Topic: LycanRhys choked as the large man held him against the coarse brick wall, arm pressed firmly against the victim’s throat. Punching ineffectively at his assailant, Rhys struggled for breath. He was tall and thin with shoulder length blonde hair and blue eyes, quite a pretty boy for nineteen. He was also the unfortunate victim of an alleyway mugging. The man punched Rhys in the gut, while his partner went through the blonde’s pockets. Rhys knew all that would be found were his keys and a bus card; he never carried his wallet at this time of night, only just enough cash which he had already spent on milk and cheap coffee. He prayed that they would leave him alone when they found nothing. “Dude, this dick head has bugger all. It’s waste of time,” said the partner, annoyed. The guy who was choking him frowned and drew his fist back at head level. Rhys closed his eyes and whimpered, but the guy paused. There was a yelp as the partner flew like a rag doll into the wall and landed awkwardly on a cluster of grimy trash cans. “What the fuck? Who the hell are you?” said the mugger, dropping Rhys and turning around. Rhys fell to the floor gasping and massaged his burning neck. The stranger who had thrown the mugger’s partner said nothing, just walked swiftly forward. The mugger threw a punch but the stranger caught it in mid-air, twisted the arm around and punched hard under the mugger’s ribs.

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   The criminal doubled over in pain and screamed, and then the stranger kicked him in the stomach sending him flying five metres through the air and crashing into the alley wall. He didn’t get up. The partner, lying amongst garbage, could have gotten up but intelligently chose not to. The stranger strode up to Rhys and held out his hand. As Rhys looked up it seemed the face was bordered by a golden halo, in fact a street lamp across the road. Rhys took the hand and was hauled gently to his feet. His saviour was slightly taller than himself but extremely bulky and with a sizable belly. But beneath the fat was obviously hidden muscle. He was also probably the same age. A mouth below short brown hair and dark green eyes asked, “Are you okay?”Rhys nodded stupidly. He was still groggy from the choking. “It looks like they got you pretty bad,” the stranger gently brushed some blood off the blonde’s forehead. “You should come back to my place, I’ll patch you up,” said the stranger. Rhys nodded vaguely as the teenager put a beefy arm around him for support and led him down the street. “What’s your name, by the way?” “Rhys,” he answered breathlessly, still a little weak.

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  “I’m Kirby. ”Kirby’s place was small but nice. All the basics were there and the walls were done up in a pleasant blue. The two were in the bathroom, Kirby cleaning Rhys’ bare and scrawny chest with a damp cloth. “It’s a good thing I got there when I did. Those guys were serious, you’re lucky they didn’t do any more damage. ” He briefly pointed to the bruises on Rhys’ chest and neck, and the small cut on his forehead. Rhys was grateful for all the help this otherwise complete stranger was giving him. He had saved his life after all. The smaller teenager’s mind flicked back to the fight, and the two muggers flying through the air. “How did you that?” Rhys asked, “Throw those guys like that, no one is that strong. ”Kirby ducked his head and smiled. “I’m a werewolf,” was the simple answer. He sounded slightly embarrassed. “A werewolf,” Rhys repeated blankly.

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   “I know how it sounds, but it’s true. Super-strength, heightened senses, howling at the moon, the works. ” He held out his hand. Before Rhys’ eyes the hand grew, sprouted grey thick grey hair and claws, then quickly melted back into pink human flesh. “See?”“Wow. ” Rhys blinked. He was willing to believe. He grinned, “That was cool. But I thought werewolves only changed at full moon. ”“No, I can change whenever I want. Except full moon, then I’ve got no choice. ” Kirby looked away for a second, as if deciding something. He turned back to Rhys and said, “I want to show you something. ” Kirby led him from the bathroom to a large metal door. “What’s in there?” asked Rhys, only a little suspicious.

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  “My bedroom. ” Inside was bare, with only a double bed in one corner and a large dog basket in the other. Rhys thought it was cute. He noticed with a shock that the entire room was padded. The walls, floor and even the ceiling was covered with soft white sponge. He thought about it for a while and decided it made sense. Maybe he didn’t have much control during full moon. Then he remembered why Kirby had brought him here. “So, what is it exactly you want to show me?” There was a loud crack as the back of Kirby’s hand caught Rhys violently under the chin sending him crashing against the padded wall. Rhys looked up in terror and confusion as Kirby grabbed him by the neck and held him up. Rhys scrabbled at the lycan’s arm to no avail. “I couldn’t believe my luck, stumbling across a cute, helpless little thing like you. ” Kirby pressed him into the wall and growled a low and hungry sound. He brought his face close to Rhys’ ear and smelled his hair, and the sweat and the fear. “I’ve always wanted a little puppy for myself,” he snarled.

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   Rhys trembled with terror; he had walked right into a werewolf’s lair. “Are you going to eat me?” he managed to squeak. Kirby laughed. “I don’t eat humans, besides,” he slowly licked the nape of Rhys’ neck, “You’re much too tasty for that. ” Still holding Rhys against the wall with one hand, Kirby used his other to rip the black singlet he wore from his bulky body. “No, I know just what to do with you. ” With his free hand, the werewolf removed his victim’s belt and jeans, and tossed them aside. He grabbed and stroked the bulge in Rhys’ underwear. A single claw grew from his index finger, and with one slash the jocks fell to the floor. Rhys whimpered as he finally realised what was going to happen. “Oh, god no. Please, don’t do this,” he begged. The clawed finger pressed firmly against his lips. “Shhh. Don’t make this more difficult for yourself,” said Kirby quietly.

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   “The more you cooperate, the less it will hurt. ” “Christ, please. . . ” his begs were cut short as the lycan took his trembling cock in his mouth, and he began to moan. Though still terrified, Rhys couldn’t help but enjoy the tongue that swirled over his dick, and squeaking every time very sharp teeth skimmed over his delicate flesh. A few seconds later and he was completely hard. But Kirby dropped him suddenly putting an end to the experience. With nothing holding him back, Rhys instantly crawled to the door. It wouldn’t open. He shook and hit it, all the while mumbling piteously to himself. Meanwhile, Kirby calmly took off his black pants and underwear, revealing a hard penis, and walked over to Rhys, smiling darkly to himself. He grabbed the boy by the shoulders, turned him around and forced him down, and thrust his cock into his mouth. Eyes wide in fear, Rhys gagged on the sudden invasion, but Kirby held his head in place and roughly crammed his length repeatedly down the poor boys throat. As Rhys was skull raped all he could do was take it, and cry.

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   Kirby began to moan and growl as his dick slid in and out of the blonde’s choking mouth, pre-cum dribbling down the boy’s throat. He came quickly, and forced Rhys’ lips right to the base of his cock as the big load spurted into his skull. Cum shot straight into Rhys’ belly but also tried to escape out of his mouths, spraying out of the corners of his lips. “Eat it!” Kirby ordered as he released Rhys into a fit of coughing. “Lick it all up. ” Rhys just wanted to curl into the foetal position, but he did as he was told and licked up all cum from the floor, himself, and Kirby’s large belly. “Now the real fun begins,” said Kirby. Rhys lay on the floor and shook. A deep rumble came from Kirby’s chest. His whole body grew in every direction. Grey fur covered his entire naked frame. His face grew into a snarling snout and his ears moved to the top of his head. “Oh fuck,” Rhys whimpered. The werewolf was huge. Ten feet tall with huge log-like limbs and a massive rippling belly that could have easily accommodated two large children.

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   But when Rhys saw what was between the hairy legs his normally pale complexion went even whiter. Two testicals the size of cricket balls hung behind a rock hard cock that was easily fifteen inches long and four inches thick. The transformed Kirby seized Rhys under the armpits and carried him to the bed. The blonde struggled and squirmed, terrified for his life and begging all the while. “Please no! Oh, god no!” he screamed, “It’ll kill me! You’ll fucking kill me!”The lycan brought the struggling mess to eye level and roared. Rhys fell silent. “I’ll be careful,” said the grating baritone voice. Then he began to laugh. He slammed the whimpering teenager face down on the bed with his legs hanging over the edge and held his thin white arms spread eagled with his own dreadful claws. Kirby kicked Rhys’ legs apart for better access and aimed his gargantuan appendage at the tiny little butt-hole before him. “Shit, please don’t. Please don’t hurt me! No one’s ever. . . You’ll fucking kill me!” cried Rhys as he struggled futilely at the monster’s iron grip.

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   The wolf roared with laughter. “So, you have a virgin ass. Even better! And don’t worry; I won’t break you, my little puppy. ” Then, without protection, without lubricant and without mercy, Kirby plunged his huge cock into Rhys’ rectum. Rhys screamed in agony as he felt it spear his prostate and stretch his innards to the extreme. Snarling in pleasure and joy, the lycan buried his fifteen inch meat right up to the hilt with his big hairy balls rubbing against lily white butt cheeks. The ten foot wolf breathed deeply. He could feel every crease and bump, every movement and twitch that was inside his puppy. He felt the rectum and sphincter and intestines stretch almost to bursting to accommodate his monster penis. But then he withdrew his cock all the way to the head, and began to thrust fast, violent, and above all uncontrolled thrusts, and grunting each time he violated Rhys’ insides a little further. All Rhys could do was scream. Tears of agony streamed down his face as his little ass was stretched, and the friction burnt his insides, as the intense slamming pressure forced itself upwards one thrust after the other, raping him like a steel piston. He couldn’t form words or even struggle against the grip of the werewolf, all he knew was the pain in his backside and screaming. Kirby was having the time of his life. He fucked the thin teenager as wild and as fast as he could.


   It wasn’t long before he felt the cum swirling from his testicals to the base of his penis. With a terrifying howl he orgasmed, his first shot shooting a stream of sperm deep into his puppy’s belly. Rhys felt the hot liquid filling his insides like a high pressure hose; he thought it would never stop. But after almost ten seconds the stream did stop. Then with a snarl came Kirby’s second shot which sprayed out of Rhys’ crack and smothered the belly of the wolf. After six more mighty shots Kirby was finally done. With a contented growl he withdrew from the boy and released his arms; he knew he wasn’t going anywhere. Kirby then lowered his snout and began to lick his own seed from Rhys’ red raw butt cheeks and hole. Rhys shivered as the coarse tongue drew across his buttocks and wormed its way inside his entrance, sucking the hot cum out of his body. Although a painless experience, his rear end still burnt and stung from the rape. And while the werewolf was no longer holding him down, he saw no point in trying to escape. His body was paralysed with fear and pain; the pitiful teenager could not have run even if he tried. He prayed and hoped that this was the end and that the monster had finished with him. But no such fate was in his grasp. There was an odd crunching noise as Kirby returned to his human form.


   He smiled and watched the blonde breath slowly in and out, eyes wide in terror. The half-breed reached under his bed and pulled out a plastic box. Inside were his toys. He decided to go with something simple and removed three twelve inch dildos, placing them on the bed. He leapt into the air and belly-flopped onto Rhys, crushing the thin boy under his large girth. Rhys gasped for breath as Kirby whispered into his ear, “You know what the very best part about being a werewolf is? You never get tired. ” With that he jumped off his prisoner, grabbed a dildo and crammed it into his own fat ass with a load grunt. His bum easily and hungrily swallowed the complete length of the plastic toy. Then, moving with surprising normality for someone with twelve inches of rubber inside his crack, he pushed his human nob into the target before him and began to rape Rhys in the butt again, but slower this time with even more powerful thrusts. He fucked him with a sense of purpose. As a human, Kirby’s penis was smaller, almost half the size than what he originally stuck Rhys with. But that doesn’t mean it didn’t hurt. Rhys screamed until his lungs ached, and thrashed his arms as his dominator held down his back with strong hands and repeatedly pushed into him. Without warning Kirby stopped, his cock buried to the hilt in rectum. He took one of the two remaining dildos, rubbed some slippery cum on it and lined it up with Rhys’ crack, just beneath his own penis.

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   Slowly he pushed the huge dildo into his puppy’s hole with his dick already firmly inside. He gasped in pleasure as the muscles in the blonde’s body tensed and tightened at the new intrusion, tightening around his meat. Rhys screamed louder as his butt was stretched to new extremes even more painful and impossible than when the wolf was inside him. Kirby sighed when the dildo was in as far as it could go. “The fun isn’t over yet, little puppy. ” Kirby squirmed his own butt cheeks together to stimulate the dildo inside of him, then took a deep breath and changed. He became a werewolf yet again but this time with a dildo up his ass and his dick in a thin little human who also had a dildo in him at the same time. He roared in ecstasy and pounded into the puny teenager, his fat shaft constantly squeezed and massaged by hole he was raping to oblivion. His yellow eye caught the final dildo. Licking his chops, he took the toy and roughly crammed it up his ass to join the other that rested inside of him. Rhys had finally stopped screaming. He was beyond pain. He just took sharp, urgent breaths as the lycan behind him fucked him like never before. Rhys had felt the monster growing inside of him, filling up his insides like a stuffed chicken. But then something had happened and now there was no pain, only a strange sensation of intense pressure and the mind-numbing fear that he would never escape.

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   Rhys was conscious enough to notice something even more disturbing. He was horrified to realise that he was getting hard. He was being raped by a ten foot wolf monster with a fifteen inch penis, and his brain was sending messages to his dick telling it that this was a good thing. So he did the only reasonable thing under the circumstances: he started to masturbate. Kirby grinned as he felt the familiar tingling in his cock. His massive nuts tightened as he shot a load of cum so powerful that Rhys was blasted off his member like a rocket and slammed against the padded wall. His fantastic orgasm ended and the stream of molten hot jiz slowed to a dribble. He changed into a human and collapsed on the floor, gasping. After a few lungful of air he stood and walked to where Rhys lay, shaking. The dildo had been flushed out of the teenager’s ass by the torrent of cum and now lay harmlessly on the bed. Inside Kirby’s toy box was a thin, leather collar. He fixed it to Rhys’ neck. He then picked up the unresisting male with one arm, walked to the far wall and opened a concealed panel behind the padding. Inside was a metal cage about two metres squared. He put Rhys inside and locked the cage door.

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   Kirby wandered back to his bed, paused to remove one of the dildos from his sizable ass, and climbed into bed deciding he would get the other dildo out later. He looked at Rhys in his cage and smiled. “You did well, my little puppy,” said the werewolf, evilly. “Now get some sleep. You’re going to need lots of energy for tomorrow morning. And tomorrow evening. And every single day after that. ”.

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