be, especially if you knew where to be, and especially if you were as handsome as Aeneas.
He had a reputation around the city. He was seen often, and women of all kind were always giving him sly winks and coming up to talk to him. He really liked Sophia, but they both knew it was about the sex. They weren’t about to get married and they were both attracted to each other. It was a symbiotic relationship. They both benefited.
Aeneas worked his way out of the market district and admired the architecture. It really was a beautiful city. Aeneas stopped by a few merchant carts, but didn’t purchase anything. He made his way to the temple district and came up to the Temple of Artemis.

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  He stepped inside and immediately saw the statue of Artemis. It was beautiful. It sort of reminded him of Sophia. He stood there while citizens came in and made offerings to the goddess.
Aeneas was all of the sudden approached by a temple priestess. The temple Priestess's maintained the temple and were essentially servants to the gods. This one, like all the others in this temple, wore pendants designating them as servants to Artemis. She was dressed in the simple robes of a lower priestess.
Aeneas looked at her and raised his eyebrows. She was very beautiful, almost exceedingly beautiful, for a temple priestess. Her hair was long and had beautiful curls all the way to her breasts. Her hair was also light blonde. There weren’t many fair haired people in Athens. Her build was that of a child, she was slim and petite. But she had the curves of a woman.

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  Her ass filled out just enough to offset her small frame, and her breasts looked plump and firm. They weren’t as big as Sophia’s, but had they been any larger they would have looked a little odd on her, she being so small.
“Sir, can I help you,” she said, looking at Aeneas with a pair of violet eyes. “Do you have an offering to the goddess?”
Truth be told, he had just sort of wandered in. He didn’t have any offering to Artemis, but he didn’t really want to leave yet, especially now that he was in the presence of a beautiful woman.
“Does this temple have a guest quarter,” he asked, trying to sound nonchalant.
“Yes,” she said, furrowing her brow a little. “But why do you ask?Do you need a room?Because I believe it’s only for special cases. ”
“No I don’t need a room,” Aeneas said. “You see, it’s just that I’m dirty. I am a ways away from the public bath, and it just occurred to me that I need to bath. I have an appointment to make and I don’t think I can squeeze in a visit to the public bath. If this temple has a bath for visitors, then I would be grateful if you let me use it. I won’t be long,” he said, smiling cordially.
The priestess bit her lip and looked around, “I’m not sure, I may have to ask the head priestess.

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She walked away, looking back at Aeneas. She talked to another priestess and came back. “You can use the bath, but be quick about it. We don’t want to get into the habit of loaning it out to strangers. ”
“What’s your name,” Aeneas said, looking into her violet colored eyes. They looked good with her blonde hair and here pale, smooth skin.
“My name,” she said, looking back to the head priestess as if for permission. “What does it matter,” she said, looking back timidly.
“In case I need something,” he said, smiling.
She bit her lip again, “It’s Hyacinth,” she said, blushing. “The bath is down that hallway to your right. Call me if your need anything. ”
She walked away quickly. The fact that she was so shy around men turned Aeneas on even more. He wanted to get to know her better, but she was a temple priestess.

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  They weren’t exactly ‘available’.
He walked down the hall as she had said and turned at the end to enter into a small, modest bath. He had mostly just wanted to talk to Hyacinth, but he supposed he could use a bath. He could at least wash the smell of sex from his body.
He stripped down till he was completely naked and began bathing. The water was cool and clean. The bath wasn’t used much. No doubt the priestess’s had their own quarters and bath house. As he washed, he wondered what Hyacinth would look like as she was bathing. He imagined her blonde hair spilling across her naked shoulders as she washed herself. His cock was hard in moments.
When he was finished bathing he got up put of the bath and looked around for a towel to dry himself with but couldn’t find any.
Just then he heard footsteps. He went to grab his clothes, but it was too late.
“I forgot there are no towels in the bath,” Hyacinth said as she walked into the bath.

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Her eyes widened and she clutched the towel to her chest.
Aeneas was completely naked, his cock still fully erect. He stood there, frozen on the spot. He knew he should just grab his clothes and cover himself, but having her look at hi turned him on.
Hyacinth had obviously never seen a man naked before. Her eyes were staring straight at his erect cock, which was bigger than the average at about eight inches. Her face was a deep red and it was obvious she was simply taking in his naked form.
Neither of them said anything for a while. They stood there, staring at each other.
Hyacinth pulled her eyes away and must have realized that he was letting her look. “Cover your self,” she demanded weakly, “I’m a priestess…”
“So,” Aeneas said, moving forward. “Haven’t you ever wondered what it’s like?”
“What what’s like,” she said, growing redder.
“You know, what a man feels like,” he said, moving closer to her.
“I serve Artemis,” Hyacinth said staring him in the face. “We don’t need men…Artemis knows no man…”
Aeneas was now a step from her, his cock almost touching her.

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  “So you think that Artemis would deny you?”
“It doesn’t matter,” she said, taking a step back, “I’m a priestess…I can’t…ever. ”
Aeneas took another step forward, “What about a kiss…Artemis wouldn’t condemn you over a kiss, would she?”
Hyacinth didn’t say anything. Her lips quivered and she held her breath as Aeneas got closer.
Aeneas stepped forward and gently pressed his lips to hers. He took the time to inhale her scent. She smelled of the temple, of flowers and incense. He wanted to take her right there, but he pulled back.
Hyacinth opened her eyes and blinked a few times.
“I guess I’ll take that towel now,” he said, smiling.
“Wait,” she said. “Just one more kiss?”
Aeneas smiled and stepped forward and snaked his arm around her thin waist and pulled her to him. He pressed his lips to hers more deeply, and he could feel her lips press his back in a kiss. He kissed her neck and moved her robe aside and kissed her shoulder.
They kissed for a few moments more, and Aeneas lifted his hand between her legs, trailing the smooth skin of her inner thigh with his fingers. He pressed two fingers against her pussy and she jumped.

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“Wait!” she said frantically. “I don’t know if I can do this,” she said. “I’m a priestess…”
He applied pressure with his fingers, making her gasp and hold on to him. “We can stop,” he said, pulling his fingers away.
He took a step back.
“No,” she said, reaching for him again. She blushed. “I want to. ”
Aeneas embraced her again.
“Wait,” she said.
“What is it,” Aeneas asked, nibbling her ear.
“Can I touch it?” she whispered.
Aeneas took a step back and watched as Hyacinth knelt in front of him.
She reached out timidly with her right hand and grasped his hard, hot cock in her hand. Her hand was wrapped around the base.

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Aeneas felt himself get even harder as her soft little hand gripped his penis. He watched her face as she examined her penis.
Hyacinth bent her head down so that her lips were almost touching the head and smelled his cock.
“Would you like to taste it,” he asked, placing his hand in her cheek.
She blushed the deepest red yet and stared at his cock. “You mean put it in my mouth,” she said, staring up at him. “Do men like that?”
“Oh yeah,” he said. He hadn’t gotten Sophia to suck his cock in all the times they’d had sex. If he could get a virgin priestess to do it for him, he would count it as a personal triumph.
Hyacinth leveled her head with his penis and stuck the tip of her tongue out. She licked the head of his penis and Aeneas closed his eyes. She licked him again.
She looked up at him for approval.
“Go ahead,” he said. Lick it more.

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She licked it a few more times, but it wasn’t long before she was licking the whole length of his shaft. She ran her tongue along the side of his cock and, almost instinctually began pumping her hand around his cock, slowly jacking him off.
Aeneas put his hands behind her head and pressed her head forward. The head entered her mouth and her eyes went wide. She pulled back. He pulled her forward again until half of his cock was buried in her mouth. He was in heaven. Her mouth was so wet and warm. He could feel her saliva coating his cock. It turned him on even more to see her cute face staring up at him while his cock was in her mouth.
“Does it feel good,” she asked, pulling back.
“Yes,” he said. “I want you to move your mouth. ”
Hyacinth obeyed and began bobbing her head up and down. She was very good for a virgin.


  She seemed to like the taste of his cock. Her eyes were closed now and she began to move faster, trying to elicit another response from him. She was totally engrossed in sucking his cock.
Aeneas looked down to see one hand gripped around the base of his cock while she sucked him, and the other was in between her legs, fingering herself.
This sent him over the edge. “I cumming,” he said. “Hyacinth, I’m cumming. ”
She either didn’t hear him or didn’t know what it meant because she kept going.
Aeneas came right in her mouth. Hyacinth pulled back almost immediately, catching the rest of his cum on her face.
Hyacinth sat there, a few streams of cum on her cheek, spitting his semen out onto the floor. She looked up at him. “I’m sorry,” she said. “I don’t like the taste. ”
“It’s okay,” he said, pulling her up to him.

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  “It’s your turn. ”
“I’ve never done anything with a man before,” she said.
“I know,” he said. “Take off your clothes. ”
Hyacinth did so, stripping down. She stood before him, covering her nipples and her pussy with her arms.
Aeneas gently removed her hands and looked at her. Her pussy was pink and inviting. Her little pink nipples looked so cute on her smallish breasts.
Aeneas knew he should go slowly with her because she was a virgin, but he was so hard now he only cared about burying his cock deep inside her virgin pussy.
Guiding her to the floor, he instructed her to get on all fours, with her ass facing him. She did so, giving him perfect view of her round, tight ass.
He placed his hands on her hips. “Just relax,” he whispered. “It will hurt at first, but I promise you will feel good.

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Aeneas placed the tip of his penis at the entrance to her pussy and began to slowly enter her. He thrust into her in one stroke, breaking her hymen.
Hyacinth screamed and almost fell to the floor. “It hurts,” she said.
Aeneas hoped no one had heard that. He lay inside her for a while, letting her recover from having her hymen broken.
She was so tight, even tighter than Sophia had been when he had taken her virginity. A trickle of blood leaked out of her pussy and Aeneas began moving in and out of her. He tried to concentrate on not cumming. Her pussy was squeezing him so tight. He had been slowly fucking her for about five minutes when he started to hear her breathing.
Hyacinth was beginning to thrust her hips towards his cock. She was beginning to fuck him now.
He picked up the pace suddenly and began thrusting in and out of her. He heard her yelp and clench as he bore deeper into her.

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“It feels good,” she said almost euphorically.
Her tits bounced as his hips hit against her ass. With every thrust now she was crying out.
“More!” she cried. “I want you to do it harder. ”
Aeneas was getting more turned on by the sound of her voice. He pumped faster and faster and soon she was cumming.
She cried out as she experienced what was probably her first orgasm.
Aeneas wasn’t far behind as her kept fucking her.
Hyacinth cried out as he fucked her now ultra sensitive pussy.
He pulled out just as he started cumming and shot his load all over her pussy lips.
Hyacinth shuddered as his hot cum drenched her pussy.
Aeneas breathed in and out and looked at her pussy, which was now dripping with his cum.
He lay down on his back and Hyacinth did the same.
“Well,” he said.

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“Artemis is missing out,” she breathed.