The Goddesses of Sex - part 2: Ashley


(Continued from The Goddesses of Sex - part 1: Melinda . . . )

Finally Melinda’s huge, gaping mouth slid off my penis with another smack and the penis wobbled in the air, vertical and two feet long … I barely noticed, I just lay there, feeling the ooze drip down. I was spent. She had said she would suck me dry and she had, and I couldn’t take it anymore.
With her fingers she pinched my penis head, then pushed down and it followed, she was shrinking the whole thing back to its normal size. It seemed I had almost passed out a few times but I watched her as if from a distance: she was still naked, with long, platinum blond hair, pointed shoulders, a thin stomach, gorgeous boobs, and wide hips around her tight ass.
Now Melinda sat on the side of the bed, leaned over — spreading her ass crack — and came back up with her clothes: sweater, bra, shorts and panties. Quickly she began putting them back on, first the bra, which she carefully framed around her breasts, then her sweater.
Naked now from the waist down, Melinda stood and slipped one long, bare leg into her panties.
This was it? Had my experience with her ended this soon?
As she’d said — I’d lost my virginity to a goddess. And what a goddess. I had sucked her vagina and pleasured her, then she’d surpassed that infinitely by taking my entire cock into her mouth, sucking all of my cum, then refilling my vigor and taking even more cum into her face, all over her mouth, cheeks, lips and hair … then she’d sucked me even more and expanded my penis to 20 times its normal length …
“Melinda …” She looked down when I gasped out, “That was incredible. ”
“Oh, I know. ” She lifted up one long leg and put it in her shorts.

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   “I told you, didn’t I?”
“Mm-hmm. ”
“But I’m only … the beginning. ” Melinda was dressed, and she looked at me quizzically. “Come on, put your clothes on. Time to go. ” Her eyes narrowed and she smiled. “Time for the next one. ”
“Next one …”
“Yes, choose another goddess of sex. Some of us aren’t here but there are enough to make a great selection. ”
I managed to sit up. My penis hung limp and her eyes flickered down to it, eyeing me hungrily. “Do I just go out there naked?”
“No. Get dressed. Whoever you choose will like to undress you. ”
I looked down at the floor, where my clothes were sprawled everywhere.

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   I had a thought. “Get me dressed, Melinda. Come on. Magically … or however you do that. ”
She cocked her head, then smiled. “Fine. Watch this. ” She threw her arms toward me —
Instantly I was wearing socks, shoes, shorts, t-shirt.
Melinda stood, her gorgeous body back in disguise, then took me by the hand and pulled me up. “Come on. Much more to do. Ohhhh, so much. ”
I almost laughed. “I’m too tired … unless you kiss me again I can’t …”
“I’m not going to send you back out there empty. ” She turned and her arms went around my neck, her head pressed close and her large, wet mouth encased mine, and she kissed, sucked, wet lips sliding over mine, then her tongue pushing past my mouth and licking my tongue …
My god.

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   The energy was coming back. I wanted her … BAD. I grabbed her shoulders, pushed her away — “Oh … oh please, Melinda … can we do it all over again?”
“Ahhh, Seth. ”
“Please? Blow me wider this time … shove me down inside you. I want you to take me whole again. ”
“Seth, Seth. ” She smiled, tolerantly. “Oh yes, I’ll take you, every inch of you, and suck every fluid ounce of your cum. I’ll suck on your asshole if you want me to. Mmm, that’s one thing we haven’t done. ”
God, she was turning me on.
“But you could use a little variety. ” She pointed to the bedroom door. “Out there are at least four more goddesses who are waiting patiently for the chance to do you, in each of their own, special, wayyssss. ” She drew the last word out and leaned close, her unnaturally-large mouth shut this time, tongue fully inside.

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   “It’s not fair for me to hog you. ”
I thought of something even while I felt my penis harden just from her being there. “Aren’t you tired too?”
“I never get tired of this … I’m a goddess of sex. ” She opened the door. “Let me re-introduce you to my girlfriends. ”
I followed her into the foyer — reception area — whatever. The couches were still there and a TV was on, playing a football game. Three girls looked up from the couch and each grinned. I had met them earlier: Ashley, Leslie and Courtney.
“Hey, handsome,” Leslie said. She was the only one I couldn’t get over — she looked 12 or 14 years old, petite, with tight breasts under a thin tank top, and she was way underage. I wasn’t a pedophile! Yet I was irresistibly drawn to her.
Then as I approached I saw the girl beside her — Ashley, and she had called herself Ashley Anus. A grin filled her long, narrow face: she was a knockout, with dark brown skin, long and straight black hair, an angular face with bright eyes … and she wore a tight black bra top over large breasts, and impossibly tight jeans over shapely legs, with the thin band of a purple thong sticking out around her waist.
I stopped in front of her.

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   Melinda was behind me.
Ashley’s eyes drove up into mine. “You ready for me?” she asked.
“Uh-huh. ”
“Oooooohh. ” She stood up and strutted for a second, hips weaving, and for a second I saw her from behind. “Take me for a ride. ” A huge ass, not fat but gorgeous, framed by impossibly wide hips.
“Ashley … Anus,” I gasped out. “You do anal … intercourse?”
She moved around me, dragged me by the hand, toward another door in the wall. “Come on. Now. ”
Leslie put on a pouting frown. “Seth, take me instead! I can do anal if you want me to. ”
My heart lurched.

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“You can have her later. ” Ashley pulled harder. “Come on. ” I finally let go and followed her, but she didn’t release my hand. There was her ass, from behind, encased in her jeans. Her buttocks shifted from side to side as she walked, a constant rhythm, mesmerizing.
She opened the door, another room. Darker colors, dark wood and browns, thick brown carpet, a smaller bed than the one in Melinda’s room, and now with a black quilt … the door closed by itself and Ashley led me to the bed, padding on the carpet with bare feet. Then stopped in front of the bed and stood in front of me, her voluptuous face suddenly carried a thin-eyed, open-lipped, nasty expression … slut. She gyrated, sideways, then back and forth, sticking her chest nearer my face, then stepped back, her arms came up and crossed and her fingers grabbed her bra, she pulled it up over her head … her breasts were there, large and brown, almost dangling but firm, light brownish-red nipples erect.
I went for her, she giggled and dodged, jumped out of the way and landed on the bed, turned and wriggled sensuously, with her ass pointing right out at me, humongous and round — I reached up, both hands, and my fingers clenched around her buttocks, soft, soft but firm somehow, but blocked by her jeans …
Ashley faced me, breasts jiggling, and she gyrated, dancing, writhing … she unbuckled her belt and slid it off, whipped it in the air and then dropped it, and I fingered my penis from outside my shorts as Ashley stripped — pulled her jeans down, revealing her thong, almost all of it, totally bare skin except for the rubber-band-thick string around her waist connecting to the purple pouch between her legs … now she bent over, breasts dangling over her stomach and nipples sticking straight down … I watched … she slipped out of the jeans, one foot and then the other, and let them drop away, then she wriggled her body, pranced across, rotated and I saw her ass.
Oh my god. Dazzling, perfect flesh, round, soft but somehow firm, big and brown and luscious … her thong strap dug deep into her wide crack and for all I could tell all she was wearing was a purple rubber band. Huge buttocks, intoxicating, sensuous.
Her head turned around, eyes gleaming, and she wriggled her ass at me, at eye level.

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That was it. I let go of myself, quit watching and just came at her — she turned over and flopped down on the bed, giggling, my face pressed to her breasts and I caressed her, she breathed hard, muttering, “Yes, oh yes, mmm … oh Seth, mmm … suck me, feel me, kiss me. Oh kiss me … kiss me, lick me …”
My tongue slid across the flesh of her breast, pressed hard in and I licked — the thrill — my mouth closed around one nipple and I sucked for a moment, her hand was on my neck and was pushing me up, away from her breast … I let go of her boob and let her push my head up, toward hers, and her eyes were closed and her chin was at my nose … I moved up and found her lips with mine and we fastened together.
“Mmm …” Her face twisted as she dug in. No tongue, like Melinda … and now Melinda, who had expanded my penis to 20 feet and then swallowed it all … Melinda seemed like a distant, pleasant memory as I kissed, sucked, licked Ashley’s much smaller lips, her head kept moving as she pressed in. “Mmm …” Kiss. “Mmm. ” Kiss, back and away, and now longer, lips almost parted open …  “Mmmmmmmmmmm. ”
I managed to pull away from her long enough, moved back down to her breasts and now realized I was still fully clothed — I sat up, with her lying down almost under me, completely naked except for the thong — and I untied my shoes fast and yanked them off, then peeled off my socks, then pulled off my shirt and threw it away, then came back down with my face pressed between her boobs — I felt the flesh against my ears, heard her breathing deep within. “Ahhhh … oh, Ashley … oh, Ashley. ”
Her slender hand took mine and she moved it down to her thong strap. My fingers went under it and I went down there, my other hand sliding across her long, slender stomach and then to her wide left hip … I pulled at the strap, pulling up. “Turn over, Ashley …”
She rolled over, then brought herself onto her knees … her ass protruded up at me, unreal, huge and sensuous, then she writhed her hips and shifted her buttocks and I could hardly watch without almost cumming in my pants …
On my knees, I undid my belt, pulled it out, then yanked down my shorts and scrambled to my feet, towering over her thong-wearing ass and long back with ebony hair dangling across it … I pulled my shorts off all the way and then grabbed at my underwear, it dug into my skin, and almost tore — I got out of it and collapsed next to her, on my knees, mouth lowered to her ass and settled on the right buttock, soft skin, I licked her, then sucked, sliding my mouth across, my nose stuck into her crack and my tongue stuck between her cheeks, touching her thong strap that would be right over her asshole but I couldn’t see it … eyes closed. My hands reached up past her waist and grabbed both her breasts.
“Ooooohhhh … Seth, you’re incredible …”
“Damn … you’re incredible.

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A slight hissing near my face and my eyes went open. It came from her ass, a puff of air, she farted?! but then I smelled it: a perfume, almost too sweet, filling my nostrils and surrounding me, stinging … intoxicating.
I wanted to suck her ass. I drew my left hand away from her breast and grabbed her thong strap around her left hip, then pulled, it was thin enough, finally it snapped and I kept pulling, yanking off her thong although it dug into her ass crack.
“Ohhh, oh yes, Seth, strip me, take it off. Suck me, Seth. Suck my ass … suck my asshole. Drink me. ”
The thong was gone; I tossed it away, then moved back on my knees, letting go of her other boob, then spread her cheeks aside. A huge asshole, narrowing and then widening, pulsating with her breathing, in and out.
Hissssss — something brown, a fluid, leaked from the hole. I stared, not fathoming, unsure … oh, shit! No … it was too viscous for that, shiny, almost like chocolate!
“Drink me!” Ashley shrieked.
This can’t be real. My head went down, pressed into her crack, then buried almost to the corners of my mouth and I stuck out my tongue, felt her asshole and she flinched, cried out — “OOHHHH, YESSSS!” and I tasted it: chocolate, like syrup. I licked her and she moaned, body writhing, I squeezed her cheeks as I sucked in the syrup, swallowed it, it tasted delicious, I sucked more, licking her asshole and more chocolate hissed out, dribbling down my chin, like melted ice cream … her sensuous voice was breathing, “Oh yesss, oh yes, Seth, eat me, lick me … my god, lick my ass.

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   Lick me in the ass …”
My penis was hard and ready but I ignored her for now … eating her chocolate syrup … I can’t believe this.
“Taste me Seth …” I stuck my tongue in her ass, now, further … my nose pressed into her crack and I couldn’t go more or I would suffocate, even now I could barely see. “OOOOOOHHH!”
Her body jerked, and wriggled, my face stayed in her ass crack and I pushed my tongue in more, felt her ass widen and something pushed at my tongue, I tasted more chocolate. WILD … I pulled back, her cheeks slapped together without my face there, and then they spread apart by themselves as I stared at her asshole. A brown lump was coming out … a bar of chocolate?!
“Oooooohhhh,” Ashley moaned. Another hiss from her asshole and another perfume filled the air, a sweet, chocolate smell … “Have dessert, Seth. Eat it. ”
I went back, nose pressed into her asscrack and my mouth took the chocolate, bit off part of it and chewed, my fingers slid over her cheeks, now wet with chocolate … her whole ass was wet with chocolate, lubricated, I kept eating, biting off more, swallowing the chocolate down. “Fuck me,” Ashley whispered. “Eat me, eat me, now fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me …”
Pffffttt. More perfume, penetrating my nose and then my skull … fuck her! “Oooohh — ” I could barely speak, my mouth was full — “damn!”
My head slid out but her arms came back, fingers spread her cheeks apart and her head had turned around, almost all the way and her narrow eyes stared at me, mouth agape and drool slid out … “FUCK ME, SETH!”
Her hand grabbed around my penis and pulled, I almost lost my load. Ashley pulled it toward her ass. Another puff of air, more perfume, and then another piece of chocolate — it almost dropped out but I caught it in my lips and chewed, soft and warm …
Then I slid myself up, on my knees, my penis protruding and aimed, she let go and her elbows were pressed into the bed pillows, her breasts visible from underneath her ass … finally, now … I pushed my penis forward, it slid over her right cheek then glided over the wet skin, pressed into her crack, more, more, MORE!
The tip touched her asshole and something jolted through me. She moaned and writhed her upper body, head weaving, then face turned completely around to watch me … I pushed in, the hole slid around my head and I buried it, deeper, deeper, my body shuddering, I kept going until I was completely in.
“Oooooooooooo …” Her body tensed, then shook with pleasure.

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   I drew my penis out, almost all the way, smooth and wet inside, then pushed in, Ashley howled with delight as she sank to the bed, pelvis pressing closer and now her asshole tightening around my penis … I pulled out, pushed in, rhythm, the feeling, the thrill — damn!
“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me deep!” Ashley’s head drew up, facing completely backward and my head lowered and our lips met, I was on my knees with my cock in her ass … “Oh, Seth, oh, keep going, oh my god, oh my god …” in, out, in, out, faster, faster … “oh my god, oh, oh … mmmm …” Her mouth and eyes closed. “Mmmmm … mmmmm … MMMMMM!”
I almost stopped but kept going and she almost screamed — she was convulsing but I wasn’t — “OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD! YES, YESSS, YESSS! OOOHHH, FUCK ME, OOOOHHH, MY GOD! OHHHH!”
I felt myself coming, then cumming, hot sperm shot out and into her, kept going, I felt I could hardly move but I kept penetrating her, once almost going completely out, my hips pressed right into her ass cheeks. “Oh, Ashley, aaahhhh!”
“Mmmm …” She was quieter, breathing hard, then her voice, louder: “Oh, my god … do me again. ”
I finished pumping into her then my head collapsed, chin in her neck … but her breasts were on her other side, I was on her from behind. “Fuck me again,” she whispered.
Then her mouth met mine and her face twisted, back and forth, we kissed, wet, passionate, hot flesh, and I felt my hands slide across the sweat on her back. Energy shuddered through me. I drew up my groin and she gasped, then I pushed in once more … and felt resistance in her ass … pushed anyway —
And exploded inside. “OOOOOHHHH,” Ashley screamed, “ohhhh, my GOD!”
Her body pulsed, wriggled and I gasped as I shook, our legs intertwined and I almost fell to the side, then I did, and she rolled with me, her head pressed into mine and we kissed hard, her screaming around my lips, over and over, “oh yes, oh yes, oh, yes, ooohhhh, yes, yes, YES, oh MY GOD!”
Orgasm, together. My hands went around her and grasped her breasts, “Mmmmmm,” she said, and then her whole body spasmed again. I erupted once more, driving my hot cum into her ass, her lips met mine again and pulled, sucked, her tongue licked my lips and mine came out and penetrated her mouth, felt her smooth, slick teeth …
Our bodies convulsed … and just kept going. I felt her asshole widen around me and then another hiss, air gooshed out around my pubic hair and then slid up my stomach, all around our legs, then it crawled across my back … cold, tingling, orgasmic air.
I slowed down, not pumping, but we were still kissing, we hadn’t stopped — and Ashley drew back, moaning again, as my penis went back to work and we climaxed together, hard, long, intense, repeatedly … I gasped out as she kept whispering, “oh my god, oh my god, oh, fuck fuck fuck, fuck me …” I had stopped penetrating but I didn’t need to — the orgasm kept going. I remained still, lying under her now, with her head twisting and pressing into mine, magical goddess lips restoring my vigor, my hands around her huge breasts, her hips over mine, my penis buried in her incredible, fucking ass.
(What would you do next with Ashley? or Melinda? or even Leslie Little, coming soon? E-mail me with your story ideas or even your own story at TheMasterDisaster2006@yahoo.


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