Night in the Jeep

Short Sex

This is based off of a true story told to me by one of my best friends that happened not that long back in her jeep with an ex boyfriend. I left out names to protect the innocent and the nasty. But many details are as true as I can be, she is a squirter and is multi orgasmic and does have DD tits.

So there was this one night I will not ever forget, the sex was pure ecstasy, it was dark but lit by an amazing moon. My boyfriend at the time and I went to my jeep for a drive around, he drove of course and we dicided to play critter, in Oklahoma, we play it and it goes like this, if you see a critter on the side of the road everyone else takes off one piece of clothing, well I sucked at it so I had just a shirt on and we pulled into a lease road and then to a field to have some more fun.

He slid over to me and put his arms around me, unzipping his jeans to pull his now hard cock…it was perfect, not too big for me, but not too small either. I do not know exact length of it, I never cared to check. I slid over and started to get my head down to get my tongue over it to start licking the head. I could feel every twitch in my mouth and hear ever moan in my ears. I put one hand on his shoulders to pull him over closer so he could get a hand in between my thighs. His fingers started moving up the flesh until he found my damp pussy lips. His fingers slipped in, one…two…three…Oh my god. Three fingers in my cunt. Oh this felt so right. All I could hear was the sound of my pussy, the blowjob, and cars driving down the road miles away I could see the ecstasy on his face in the bright moonlight. He started to say something…”I’m cumming” he said…As he started to talk I could feel pulses deep in his meat and I started tasting something new.

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   I could feel 6 spurts of semen land in my mouth…I was disappointed. I thought he would be done and ready to leave before the owner of the field finds his gate open. However, he had other plans. I could feel his penis harden up again. He must only be warming up, I’m gonna take advantage of this, he is not multi orgasmic like I am. I decided to take control, I laid him down in the seat and grabbed the bars to get my aching pussy over his cock at attention. I gently lowered myself down, I was not yet ready for the roughness I knew would come, and I wanted it.

I can't describe the feeling well. . . its almost like a breath taking wow and you can feel ever nerve in your body saying yes. Once it was in, I knew I would cum before he did and that's the way it ought to be. he started pushing it up into me and I could feel how happy he was to be having me in the jeep tonight. He thrust up every time I thrust down with the bars for leverage, I could feel the stretch in my pussy, it has been a while. This kept up for a while, I started moaning and even a few light screams.

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   I started feeling the lactic acid in my arms and decided to change things around. I got back down on the seat and spread out my legs, rubbing a hand over my clit as I did, feeling the electricity of the moment in the air and in my cunt. I put a hand on him and started to rub his balls as he put a finger in me and a hand on my DD breasts and pinched my nipples. I started to shake and moan as my first orgasm hit me and I creamed some fluid on the seats. With the seat a bit slippery, I leaned back and he took his fingers out of my soaked cunt and got on top of me. He guided his penis in to my wet cunt and put a hand around me to hold me close so he could plant kisses on my chest, neck, and face. He thrust in me harder than he has ever done before and I could tell I would cum again soon…In my head all I could think about was the feeling, every thrust a sharp rise in my pleasure. All it was was in…and out…and in…and out…and in…and out…and in…and out…all on my mind. I didn’t think about where we were or who could be watching. I could only think about his cock fucking me like there was no tomorrow.
I felt a climax building again. Again…and again…it built. I came twice more, soaking the seat even more and making his cock slip in and out faster and faster and faster. I felt adventurous of course, and decided to have some more fun. I told him to hold on and reluctantly, he pulled out and sat back.

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   I got up, feeling the wetness still on my thighs, colder now that it had been exposed to the night air, and stood up, one foot planted on the back of the seat, one on the cushion, almost slipping in my cum. He stood up also and did likewise and stood behind me and slipped it in again. I felt it fill me again and moaned in ecstasy. I leaned forward a bit to give him better access and as I help onto the jeep bars, he grabbed my waste and started going at my cunt. I could see headlights ahead and the thrill from the knowledge I could be seen so open and exposed sent me over for another orgasm, but it was lighter, the convulsions felt awesome but there was no fluid coming out. My boyfriend could tell I came again and started biting the back of my neck gently and slowly in contrast to the faster fucking I was receiving. I couldn’t keep it in, I screamed, loud and brief…and started telling him to start fucking me harder and harder. I wanted all of his love and all of his cum in me, I wanted him to fuck me so hard it would hurt.
He must have been a great listener over my ramble. He picked up my legs and spread me out on the seat back. He was now standing on the seat cushion. I held on the the bars as tight as my hands could while my pissy contracted again and again and actually shot out a small jet of liquid at his balls and cock. He was amazed at how much I have cum and decided to get himself closer. He leaned over to lick my tits and put his hands on the cheeks of my ass, pulling me closer to his manhood as he fucked me and milked me of my girl-cum…I told him to get out and stand up and he did, I got back to my standing position and bent over and presented the pussy to him, If only he could see how much it needed to be fucked. Oh so fucking hard and rough.

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   He started to stick it in again and starts to thrust but I yell at him to go HARDER! And FASTER!!! He complies, he is my slave. I couldn’t explain how good it felt now. I only knew I was cumming again, Oh my Sweet Lord it felt like I was going to collapse but the bars wouldn’t let me, He grabbed my waist and fucked me for all I was worth. I started to cum again for a back to back and this time, the floodgates really opened and a lot of the fluid just fell right out of my cunt and even more sprayed out all over his stomach and cock. He yelled out, “I’m CUMMING!!!” again and he pulled out and started just shooting it everywhere, we couldn’t risk a pregnancy. He then wiped off his dick and as much of the jeep as he could with his t-shirt and sat back down in the driver’s seat and I, naked, in the passenger’s seat and he started her up and drove back to my house. I felt as satisfied as I could be and ready for more loving later on that night.