The Cheerleader from Hell - Part 1


Note: The following story is a work of fiction.

The Darkson High School football field had a two-foot-high blanket of mist that covered the grass that night of October 7. It was 10:38 p. m. when a dead rotting hand broke through the soil. An arm followed, and afterward, a head. The face that emerged from the earth was that of Amanda Lake, a teenage girl who had been raped and killed by four boys who had been on the high school football team. Finally, her entire body had crawled up from beneath the ground and she stood up in the mist to feel the cold air of the above-world that she'd been absent from for five years.


October 8 the next morning at Darkson High School, Victoria Shannon had a bad case of the shakes. Her hands, legs, and it seemed, every other part of her body was unsteady. Walking from class to class and back and forth to her locker seemed almost too much for her to handle. She thought she would soon be needing a krutch or one of those handicapped persons mobility vehicles to get around in. She thought: I must be sick or - the more likely case - I'm suffering as a side effect of the resurrection spell that I had cast last night at 10 p. m.

A couple of days before she had cast that spell, she'd heard the story about a former student, a girl named Amanda Lake, who had supposedly been raped and killed by a bunch of thugs rumored to be players on the high school football team. The police had never apprehended the killer or killers.

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   The story had affected her emotionally and she had felt the strong urge to do something about it so she had gone to the local magic shop and purchased a book on the ancient mystical arts of the Chogian civilization.

With the book she'd bought, she'd studied meditation and other magical skills that were required to cast a powerful spell that would resurrect a corpse. It seemed easy on the surface, but on that night when she had cast the spell, she had felt otherworldly forces tearing at her mind and physical self. It was as if they required something more than just deep concentrated thought. What if I've lost a part or even my entire soul just to save a girl who has been dead for five years? The thought terrified her.

And had the spell even worked? Victoria had put a great amount of trust in what the magic book contained in its pages and she had checked and rechecked everything pertaining to the casting of the spell. She'd half expected to see Amanda Lake that morning roaming the hallways in her school uniform looking for her books to take for the next class and not knowing that she had been dead for half a decade.

Maybe she had been foolish to have even thought about resurrecting a dead person. Whatever the case, one thing she did know was that she hated the fact that something horrible had happened to a young girl and that the culprits responsible had never been caught and punished.

Apart from the side effects of casting a powerful resurrection spell that didn't seem to have worked, October 8 Wednesday should have been a normal day for Victoria, and it was until the afternoon, half an hour before the bell would ring for the end of that day's classes. Someone had broken into the sports gear room and had stolen one of the brand new cheerleader outfits. And there was also a dead body that had belonged to the school janitor lying on the floor next to the box containing the new outfits.

The person who reported this to the whole school beginning with a heart-stopping scream was Peggy Tyler, the captain of the cheerleading squad who had snuck into the room to get a peak at the new cheerleading outfits. (She had seen the dead janitor first, but later went berserk and screamed when she discovered that one set of cheerleader attire was missing from the box. )

When Victoria arrived at the scene of the tragedy, there was already a crowd of staff and students blocking the entrance into the sports gear room.

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   She could hear Peggy sobbing and trying to catch her breath as she recalled to the principal and two police officers the sequence of events that led up to her discovery.

Being on the outside of the gathered spectators, she heard all sorts of things like "Who would want to kill the janitor and steal a chearleader's outfit?", "Probably some desperate psycho who gets off on chearleaders' clothes", "Maybe one of the girls in the squad wanted to get her new uniform quick and didn't appreciate being found out by the deceased. " And she also heard, "Weird day. This in the afternoon and then in the morning we found that dug-out hole in the middle of the football field. It's getting creepy around here. "

Victoria felt a lump in her throat. She knew that meant fear; fear of the unknown that she'd been meddling with. Could it be that the spell really did work? And if it did - she shuddered - did Amanda have something to do with the hole in the football field and the dead janitor?


The picture in the bottom right corner of the twenty second page of the high school yearbook showed the face of a beautiful bushy blonde haired girl wearing horn-rimmed glasses. The yearbook was from five years ago and the class that Victoria was looking at were the high school seniors of that year. The picture was that of Amanda Lake, 19 years of age. It was 8 p. m. and Victoria was in her bedroom looking at the yearbook that belonged to her older sister, Margaret, who had attended Darkson High School and graduated to go on to college in another province. Margaret had been a year behind Amanda in high school.

Victoria decided that she needed to know more about Amanda.

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   What she was like, what she liked to do, what her hopes and dreams were. Victoria reached over to her bedside table to grab her cell phone. She selected Margaret's name from the contact list on her phone and hit the "Dial" button. A voice came on telling her that the phone she was trying to reach was unavailable. Darn it, she thought. Margaret must have switched her phone off and forgot to switch it back on.

A sound of scratching against glass came from her window and she turned to see what was causing the noise. It was a girl. A girl who had night black hair and frightening cold grey eyes. This girl was scratching against the window with what looked like claws on the tips of her fingers. Oh shit! Victoria screamed and dove onto the floor on the other side of her bed away from the window.

Her heart beat like a bass drum in her chest as she tried to grasp what was left of her sanity. Her mind was all over the place and nowhere. What to do? Then she heard a creak on her bed.

She turned towards her bed and slowly rose until her eyes saw what was lying on top of the covers.

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   It was the black-haired girl! She saw Victoria rising from the floor and stretched out a clawed hand towards her. As soon as Victoria saw that clawed hand reaching out to her, she felt light-headed and fainted.


Something was touching her, stroking her tummy. Must be my pet cat, she thought. Wait. I don't have a pet cat!

Victoria's eyes opened and she saw the black-haired girl sitting on the bed beside her. Victoria opened her mouth to scream, but before she could let out a sound, the girl flung herself on top of her and placed a hand over her mouth. All she gave was a muffled noise that could not be heard by anyone outside her room.

"Shush," said the girl quietly. Victoria shook her head. No, she would not be quiet. "I won't hurt you. Look. I don't have the ugly claw hands anymore. " She showed Victoria the hand that was not clasped over her mouth.

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   Victoria saw that instead of the claws on the tip of her fingers, she had normal fingers with the fingernails painted black. Her skin was deathly pale though, and she smelled of dug up soil and something else that Victoria had never smelled before.

Victoria also noticed that she had on a black and red cheerleader outfit with the school mascot (Grim Reaper) badge stitched to the right of the chest. She quickly removed the hand covering her mouth to say, "You stole that from the sports gear room at school, and. . . . and. . . you killed the janitor as well?"

"Before we talk about what we've both been doing recently, I would like to know who the fuck you are," said the girl to Victoria. "Hey, I will not have you cussing in my room, okay. . . and I'm Victoria Shannon.

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   I'm doing my tenth year in high school. Who are you?"

The girl smiled at her, and all of a sudden, realization dawned on Victoria. This girl was Amanda Lake, resurrected!

"Shiieht!" Victoria sent a good hard right fist into the resurrected girl's face, knocking her off the bed. Then Victoria sprang off the bed, and with one step, was at her room door. Slam! A hand shoved her head violently against the door before she could turn the knob. She fell backwards onto the floor. Her vision blurred for six seconds then cleared.

"What was that noise? Are you alright, Vicky?" Victoria's mother stepped into her room and knelt down to check on her daughter. "Uh. . . Mom. . . there's a-" She was having trouble putting her words together.

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"And who's this strange-looking young lady standing in your room? A new friend of yours? You know you're supposed to tell me whenever you bring friends over, Vicky. "

Mrs. Shannon helped Victoria to her feet then went to Amanda and held out her hand. Amanda looked down at it and slowly stretched out her hand to shake the one proferred to her. "My name is Mindy. " "Well, nice to meet you, Mindy. I'm Mrs. Shannon, Vicky's mom. " "Nice to meet you too. "

As her mother and the recently resurrected girl shook hands, Victoria caught a quick sharp malevolent glare from Amanda. Could she kill her mom along with her if she wanted to? Well, if she had wanted kill her, then she would've killed her after shoving her head against the door and then gone after her mother and killed her. And what about her little sister, Beth? She could be in the living room right now watching television.

I'll just have to play along, she said to herself.

"Er. .

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  . yeah, Mom. I'm sorry I didn't let you know about it. Mindy and I are partners in a science project. She came over so we could work on it. Is that right, Mindy?" Mindy caught on quick and smiled saying, "Yeah. We really need to get this project done fast because it's taking up my time with cheerleading practice. " She gestured to the outfit she was wearing which fit her quite well. "Okay, then you twos can get along with your project and I will go back to the kitchen and fix dinner. You staying for dinner, Mindy?" "No, thank you, Mrs. Shannon. My parents and I are going out to a restaurant later on tonight. " "Alright. Don't have too much fun. " Mrs.

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   Shannon smiled and left the room, closing the door behind her.

The two girls stood still as statues in the room for an uncomfortable thirty nine seconds. They did not look directly at each other, but at the room and the things inside such as the carpet, the bed, the walls, windows, items that were in their proper places and the ones that weren't, etc. Since it was her room, Victoria felt it her place to break the silence.

"Umm. . . so how's it been for you? You're Amanda Lake, right?" The dead girl replied, "Yeah, that's me. And it's been really boring, like, to the point where it was sheer agony!" "You mean being dead?" "Yeah, but 'being dead' doesn't really describe the condition I was in that well. 'Being in another place' would be a better tag for it. " "What place?" "Hell, shithead! That place no one wants to believe exists. It's there and I was there for. . . Crap, I don't know how long!" "Five years.

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  " "I've been away-dead for five years? Fuck! Major-multiple-anal-penetration fuck!!" "Uh. We really need to talk about the foul language in my room. It's-"

She didn't get to finish the sentence because Amanda grabbed her by the throat and body-slammed her onto the bed. This girl was definitely stronger than most girls her size and weight. Victoria managed to croak out, "Be careful. My mom doesn't like noises and other disturbances in the house. She'll be up her and kick both our butts. " With those words out, she ran out of air and was unable to replenish her lungs with her windpipe blocked by Amanda's grip. Amanda saw Victoria's face change colors and released her throat.

Cough, cough. Victoria inhaled life-giving air into her lungs. Amanda got onto the bed, straddled her waist, and brought her face down two inches away from Victoria's. She looked deadly serious. "Never EVER tell me what I should and shouldn't do 'cause, bitch, I have literally been to Hell and back! And you know what really hit me in all the time I spent there? You want to know what made me scratch my head until I was digging out my brains? You want to know what I found more shocking than having demons shove pitchforks into my guts, than hell spawns violating my body in every cruel, sexual, sadistic, and unimaginable way, than Satan himself teasing and butchering me in hellfire over and over again? It's this: A girl just about your age placed on a torture pile crying out to the demons as they cause her excrutiating pain, telling them not to cuss because it's a bad thing to do. As if she could save her soul by being a nice little girl DOWN THERE! But it was too late.



She eased off Victoria and sat down on the floor, her head resting against the bed post. "Too late," she repeated in a lower tone, looking ahead at the wall, a blank look on her face. Too late for you as well, thought Victoria. But you're back now because of me! God only knew what this girl Amanda was currently feeling. Relief? Happiness? Sadness? Pain? A bit or a whole lot of every kind of emotion? It was too much for Victoria to think about. Maybe Amanda could attend a Former Residents of Hell Anonymous group meeting (that is, if they could find one). The thought was kind of funny in a very very dark way.

"I'm sorry," Victoria said to her. She was now turned over and laying on her stomach facing Amanda sitting on the floor beside the bed. "I truly don't know what you've been through and how you must feel right now. It's just. . . this is my room and I'm still living in this world up here so I tend to speak in my own context. " Context? Am I even using that word right? She shrugged off the internal argument.

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Amanda turned her head so she was facing Victoria. She had an eyebrow raised while the other stayed flat. It was an inquisitive or maybe annoyed expression for her. Victoria half expected her to burst into another tirade maybe louder this time and more violent, when her facial expression switched surprisingly to a happy and mischievous one. "I wanna get naughty," said Amanda. "What?!!" Victoria was lost.

"Like I said, after a while, it gets boring and you're just going through the motions with the torture and screaming and sexual sadism and harrassment. Now that I'm back, it's time to party!! Make up for all that time spent in boring agony. " She got up, walked to the window, opened it and flung herself over and through it. Then she poked her head back inside and asked Victoria with a wicked smile on her face, "You coming?"


Victoria Shannon: 5. 16 feet tall; dark brown hair (neck length, half inch above the shoulders); hazel eyes; 18 years old; currently wearing blue jeans, black sweater over pink shirt, white and light blue-striped shoes.
Amanda Lake: 5. 54 feet tall; jet black hair (3 inches below the shoulders); sky blue eyes; 19 years old (not counting the five years spent in Hell); currently wearing a brand new black and red Darkson High School cheerleader outfit and red shoes.

By the time they'd reached Darkson High School at 9:48 p. m.

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  , Victoria had seen Amanda flash her boobs at a passing car containing three junior high school boys, kick a lone unsuspecting street thug in the balls, squat-pee in an empty tuna can and splash the contents on a drunkard lying on a sidewalk, and throw a rock at a hated teacher's car, making a minor but noticeable dent in the hood.

The doors of the main entrance to the school were locked. Amanda winked at Victoria and rapped her fist where the lock was until something clinked. "Tada," she said in her naughty girl voice and opened one door for Victoria to enter. Then she followed after, closing the door softly behind her.

The hallway was empty and seemed bare with no students or staff around. Amanda led the way. They were passing the lockers when Victoria asked, "So er. . . . what made you kill the janitor, if you don't mind my asking?" Amanda shrugged and answered, "Oh, the usual thing. I was naked and needed clothes so I decided to check out the sports gear room. Found the box of new outfits and I was like 'Major find!' I had taken out this one from the plastic wrapper it was in when the janitor stopped by for whatever reason. He saw me naked, probably by accident, but either way, I didn't like that.

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   Me naked plus peeping janitor equals dead janitor. I always enjoyed the simple math. "

"And how did you get here? I mean back from Hell. " Amanda stopped and looked down at the floor as if she could see through it all the way to Hell. "Reality faded. All the torment and bad stuff, it all just went away and then I think I experienced true complete oblivion for a split second before I fell back into reality and found myself stuck in dirt. I dug myself out and emerged at my place of 'death' - the high school football field. "

Victoria felt cold for a few seconds after hearing Amanda's recollection of events. She shivered. Did she also need to hear about how Amanda had died? No. That might be too much. Wait. Maybe not because she was ready to party right after coming back from Hell.

"How did you die? Sorry. I meant, would you mind telling me what happened before you passed on to the other side?" Amanda chuckled and continued walking, Victoria keeping pace beside her.

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"I was a pretty girl in high school. Guys liked me. However, I'd never dated because, well, there was other stuff like school work, after-school and community activities that kept me busy. I also had bad eyesight that required me to wear dorky glasses. I guess when guys saw those glasses, they thought I was a shy girl who would say no to any proposition they made. "

"The first time someone asked me out on a date was in my senior year. I was going to graduate. " A sad smile appeared on her face. "This guy named Gary Locke. He was one year behind me in school. Good-looking, seemed descent, he was on the high school football team. He was supposed to take me to a movie and take me back home afterwards. He took me to the movie, but on the way back, he drove by the school football field to see some of his buddies on the team. "

"Boys. " She snickered.

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   "They must've watched a whole lot of porn and had it in their heads that I was going to let them gangbang me. I said no and told Gary to drive me home. He refused. There were four of them and one of me. The rest is history that you've probably heard already. "

They'd stopped in front of the gymn doors. Amanda repeated her fist rapping act on the lock and opened the door for Victoria after she heard the clinking sound. They both entered and shut the door behind them.

On switching on the lights, Amanda saw a red pole vault mattress and grabbed Victoria's hand as she ran towards it, jumping into the air and landing with a whoofing sound on the sports safety object. "That was fun," she said gleefully. "Yes it was," agreed Victoria, catching her breath.

"What were the names of the other three boys?" Amanda spread herself eagled on the cushiony material and answered with a sigh, "John Hill, Wesley Northam, and Bruce Shelton. " Vicky rolled onto her side to face Amanda who was staring at the high gymn ceiling. "Amanda, Gary and his three pals were never arrested and punished for what they did to you. Your death was reported and there was an investigation, but somehow, the boys got away with your rape and murder.

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Amanda sat up fast as a lightning bolt. Her mouth was open in shock, then she shut it firmly and closed her eyes as if she were praying. Victoria pushed herself to a sitting position beside Amanda and continued. "I heard the story of your violent death and got so angry knowing that the criminals who took your dignity and life were still out there and unpunished. I'm no Nancy Drew, but I wanted justice done so I bought a book on magic and cast a spell that I'd learned from it. That spell was what brought you back. "

There was silence for a few seconds. Then Amanda opened her eyes and turned her head to look into Victoria's eyes. "You brought me back? Of course! That's why I felt drawn to your house this evening. The spell's power must've left a trail leading me to you. I don't feel it now because it must've worn off, but I did feel an attractive force pulling at me after I had dug myself out of the ground. " Victoria said, "The reason I did what I did was so that you would avenge yourself and see to it that justice was done. " Amanda shook her head with a grim expression on her face, "Oh, I'm not going to seek justice. I'm gonna get some payback!"

The gymn doors opened at that moment and two police officers walked in. They both had stern and surprised looks on their faces when they spotted and made their way towards the two girls sitting on the red pole vault mattress.

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"What are you two ladies doing here at night and how did you get in here?" asked the officer who happened to be chewing gum. Damn it! We must've tripped a silent alarm or something set up as a precaution after the janitor's murder. Thanks a lot, Amanda! thought Victoria.

"Um. . . . uh. . . . " Amanda looked nervous trying to explain their presence at the school, but Victoria somehow knew she was pretending. "Mr. er. .

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  . . . police officers, sirs, we broke in. Yeah, we definitely broke in, but we didn't come here to damage any school property. You see this mattress? It was here exactly like this when we came in. You see, we're just here to hang out because we love our high school. " Victoria nodded her head in agreement.

The other cop who wasnt chewing gum, but did have a mustache took his turn to ask a question, "You girls are students here? What are your names?" Amanda answered, "I'm Mindy and she's Veronica. " Victoria nudged her in the ribs and said, "Amanda, they're police officers. Lying to them is against the law. "

"Damn it, Victoria! I told you not to tell me what I should and shouldn't do!" Chewing Gum told them to take it easy, but Amanda just turned on him and told him about how she'd gone to Hell and back. Both officers traded looks and then told the girls to stand up and follow them outside. Victoria was about to follow them when she was restrained by Amanda. "We're not going anywhere with you homos.

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   We're staying right here!"

"Miss, you can follow us out nice and quietly or we can drag you out in cuffs. Which one is it gonna be?" Amanda sneered and said, "Neither!"

Mustache took out a pair of handcuffs and was going to grab hold of Amanda's arm when she lashed out with a clawed hand and tore his face from his head. "Aaaaarrghhh!!!" It happened so fast that Victoria still had not reacted when Chewing Gum pulled out his sidearm. Amanda stepped forward faster than the eye could see and plunged another clawed hand into his chest, pulling out his heart and shoving it into his open mouth. Chewing Gum dropped to the gymn floor dead while Mustache screamed and ran around the gymn like a madman before falling onto the pole vault mattress. Amanda went to where he was struggling to rise to his feet and dug her already-bloody clawed hand into the back of his head, piercing his skull and brain. Mustache died instantly.

Victoria was breathing heavily now. Her lips quivered. Then she screamed at the top of her lungs. Two people had been killed right in front of her eyes and now she was doing the only normal thing to do - freaking out.

Amanda commanded her scary, long and large, bony, clawed hands to change back to normal hands with fingernails painted black, however, they were now covered in blood. She was about to comfort Victoria when she noticed the blood on her hands so she held up one finger, signalling the hysterical girl to wait a short while, and left for the girl's bathroom.

When she returned to the gymn, Amanda found Victoria sitting in a far corner away from the two dead cops. She went to her and found that Victoria had a bad case of the shakes.

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   She was suffering from shock. Amanda carried her out of the gymn and into the girls bathroom. After stripping her naked, she set her under a showerhead and turned on the water. After fifteen minutes, Victoria was ready, getting up from where she sat under the showerhead and turning off the water herself. Amanda brought her a towel so she could dry herself off. Victoria then put on her clothes that had been left in a pile next to the shower, away from wet area.

Both girls left the school and walked back to Victoria's house. When they reached the Shannon residence it was 11:04 p. m.

"You should stay with me," said Victoria when she had climbed in through her bedroom window. Amanda, standing on the outside of the house looking in, said, "Nah. You can't have a dead girl staying in your room for too long. What would you say to your parents?" She smiled then became serious. "I'm going to go and find those boys who did me wrong. They're going to pay dearly for what they did to me.


   Besides, I don't think I need to rest. I don't even think I'm really alive in the normal sense. I'm something else, don't know what. All thanks to you and your wicked magical activities. " She grinned and waved goodbye to her new friend, fading out into the darkness. Victoria returned the wave and closed her window to keep the cold night air out.

What a long night I've had, she thought as she went under the covers of her bed in order to get some sleep.


October 9 Thursday. Victoria received a phone call in the morning around 6:30 a. m. notifying her that school was cancelled for that day due to the gruesome deaths of two patrol officers in the school gymn.

Parents were now wondering if their children were safe attending Darkson High. A good number of them were seriously considering sending their children to other schools in town or the nearby towns. Now that two police officers had been killed, the police force in the town of Darkson were on full alert for cop killers and launching a major investigation into the three murders at Darkson High. They were determined to catch the killer or killers.

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Victoria spent the better part of that morning reading through her text books and notes and did a rushed-through job of completing her school work. Leaving her room and arriving in the kitchen, she saw a note on the dining room table. Chores. Crap. She sighed then brightened up when she remembered the book she'd bought on the Chogian mystical arts.

Since all the chores were simple household ones, she thought it shouldn't be too much of a drain on her mind and body like the resurrection one was. (The resurrection spell was found in the very last chapter of the book which contained all the most difficult and dangerous spells such as the ones for summoning an ancient god from the past, displacing space-time, and permanently destroying a fundamental law of nature. )

She went into the kitchen and looked at the list of chores. First up, wash the dishes. Flipping through the book, she found several incantations for spells that would complete tasks requiring the lifting and general movement of objects whether they be solid or fluid. Victoria smiled and chose one that seemed most appropriate to her. Muttering the incantations, she turned and looked to the kitchen sink where the dirty dishes and other dirty kitchen utensils were piled. On completing the spell, she saw the dishes and things get cleaned with the wiping-over of pure energy and put away in their appropriate places. The chore was accomplished in less than ten minutes. "Yesss!" Victoria said in triumph.

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   On to the next chore.

The other chores were vacuuming the floor, doing the laundry, dusting off the cobwebs in the corners of the house, putting things in their proper places that others had forgotten to put back, raking the leaves, collecting twigs and branches on the lawn and putting them in one pile, and going to the store to buy some household supplies such as toilet paper and air refreshener. She completed all the chores, except for the last one, in one hour with the help of spell work from the Chogian mystical arts book.

Victoria was immensely pleased with herself. Before going to the store, she changed into a light grey sweater over a light blue shirt and put on a pair of black jeans. She was about to head out the doorway when she noticed someone sitting in her father's easy chair. She gasped when she saw that this wasn't a human being. It was a grotesque creature with bumps all over its body, dark brown skin, two horns jutting out of the back of its head, a sharp silver nose, and large hideous wings on its back. When he got up from the easy chair, it stood a good 6. 5 feet tall. There were human characteristics on its body like a face, arms, legs, and torso, but this was definitely no creature of this world that Victoria had ever seen.

She stammered, "Wha. . . wha.

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  . . geh, what are you?" The thing smiled a sharp toothy smile at her and said in a voice that could've belonged to a young man in his twenties, "I'm a demon, an entity of the spirit realm. My personal name is Forbius. " Victoria felt like a tidal wave had hit her. A demon in her house! Her life was getting more screwed up in a really bad way she'd never thought it could.

She cleared her throat because it felt like there was some dust inside. "Uh. Why are you here? Did I do something wrong?" The demon looked at her blankly for a second then burst into laughter. He stopped after a while and said to her, "Oh, no, not really. You happened to be using certain spells recently, and well, the first one, we kinda' let you go because of some stupid sentimental reasons, but for the bunch of little spells you used this morning, we're going to have to charge you. Actually, I'm going to be personally charging you because it was my power you were using when all those chores got done for you. "

"What?" Victoria became indignant. "I thought spells, like the words themselves - the incantations - had their own magic or power. I didn't know I was using somebody's personal property.

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  " The demon sighed and rolled his eyes and said, "Look here. It's obvious you don't know a lot about magic, metaphysics, and spiritual crap so I'm going to explain just a fraction of knowledge to you so you can get a general idea of how things work in my world. " The demon (Forbius) held out his hands in front of him so he could gesture along with this speech in order to help this thick-headed girl understand. "Spells are like phone numbers. You cast a spell and a spirit or spirits - depending on how important or hard the job is - are called up to do what the incantations tell them to do. Even with summoning spells you're not doing the summoning. You're calling someone like me up so I can persuade the dead person or dark force you want to show up. It's all demon power, bitch. We work behind the scenes doing all the messy stuff and make it look nice on the outside with the energy flares and sound effects. "

"Oh," said Victoria, understanding what the demon had just said. "So how much do I owe you for your labor?" The demon stroked his uneven bumpy chin thinking. "I'll take your little sister's left foot," said Forbius in the most casual manner. "What? Hell no, you hideous freak! You might as well reverse all those spells I used and I'll do those chores manually. " Forbius took several steps until he was standing two feet away from Victoria facing her. "One thing you should know, little whore! Real magic, the metaphysical manual labor crap we do for you humans, is rarely ever reversed, and when it is reversed, people get seriously hurt and demons get punished in the most horrific ways!"

"Okay, I get it!" said Victoria to Forbius.

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   "You need payment, but I can't give you my sister's left foot. I can't give you my foot because I like it where it is. Er. . . " A thought popped into her head. "Look, you're a demon right?" "Yeah?" "So I've heard that Satan worshippers sometimes sacrifice virgins and stuff to please the devil and everything, but I don't want to sacrifice my life to you so I was wondering if you would take my virginity as a sacrificial offering. Like, would that cover the cost for all your labor?"

Forbius thought aloud, "Hmm. Okay, It's a deal. Though, I've never taken a human's virginity before, but I'm sure I'll figure it out. " He had an evil lustful smile on his ugly face.


It was 10:17 a. m. when Victoria returned from the store with household supplies. Forbius had told her earlier that he needed to do some stuff, but would be back in good time to take what belonged to him.

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   Before he disappeared into thin air, she'd told him that in that case she would also go do the last of her chores and be back to give him what was his.

Now she sat on her bed in her bedroom still wearing the clothes she had on when Forbius had appeared in the living room. He's a demon, she thought, so I have no idea what demons are like. He might not even take off my clothes. He might just screw me in a spiritual way or something. The thought made her chuckle.

"What's so funny?" Victoria gave a short but high pitched shriek when she heard the voice. Forbius was standing in the room, except this was not the form he'd been in when he'd appeared to her earlier. This time he was only five inches taller than her, had on a black button up shirt and black pants and black shoes, had black hair and red eyes, and looked completely human. And he was freaking sexy. "Sorry I surprised you, bitch. You ready to lose your precious virginity?"

Victoria immediately went on her knees before him and unzipped his pants. His cock popped out and hit her in the face as it became solidly erect. One thing though, it was black as the color of his clothing and fucking huge. Looking at the monstrosity, Victoria said, "I give you permission to fuck me in my own room and cuss as much as you want.

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   Oh yeah, cuss a whole fucking lot because we're going to fucking need it!" "What was that?" "Nothing," she replied and took him into her mouth.

She sucked her first cock and this one was big and happened to belong to a demon. Great. Her lips were stretched as wide as possible as her mouth moved back and forth across his tremendous length. He grabbed her dark brown hair and pushed her face further against his cock. She gagged and coughed. His cock went all the way to the back of her throat. "Gag, bitch! Take that cock, you fucking whore!!"

She was unable to take it all in so she used her hand to jerk off the remaining length. No. Both hands. It was a really long one. "Yeah," Forbius said and he groaned with pleasure. I must be doing fine so far if he's groaning, Victoria thought happily. But fine was not enough for Forbius. He grabbed her hair harder this time and shoved his cock farther down into her esophagus.

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   She gagged and was throwing up her breakfast over his cock, but he continued to hold her and ram his cock back and forth into her mouth and all the way down her esophagus.

"You should be thanking me for this experience, you ungrateful bitch. Oh wait. You can't right now because my cock's fucking your throat. Hahaha!" He laughed. Oh shit! she thought, I'm going to die choking on some hell spawn's cock. Her arms were grabbing his waist, desperate for release from his long thick cock. "Auuugghhh!" Cough. She threw up again and he grinned watching her suffer.

After throwing up for a third time, Victoria was thrown onto the bed. What was that yellow stuff in her throat and mouth and stomach? Eww! Demon cum! Forbius pointed at her sneering, "That bed's too good for you. You ought to be fucked savagely in a stinkin' alley way with your back against a bare brick wall! Maybe after fucking you into senseless, I'll transport you to a filthy slum in a third world country and watch the hobos there have their way with you! Hehe! That would be fun, wouldn't it?"

"Rooooaaaarrrgghh!" he growled at her in a truly demonic voice. "Eeek!!" she squealed. He grabbed her and she turned her face away as he ripped her sweater and the shirt she was wearing underneath off. He hooked a finger under her bra and stripped it off with a flick of the wrist.

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   "Let's take the rest of this crap off you," he said and ripped off her jeans and panties. She was now completely naked. His cock became even more harder and more veins popped out on the shaft. Her eyes widened looking at how terrifying it was.

Forbius snapped his fingers and his clothes vanished, leaving him naked. It was odd seeing an apparently white young man with a large coal-black ball sack and cock. "Now, to the matter of releasing you from your virginity. Open those legs,bitch. This beast" gesturing to his dick "is going to destroy that cunt of yours, making you a non-virgin a million times over!"

Victoria opened her legs and before she could do anything else, he was in her face licking it with a long purple tongue while his cock went deep into her pussy until it reached whatever limits there were inside. He rammed his cock hard into her, thrusting back and forth without a care as to what he might be breaking. "Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhh! Oh fuck, you're killing me!! Stop! Stop it! No!! Aaaaaaahhhh!! Mommy!!" "Shut the fuck up!! Your mommy isn't going to save you from this!!"

His cock mercilessly pummeled her pussy. She was definitely not a virgin anymore. Her pussy lips were stretched beyond proportion, her vagina taking a painful exercise from his monster cock. "Mmnnnnnggghaa, huuhhhmmnng, Nooooaaaaaaaahhhhh!!! Oh mercy, Forbius!! You're tearing me up!! I could be bleeding!!" "I said SHUT UP!!! I don't give a fuck, bitch! I'm going to do what I want and maybe after this, you'll think twice before casting another spell. "

Her legs were parted and pinned down by his strong arms, while his hips thrust with vicious strength into hers.

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   She cummed, coating his cock with her fluids and soon after, he cummed inside her. "Oh no!! You didn't! You didn't just cum inside me!! Oh shit!!" "Yeah! Take my yellow juice, slut!! You like demon jizzum? Don't matter. Too late now. " He laughed and roared loudly while she shut her eyes and ears, whimpering, crying and screaming in pain and. . . . maybe some pleasure too? It all became one terrible emotion inside her.

Forbius fucked her for a total of thirty minutes with malice and sadism reserved for the whores of Hell. When he was done, she had yellow demon cum on her hair, face, upper and lower body. He finished off by slapping her face sadistically with his cock until it was bruised badly with a bleeding nose and several cuts on her lips. "Hope you had a good time, slut!! There's more where all this came from so feel free to use that magic book of yours as much as you want. You'll be seeing me and a bunch of my pals when you do. " Then he disappeared and Victoria was left ravaged, sore, and spent like an overly creased dollar bill in a Las Vegas strip club.


The time was 3:06 p.


  m. when a figure quickly and silently slipped into Victoria's room through the window. She heard a voice say in a self satisfied tone, "Ladies and gentlemen, Amanda has entered the building. " Amanda wrinkled her nose when she smelled demon cum, then she realized what she was smelling. "Oh fucking Hell!!" Then she looked and saw Victoria lying on the bed covered in yellow demon jizzum, staring upwards vacantly into space. "Oh my fucking incestuous godfather!" she gasped.

Amanda rushed to the bed and placed her hands on Victoria's face trying to get her to look at her. "Victoria, Vicky, can you hear me? Just look into my eyes if you can hear me. " Victoria's eyes looked around as if seeing the world for the first time then focused on Amanda's face and locked onto her eyes. "That's good. That's very good," Amanda breathed a sigh of relief. Now to see what else was broken, she said to herself.

After fifteen minutes, she'd run a full check on Victoria, fixing her injuries all over her body, and cleaning her up from all the filth of her own juices and the yellow jizzum. With her friend now dressed in soft pajamas she'd found in the closet and laying with her head on a pillow on her bed, Amanda waited a while for Victoria to come out of her silent listless condition.

When an hour had passed with Victoria still out of it staring into empty space, Amanda decided to take the initiative and bring her back to the real world.

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   She leaned in close and softly brushed her lips against Victoria's cheek. Stroking her hair gently, she kissed Victoria softly on the lips. Amanda adjusted the position she was sitting in until she was chest to chest and face to face with Victoria.

Amanda kissed Victoria again, making it last longer on the lips. She felt a quiver of facial muscles from her friend. Good. Another kiss and this time her tongue flicked against the near-unresponsive girl's lips. Flicking, flicking, penetrating her friend's lips, but not passing through the barrier of teeth.

She brought her kisses to her chin, then her neck in multiple places, then she went to her feet and sucked her big toe, coating it with her saliva. Victoria's eyes widened a bit with awareness. Hah! A breach in the blockade, thought Amanda. She lunged at Victoria and kissed her. This time she met no barrier; both mouths were open to each other and their tongues awoke to mate and wrestle aggressively. Amanda held Victoria's head between her hands and kissed her deep and long. Victoria moaned and tears streamed down her face as she came to grips with what had happened to her that morning.

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   Amanda continued kissing her and stroking her hair. This took three minutes.

The kissing stopped and Victoria looked into Amanda's eyes then sobbed uncontrollably. Amanda took her into her arms and petted and caressed her. "Did he hurt you?" She got a nod in response. "Don't worry. I patched you up good and proper. Look at yourself in the mirror. " Victoria did, noticing that all physical injuries had been healed, and managed a little smile.

"Hey, I made a new friend," Amanda said arching her eyebrows mischievously. Victoria frowned. "Oh, don't get jealous. He's a really great guy and you're gonna love him. "


It was 6:09 p. m.

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   at Hellsbridge University when Gary Locke returned to his boarding room that Thursday. He was glad to see that his roommate was out bowling with a few of his friends like he'd said he would.

He placed his book bag on his bed and undid his shoes then undressed and put on a pair of green pants and a grey shirt. He took three pills to make his cock bigger and last longer. Only a couple minutes after taking the pills, a knock sounded on his room door. That must be them, he thought. He checked his pants and saw that the pills were taking their desired effect. Excellent!

Gary opened the door and was greeted with the sight of two gorgeous young girls standing outside with expectant looks on their pretty faces. The one with dark brown hair was wearing a gold and silver dress that clung tightly to her body and reached as far as her upper thighs. The one with the jet black hair had on a cheerleading outfit, but he'd seen her in that attire earlier that day in the library, flirted with her, and ended up agreeing to the idea of she and a friend of hers showing up at his place to have "a good time. "

"Hey! How's it going?" said Amanda. "Uh. . . .

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   Great, fantastic! Come on in. " He opened the door for them to enter and shut it after them, making sure it was locked. Gary could not recognize the girl he and three of his high school football buddies had raped and murdered five years ago. She now had black hair and a pale complexion to her skin along with an aura of otherworldliness like she didn't belong here. Her new beauty made her completely different from the pretty shy girl with horn-rimmed glasses from five years ago.

"Gary, this is my friend Victoria, the one I told you about. She was so excited when I told her about our plans for this evening and was super-delighted to know that she was invited to share it with us. She even put on her best slutty dress for your viewing pleasure. Well, you're going to be doing a lot more than viewing tonight, right?" He replied nodding his head, eyes alight, "Oh yeah!" Victoria smiled at him, bit her lip and said, "Hope you've done all your homework, because you're getting a really big assignment from us. Big college guy's going to learn a thing or two from two high school chics. " The pants he wore looked like a mostly flat landscape with a hill located on his pelvis.

Amanda walked up to him and dug her hand into his pants and pulled out his big hard penis. She went down on her knees before him and sucked the throbbing dick. "Auuugh that feels good, baby!" he told her. She sucked him straight, then sideways, her tongue and teeth making contact with his cock.

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   Then she licked the underside of his shaft and massaged his balls with her hand. "Ooh that's it!" She then slid back his skin to reveal his naked cockhead. She took that in her mouth and sucked on it, her tongue playing all over and around it. "Auugh!" He took her head in both hands and pushed it back and forth along his length. His cockhead touched the back of her throat causing her to gag, but she also gyrated her head and made sounds to vibrate her mouth and throat to further excite his cock. "Aww fuck! Yess, suck it, you slutty bitch!" He thrust back and forth eagerly into her mouth and spurt his white ooze inside it. He slowed down the oral fucking as he let his semen drip into her mouth. She looked into his eyes, winked at him and swallowed all the cum and licked his cock clean of the juice.

"You, your turn," he said as he pointed to Victoria. She playfully mouthed "Okay" and sat on the bed, sliding back her skirt and raising it up above her navel to reveal her tender pussy and ripe young ass. Amanda couldn't help feeling the urge to grab Victoria and fuck her herself, but she'd be getting in the way right now. Maybe later on.

"That ass looks so juicy and inviting. I think I'll fuck it before doing your cute pussy. " He had her lay on her back and held her legs in both hands as they parted open.

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   He bumped his cock around her asshole for a few moments before penetrating it and shoving his entire length inside. "Aaaaaahhh, fuck!! Fuck me, Gary!" He liked that and pushed her legs further back, increasing the force of his thrusts into her hole. Victoria's entire body shook as he pumped her in the ass. "Hooh haaa, yessss, fuck," he said and grunted continuing the invasion of her ass with his cock, his balls slapping against her ass cheeks. Victoria put a hand to her pussy and massaged it. He liked what he saw and dug his hand into her pussy, getting it soaked and wet. He pushed deeper and wiggled his fingers inside, rotating his wrist as well. "Eeeeehhh" she squealed, "Mmmmmmnnn that's a lot of fingers in my pussy. Oooh Fuuuh Fuuu Fuckkkk!!" His cock drove in deep and hard into her ass, stretching the boundaries. This should make shitting easier for her, he thought.

He didn't see Amanda come up behind him, but he did hear her say, "I hope you've enjoyed the free fuck so far, 'cause this is where it ends along with the rest of your stinkin' life!!" She caused her arm to become all scary and bony with claws at the finger tips. Then she plunged her hand into his back with such force that it shot out through his stomach, causing guts and blood to spill out and over onto Victoria. Gary gave his death cry and she screamed even though she knew he was going to die that evening. Amanda had not told her when she would be killing the rotten bastard, though. His body fell forward onto the bed.

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   Luckily, Victoria had rolled to one corner so the dead man would not land on her. The bed got soaked with blood.

Amanda and Victoria immediately ran out of the room now that their target for the day was dead. As they exited the room, there were male college students about and they saw the two girls, but not for long enough that they would know how to describe them to a police sketch artist.

Amanda picked up Victoria in her arms and bent her knees. Victoria felt a rush of air going down against her face as Amanda shot up from the ground in an impossible high jump. They landed on the dormitory roof and with another powerful jump, they were in the dorm residents' parking lot. Amanda motioned for silence to Victoria and using slight magic and stealth, they both escaped notice and capture by the authorities who had been notified as soon as curious students discovered a dead body in the room that the two blood-stained girls had evacuated.


To be continued in "The Cheerleader from Hell - Part Two" . . . . . .

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