My fantasy of you.

Short Sex

We all alone in your living room, no one there just us. You got on an outfit that has me wanting to just rip it off you and show you how I feel. I tease you, kiss and pull back, but you want me more and more. Kissing you passionately, you grab hold of my shirt and bite on my ear. I want you, I want you baby is what I whisper in your ear, telling you the naughty things I wanna do to you. I go down on your neck, those sexy, succulent breasts of yours are waiting, as your nipples get hard. Tear open that baby tee, as I suck on your breast and you pressing your fingers in my back, telling me don't stop. Baby don't worry, I wont.
As I go down to your already wet pussy, i pull down your shorts and you already are moaning. As I take off yourpanties kissing going lower as I do, you want me more and more. I go in to lick your pussssssssssssssy, then pull back and ask if you want me. I start to lick as you say yes, yes, more more. I go in deeper and deeper, loving every bit of juice that comes out. My hand on ur breasts massaging it as you want more. You can't help to hold my head and make sure I suck that pussy. Baby, Im in there licking, sucking, eating your fat wet pussy and I want you to cum, cum for me.

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   I want you to moan for me, tell me how u want it baby. As you cum, I lick off that pussy juice and my cock is fully erect.
My cock is long, fat and is yours. Suck my cockhow you want and make me moan. But you want me to stick my cock in your pussy. I stick that cock in and fuck you hard. GO deep, slow, longer, harder and hear you moan. Holding down your hands, im sucking your breast and we are sweating. We can't get enough of each other. Turn you around, stand you up, bend u over the dresserand fuck that pussy from behind. Just scream my name, and ill pull on your fucking hair. Shut up I shout as you ball for more. Fuck me hard Shane you say, fuck me hard, dont stop. . .

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Think you will want me more now?.