Mistress Sara, My Domina

Short Sex

Who knew such power could reside in such a small package? I met her through a friend. She was just Sara, the cute, full breasted little blond chick I had the hots for. We were both 19 at the time. How could I have known she'd torment me forever, and much to my great pleasure to boot? What began a simple lust evolved to much, much more. Soon I was her puppy. She had control over me. Her sexuality encased me in its web of dominance. I took it and ran with it for all it was worth.

It started simply enough. We were on the outs - as usual - some love, some arguing, some "I never want to see you again" soon followed by, "Hi, whatcha doing?" I got over whatever made me angry and went round her place for some afternoon delight. In the course of foreplay she was naked before me. I was fully clothed, but there she stood before a full length floor mirror. Barefoot and displaying her goods to entice me. I bit hard and she set the hook.

"God Baby, you look so hot like that. " She placed her hands on her naked hips and lifted one foot to stand on the ball of that foot, sorta like the poses women struck in the 1950's girly mags to hide their bush.

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   I walked behind her and cupped her large and very full orbs. I leaned down and kissed her neck as I fondled her. I watched our reflection in the mirror. She closed her eyes tight, threw her head back and sighed. Then she grabbed a handful of my well past the shoulders brown mane and pulled me to her hard. She turned her head to breathe into my mouth.

"Worship me!" she commanded, and I did, and gladly. She let her tongue tease my lips. She was breathing heavy and her grasp in my hair was tight and unyielding. "If you want this you must commit to me," she purred. At that moment I would have committed to Satan himself, and seemingly, maybe I did?

"Commit what? My soul? My undying love?" She allowed the faintest hint of an evil smile cross her lips and replied, "Commit all of you to my power. " To seal the deal she let her fingers of her left hand brush against her bush and she placed each finger, one at a time, on my lips. "Can you smell me? Go on . . .

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   taste me. " I eagerly sucked each little fingertip. Her eyes locked onto mine and we looked into each others eyes in the mirror. It was so erotic I began to get light headed. She gently pushed her ass against my crotch and began to taunt me.

"You want it, don't you? Well, it is mine to give or not. " By this point I didn't care what she wanted so long as it involved me beneath her as she rode me, and it did. Swaying her breasts and swollen nipples as they brushed my face. Playing her little game of enticement. Oh sure, I could plunge into her womanhood, but for any return of investment I had to play along. She would mount me and just sit looking at me. I would rock her pelvis, but she was having none of it.

She would lock her thighs tightly and remain motionless on me. I was in her to the hilt but it was a lonely experience, for I needed her to join me in the dance. Oh, she'd dance alright, but this time she insisted upon leading.

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   I went along for fuck's sake - what could I do? Then I played along and went too far.

"Yes Mistress Sara, I will bend to your will. " I thought I was being clever. She slapped me. That's right - the fucking bitch slapped me. "Don't act shocked!" she exclaimed. She then went a step further and spit on me. I don't know how or why but suddenly I was transformed to a new place. I was her bitch. Jesus, I thought to myself, is any piece of ass worth this much effort? Indeed it was. Hers.

She leaned forward and allowed her nipples to rest on my chest. Her head bent down and she licked the spittle from my face and then dribbled it into my mouth. My nipples were as hard as a rock and she could see the effect. It fueled her .

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   She began to rock o back and forth on me. I thrust to meet her, but she soon stopped that.

"I am doing the fucking here!" she informed me. When I relaxed my hips she returned to sliding forward and back. It was a very hot afternoon in the Summer and without AC she began to perspire, as was I. I watched as after 8 or 10 minutes of intense grinding a stream of sweat dripped from beneath her arm. She felt it and wiped it up with her hand. She put her hand to her lip and flicked her tongue. "Salty" she purred. Then she made her next move - she shoved three fingers into my mouth. "Taste it! That's what it tastes like when I eat your cock snot. Like it?" I nodded yes. By now I didn't care if she called my pussy boy or anything else. I was over the edge.

She began to grind harder.

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   She decided to go for the kill. She knew how nuts it made me when she pinched her nipples. This time she went one better. She took each nipple between her thumb and forefingers and lifted her heavy globes. Sweat ran from beneath them and down her belly. She held each breast as high as she could, pinching them hard as she slid back and forth on me.

Then to end any hope I had of escape with any sense of control, she placed each nipple in her mouth - both at once and then opened her lips to show me she had each pendulous meat bag wedged in her teeth. She held onto them so tight tears filled her eyes. I began to gush inside her. She joined me in a chorus of grunts as she let her tits fall from her mouth. She collapsed down onto me and peppered my face, neck and chest with little kisses. She licked sweat from my face and again kissed me so I could taste myself. I did so eagerly.

I began to get hard immediately without pulling out and she felt it. "No, no, no, Mister," she announced sternly.


   Any more of that and you have to reward me first. "Alright Bitch, what do you want?"

Without a word she lifted from my cock and leaped onto my face. "Eat your cum, you pussy. Eat it out of me! If you ever want to touch me again, eat it now!" I did as commanded. Not bad -a little salty, just like she'd promised.

She rode my face for a good ten minutes shuddering through a dozen or more orgasms. Finally she rolled from above me and collapsed, head to foot on the bed next to me. She took her right foot and ran it along my sweaty body. Then right on time, she put her foot on my chest. "Suck my toes. " I did.

She allowed that for a minute or two and then she rolled onto her tummy and commanded I lick the backs of her knees, thighs and the fold of her ass. She ordered me to lick her asshole, which I gladly did. I loved it and had done so many times. She pushed back against my tongue until she got near cumming and then slid a couple of fingers onto her clit and rubbed herself to oblivion.



Then in a complete turn around, she got up from the bed, and knelt before the foot of the bed. I rose to go to her and embrace her, but she grabbed each of my hands into her hands and held me tight. She swallowed my cock. She licked my balls and tummy. She even took my cock and balls into her mouth at once.

She released me with an evil grin. "Now, who's my little bitch?" She rose and looked up at me, she being 5'1" at best to my near 6 feet tall. She gently caressed my cock and balls. I prepared for what I was sure was going to be a vice like grip to drive home who was who, but no, she lovingly caressed me. What did she have in mind, my mind raced, fear, lust, excitement and longing all rolled into one indiscernible emotion?

She looked up at me and whispered under her breath, "I love you. " Again I had no idea what would come next. She reached up and locked her arms behind my neck and we kissed passionately. She climbed up my chest and lowered herself onto me. I placed my hands under her and she rode me like that for the two minutes it took for me to orgasm again. She looked into my eyes the whole time, occasionally reassuring me with "I do love you, ya know.

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  " She joined me in climax and I sat her on the bed. I collapsed beside her and fell into a gentle slumber as she lay her head on my chest and traced her fingers ever so gently on my chest and belly.

I awoke a few minutes later and she was there, sleeping soundly and drooling on me a little. I chuckled a bit and she opened her eyes and looked up at me. We smiled at each other and I think at that moment we knew something - all of it - had changed. What would follow is an entire short novel in itself. I had been smitten by her gentle touch and her violent embrace. Where would this lead? Who the Hell knew, but I was damn sure gonna find out . . . . .