The Youth Pastor does his Youth.

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“Finally, you are here. ”
The last person had finally arrived at the youth pastor’s house for the study. It was now 8:20 pm and they had to finish by 12:00 am, or else there would be endless calls from worried parents. There were five girls there, Amy, Sarah, Kate, Amber, and Samantha. There were also three boys, Freddy, Thomas, and Andrew. They all ranged from ages 15 to 17. The Youth Pastor John, who was 23, was there with his 22 year old wife Jessica. They all gathered around in a circle and started the message. During the teaching, John noticed Andrew kept glancing at Jessica‘s breasts. At first he simply ignored it, but when he saw him do it again and this time Jessica smile back, jealously soon got the better of him. John closed the book he was reading from, and turned to Andrew. “Andrew, what have you learned from this message so far?” Andrew, who had not been paying attention to the message simply said, “I think that we should be trying harder to apply these things to our lives. ” John looked at him, unpleased with this answer. He then noticed that most of the other kids seemed to be paying more attention to the others around them, than to the message. “Alright,” John said “let’s do about something more exciting” He stood up walked over to where his wife was sitting and pulled down her shirt and bra in one quick tug. Everyone stared at her, the girls shocked, the boys pleased.

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   Freddy, Thomas, and Andrew’s, pants all started to form a Teepee. “Anyone want to touch it?” asked John. To his surprise Thomas stood, up walked over, and started rubbing the soft round melons of Jessica. Jessica was too stunned to even move. She let Thomas’ hands run up and down, side to side, and there was a bit of pleasure from it. Kate, who was dating Tomas, also felt jealous that her boyfriend was doing this for the first time and it wasn’t with her. She did however begin to feel wet. Kate walked over to the Youth Pastor John and said, “Are you going to just take this? That is your wife!” John though a moment, then replied “I don’t care anymore, look at my wife! She is enjoying it!” He then looked down at Kate’s shorts and saw that it looked a little damp. “You are enjoying it, aren’t you” John said smiling. He then grabbed Kate by arm and threw her on the ground. She started screaming for help, but all of the others were too interested to stop him. John pulled off the blue jean shorts Kate was wearing and placed his hand over her pink and white panties. Sure enough, they were soaked. Feeling this, John ripped off the flimsy underwire and pulled down his own pants and boxers. His cock was as hard as ever.

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   John laid Kate on her back and penetrated her Virgin pussy. He did not care about hurting her; he just wanted to make his wife jealous. Kate’s Pussy was so small, and John’s cock so thick, that when she ripped, blood shot out like a fountain. John kept going in and out, deeper and deeper, showing no mercy what-so-ever. John looked at his wife, expecting to see her mad. But instead, she was completely naked and on all fours. Thomas was pumping her doggy style and Jessica was moaning in great pleasure. She had always liked John’s big cock, but he had no style, no passion. Even though Thomas was a virgin, he knew how to work her. Andrew, who wished he would have acted on the opportunity to touch Jessica, pulled down his pants and started masturbating to this sound of Kate’s painful screams. He noticed that the screams started turning into pleasure than pain. Amy and Sarah both stared at Freddy and smiled. Sarah always had a deep crush on Andrew, and Amy simply liked the size of his cock. They both looked at each other and nodded their heads in agreement. The two girls approached him, got on their knees, and both started sucking him off.

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   Kate’s feet were clinching as John’s balls tightened. Then, with a burst, John let out the huge flow of Cum right into her. The warm semen filled Kate’s hole, and john slowly pulled out. He then stood up and made Kate get on her knees. “Suck it clean girl, or I am going to hurt you like never before. ” Kate obeyed his command and started licking his cum, her cum, and blood off her Youth Pastor’s limp cock. Who knew that the innocent person who was teaching her on Sunday, would be raping her on Thursday. Thomas also pulled out of Jessica’s steaming hot pussy, but not because he had cummed. Jessica looked at him, “What? Why did you stop?” No sooner than she said this, Thomas laid her on her belly and put his cock into her Butt hole. John had never before done this to her, so it was a new experience. It felt so good to her, tears of pleasure and pain began to fall down her soft white cheeks. Amber and Samantha, who had been watching all of this in awe, looked at each other and felt a desire that they had never experienced before. They both started taking off their clothes, looking at each other up and down the whole time. When they were naked, Samantha started licking and suck Amber’s wet pussy. John again cummed, this time in Kate’s mouth.

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   Thomas also cummed, filling Jessica’s Butt with hot cream. It went on till about 11:50 pm. By the end of the night, John had been in all the girls, even with his wife. And let’s just say, at the beginning of the night, there were ten people, but at the end there were thirteen.