A Wish Upon A Star


I then went into my house, stripped for bed. Turning to the mirror I found myself sighing at the sight of myself. Being only 5' 3", extremely petite for that height as well and weighing in at 124 lb. and gifted with a D cup bust, most would think I would be proud of my body. Sorry to say, I am not. Even my shortly cut golden auburn hair, and my dark blue to violet eyes would make most women jealous how they are able to change into something that nicely colored. Downing myself came extremely all too easy after my first boyfriend, and easier after the next three. The last one shredded any and all respect and self-worth I did have left, and that I had built up while with him. Thus, my horrible and unending luck with men. Shuffling my naked body to towards the bed, I take one last look. Noting that in the morning that I should do some maintenance on myself; the usual shaving of my mound and legs, etc. Climbing into bed and pulling up the covers, I thought myself silly for making the wish. While shaking my head at my foolish childish antic, I shut off the light and drift off to sleep. A few months pass, nothing happening save for the usual routine. Getting up, getting dressed in my tomboyish outfits of T-shirt and jeans. Wearing girlie lacy bras and panties underneath, keeping myself somewhat femine to appease family.

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   Totally forgetting the wish, only a few months’ prior. Today was going to be like any other day, My grandmother and I were going to the mall. Which, I now hate going to because of my current ex-boyfriend also being a patron there. She grabs the keys and hobbles towards the door, looking back to make sure I have my keys and my cell phone. "You have everything, Micheala?" My grandmother asks in her most annoying yet, parental voice. "Yes, ma'am I do, can we please make this a short day? I wish not to see that ass up there, I am not in the best of moods today and may do something stupid. " retorting back, as politely as I can muster. She nods and we go out the door, I locking it behind ourselves. The drive to the mall was pleasant, not much in the way of conversation. Never is with her and I. She did say something out of the ordinary for her to say. "I have a feeling that your going to find a nice young man today, sweetie. " her voice not in the joking manner as it usually is when she says that. "Hopefully, you'll snag him up immediately. No hanky-panky though!" she said jokingly, as well with a small chuckle.

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   Shaking my head at that comment, I stared out the window. Keeping silent until we got to the mall. Getting inside and getting her "wheels" and the usual was nothing but a breeze today, which is odd. Normally, we get the older wheelchair with no brakes, hardly any comfort to it for her at all. Shrugging it off I place her in it and start wheeling her around. "Shall we go get a bite to eat?" her asking, while digging through her purse. "Its OK if you want to go to the Food Court area, and not the normal eatery dear" she added in. "Sure, no problem" I said. This not knowing what is in store for me at the Food Court. Walking down to the area I felt as though I was being watched, eyes peeled upon my body alone. As if undressing me slowly, not wanting to miss an inch. Mind you, I have felt this feeling before, but only from my ex's never from a total stranger. Made me feel a bit uneasy and a little not so uneasy about it. So, swaying my hips, I teased whoever it was as I made mine and grandmother's way to a table. Placing her so she could see everything, and still not be in any ones way.

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   She handed me $ 20 dollars, while saying "Just a lemonade and Boardwalk Fries, a small on both. Lots and lots of Salt and Vinegar. " "Alright, I'll be right back. Do not try and escape, I'll get Shaun in security after you. " saying with a chuckle as I start walking over to the food stand to get her the items she wanted. While in line I felt those eyes again, this time only right behind me. Turning around I see the most handsome man I have ever seen! My last boyfriend was a hottie in his own way but he held no candle to the man who stood before me. He stood about 6' 3" maybe 6' 5", his build not too muscular nor too lean, but it was just right. Long flowing platinum blonde hair to his waist held back in a Celtic hair tie from what I could make out, his eyes’ violet almost light enough to be lilac, his skin a perfect complexion as if never having a bout of acne in his entire life. His lips where as if they were taken right out of a movie, pouting yet still childlike. Him dressed in a pair of black leather jeans and a white button down shirt. His shirt was unbuttoned half way down showing his bare chest, which by all means I wanted to touch right there and then. As I looked upon this god like man, he smiled and said softly with a voice that sounded as if from an angel. "Miss, it’s your turn in line. " His hand motioning to the fact that it was my turn to place the order at the counter.


   I nodded and turned to the person behind the counter, giving them my order while having visions of the gentleman behind me still dancing in my head. Some of those visions, were carnal in pleasure. I handed the girl behind the counter my money and got the change back. Grinning to myself all the while, thinking those lustful thoughts. I walked over to where you pick up your order and waited, it was lunch rush so I had about 5 minutes or so to wait on the order. The gentleman places his order and does the same, walked over and stood there waiting for his own. But, again I felt his eyes on me. Turning to him again, my voice soft yet with a hint of a joke and annoyance to it I say to him "Take a picture, it would last a whole hell of a lot longer. " A grin on my face after saying that. Hearing my order up I grab my food, walking past him brushing my body against his. Then I walk back to my grandmother and set her food down in front of her, and handing her the change back. A puzzled look crept upon her face as she saw my grin and me without my food. "Ok, what did you do now Mich?” her voice hinting at wanting to know. "I'll just get my food later. I'm not hungry right now.

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  " Not even realizing that she didn't even ask me that question. My eyes guled on that gentleman. I shake my head to clear it and start some small talk with my grandmother. All of a sudden I hear the same gentleman that was in line behind me speaking, "Mind if I sit with you two beautiful ladies?" I look at him and then to my grandmother, her blushing like a schoolgirl. All the while nodding ‘yes’ and motioning him to take a seat. A smile on her face looking towards me. Leaning over to her I whisper in her ear. "What in bloody hell are you doing? We don't even know who this guy is, let alone what he is planning. " my eyes still glued on the gentleman. Getting a closer and longer look at him it revealed something I lacked in noticing before while in line, as it seemed like he heard what I whispered to my grandmother. He appeared to have Elf like ears, I blinked and blinked once more. Knowing that Elf’s are just in fairy tales, not real. No way in bloody hell this guy is an Elf. He answered my question to my grandmother, as if it was to him. "My name is Marakion, pleased to make our acquaintance.

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   Don't worry, I’m not going to do anything harmful. I just wanted to sit within the confines of your beauty miss. Oh dear, what is your name? I didn't catch it while we were in line. " Says, while taking my hand and kissing it ever so softly, his lips like the finest silk. A crimson blush over takes my face as his lips press against the back of my hand. The feeling of his lips against my small child like hand sending shots of electricity through out my body I manage to squeak out my name "My name is Micheala,. Mich, or Mikey to my friends. Pleased to meet you as well Marakion. " Slight grin creeps along his lips as he retracts his lips from my hand. I then motion to my grandmother, "This is my grandmother, Ms. Everman. "She nods to him and then finishes her meal quickly as does he, His eyes never leaving my eyes or body. My eyes doing the same as his. My grandmother then turns to me and says "I’m going to head home, why don't you stay a little longer here with this gentleman and have a good time. I'll make it home all right on my own, do not worry I will call you on your cell as soon as I get home so you need not worry.

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  " I start to protest to her when Marakion interjects "I think this young lady will be fine on her own Mich. " He takes hold of the wheelchair and starts to push her towards the main exit of the mall, both to drop off the wheelchair and drop her off at the car. I follow behind entranced as to why I’m feeling so safe with the whole situation, which in no way is normal for me. Looking towards him as we make our way my grandmother digs once again through her purse, then handing back a $ 50 dollar bill to me; I place it in my back pocket. "Here take this and have some fun with it while you are here, Mich" she says with a melancholy tone. "Don't spend it all in one place now and don't forget to grab a bite to eat" she adds in as we get to the car and help her into it. All the while Marakion was being silent as a mouse, or a tiger stalking its prey. He kisses my grandmothers hand then we both step back from the car, he takes my hand into mine as he we were going out; a smile across his face as he waved to her while she drove off. We walk back into the main entrance of the mall, it being a busy day everyone was hustling and bustling about around us, leaning down he whispers into my ear softly "Shall we find somewhere private in this mall to get to know each other 'better'?" He purrs into and against my ear. That making me purr back in return, nodding. "I do know a few places where there are not any cameras, Marakion. But I don't know if we should do anything in the mall here like that. Plus, I really don't know you well enough to you know, make love to you" I whisper back to him, my eyes locked upon his lilac orbs. My hand clenching his like he and I were together forever. "You shant worry about that m'dear, all will be fine.

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  " he says calmly in a whisper. "Just lead the way" still keeping the calm tone in his voice. Him kissing my forehead softly and lovingly as he takes the lead intending for me to take the lead back from him. We start walking along, him having the lead as begun then I motion with my head towards the right into a service tunnel for the mall. It never having cameras’ set-up and a very long dark hallway to it, seemed to be the best place to getting to know each other 'better'. I open up the door leading towards the deep bowels of the service tunnel, looking up at him I smile softly with a nervous chuckle added in. Never having this happen to me before. "This way, watch your step. Its pretty dark in here, I can barely see with my eyes adjusted all the way" I say to him just above a whisper. "I can see perfectly, don't worry about me. How far down does this hall continue from the door we just came in from?" He asks keeping the same tone, yet hinting as if he already knows the answer to his own question. "It’s a pretty long hallway, I would guess maybe a good half mile. It’s hardly used any more according to my sources. " I reply back. We walk for maybe another 3 minutes by my guess, I was never good at guesstimating time.

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   But, I make us come to a halt and I turn to face him. His eyes glowing in the darkness, taking his hand and wrapping it around my waist as he grabs me up and kisses my lips with hunger. I feel his free hand start to massage my breast, his fingers rotating as his hand rubs my globe with a gentle yet firm touch. I moan deeply and push by body against his. Feeling his member through his pants, pressing against my stomach. He breaks the kiss and takes his hand away from my breast, "Ready?" He asks. Then he slips off his shirt, placing my hands against his bare flesh he kisses me again. I open my mouth and slide my tongue out across his lips, as if knocking to be let in. He parts his lips to invite my tounge in, I run my tounge across his and over the roof of his mouth; teaseing it as if it was his cock instead of his tounge. Slowly I undo his jeans and take his swollen member into my grasp and start massaging it up and down, twisting it a bit as I pump him. His moans urging me on as we keep kissing, he takes a hand from my hand and breaks the kiss long enough to take off my shirt, exposing my black lace slik bra, it barely holding my D cup perky breasts in place. Then he leans down kissing each one, softly at the top as he grabs them firmly; almost yanking me closer to him. My pace upon his riping cock going faster as I feel his pre-cum flow from the tip of his cock. "By the Goddess you taste so good, and I haven't even tasted the best part yet, Mich" he says while moaning and growling playfully. "Don't stop there, why not take a taste of me?" I blush even redder than I had all day long, and I whisper with a slight stammer in my voice "Going down on a guy has always made me sick, the taste is not very good to me.

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   Only once have I been able to handle it. But, I'll try just this once with you. If I don't like it will you get mad at me?" My eyes look into his searching. "No, I won't be. " replying back to my question in a loving mannor. He helps me down to my knees, kneeling himself somewhat as to keep his member alinged with my mouth. Stroking my hair he smiles at me, just as if I were a child. Taking his member into my mouth I start to suckle at the head, rolling my tounge around it and massaging it, moaning onto it. As his pre-cum still flowed into my mouth and onto my tounge it tasted like honey, the purest I have ever placed upon my tounge. With that I try and take more of him into my mouth, about another inch or so. In the dark I can only guess that his cock is 7 inches long, gurth maybe 2 inches; but thats all guessing by feel. Never having that large in any shape or form its a new experience so I have to take it slow. I start bobbing my head up and down along what I have taken into my tiny mouth, my jaw almost popping out. Hearing him moan and not holding onto my head like most men would I go all out, moaning and goaning enjoying the experience. Feeling his hands massage my breasts still, I take a free hand and dive into my pants, playing with my clit and with the other massaging his balls.


   As we start to climax at the same time, knowing this by his breathing and my own we hear a voice call out "HEY, WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN HERE?" We stop and hurry to get our shirts back on before the voice can find some sort of light, Marakion hurrying to pull up his pants and zip them. We stay quiet as the voice flashes on a flashlight, and shines it on us. With luck we managed to get ourselves dressed. However, thats the begining of our problems. =[I'd like to take this time to thank the person whom I am "borrowing" there screenname for this male charater in this story. Thanks, man! Hope you enjoy the story I built around your charater, the changes made and all. Also, I'd like to also thank my editor Miss. Thomi; without you girl my first story would have never been able to be published (this is my 1st for those of you who don't know)! To all: I hope you enjoyed this first installment of "A Wish Upon A Star" there is more to cum, if you all wish! ~giggles~ And yes, this is Heartof Ice from the SSPF side. ]=.

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