Pyschological Testing


From the maker of "Symbiotic Sex Plant" I give you. . .
Psychological Testing.
I wake up in the middle of a white room, lying under the sheets of a beautifully soft bed. I close my eyes sleepily, luxuriating in the coolness of the sheets, the softness of the pillows, and the feel of my own naked body. I roll over onto my stomach, my breasts squished up against the pillow and my pussy rubbing the cool bed cover. Wait, WHAT! Pussy? Breasts? I sit straight up in bed, and let the sheets and blankets cascade off my body, revealing two shapely, satin smooth breasts, a flat sexy stomach, a pinched waist, flaring hips, and worst of all as my eyes travel down my small happy trail, a pussy with trimmed pubic hair. My breath catches, and I’m sad to admit that I was aroused by my own body. I suddenly had a funny feeling in the vicinity of my crotch.
I immediately covered myself up, bringing the bed sheet up to hide my breasts, while using my other hand to cover my crotch in case someone saw that behind the cool, sheer fabric was no longer a glorious example of manhood, but instead womanhood. I didn’t have time to try and cover my ass before a door slid open at the opposite end of the room, and a little man entered.
He was obviously not human; his skin was grey and he looked like he didn’t have a bone in his body. His large, teardrop head seemed to big for his tiny neck, and his thin arms and legs bent like rubber as he walked. He was clothed in what looked like skin-tight metallic spandex colored silver. His eyes were large and entirely black without pupils.

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“Who the hell are you!” I scream, and am taken aback by my high-pitched voice. My hand flies to my mouth to find too full lips, my hand is delicate and thin, and my face is as smooth as a baby’s ass. I take a step away from this strange being.
“Do not be alarmed, we will not hurt you. We only wish to examine you. ”
I am so stunned by his perfect English that I almost drop the sheet, but am self conscious enough to maintain my grip on the all too thin material. The feel of the soft fabric against my now much more feminine body sends a thrill down my spine and my nipples stick out, which only causes another thrill.
“Then what the fuck did you do to me?!?” I scream. “Where am I and what the FUCK is going on!”
“If you would let me explain, then I would happily tell you. ” He waits a few seconds, letting me stand there with my legs pressed together to hide my pussy, my arm trying to flatten my breasts, and my sanity slowly going out the window. The grey man blinks.
“Good, you’ve calmed down somewhat. Much better than others. You are here for testing and examination, and as I said no harm will be done to you. We simply would like to study your species under extreme conditions, and in you’re case all the experiments are to be sexually taboo in nature.

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   Acts of intercourse that you will most likely not voluntarily want to perform, and we wish to observe you and your reactions. Needless to say we are not asking your permission, but we do offer our apologies for this necessary inconvenience. ”
“Necessary? Inconvenience? You’re out of your mind! Put me back the way I was or I’ll-”
“Or you’ll what? Kill me? By all means try, it will provide excellent fodder for our students. ”
Something inside of me snaps, and with a roar of rage I drop the sheet and rush towards the alien. I can’t help but notice how different my body is as I run, the way I can’t stop my hips from swaying, my breasts from bouncing, nor the pussy in between my legs and it only fuels my rage. I’m nearly upon the alien when he grabs both of my wrists and lifts me up in the air, halting my charge. He then tackles me backwards and pins me to the ground by my arms and waist. He is sitting on my new pussy, and the combination of my helpless position and his contact with my naked pussy triggers a completely involuntary chemical reaction inside of my body. The funny feeling in my crotch intensifies.
“My, horny already?” says the alien in perfect English. I thrash my legs and try to twist out from underneath him, but I probably only weight 90 lbs. soaking wet, no pun intended, and he has the upper hand.
“No, please don’t,” I sob, painfully aware of my wet pussy. He grinds his pelvis against mine, making my breath quicken.
“Don’t what? Rape you? Why, that means I’ll have to get your permission first.

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Suddenly my arms and legs are restrained by some  invisible source, and the alien slides down my body to where my reddening pussy awaits. One delicate grey, three fingered hand reaches out and touches me there, and I kick out violently only to have the invisible restraints pull me taught on the ground.
“No. Nononono, please don’t,” but he doesn’t listen, and opening his mouth wide sticks out a long, blue, pointed, six inch long tongue and licks me. I gasp out at the sudden, wet presence of it, sliding slowly up the middle of the folds of my pussy. He licks me again, and my legs weaken.
“Oh God,” I moan, and he licks me again, generating another short, quick breath of air from me as well as an involuntary spreading of my legs.
“Oh, she likes it. ” Says the alien, and immediately I snap my legs together, despite the curiously strong restraints, and scream, trying to sit up off the ground,
“I Do NOT Like It!”
“Your pussy says otherwise,” replies the alien, and he licks my pussy again, hooking his tongue into my folds a small bit. I can’t keep holding my legs together like this and they spring open once again, leaving me completely vulnerable to his alien. He licks me again, going deeper, spreading my pussy lips wider and eliciting a moan from me despite myself.
“Please stop.
“Say you want to be fucked and I will. ”
“Then I won’t stop,” and this time he spreads my pussy wide with both hands and licks my entire pussy. I orgasm, crying as my body convuses and my virgin pussy spasms in overwhelming pleasure.

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   My juices spray the aliens face, and he licks it all off with his long tongue. As I lay there panting the alien continues taunting me.
“Have you ever experienced a multiple orgasm before?”
“No,” I manage to say, completely spent, or so I thought.
“It’s about time you did then,” and then he unceremoniously licks one of his fingers with his long tongue, and unceremoniously sticks it up inside of me. I’m immediately and forcibly brought back to full arousal, and then he begins finger fucking me. Slowly at first, then faster and faster. I can’t believe what I’m experiencing, to have something inside of me like that where my dicks supposed to be, it was unimaginable. Very quickly he had me on the verge of a climax, gasping and shaking, and then my second orgasm hit me and I screamed, it passed, and the little grey man keep fingering me, even faster than before, and in seconds I was orgasming again, screaming and crying.
“Please stop, pleease stop, oh please for the love of God stop I can’t take,” and my words became incomprehensible due to my screeching orgasm. And still he continued. Tears flew freely from my face as I was built forcibly toward yet another climax, each successive one exponentially bigger than the last. My body convulses uncontrollably as this final orgasm hits me and the alien removes his intruding finger. Nearly hyperventilating, I’m sweating profusely and lay there limp on the floor, the restraints having been removed at some time during one of my involuntary orgasms. The small grey alien stands up then walks over to squat down next to my head, his black eyes bottomless but wonder of wonders a smile on his face. As the world stops spinning I realize that I had made quite the mess, but am too tired to sit up or get out of it.

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“Now, would you like to repeat this experience. ”
“No,” I reply weakly.
“Then say it. ”
“I want to be fucked. ”
“Good girl. ”
The muscles in my pussy all the way up inside of me ached from the orgasms, but it looked like I was in for more as the alien slide snakelike out of his suit. My pussy clenches, painfully opposite the feelings that used to originate from my dick.

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