Edward Nox part 1


Edward Nox walked slowly down the busy city street towards the building where he worked at a dead end job as a computer consultant. Edward was not hip, nor stylish, not even slightly cool. He had very few personal skills, had trouble talking to strangers, and was not very talented at anything. He certainly wasn’t athletic, with a skinny, lanky build, brown hair that never parted the right way, and large, boxy glasses that sat on his nose in a manner that mimicked his every effort to meet women. Edward wasn’t very smart, didn’t do very well in school, and graduated from a backwoods college in Massachussets before settling down to work in Boston. He didn’t have a girlfriend, and his prospects were scarce. He had a dream, though.

The night before, Edward had had a vivid, almost too realistic dream that he was walking on water. He could see the ripples in the moonlight, he could hear the flies buzzing around in the crisp fall air, he could feel the wind in his rumpled hair. Someone was telling him that he was blessed, that things would be different. It was like a whisper, but fuller- it was quiet, but commanding. Edward couldn’t see behind him, but there was light coming from behind him, white, blinding light that made it hard to see the landscape in front of him. There was the feeling of a hand on his shoulder almost the whole time, giving him a sense of comfort and relaxation. Something made him think that life would be different.

Edward was jerked from his dream by a car horn blaring in his ears. A red sedan screeched to a halt, and he realized he had kept walking through a busy intersection.

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   He sheepishly nodded his head and jogged to the other sidewalk, the sedan’s driver screaming obscenities at his back. He arrived at the front door to his building, and stopped. Looking at his reflection in the glass, he took a deep breath. Life is going to be different someday, he thought. Hang in there.

The lobby was about as bustling as a computer company’s lobby could be. Edward walked through the lobby, and as usual, no one noticed him. He stopped. There went Jenna Derinson, glowing with beauty against a dark backdrop. Her shimmering blond hair fell perfectly on her shoulders, her blue eyes sparkled in the daylight, her full lips glistened. She was perfect. She wore a bright red tank top that showed off her perfect abs, the diamond belly button ring, the lines of her hips. Her breasts were enormous, bouncing with her hurried step, the perfectly tanned skin stretching with their movement. Her long, slender legs were covered with skintight red pants that hugged her hips for dear life, and made her backside look like it had a mind of its own. She walked by Edward without any sign of acknowledgement of his existence.

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   Life is going to be different, he thought.

He sat at down at his desk, and almost immediately the phone ring. Fuck, he thought. Edward would’ve been able to fantasize about Jenna’s ample cleavage for at least an hour. For some reason, annoyance welled up in him, turning slowly to frustration with each ring of the phone’s bell. Every mounting tone made his mind more and more focused on his rage- his job was shit, his social life was shit, his talents were shit, his motives were shit, and he couldn’t even get a moment to wallow in self-pity. The phone stopped ringing.

Edward paused. It had only been four rings, and his voicemail always picked up after the eighth. He picked up the phone and was greeted with a dialtone. The caller ID informed him that it had been Jeff calling; Jeff was his boss, and Jeff was a dick. Jeff wouldn’t hang up before reaming Edward out for something- for anything. The phone rang again. Marla Kosorloff showed up on the caller ID. Marla from accounting.

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   Edward didn’t want to talk to Marla. The phone fell silent. He started sweating. He did that whenever he was slightly nervous. He thought for a second. I want my aunt to call right now, he thought. His aunt lived in South America , and she- the phone rang. Edward waited for the caller ID to tell him who it was. UNLISTED CALLER sprung up on the digital screen, and Edward sighed, reaching to pick up the phone. He stopped. The number was an international one. He picked up the receiver, listening to the caller on the other end of the line. “Aunt Rita? I’ll call you back in a few minutes. ” Edward put the phone down quickly, and stood up, pacing in his cubicle and cracking his knuckles, another nervous habit.

Alright, he thought, I want a cup of coffee in my desk drawer.

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   With cream and sugar. Nothing happened. He could hear the whir of the Xerox machine in the office. He sat down in his chair. He opened his desk drawer, and the aroma of freshly ground coffee wafted upwards into his nostrils. Packages of sugar and cream were neatly arranged next to the cup in the drawer. He slammed the drawer shut. Coffee seeped through the cracks of the drawer. I need thirty thousand dollars to be right on the desk, he thought, right next to the keyboard. He continued to gaze at his computer. Nothing happened. He sighed. I’m going nuts, he thought, running his hands through his hair and rubbing his eyes in exhaustion. When he opened his eyes, a stack of crisp 100 dollar bills wrapped in a rubber band lay on the desk in front of him. Next to the keyboard.

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   He didn’t bother counting it. I want a letter of promotion to be given to me right now, he thought, delivered to me- and by Jenna Derinson. “Edward Nox?” someone said behind him, a petite feminine voice with a slight British accent. And I want her tank top to break, he added. He whirled his chair around. There was Jenna, standing with one hand on her tan waistline, the other holding a manila folder, shining with an almost neon aura of physical attraction. Well, he thought, two out of three ain’t bad. He stared at her chest, marveling at the indentations her nipples made in the red fabric, rejoicing in the fact that the tight material made it evident that she had a piercing of some sort on both breasts. “Yes?” he replied. “This is from Jeff Michaels,” she said, visibly disgusted by Edward’s physical appearance. She stepped forward, and reached out to place the folder on his desk next to him. With an almost inaudible snap, the spaghetti straps on both sides of her tank top gave way, and the stretchy fabric shriveled down towards her waistline. Her huge breasts bounced free, seeming almost, unbelievable, larger. They were perfectly tanned and voluptuous, and there were diamond studs on both of her nipples. Her bare skin smelled like strawberries, and incredibly fresh scent that made Edward think of spring.

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   She yelped and covered herself, rushing out of the cubicle, towards the ladies room. Edward smiled, the first time in years. He had suddenly had a revelation. The dream was real. Something made him think that life would be different.
            He stood up, and walked towards the ladies room. He stopped short at the door. He wished he could see through walls. Jenna was inside, standing at the sinks in front of large mirrors, fumbling with the spaghetti straps on her shirt. She sighed, and settled with pulling the tight fabric over her breasts in a tube-top fashion. She washed her hands, grimacing at something. Probably me, Edward thought. What I wouldn’t do to have her be attracted to me. In the bathroom, Jenna’s face was instantly cleared of the grimace, replaced suddenly with a slight smile. He channeled his thoughts, sending every feeling of lust and sexual desire he could possibly muster towards the shapely blond woman standing in tight clothing in the ladies’ restroom.

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   The response was decidedly more than Edward had anticipated. Jenna gasped in air violently, her knees buckled, and she grabbed hold of the sink to steady herself. She yelped, a surprisingly attractive exclamatory sound. “Holy shit,” she murmured, brushing her hair back from her face. Edward was entranced. He focused his emotion again, and sent another wave in her direction. She screamed in pleasure, teetering backwards through a stall door, and fell into a seat on the toilet. “Good god,” she said aloud, “what the fuck is going on?” Edward could see her perfectly, noticing a silver stud on her tongue. He put his hand on the door, and stopped. How could he do this? He was a skinny computer programmer, and she was a blond knockout. He gritted his teeth, forcing some composure and confidence into himself. Edward smirked when he thought about how much he could do. It’s like I have a nine inch dick, he thought to himself, pushing the door open. He stopped after the first step, and looked down. He could see the slight outline of the head of his penis, almost halfway down his thigh.

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   “Who is that?” Jenna said loudly, and Edward realized she could see him in the mirror. Fuck, he thought, his mind racing.
    “Uhh,” he stuttered. “I-I just wanted to see if you needed any help. ” He frowned in the silence. I shouldn’t have said that, he thought. That was stupid. “Actually,” came her reply, “I could use a hand. ” Edward paced to the door of the stall. Jenna was sitting on the toilet seat, leaning back against the wall, sweat on her brow. Edward swallowed. She was gorgeous. He wanted to do so much to her. Instantly lust sprung into his head, and almost accidentally, he let it seep out of his mind and into hers. What should I do, he thought, should I make a move, or should I set myself up for later? He stopped short.

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       Jenna was moaning loudly, breathing shortly, and writhing on the seat. Her left hand lifted up to her chest, her red painted fingernails stroking one of her nipples, which were standing on end. He could’ve sworn that the piercings were going to tear through the stretchy fabric. He realized his thoughts had become so strong that they were affecting her, and not just in waves. It was like he had turned on a beam of power, and she was enjoying it. She moaned again and again, her voice elevating to short screams. Her right hand pressed against the side of the stall while her left hand continued to massage her enormous breasts, squeezing and tugging. Edward stared intently as her hand moved from her chest down to her stomach, down towards her waistline- and then he lost concentration. She stopped, and sat up, breathing heavily. She was sweating bullets, her beautiful blond hair matted to her forehead. Jenna brushed the hair out of her face and smiled. “What’s your name again?” she asked. “E-Edward,” he said. “Well, Edward,” she replied, smiling, “it looks like you’re enjoying this. He looked down, and his pants were like a pup tent, his member throbbing against the black Dockers.

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       He started to stutter and excuse when her right hand reached out and touched the bulge in his pants. He gasped, and his excitement boiled over to her. She sucked in air, taking her hand away for a second. Jenna took a deep breath, and reached for the zipper, pulling it down slowly. She unbuckled his belt, looking up at him with those deep blue eyes, her lips pursed together in a slight smile. The instant she unbuttoned the pants, he placed a hand on her head, running his fingers through his hair. Should I have done that? he thought. She smiled, and pulled his Dockers down to the floor. His penis sprung out of its cage, bouncing in front of her face. Her smile vanished, and she looked up at Edward, her eyes wide with amazement. “I’ve never had…” she started, mumbling “…so big…” She looked at it again, tilted her head sideways for a second, and then leaned in, taking him in her mouth. Her tongue massaged his penis, and he exploded with excitement. She moaned in excitement as well, her pleasure muffled by the member engorged in her mouth. She moved her head in further, and Edward felt the head of his penis plunging further and further into her mouth and into her throat. Her left hand left his bare thigh to pull down her stretchy tank top to her waist.


       Her breasts bounced free once again, her nipples erect, the diamond studs shimmering in the bathroom light. Her hand massaged her bare breasts, squeezing the huge, perfectly tanned mounds while she performed. He leaned his head back, his moans of pleasure mixing with the slurping sounds she gave off while she worked. Edward looked down at her blond hair, her huge tan breasts, her perfect ass, and felt himself climaxing. He gasped. She screeched, but it came out more as a gurgle. I never want this feeling to end, he thought to himself, every muscle in his body spasming. He continued to see blinding flashes of pleasure, intertwined with the vision of her wide eyes as he continued to ejaculate. He watched her swallow load after load, his mind spinning, his penis twitching. She gasped for air, pulling her head back. He continued to come, as did she. Edward shot load after load of milky white semen at her, splashing her tight nipples with liquid, dripping all over her stomach. She leaned back, running her hands through her hair, screaming in pleasure, as she was showered in creamy liquid, splashing all over her face and hair. Squirt after squirt came, the gobs of cum dripping off her hands, and her body throbbed as she came, in perfect synchronization with Edward’s spasming. He finally made it stop, his chest heaving in exertion.

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       Jenna collapsed down, her stomach rising up and down with her heavy breathing, the pools of cum dripping onto the floor. They both were silent for what seemed like hours. “I’ve never come from a… well, giving a guy a blowjob,” she murmured. Edward looked down at her. Life was going to change.
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