Car Crash 3


A crashing sound went through the hotel room, much louder than a gunshot or even an explosion. The ground shook and Samantha was so disoriented she couldn't even tell where she was for a moment. Just a second ago she'd been asleep and suddenly she was wide awake. She felt bad, but the adrenaline shooting through her made her alert. Soon after being torn away from her sweet dreams by the loud crashing sound, she had caught her bearings. A cloud of dust lay between her bed and Mark's, so Samantha couldn't see him.

"Mark, are you there? What the hell was that?" she yelled.

"Don't worry," he yelled back. "I'm sure it's after me, I'll deal with it! You just get out of here as quick as you can!"

It? After him? What was the man talking about? Samantha tried to see what was going on with that cloud of dust, which became easier when the dust started to disperse. There was a large thing inside, that much she could see. It looked like some kind of shadow, a bit like the one she’d thought she'd seen just before she almost crashed into Mark. It turned towards her and she shivered. Samantha could see legs, many of them, at least more than four. Whatever this thing – this creature – was, it was way too big for having that many legs. And how had it gotten in here anyway, had it just crashed through the wall?

"Samantha, I was wrong!" she heard Mark scream. "It's after you! Stay calm, I'll try to deal with it!" How could Mark tell her to stay calm when it was obvious that he himself was anything but? Samantha shrieked in terror and jumped out of her bed, as far away from the thing in the dust cloud as she could.

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   It wasn't a conscious decision, just her instincts taking over. She couldn't be near something like that. It was dangerous - she had to escape. But there was nowhere to escape to, which she realized only when she'd already backed herself into a corner.

The creature slowly took its first step out of the cloud and was becoming more and more visible as it approached Samantha. It was spider-like and hairy, both on its legs and on its small body, which was protruding forwards from its dispropotionately big rear end. It looked at Samantha with an assortment of different eyes, each of them as cold and dark as a deep dungeon. It clicked its arm-sized mandibles – were they even called mandibles on spiders? – and gave off a fierce shriek that almost deafened Samantha. This wasn't a natural sound, it felt as if there were sharp needles flying through the air and piercing her brain. She had to cover her ears with her hands and even then the pain didn't really go away. After screeching this hunting cry or whatever it was, the creature made its way for Samantha, suddenly moving more quickly than anything of that size should ever be able to move. When it was close enough, it jumped.

Samantha reacted by throwing herself out of the way onto her stomach, only barely evading the attack, even though she'd been ready for it. But the creature didn't smash head-on into the wall like she had hoped. It quickly caught itself and turned around, readying itself for another attack while Samantha was still getting up from the ground.

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   She wouldn't be up on her feet again in time. When the creature jumped again, Samantha dove out of the way while still on her knees, but her leap from that position wasn't far enough, she was still in the spider's path. Then she felt something tug at her, something insubstantial. Without knowing what was happening, Samantha got torn out of the creature's way in mid-air and landed softly on the floor. She didn't even hurt her knees and wrists like she'd expected she would after a leap like that.

Bewildered, she wanted to look around and find out what had just happened, but there was no time since the creature wasn't going to let her get away just because she'd been hit by some cosmic stroke of luck. She was readying herself for another close dodge when she felt a tug at her arm - a palpable one this time. It was Mark's hand she realized, he was dragging her backwards towards the dust cloud. Without thinking, she let herself go and followed the tugging. She trusted Mark - after all, he was kind of her hero, and he had promised he'd take care of the situation.

"Hold on to me" he said as they ran towards the cloud of dust.

"What? why?" Samantha said. What good was holding on to him going to be?

"This thing punched a hole through the wall to get in, we're gonna jump out of there. Just hold on tight!"

"Mark, we're on the fourth floor, this is not a good idea!" Samantha said with panic in her voice. Even in her confused and frightened state she could tell this much; wasn't he supposed to be dependable in a crisis? Of course he wasn't, she just liked the idea of having a hero around.

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   In the end, all men were wusses and she knew that well. Why had she fooled herself into thinking that Mark was different even for a moment?

But Mark didn't stop when he heard Samantha complain. Instead he said something that Samantha would never have expected. "Just trust me on this, okay?"

"Trust you? This is suicide!" she said, but he wasn't letting go of her arm, so she had to follow him.

"No it's not, I know what I'm doing. Now hold on to me and brace yourself!"

Before Samantha could utter another word of complaint, she lost the ground beneath her feet and was now falling, still feeling the firm hold of Mark's hand on her arm. Out of instinct she grabbed for him, held on and closed her eyes. In a few moments they would hit the ground and then it would all be over. At least it wouldn't be the spider that killed them.

Just when she was thinking this comforting last thought, Samantha noticed the insubstantial tug again that had saved her when evading that attack before. She and Mark weren't falling anymore - instead, they were starting to move upwards at a rapid pace. Samantha opened her eyes and looked at Mark, who looked at her in return with a huge grin on his face. From the hole in the wall of the hotel room, Samantha could see the spider creature making one last jump for them, and for a second it seemed as if the monster might reach them. But just before the creature would've been able to hold on to them with its mandibles, gravity did its work and the spider tumbled down towards the ground. When Samantha had made sure the creature would be staying down, she looked up at Mark again.

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   "You've got some explaining to do," she said.

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