Oh My Goddess


“Teach me how to love you. Show me those heavenly pleasures. Allow me learn how the gods make love”. The first time, he was just a boy, and all he wanted was to hunt and play. He had no interest in girls and feared the gods. Her words fell on ears deafened by his own racing heart. Her kisses were unrequited against cold lips. She mistook his bravado for resentment. More than she wanted him, she needed him to want her. She freed her grip and removed her shining armour. Her soft hair fell as she tossed her helmet to the side. Adonis was moved by her beauty but his young heart was ignorant of lust. “Who am I to deserve you. What could I possibly offer you that your heaven cannot. I am just a mortal and new to your gift of love”. He remembered how she pleaded with him but it was in vain.

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   She told him to flee, if that was his desire, since he was not free for true desire. It wasn’t till he felt her tears on his cheek that his fears subsided and he was able to think and feel again. It was like rain to a seedling. From sympathy, grew affection. He looked upon her face that glowed with radiant beauty and warmed his soul. He reached up to touch it and she kissed his outstretched fingers and palms. “I live to touch you and yearn to feel your touch. I would reach up to the heavens but I am bound to the earth”. The sun set as if humiliated by being outshone. The envious moon looked down upon them. Her gentle kisses grew more aggressive and her hands clutched at the fabric of his clothing,. He felt her weight on him and her soft breasts pressed against him. She pushed herself onto him, squeezing out the very ether between them. His hands migrated to her firm buttocks and he clenched onto them. “I am reborn in your presence and wither without it.

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   Why do you hide from me now? I am eager to spring back to life“. She ripped his clothes from his body and lowered herself onto him and him into her. Her tunic flew to the side and he was escorted to heaven on earth. He was no longer confined but embraced upon the ground and looking at the stars. She lifted her face to eclipse the moon and the shadows withdrew. Then he saw her breasts which were as round and heavenly as the moon. The red nipples pointed, proudly, to her home. They were as steady as the moon as her hips ground into him. They stood apart from the earthly, passionate activity below and he reached for the divine orbs. “You are beauty incarnate. Here in the dust, we can only reflect your beauty. We crawl and climb and grow to get closer to you”. From behind him came a soothing voice, “You pay such flattery. Do you no longer fear me? Were you so lonely in hell or do you have a story to tell?”He spun around and was in jaw-dropping awe of her beauty. He managed to close his mouth before he drooled.

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   “There is no other. She is just a shadow in the darkness. A ghost that haunts my bed”. She had changed her armour to the attire of an archer. She looked more vulnerable but looks can be deceptive. The goddess of love had lost her love and, now, her heart had hardened. Her love stood before her, but her heart was slow to soften. “In my anger, you were conceived. Born in incest, your parents deceived. They dared show vanity and pride. They took my name in vain and for their sins, they died”. “That is the way of mortal things, to die and fade away. We count our seasons in futility. Some things are blessed to count just one and leave behind one more It is by your will that they had died and that I do live and, if you will, I will love”. “Show some caution, mortal boy.

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   The dignity of a goddess is no toy. I abandoned heaven in your name but don’t dare think that I’ve gone tame”. “Let me be your puppy dog. Tell me to heel and I will be at your side. Please, tell me”. “You charm me with your innocence. I don’t need your obedience. Around you, I feel less than the power of a god and more the unrelenting love of a dog”. “Considering our canine qualities, shall we not remove these needless clothes and drop to our naked knees”. She laughed and held out her hand to him. He clasped it and, after a moment in her eyes, he fell to her lips. They spun around and around until they stumbled to the grass and, as if they hadn’t noticed, they continued in their passionate embrace. Their clothes were pushed and pulled and ripped aside. They were oblivious to the world around them. They surrendered to the cravings of the flesh to have the other’s heat be theirs.

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   Their skin burned in exquisite agony and ached to be touched. Touched he did, and kissed and licked. Every inch of her, he felt between his lips. Her pleasure was his give and his to share. He sucked at her nipples like a baby searching for life-giving milk. His tongue felt the crease between breast and chest where the sun dares not. Her body quivered as his tongue explored her navel and then he was at the gates of paradise. He kissed her thighs and around that triangle of hair. She raised her hips to meet his lips and the triangle pointed to a juicy pink that rivalled the ripest fruit. “The scent fills my head with memories. It intoxicates me with mindless pleasures”. He looked up to see a gift from heaven. The legs spread wide and the breasts laid back. This was the temple he prayed to and prayed for. He wanted nothing more than to enter her but he knew he had to pay homage to the goddess if he were to receive her blessings.

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   He lapped up the juices of his favourite fruit and discovered the mysteries enfolded within. He licked around it and into it and as he pushed in, she pushed back. Her hips pulsed in rhythm but the tempo crept faster. It matched his heart and together it was a harmony of beating drums. Faster and faster until he lost his breath but he caught it again in hers before she could utter the last of her words. “Give it to me. Fuck me. Fuck me hard and fuck me deep. Fuck me till our juices seep”. She saw his wide chest above her. The muscles strained and taut against the skin. Bulging shoulders and biceps like pillars on either side. He filled the sky above and below, she felt him enter as gently as roots to the earth. Soon she was filled and then she was stretched and he kept going deeper. She was impaled beneath him and she recalled why even the gods were envious of him and the goddesses of her.

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   It was too much to bear and still not enough. She wrapped her legs around him and pulled him closer. If she could, she would engulf him and absorb him so they could be just one. He pulled back and she enjoyed the friction that only two could feel. He felt the heat of her body from deep inside. She loosened as he pushed and gripped him as he pulled. So soft and smooth and firm and tight. So warm and wet and wonderful. Every stroke was pure delight. He was learning by experience. It’s not a game of give and take. The art of love is common sense. The love you feel, you make. Love is not a thing to be rationed. It can‘t be used up but only grows.

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   The same is not true for passion which flowers with brief, magnificent highs amidst continuing lows. He tried to prove his love would last but his passion was deep and hot and, as everyone knows, a hot flame burns fast. However, holding back was not for naught. Mighty trees, in time, will fall but life goes on, compromising. He didn’t stop, only stalled. Collapsed to the ground but still enduring. Beside her, behind her and between her. With free hands, he felt and groped. Like a vine, he wrapped around her. That this could last forever was his futile hope. In this position, he had some padding. A bit of bounce quickened the pace and helped for a bigger and better pounding. If this was a race, he was in the chase but gaining. Suddenly, she rolled over and over him she lay. Under them, lay flowers bowled over and above them, the dimming light at the end of the day.

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  She took the lead and increased the speed. His body mounted and his ecstasy mounting. He lost control and lost his seed. The reward came and came again but neither of them were counting. He spread his seed in holy ground. If one should have a blessed, blissful fate then a child born would be heaven bound and he may owe another life to his special, celestial mate. In the twilight of the blushing sun, they caught their breath and indulged in their bodies sensations. Exhausted yet still excited, they watched the constellations come out from hiding. “Do the stars see us?”, Adonis asked. “Every twinkle is a wink. They come out at night and when love is strong, they’re bright”“If that were true then that one above us would be blinding”. “When did you become such a cynic? Do I have to show you some magic”?He sat up and tried to look into her eyes but was distracted by her naked body, “Yes, show me some magic”. She reached out her hand and touched a flattened flower. It sprung back to life. “Can you do that for people too”?“No, only Zeus has that power but I can revive more than just a flower”.

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  With that, she reached to his flaccid member and it rose in her hand. It emerged from it’s sheath like a blossom in the bud. She stroked it gently and lowered her lips to it. She wrapped her mouth around the enormous spongy bulb but could barely move her tongue. Her struggles were just as effective but she was overwhelmed and decided on a new direction, sideways. She licked and sucked and stroked and while knowing the pleasure she was giving, occasionally looked at his face to see. She continued and he convulsed, instinctively pumping into the air until she finally got her salty reward. First a shot, then an ooze. It spilled down the shaft to waiting, hungry lips but this was just the start of an incredible night. Many times and every way, they were like gluttons at a feast. More than satisfied but never full. The next bite will always be better. His will was strong but his body weakened. He didn’t fall asleep but fell unconscious still inside her. The goddess was almost grateful for the reprieve and even she needed a rest.


  They awoke to the sound of rustling and opened their eyes to the morning light. Across the glade was a large boar with it’s snout in the ground. Adonis was scared at first but as the boar strode away, fear turned to lust. Not lust for flesh but lust for blood. “For you, I’ll slay that boar”. “For me, you should stay. Let it be and let it stray. Beasts like that are tricky prey and you could be the one getting hunted today. I am not fond of tusks and teeth and claws. I prefer gentle creatures that eat grass and leaves and straw”. “You are a goddess but you are still a woman and you can‘t understand. A man must prove his worth and fight his fear”. “Then go and show your gender that a man is neither wise nor tender. Take my blessings and take my bow. Be careful and take it slow”.

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  He jumped to his feet and grabbed the bow and quiver. He followed the beast into the brush. Aphrodite waited on the grass, still naked to the morning sun. She pondered her future and cursed the mortality of the boy. She cursed herself for there will be a day when she will have to live without him. She decided to follow him and vowed to protect him. She got dressed and followed his path into the woods. She walked and walked and came upon another clearing. A noise of grunting and rustling approached and she stood, waiting for it’s appearance. From the other side of the clearing, the boar crashed through the bush. It’s tusks and snout were stained red and it looked at her and stormed away. She wasn’t sure if it was it’s blood but she thought the worst. She began to run in the direction it came. She leaped over small bushes and through the large ones. There he lay on a bed of crimson and white flowers.

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   No, the flowers were white but they were covered in blood. She fell to her knees beside him and her hands framed his face. “Wake up. Wake up. For heaven’s sake, wake up”. She lifted his limp head off the ground and clutched his chest to hers. “You cannot die. I forbid it. You’re too young and strong and fit. You can’t be dead. I’ll restore the blood you shed”. She summoned all her powers and focused them on him but he didn’t blink or even twitch. “I’ll live a thousand lifetimes but I would give them all for yours. A century for just one day and a millennia for one night more”. She held him there for hours, till the sun went down again.

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   Her tears fell like rain but could not wash away the stain of his blood on the petals. They flowers stayed that way and they are still that way, a testimony to timeless love and tempted fate. It is the way of mortal things to die and fade away but life goes on, compromising. NOTE: If you enjoyed this, there is a poem by an author you may have heard about. It’s probably better than my Dr. Seuss rhymes. You can find it at http://gutenberg. net/index. html and use a the search feature for “Venus and Adonis”. By the way, the myth goes on that Adonis is not only brought back to life by Zeus but becomes the god of vegetation. He was still obliged to spend part of each year with Persephone. In some versions of the myth, the boar was actually a disguised Ares, the god of war and jealous lover of Aphrodite. Now, that’s a “Venus and Mars” story. .
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