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Finally! Only when Samantha felt Mark's arms around her and his tongue gently brushing against hers she realized how much she'd missed being with a man. Even though she might not have been as celibate as Mark when it came to pleasing herself, her abstinence when it came to actual sex had been just as complete. She might have regretted not having sex when she'd had the chance through all those years before, but Mark's hands caressing her back and her hair felt so fabulous that it took her breath away – and all her musings of sexual regret along with it.

Samantha let her tongue dance in Mark's mouth and his response was immediate and so gratifying that she wondered if kissing was ever supposed to feel this good. She'd never felt this warm and tingly doing it before and she wanted more, so she pushed against Mark and threw him on his back onto the bed while still keeping her mouth on his. She started fiddling with his shirt and it soon came off without much effort – Mark's struggle against her temptation was definitely over. He was no longer resisting.

Without knowing exactly how it happened, Samantha soon found herself rid of the jeans and t-shirt Mark had given her - they hadn't even been worth the effort of putting them on in the first place. Her torn underwear now functioned more as a very alluring piece of lingerie than a broken piece of clothing, and Mark's widening pupils spoke volumes about his opinion of her outfit.

The two of them touched and caressed each other as they kissed wilder than before and soon Mark's hand had made its way to Samantha's full breasts. She gave a sigh when she felt the touch and Mark's slow but steady, rhythmic motion over her exposed and erect nipple looking out of her bra made her moan with pleasure. Neither of them realized anymore in what a run-down place they were and how small the bed was they were on. All of Samantha's attention belonged to Mark, and all of his belonged to her. Right at this moment, there was no world outside these four walls for either of them.

Samantha gasped as Mark tugged at her bra, first in vain, but then one of the straps ripped and came off, finally exposing both of her full breasts to Mark's lecherous eyes. He didn't waste any time either and started stroking them with his hands while alternately licking her breasts and nibbling on her neck.

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   Samantha pulled him in closer and caressed his back and his strong arms, then slowly made her way downward. She wanted him so much she could hardly think of what she was doing, but after grabbing on to his firm ass for a while she finally found her way to the button of his pants, which she opened with vigor.

"We should stop," Mark said, moaning as Samantha brushed against his erect cock when she slid off his pants.

"We should," Samantha agreed, guiding his hand to her panties, through which he started massaging her hot pussy. She gave another moan.

She looked downwards to take in some of the action, but what she saw made her gasp. Not only was she already as wet as she'd ever been because of what Mark was doing to her, she also got a view of his cock still in his underpants.

"You know, when I talked about how big your dick was before, I had no idea you'd actually be this big. " she said.

"That's the nicest thing anybody ever said to me," Mark said and ripped off Samantha's panties. This in turn made her grab for his underpants and pull them off as if she were a wild amazon on a battlefield taking care of the last enemy standing between her and her ultimate victory. When she finally saw what treasure lay beneath Mark’s trunks, she couldn't help herself and went into a position where she could suck on that beautiful piece of equipment that Mark had unsuccessfully been hiding.

"Mmmh," Mark moaned, which Samantha took for a sign to continue what she was doing, but Mark didn't let her and pulled her up again. "I won't let you hog all the fun," he said and positioned himself below her between her legs in a 69 position. When he began to take the first tentative licks and nibbles on her wet pussy she moaned even louder than before and almost forgot that she still had full access to his dick.

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   She took the big piece into her mouth and started licking and sucking so much that she made Mark shiver with pleasure, while a wonderful warmth rushed over her body at the same time because of his tongue's steady and firm rhythms. Samantha was glad of Mark's feedback, since she'd been afraid that sucking cock was something one could forget about if one didn’t practice enough. Apparently, though, it was like riding a bicycle, and thinking of, riding something else seemed like a very good idea right at this moment.

After giving it a few more licks, she let go of Mark's cock and moved her pussy away from his mouth so she could kiss him passionately again. The warm, tingly sensation inside her only increased with the kiss, so much so that she didn't remember ever feeling this good before, not even during sex with other men. In fact, she could hardly remember anything anymore as her instincts were taking over her body.

"I want you inside me," she moaned and pushed him down on the mattress again to position herself on top of him.

"My god you're hot," Mark said, also moaning. "If fucking you right is the last thing I'll ever do then I'll die happy. "

"Going out with a bang has never been so literal, right?" Samantha said. She was just about to commit the final act of indulgence and guide Mark's pulsing cock into her more than ready pussy when one last final shred of reason made its way into her mind. She let go of Mark and just sat down on his lap.

"Do you have a condom?" she asked. Mark stared at her for a moment.

"Wait, what?" he said after a few moments of contemplation.

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"A condom, do you have one? I have some in my purse, but that one's still in the car wreck, I think. I don't want to get pregnant from this, you know," she said.

"We're about to blow up New York and you're worrying about condoms?" Mark said indignantly.

"Pretty much, yes. Let me repeat, do you have any?" Samantha said.

"I do,” Mark said, opening the wallet he took from his pants, pulling out a condom, ripping the packet open quick as lightning and putting it on in a flash.

“That was fast,” Samantha said. “I thought you said you didn’t have sex anymore.

“Doesn’t mean a guy can’t be prepared,” Mark said. “Now let me fuck you or I swear I’m gonna explode myself!”

That had been the last shred of sanity Samantha would be able to procure. If what they were about to do might blow up New York, so be it. She'd never liked the city that much anyway – too hyped up by the media and bad romance novels. She took Mark's still erect cock in her hands and massaged it again before finally putting it into position and slowly sliding down on it without any effort at all. It was as if her wetness was drinking all of him in like a woman in the desert desperate for her first drink of water after days of wandering around.

She felt his hardness against the walls of her vagina and noticed every bit of him inside, every little bump, all the blood pulsing inside him.

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   It was as if she were melting into him, the two of them becoming closer and closer the more she slid up and down his shaft while Mark's hip movements under her provided a steady rhythm. What was up with all these feelings taking her over all of a sudden? This was too much. She had no control over her body anymore and like a mad women she was ramming down on Mark harder and harder. His gasps and moans almost became inaudible for her as the feelings rushing through her body drowned out everything around, pleasure like she'd never thought possible.

It felt as if her body was slowly drifting away from her. This wasn't pleasure anymore, she was losing it! Where was she and what was going on? She cried out for help, but at first nobody answered, or so she thought. When she listened closer, she could hear a silent voice, as if someone was speaking from afar, and then it was moving closer until she recognized it as Mark's.

"Samantha!" Mark said.

"Mark, what's going on?" Samantha said. She was starting to become seriously frightened by this. Were they still having sex? Had everything just been a dream?

"Samantha, I think we went too far, something's happening. Did you feel it too, all this pleasure building up?" he said.

"Oh, definitely," Samantha said. "But what does that have to do with this?"

"The energy is building and it's getting too strong, our minds are moving away from our bodies. I've felt it before, it's really getting dangerous," he said.

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"Then we need to stop this," she said.

"As much as I hate to say it, I agree," Mark said. "Just do what I tell you and I think we can still manage. "

"Okay then, go on," Samantha said.

"Try to hold on to me in any way you can. We should be able to make our way back somehow if we use each other as a guiding spot. Once we're back in control of our bodies, the hard part starts," he said.

"We have to stop having sex," she said.

"Exactly. Ready?"

"Not really, but what's a mind to do?"

"Let's go. "

Samantha concentrated and tried to find out where the voice was coming from. It felt warm and comfortable in one direction, so she moved there and soon she felt Mark with her. It was as if their minds were touching and she could feel as he was feeling, see as he saw. She held on to those feelings and it was as if a path opened up. She knew how to get back, and so did Mark.

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When she opened her eyes, Samantha found herself on top of Mark again, grinding on his penis, moaning and gasping as she was moving ever closer to an earth shattering orgasm. This was bad. She didn't want to stop, but she had to, there was nothing else. When she looked at Mark she saw both incredible lust and terror in his face and she knew that they couldn't go on like this, no matter how good it felt. They had to stop. With more effort than anything had ever cost her in her life, Samantha let herself fall off to her side, almost bumping her head on the wall before she hit the bed, sliding off of Mark mere moments before the point of no return.

While Samantha lay on the bed exhausted from the effort of wresting herself off of him, Mark jumped up on his feet, ran to the kitchen and got out a few bottles of water from the kitchen’s cupboard. He then unscrewed a bottle, poured the cold water over himself and came back to Samantha, bringing her some bottles as well. She still felt as if she might jump him right away, but dousing herself with cold water did the trick for her as well. They’d both calmed down enough from their sexual excitement that they could look at each other again without blowing up the city in the process, but they were still naked and both of them were covered in drops of water making their way down their bodies, which was anything but a turn-off. Mark decided to remedy that last bit of temptation with a healthy dose of blankets from the bathroom.

“You know, even though neither of us came, that was the best sex I ever had. ” he said, sitting down on the bed next to Samantha again after they’d covered themselves in blankets.

“I can very much agree on that,” Samantha said, remembering those unbelievable waves of passion that had passed through her body just a minute ago.

“We can’t do this again, ever,” Mark said.

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“Yes,” Samantha said.

“But I want to,” he said.

“Yes,” she agreed. .

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