Charged with a burden, (part 3)


I woke up next to Mira, my dick was rock hard. Morning wood. It was resting against her belly and it was touching the bottom of her boobs. My balls were resting against her pussy. I had never felt a pussy before. It was another feeling I had not felt. I looked up To Mira’s face. She was biting her lower lip before she made eye contact with me.
“Master, do you want to um, put your, um, penis inside me?” she said in her small and innocent voice.
“I know you’re a more confident succubus then that, what’s on your mind Mira?” She looked down at my 12 inch cock.
“Ah. You aren’t able to take it. ” I looked away and laid on my back. My dick was facing the ceiling. She pulled off the covers and straddled my stomach.
“I can make you cum at least.

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  ” She was rubbing her extremely small pussy back against my dick. She opened her mouth a slightly and stared into my eyes. She had that slutty fuck me look on her face. She spread her wings far until they were touching each both far walls of my room.

Her tail was working hard to massage my balls. The sight was so sexy I came right there. I had never done something so dirty in my life and I was still a virgin. I had never fucked so trying to hold me cum in was like trying to stop a dam from having water pour through it after it broke.

Mira smiled a toothy grin and closed her eyes. My dick lowered back down to its six inches and Mira got off of me. She retracted her wings and walked over to the center of the room where I saw a huge load of my cum frozen in mid-air. She put her face behind it and then it unfroze, hitting across the face as if she was standing there. She walked over to me with a grin on her face. She got extremely close to me and straddled me again. I noticed that I came enough to whiten out her face and part of her neck.

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   She idnt clean herself, but instead, let my cum drip down her body.

I got hard again and my cock was pressed up against her stomach. She smiled with an open, wanting mouth she grinded against my cock with her stomach and then her tail wrapped around my shaft and started to stroke it. She started to play with her tits.

It took a little longer to cum, but I did cum and I shot a huge load again, this time it went upwards and cum was all over her chin, her tits, and her stomach. If I were to include the cum on her face, then she had most of her front side covered with it.

“Do you like me cum-drenched, Master?” she said as she licked my shaft, cleaning the little bit of cum that was on it. Her tail was playing with one of her tits, rubbing softly against a nipple. She let out a moan and I spoke.
“Does it have a mind of its own or something?” Mira just simply nodded and bit her bottom lip. “Does it listen to you?”
She shook her head. “Hardly. Just keeping it inside was an extremely hard task when Katie was at the door. ”
“Will it listen to me?” I asked while rubbing her other boob. She nodded and let out a small gasp.

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“Mira, suck my cock. ” I said commandingly. I don’t know what came over me to be so forceful but I found out after saying that I kind of liked it.
Mira bent down with a moan. The tail was rubbing against her pussy. She wrapped her lips around my head, but couldn’t get any farther then that because her mouth was so small and my dick so big.
The tail wrapped around Mira’s neck and forced her head farther onto my cock. She actually fit the entire head of my dick into her mouth. I was surprised. Then the tail started massaging my balls. I grunted and came minutes later, filling Mira’s mouth with it. She swallowed like a good girl and showed me a little that was draining out of her mouth. The tail was working hard now to make her cum. The tail was rubbing harder and harder against her pussy then she let out a tiny scream and came more then a little girl should onto my balls. She got off of me and cleaned herself.

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   The tail helped shovel my cum into her mouth. I didn’t get hard because that was the first time I came three times in a row so quickly, but it was an erotic sight.

“Mira. ” I asked later that daywhile eating good pancakes. It was impossible to screw up pancakes. “Why don’t you want me to fuck your pussy?” She was smiling most of the day until that point. “Master, we went over this, I am too small…” she trailed off and washed the silverware from lunch.
“Bullshit. You want my cock in you. I saw the way you look at it. You wouldn’t let something like that stop you. ” She bit her bottom lip.

“Mira, come here. ” She gently set the plates down and came to me. she looked out the window.

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   “Look at me Mira. ” I said calmly. She turned her head towards me. “Explain. ” She sighed, but then a tear fell from her succubus eye.

“I have been under the command of countless people, all treating me worse then shit. When you came along you have treated me nicer in these past few days then I have been treated in 10’s of thousands of years. ” She bit her lip again and looked away. “I…I…Love you Max…”she said and turned towards me. she knelt at me feet and looked up to me. “please don’t put me back in that awful box for saying that. She paused because I knew she had more to say. “I want to be your life partner Max, and so I decided when the right is complete for me to become the last class of Succubae I wanted then to fuck you. ” She looked at me, then away again. “Plus, you grow with me if you fuck me, so if you fuck me before I grow to adult size then when I do grow to adult size your cock will be another five inches longer.

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I almost chocked on the pancake I ate five minutes earlier.

She got up slowly and bent over the table. “Master, If it would please you to fuck me then I would be most happy. ” She said with a fake smile. “I’m sorry about back there, I forgot my place. ” I stood up and walked behind her. I knew at that moment she closed her eyes but I did nothing. I grabbed her hips slightly and heard her gasp in realization I was like all the other master’s before.

I wasn’t. I picked her up and turned her around. The button upshirt fell back down to below her waist. I looked at her softly. “Do you think I would force something on you, Mira?” A tear came to her eye. I kissed her cheek softly. “I love you Mira.

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  ” She smiled slightly, but it was a real smile. I picked her up and brought her up to my room. I set her on the bed and kissed her forehead. “I love you Mira. ” I said again. I rolled to the side so I was laying next to her. After a couple minutes she spoke. “Max, I want your dick in my cunt. ” I felt her tail working to unzip my jeans. I smiled faintly, not because getting her to take my cock was my plan all along – which it wasn’t, - but because I was in love with this demon and I was about to show her just how much I loved her.
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