In the dark entryway to the room, Danny could see the outline of his beloved wife, Erin, staring at him. As she walked towards him, he acquired a much better view of her clothing. She wore black heels, on her sweet feet. A flared purple and black plaid skirt hugged her waist, and glided effortlessly on the air it moved through. For her top, she wore a black corset, tightly tied, advertising her beautiful breasts. On her neck clung a narrow strip of velvet. Her hair went down to her shoulders, and was just as black as night itself. The morning light from the window seemed to bounce off her pale skin. In her right hand she held a dark riding crop. From the left hand dangled a gag piece, with a red ball. Danny began to feel nervous, and started to sweat. He desperately wanted to know what was going on. Erin stopped at the foot of the bed and looked at her husband with a stone hard glare. "I'm hungry. " She told him. "I need to feed.

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   But don't worry, the neighbors won't hear your pain. "She walked around the bed and securely put the ball gag into his mouth. She fastened it behind his head, so he couldn't get it out. After removing the option of speech from Danny, Erin walked along the perimeter of the bed. Every other step or so, she gave his legs, arms, or chest a fierce blow from the crop. This caused Danny much pain, and excitement. His sex started to rise up. After Erin noticed this showing of enjoyment, she struck Danny's enlarging cock with the crop. "Ugggh," Was the only sound to escape the red ball that assisted in his imprisonment. As the crop began hitting the same places over and over, blood started emerging from the wounds. First his legs bled a little. Blood then flowed from his arms. After a few more swings, Erin bent over on the bed and slowly licked the blood from Danny's body. She felt the energy of his soul being taken away from him, and given to her. Within 10 minutes of draining Danny of blood and energy, Erin felt more was needed.

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   She wanted more. If she wanted all of his energy, she would have to work for it. After throwing the crop to the ground, Erin climbed onto the bed and mounted her naked and bleeding Adonis. It soon became apparent to Danny that she was not wearing anything under her short skirt, and her sex was just as clean and hairless as his. She took the hard organ, and placed it near the opening of her sex. As she sat she could feel the lips of her womanhood being parted. "You're going to make me cum now. " Erin barked at Danny, who's only response was more muffled noises. She began to bring her body up and down on his swelling member. As she felt his cock fill her pussy to the brim, her clitoris was beginning to work it's magic. Erin grabbed her left breast out of her corset with her right hand and began to play with the nipple. Danny could only watch, moan, and attempt to thrust as he lay on the bed. The overwhelming scent of blood and sweat filled the room as Erin continued to near a climax. Sensing the increasing speed of Erin's pace, Danny knew her orgasm was near. Tension built in all the muscles in her body, as her clit signaled that she had cum.

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   Then all the muscles seemed to relax. She got up off of Danny, and sat on her knees, between his legs. “Now I am going to steal the rest of your energy. You are to be my complete and utter victim. ”Her right hand grabbed Danny’s huge sex and began to rub his manhood up and down. She bent her head towards him and gave his cock head light kisses before taking it all into her mouth. As her head bobbed up and down on Danny’s large penis, with assistance from one of her hands, her other hand grabbed his balls and started playing with them. Only slight moans came from Danny. Tears ran down his face, from then pain of his wounds. He wanted to orgasm.
    He knew what she wanted. Erin’s tongue was playing tricks on his cock, taunting it, teasing it. Then Erin felt his balls contract, and heard a louder moan come from the gagged mouth of her lover. Soon his sex exploded in her mouth. She continued to bob her head in order to milk everything she could from her bleeding man.

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       Her head came up and Danny watched as she swallowed his load with great ease and satisfaction. With tremendous lust in her eyes, Erin went back down on Danny, making sure not a drop was wasted. She licked him clean, and sucked him dry. She got off the bed and looked at the body on the bed. Blood and sweat covered Danny’s body. He tried the muster the strength to lift his head to get a good look at her, but to no avail. Erin had successfully stolen his power, his energy, his very life force. She had consumed his blood and cum, and now grew stronger with each breath as her stomach gave it to the rest of her sexy body. Satisfied with her work, Erin turned around. She walked towards the door, then out the door. Danny heard the door being locked from the outside. As he lay and tried to focus on the sound of her heels walking back down the hall, he knew she had won. With his last conscious thoughts, Danny knew Erin had stolen all the precious energy he had. Soon after Danny fully realized what had just happened, the last once of energy he had was spent, and he slept. The birds outside his window didn’t awaken him.

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       Nothing could awaken him, until his body was able to regain him self. Then and only then, he might have a chance to find Erin, and return the favor she had given him today. .

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