Samantha and her mistake


Topic: Samantha and her mistakeNote to reader: I have a strange obsession with hobos, zombies, and tentacles(and tentacle like creatures/objects), and as such, almost all my stories will be based around these, I am new to this site, but my stories will focus more around the description of what happens rather then stating what happens, I leave my character descriptions mostly open for those with imagination and apologize if you have a hard time visualizing them, Thank you for your time.
Main character:
Samantha (Sam): who will be speaking through the story, has darker hair, and little cleavage, she is between 5 and 6 feet tall and is average for her body in general (not well toned, but not thick either, a healthy kind of body), she is between the age of 16-18
If at any time you find the story boring and would like to go straight to the action, press ctrl and f then type in [SoZXXX] and add a 2, 3, and so on at the end to get to the next sex “scenes”
Hello… I’m Samantha and am a prisoner for eternity… I recently came across a book and was able to record my story in it. If there is anyone out there… please never let the same fate happen to you… run, and never stop running, otherwise you will end up like me…
It was a normal day like any other, my dad was at work, my mom had finished unpacking for the moment and was taking a nap, and my little brother was outside playing around… We had just moved out of Arkansas and were in a small town in Colorado somewhere… My friends threw me a surprise party a couple days before and we all got drunk and had a great time… I know it’s illegal to drink at my age… but it’s alright if I only do it once and for a special occasion… isn’t it?
I still remember that night… there was something on the news about a missing kid somewhere in our town and I was making out with my old boyfriend, Derrick, he was such a nice guy and never pushed me to do anything… but for some reason I think he didn’t mind me leaving…After the party and games and all that, I “thought” I had sobered up and decided to take my friends home since I was the only one with a car and the others had walked over and since it was so late, I didn’t want anything to happen to them with all the thugs and sick freaks out there…
While we were in the car, my friend or as we nicknamed her “Rubber Ducky” because of her squeaky voice, was really serious and kept telling me that I was still not fit to drive, if only I had listened to her and gotten yelled at by my parents for being late, maybe non of this would’ve happened. Down the road, I accidentally went on the sidewalk and heard a thump, thinking that it was probably just a skunk or rock, I kept driving and went back onto the street, acting as though it was an accident since I had been talking with them while driving.
[SoZXXX] (masturbation “scene”)
Anyways, I was starting to feel kinky and since I knew no one would barge in on me, began to undress myself in front of my mirror. I always thought my body wasn’t as great as the school sluts, but personally, I was happy as I didn’t have guys always trying to get in my pants all the time. I slowly and gently placed my hand on my shirt over my left breast and caressed it, knowing I would be plenty horny soon, I took off my clothes as not to get any stains on them. The cool breeze felt great as my nipples hardened immediately.
I made my way to my waterbed, picturing that my boyfriend Derrick was carrying me gently, I seemed to flow over there and flopped down onto it back first, as the waterbed tried to even itself out, it seemed to suck me in slightly, brushing against my nipples, then letting me go free.
My hand slowly made it down to my most precious belonging and I massaged myself, moving my hand up and down, back and forth, feeling my juices start to flow. I felt myself loosen up as I relaxed, and slowly inserted a finger inside of me, gently moving it I and out as I closed my eyes and let my hand do its job. I then inserted another finger inside of my now soaking wet gem and moved slightly faster. I pressed my thumb against my clit and started to apply pressure while moving it in circles, I was quickly going into an orgasm from pure ecstasy.
Suddenly, I felt something that wasn’t my own doing and it felt like someone else had their hand up against me, the hand was slightly rough but smaller then mine and I quickly assumed it was my brothers, opening my eyes with a glare though, I didn’t see anything. I quickly assumed it was my imagination and continued what I was doing…
I felt it again, but this time I was convinced that it was my imagination and continued to play with myself, slowly moving faster and faster, soon I was commanding it. I told it to insert a finger into me, and it did as I said I told it to give me the best fuck ever, and I soon felt four fingers rammed into my pussy as the thumb pressed against my clit with every thrust, I could feel it getting deeper inside me until suddenly it hit my Hymen and I had the best orgasm I had ever had in my life, my juices squirting out in all directions as I quickly picked up the towel to wipe up the mess I had made, I had had the biggest orgasm ever from some strange force of my own will!
I quickly though realized it wasn’t my imagination, and as I looked down, I was horrified as a hand sunk into my bed, seeming to make little gestures with its fingers as if it was waving goodbye…
I jumped off my bed when I saw this, and quickly changed into some clothes while going downstairs to find that my mom had woken up and was getting ready to make an early supper.

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“Mom, I can’t sleep on the waterbed” I whispered to her
“Why not sweetie?”
“you’ll think I’m crazy if I told you…”
“well, alright then, you don’t have to sleep on it but if you don’t want it, your brother can have it. ”
“NO!” I yelled, making my brother in the other room look away from his videogame and cock his head to the side as he gave me a funny look
“Well then, what should we do with it?”
“I want dad to empty out all the water in it…”
“but why?”
“I… I… I think there’s something inside it…”
“well why didn’t you just say so?”
“I don’t know…” I lied, thinking about what had just happened…
“well, I’ll have your father take a look at it when he gets home…”
“thanks mom!” I said as I went outside for a walk, trying to calm myself down as I told myself it was nothing…
Later that night after supper, my dad took off the covers and told me there was nothing in there… I started to think that I was crazy and begged him to at least empty it out to be sure. When he did empty it out, there really wasn’t anything on it and he told me that because I was freaking out over nothing, I would have to sleep on the couch while the waterbed was re-filled and heated up.
That night, I had strange dreams about how the hand came out of a wall, and slowly grew bigger and manifested into a body, and finally became Derrick and he was completely naked as he came towards me… suddenly though I felt something cold up against my lips and woke up, only to find that somehow, I had managed to slip off my nightie and had a piece of wood from the detachable broom near my golden bodily treasure.
The next Morning, I got a call from my friend Jen who had been with me the night of the party saying that Derrick had been cheating on me. Soon I was in tears as I went up to my room and got in my waterbed which had heated up over night. I screamed into it “that fucking bastard!” and went about the day mumbling vulgarities relating to him as I walked around the house and did my chores.
When I finally went to bed, I felt the familiar hand brush in-between my legs multiple times from within the bed itself. Even though I thought I knew what it was, I couldn’t care less, and finally out of the anger and irritation of knowing what it was, grabbed the hand and clenched it in my hand to the point where my own hand started to hurt. As soon as I let go, the hand stopped all movement and seemed to disappear as I went to sleep…
While I was asleep I had a strange dream about how I was asked if I wanted Derrick dead… I kept saying yes no matter how many times it said “are you sure?” or “you realize the consequences, correct?” and then suddenly I woke up as I felt a burning feeling on my chest. As I clenched my chest, the burning feeling spread through my whole body and finally stopped at my pussy. Then suddenly everything went black, as I passed out…
The next day, my little brother was going to a sleepover at a kids place. The kid was named Ben or something but I really didn’t care as I had too much on my mind between the dream, my ex boyfriend who had been cheating on me, and the strange hand… Around 6:00 P. M. or so, my parents said they were going out to eat and wouldn’t be back for a few house and I quickly took advantage of the time I had when they left…
As soon as I knew they were out of the driveway and wouldn’t be coming back, I remembered my mom’s saying about how a glass of wine clears the mind and the soul.

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   My parents had never let me drink alcohol because I wanted to but my mom would occasionally let me take a sip of wine from one of her glasses when she poured a glass as she thought it was perfectly fine and she “wanted to refine my taste. ”
I poured half a glass of red wine into one of my mothers wine glasses she collects and headed upstairs to start the bath. As soon as the bath was filled I added a bubble solution and sat in the warm water as my body had a fizzy sensation all around it as bubbles started to form…
My nipples started to become hard as I could no longer see my body over all the bubbles and I took a sip of the wine as if I was one of the actresses on T. V. Suddenly my cell phone rang as Jen called me again, I quickly jumped out of the tub, covered in bubbles and answered the phone as I heard sobbing on the other line…
“Jen what’s wrong?”
“Sam… I know… I know that you and Derrick don’t get along after I told you what happened but… but…”
“Jen, what’s the matter?”
“Derrick got in a car accident last night and was hit by a car full of drunken idiots while he was riding his bike home!” She sobbed
I gasped as I thought about the dream that night… had it really been true? No… it was simply coincidence… wasn’t it? “That’s… horrible…” I mumbled as I looked down at the ground which was now soaked form the dripping water…
“well… I have to go… but I wanted to let you know…” she said as she hang up…
I quickly ran over to the tub to get back in as tears started to form on my face and I suddenly tripped, knocking the glass of wine into the tub… “Dammit” I yelled as I made sure I didn’t strain anything…
I started to say shit to myself as I looked around in the tub full of bubbles to a futile attempt to find the wine glass… “if it had gotten damaged, mom will kill me, what’ll I tell her? Ohh mom, I broke your wine glass, no mom, I only had half a glass!” I thought to myself as finally I decided that if I got into the tub, I would probably find it.
As I got into the tub, I was surprised to find it wasn’t even a slight shade of red and soon found the glass by my foot in the tub. As I lifted it up and inspected it, I found that there was a crack in the side running along the length of the glass and automatically knew that I would probably get caught when she saw the glass…
[SoZXXX2] (lost virginity)
I held the wine glass up to make sure there was only a crack on it when suddenly Wine fell from the ceiling it looked like and filled the cup and the crack disappeared. I shrugged and thought to myself that I must have been traumatized at the news and went to take a sip from the glass. When I took a large gulp of the wine, I thought to myself that it tasted strange… like… like… I suddenly choked and began to spit out the “wine” and dropped the glass as I realized I had tried to drink blood!
When I dropped that glass into the water, it instantly turned red and I felt as if I was held in place by a force I didn’t know anything about… I suddenly had the urge to look up, and as I did, I saw what appeared to be a child who was 13 or 14, I suddenly took a closer look, and saw droplets of blood coming out of its mouth! With each droplet of blood, I realized that the red water became thicker and thicker until suddenly, I knew inside, I was in a bath tub full of blood…
I screamed to no avail as the child suddenly got into the tub and its true nature became revealed, his skin was rotting and part of his face was drooping as his jaw was crooked. He has a mangled arm and I couldn’t see below his waist, but had a feeling he was completely naked… slowly, the thing seemed to sink deeper then the tub until finally it was face to face with me, I let out another scream as it said in a raspy voice. “You have ruined my life and you killed me, I have granted you your wish, now you owe me your body as payment…”
As I calmed down slightly while listening to him, I saw that he looked exactly like the child in the picture on T. V. and I instantly froze, “m…m, my body?”
“No, you can’t control me!” I screamed as I suddenly felt as if the tub was deeper
‘I don’t need to control you…” He said as I could have sworn I saw a smirk appear on his face
Before I could respond though, I felt as if the tub was filled with millions of large worms that were being pulled upwards and my whole body was being massaged and groped by the strange tentacle-like creatures. I let out a slight moan as I felt one seem to twist around my nipple and nibble on it.
Even though my body felt more and more relaxed, and even more kinky then ever before, I knew it was wrong and that this violated all the laws of nature as the strange worms worked their magic… Suddenly I felt one at the entrance to my ass and started to shake my head no and screamed “NO!” as I felt it ram itself up my as if it were shot out of a gun.

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   I felt as if I was going to throw up as the strange worm went deeper and deeper inside my Asshole, never slowing down as if there were no bends or any fecal matter in there… Suddenly I felt it enter my smaller intestine as the undead boy in front of my suddenly approached me.
As I felt the worm suddenly enter my stomach and stop, my tummy seemed to grow wider as if it were growing inside me and I suddenly gained control of my arms again. As I reached behind me to pull it out though, I noticed that the worm was now the size of a baseball and I suddenly felt what at first was another worm come in contact with my treasure that had never been unlocked…
I looked up to see the zombie boy basically face to face with me and he ordered me to kiss him, I immediately said no but as soon as the word came out of my mouth, I felt the Worm suddenly go deeper inside my asshole and grow rigid as it started to bend my insides, I quickly shouted “yes” due to the horrible pain it was causing and it relaxed… I puckered my lips and went to kiss the rotting lips as suddenly, the strange worm entered me and the boy suddenly came extremely close to me as his over-grown nails clawed into my breasts and he kissed me, blood filling my mouth as I started to choke nd scream at the same time…
The pain was horrible as I knew what had just happened and realized that it wasn’t a tentacle that had entered me but the rotting Penis of the young boy… He started to claw harder into my breasts and the pain was so unendurable that I passed out…
Thank you for reading, I know the sex parts of this story kind of stank but part two is much, much better, I’ll only post part two if enough people want me too though…
I’m male and I am NOT single, so please don’t ask…
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