Noah & Rebecca

Short Sex

Rebecca lay on their bed rubbing her clit and sliding her hairbrush deep inside her cunt, very slowly. She didn’t even try to keep quiet, her boyfriend, Noah was still at school. Or that’s what she thought at least. She continued to pleasure herself as Noah walked up the steps to their apartment. He put his key in the lock and turned it. He opened the door and was greeted by: “Oooooh! Uh oh god……. ”. His first thought was that there was another man having sex with his girl. He was pissed. He walked quickly to their bedroom and swung open the door, shocked and extremely turned on by what he saw. Rebecca was also shocked, and she quickly covered herself up. “God, Noah! Don’t you knock?” She said annoyed. “Sorry, baby, I though there was another man in here with you. . ” he explained. “But I think you should put your toy away and let me have a go.


  ” “No, thanks babe, I think I got it covered on my own. Now, if you don’t mind. . ” Rebecca responded. “Oh, come on baby, my dick would feel way better than that. ” “No. Actually it wouldn’t. ” She said getting very irritated at Noah for interrupting her pleasure. “I get absolutely nothing out of having sex with you. It feels better when I do it on my own, because, and you might be surprised by this, but I like to feel pleasure too. ” “Of course you do. So put that away and let me give it to you. ” “You’re not understanding me Noah. You don’t give me pleasure, you don’t even try!” She was losing it, she need release very badly. Noah was taken aback, “What do you mean? I thought you loved our sex life.

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  ” “Well, I have no clue why you thought that!” she said chuckling. “But, Noah, please go. I really want to finish what I started. ” “I’m not leaving Beck. ” With that he climbed on top of the bed, pulled back the blanket, seeing Rebecca’s wet pussy, and kissed her hard. She had removed the brush from herself a while ago, and it lay next to her. She couldn’t help but kiss him back, she was really hot and needed release, so if this was how she had to get it, she would. Noah reached down and began rubbing her clit hard and fast and he made out with her. She moaned into the kiss, which turned him on even more. She had never moaned for him before. He wasn’t big on foreplay, and because of this, sex never brought her much pleasure. He was to busy basking in his own pleasure to notice. But tonight would be different. “Tonight, I’m gonna make you scream my name. ” Noah said after pulling away from there kiss.

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   She reached over and took off his shirt; she began kissing all over his chest. He stopped her, and pulled off her shirt- she hadn’t bothered with taking it off herself. After Noah threw her shirt on the ground she grabbed his chin and kissed him desperately. He reached behind her and unclasped her bra. She broke the kiss, took it off, and threw it on the floor to join their shirts. He began kissing and sucking down her neck. He got to her breasts, and sucked on her right nipple hard, as he massaged the other. “Noah…. . ” she whispered. He stopped and looked up at her smirking. He then began to kiss down her stomach, until he got to her center. He spread her legs, dropped his head down, and began to lick her cunt. She was extremely wet, and he loved the taste of her. He licked harder and faster.

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   “Mmmhmmm! Noah! Ooooh Noah, yea baby that feels soooo good, don’t stop! She moaned. He licked all around her clit as he grabbed her hairbrush. He slowing slid it into her, still licking her clit. “Noah!” she gasped. He began pushing it in and out of her, and she had never felt so much pleasure. “Ahhh…… Noah!” “Faster baby, Oooh that feels so fucking good! Ahhhh ohhhh mhmm!” He continued this until she came, screaming profanities. He then licked her juice off his lips, fingers, and her brush. She grabbed his face, once again, and kissed him. As if to thank him. She reached down and unbuttoned his pants. She reached in them and began rubbing him through his boxers. He groaned slightly and started sucking her neck. She rubbed harder and faster, he started biting her neck. After a few minutes of this, he couldn’t take it anymore, “Please Becca, baby, I need to be inside you now. ” She looked into his eyes, and kissed him again, sliding his jeans down as she did so.

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   He helped kick them off, then he yanked his boxers down and off his legs. His full 8 inches stood proudly. Just looking at it made her even wetter. He pushed her onto her back, and said “Are ready for this, babe? I’m about to rock your world. ” Before she could respond, he slammed into her. She screamed, it felt so good. He was pumping into her like no tomorrow, and she was moaning so loudly, the neighbors could definitely hear. “You like that baby, don’t cha?” “You like my big cock, in your wet little pussy. Don’t cha?” “Mhmmmhmmm yes, baby yes!” He smirked and went even faster. They went at it for about 20 minutes before he screamed “Fuck, babe. I’m gonna cum… ughh oh baby. Soo tight, so fucking tight. Oooh Rebecca…. Baby Becca…. Shit!” She felt his hot semen seep into her, and moaned.

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   He began kissing her, while still inside her. She still hadn’t screamed his name, and he was gonna make sure that happened. He quickly got hard again, but before going at it again, he pulled out, and flipped them over. “Ride me, baby. ” He insisted. She obliged, climbing on top of him, rubbing her wetness against his hard, thick, cock. “Fuck, baby, come on. ” She reached her hand down and put his dick and the top of pussy. She slid down quickly. “Uhhh oh oh god…. ” She screamed. He put his hands on her hips and made her ride him faster. After several minutes of this, she threw back her head and screamed “Noah…… ahhh oh god Noah! Fuck baby fuck!” She came around his hard shaft. He came quickly after. She collapsed on top of him.

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   “Noah, that, that was so good…. ” “I know Becca, I know it was. You’re so good baby” he replied cradling her in his arms. They both fell asleep quickly. When she woke up the next morning Noah wasn’t next to her. She got up to investigate. But before going into the living room, she put on some panties and his shirt from the night before. She walked into the living room and then the kitchen. “Hey, baby. You sleep well?” He greeted. “Yea. . Noah what is this?” she asked smiling at the pancakes and eggs he obviously just cooked. “I made my woman breakfast. After a night like last night, she deserves this, and much more.

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  ” He answered. She smiled and walked up to him, “I love you, Noah” she said as she put her arms around his neck and kissed him. .