The Other Side of the Coin Chapter 15


After dinner, I dragged John to a couple of guitar shops while Itold him what had happened. "Geez, Miwa, I'm glad you're soeasygoing about that stuff or that likely would have been the end ofthe negotiations right there if someone was embarrassed. " "Yeah. Youdefinitely brought the right girl along for the job, John. But it'sgoing to cost you that Killer guitar on the wall there," I said. John was surprised when he looked at the receipt and it was $6,000U. S. Then I bought a six string with my own money, a made in JapanFender Strat. Millions were at stake, so the price tag I just hungon John was so small that even the phrase "chump change" didn'tdescribe it. Plus he got to fuck me.

The negotiations reopened the following morning. Again, it was asnooze fest for me. I wore a pink Japanese office lady outfit (whiteblouse and heels, pink vest and pink knee length skirt) with whitethigh stockings. When the negotiations were adjourned for lunch, wetook the Japanese side to a Chinese-Japanese fusion cuisinerestaurant. It was killer.

We picked up where we left off during the afternoon until 6 p.

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  m. Then the Japanese side took us to another Japanese restaurant with aprivate room. I sat on a bench against the back wall with the tablein front of me. Nothing was going to be seen by anyone unless theywere on either side of me or looking underneath from the other sideof that particular table. The food was pretty good, but not nearlyas good as the one we took them to during lunch. I guess costcutting has hit Japan, too. I was wondering if Hasatomine-san andYoshiwana-san had told their colleagues about what they were doingwith me the previous day.

My guess is that they did. The 70 something CEO, Katono-san, satopposite John and to my left. On my right was the 60 something CFO,Okui-san. Once the food was served and everyone began to getdistracted by their individual conversations, Okui-san startedasking me personal questions such as if I liked being tied up andspanked, if I swallowed or spit or if I liked older men. The answerto those questions are yes, yes, yes, no and yes. He then asked memy favorite sex position. I told him doggy style because I knew thatanswer would get him off more. He wanted to know if I liked givingblowjobs.

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   I said I did, but only to my husband. God, what a farcethat answer was and I couldn't but help to giggle when I uttered it. Then he jumped to whether I liked anal. I said no. I felt Okui-san'shand on my calf, which he then trailed up to just above my knee. Islapped it away. I was wondering if I should do this. But it wasprobably better form to put up a little bit of a fight, even withthe biggest of the bigwigs there. Then I felt Okui-san's hand slowlypulling my skirt up. I think he was trying to see what color andstyle panties I was wearing. Again, I fended his hand off. Then hejust quickly slipped his hand on to the naked skin between the topof my right stocking and my pussy. "Okui-fukushacho, dame yo (Mr. vpOkui, don't do that!)!" I mewled. Okui was not attractive to me,being a little troll like.

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I put my hand on his and tried to move it, but it wouldn't budge. Hewas also squeezing my thigh, too. "Ii ko nara onsha wo yoku ni mieruzo (if you're a good girl we'll have a more positive opinion of yourcompany)," he claimed. "Hontou ni (really)?" "Hontttouuuu da yo!" hepromised. "H-h-h-hai," I fake stuttered. "Ah, ii ko da na (ah,you're a good girl, aren't you)" he said rhetorically and his handcrawled into my panties and then I felt a couple of fingers beingjammed into me. He pulled them out and licked them off in front ofme. "Oishii ko ja nee ka (well, aren't you a tasty little thing),"he critiqued before he re-invaded my snatch. "Chotto matte," hesuddently blurted. He quickly whipped my skirt toward me and lookedat my bare snatch before he whipped it back on to my knee. "Underhair nashi da yo ne (you don't have any pubic hair, do you). ""H-hai," I confessed, trying to act all nervous when I was actuallyjust bored with this geezer groping me and wished he would get itover with.

I felt his hand on the waistband of my panties and I lifted my butta little so that he could slide them down to my knees. He pulled myskirt back again. "Kirei (beautiful)!" "Arigatou," I said meekly.

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   Heshoved his fingers into me again and licked them off for anothertaste of me. "Ne, okusan, kore wo taisetsu ni sureba ii koto ninarun da yo (hey misses, if you treat my cock---he pointed to itwhen he said the word for 'this'---well it will be good for yourcompany)" he insisted. "H-h-h-hai (O-o-o-okay) I fake stammered. Heunzipped his pants and pulled out his penis. God, it was tiny. Evenwhen I got it hard, it was three inches max. It is easily thesmallest I have ever seen in the flesh. I put it between my thumband index finger and started stroking it. I tried not to laugh whileI was doing it---and it almost seemed like a mercy handy. When hewas ready to cum, I pointed it so that it would all shoot on to hisgray dress pants and that is what happened. I got a little on myfingers, but a tissue quickly removed that. He then excused himselfto go use the head, having to walk through the entire restaurantwith cum stains on his pants. Fucking priceless!

The CEO, I guess maybe he was intimidated by John being half a foottaller and about 60 pounds heavier, never made one move on me. Well,at least that night.

I told John what happened after we got back to the hotel and welaughed our asses off.

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   Now we have an inside joke, calling a smalldick an "okui. " By the way, the word for "big" in Japanese is"Ookii," so "okui" for a small penis is a pun on that.

Wednesday, there were no meetings, which made for a nice break fromthe grueling negotiations of the past two days. I acted as tourguide to John and the others for the local sites. Then I hit aguitar shop in a back alley in Akihabara and found a used Tokai LesPaul copy. Score! Those are good axes!

I suggested we go to a kaitenzushi for dinner just to make thingseasier on the trip's budget. At a kaitenzushi, plates of sushirevolve on a conveyor belt around the counter and what you pay isdependent on how many of what color plates you consume. Yeah, itlacks atmosphere, but it's still good food. When we got  back  toour hotel room, John was too stressed out for sex, so I blew himinstead because, well, I like to suck cock and I thought it mightrelax him. He held my naked self tightly as he fell asleep, whichfelt nice.

Thursday's negotiations seemed to go well and the mood of theJapanese execs appeared to be quite a bit looser than it wasinitially. I have no idea why. We thought we were making pretty goodprogress. At lunch and dinner nobody tried to grope me. Now mind youthey were all staring at me a lot, but not even so much as a lewdcomment.

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Friday morning, I found out why. the CEO of the Japanese firm,Katono-san, or, more formally, Katono-shacho, hadn't tried anythingwith me when just about everyone in his negotiating party had. Heshowed up with his personal interpreter and left me with the othersoutside the door of the conference room, making it just John,Katono-san and his interpreter inside. According to John, this iswhat was said:  "Mr. Cravelle, we are pleased at how quickly we havebeen able to move toward a contract. I think your wife has been agreat help in explaining the way we do business here and has shownherself to be an impressive team player as well as a beautiful,classy woman. So I have a proposal for you and we can end thenegotiations now and conclude a contract or we will have to keepthem going on with more intervention by lawyers and such and take upmuch more time than necessary. . "

"When we get into bed with another firm, I REALLY like to get intobed with them. As a symbol of a developing close relationshipbetween our two firms, I want to sleep with your wife. " "Wellpresident Katono, that is quite an offer. I will consult with ourteam and see where we will go with this. My expectation, though, isthat the contract will be finalized today. "

I saw John exit the room and then call me over to a corner of thehallway. I can't say I was THAT surprised by Katono'san's wanting tosleep with me.

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   What did get me, though, is that the deal was beingeffectively predicated on my sexual availability, especially sincemy supposed marriage to John was a whole heapin' helpin' o'shorseshit. I agreed to the proposal and the deal was signed. Katono-san called up a limo and he, John and I traveled toKatono'san's house in Hiroo, Tokyo, where he had an immaculatespread with a big Japanese garden that was surrounded by what seemedlike a fortress like fence. I wondered if maybe it was a restoredresidence of some former feudal lord or other dignitary.

Katono-san's footman let us out of the car and Katono-san ushered usinto his home. His wife Sayuri, a small prim woman who, when youlooked into her eyes, embodied the famous observation made aboutJapanese woman by one prominent now late Japan hand, and this is aparaphrase,: "outside, she is all artfully presented sweetness andlight and inside is a heart as strong as steel. "  Japanese like totake their time getting to the heart of the matter, so we sat aroundthe short table of a typical traditional Japanese livingroom justsocializing a bit. Eventually, Katono-san steered the conversationto sex, asking me when I lost my virginity, how many children Iwanted, all that shit. Then we got on to BDSM: "so have you guysever played with rope?" he asked. I jumped in. "I messed around withit in college and John ties me up every now and then just to add alittle spice to things," I advocated. "So are you a masochist?" hequeried. "Not a masochist, but a submissive and I like being spankedand rough sex," I disclosed. "Yeah, she likes me to call her nameswhen we're doing it," John added. I was obviously trying to walk afine line between looking like the slut I really am and arespectable wife of a corporate magnate.


   "Yeah, (nodding toward hiswife) this one likes that, too. She's also a hardcore masochist," helet us know.

This was making me a little uneasy. In Japanese BDSM, there are noexplicit limits like we have here in the west. Everything is left upto the dominant to decide how far he wants to take things, thoughthere is usually a tacit understanding as to the extent he or shewould be allowed to progress. I just wondered how far Katono-san wasgoing to try to push things with me. "I'm really happy that you'regoing to let me have your wife Mr. Crevelle. I've always wanted tohave the young idol singer Suki Hakamada and your wife is thespitting image of her," he explained. "Osukkurisan desu neeee (shelooks exactly like her, doesn't she?)," Sayuri echoed. I waved thatsuggestion off as the etiquette called for, but when Katono-san saidhe thought it was true I thanked him for the flattering comparison.

"Sate, ikimashou ka (well, shall we get started)?" Mr. Katonoannounced. "Hai," I assented. "Oh, by the way Mr.

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   Cravelle, while Iplay with your wife you can have fun with my little bitch, too"Katono-san averred, using the word "mesuinu"---bitch---toward hiswife as a form of humiliation. I wasn't sure if John was into womenin their 60's, but I figured at the very least he would probably geta bj out of it.

Katono-san took me upstairs and pushed the fusuma of one room apartand bid me entrance. I stepped in and it was basically a dungeon,hooks and eyebolts screwed into the exposed ceiling joists, abondage rack, stocks like they used in the Puritan days of earlyAmerica, a table with all kinds of gear on it such as whips, rope,clamps, etc. It wasn't that much different from what Kevin had inhis house, except that the floor was tatami and there were noeyebolts screwed into the floor. Katono-san told me to strip andwalked around me to inspect me. He groped my ass and breasts alittle bit. "Okay, go take a bath and come back here when you'redone," he commanded. He didn't think I was dirty. He was doing thisbecause the Japanese associate cleanliness with purity and by havingme clean myself it was like displaying respect to the rope gods andthe shibari art form as well as to show me that he was veryparticular about how he did things so that I wouldn't be uneasyabout him being some jackoff cowboy who just wanted to beat bitchesup like what you see in some BDSM chat rooms and forums in the U. S.

Out of respect for Katono-san and not wanting to defile his ropesand whatever other devices he was going to use on me, I showered andscrubbed myself to within an inch of my life and then got into thehot bath that had been left for me by Sayuri and soaked for about 15minutes. I got out and dried myself off. Then I took several deepbreaths and tried to let my body be limp so that what pain I mightexperience I might be able to better cope with.

I padded back to Katono-san's playroom naked.

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   I stood at attentionand he circled me and grabbed my hair, pulling it into a pony tailand then downward all at once. This was hot and I immediately beganto moisten between my legs and my heart was drag racing all over mychest. "You're such a lovely girl Miwa-chan," he remarked. ArigatouKatono-shacho," I countered. Then he told me to call him"goshujinsama---Master. " "Hai, wakarimashita goshujinsama (Yes, Iunderstand Master)," I firmly said. "Maa, ii ka (this meansliterally, "is this good?," but the connotation is, "time to getstarted").

He told me to stand under the bondage rack, whereupon he tied myarms and legs so that I was in a spread position. He walked aroundbehind me. "You have a really cute little ass, Miwa-chan. Let's seeif we can ad some more color to it," he prefaced before striking myright butt cheek with a flogger. I let out a "yip" and then he didit again, followed by five quick strikes in succession. My heart wasREALLY beating rapidly now and I could feel myself beginning toboard the next rocket for sub space. He put a ball gag in my mouthand a vibrating egg into my pussy. I felt the toy begin to vibrateat about 75% strength.


   Then he made about 15 more passes at both asscheeks and it was beginning to feel sore, but also hot and thatturned me on. Then I felt the lash of a single tail whip, whichcarried a much sharper sting with it. The vibrator was cuasing somevery nice sensations in my clit and inside me and I was beginning tomoan. He stood in front of me and roughly grabbed my vulva,detecting my wetness. "Wow, you're such a dirty girl," he leered. "You like what I'm doing to you, don't you?" I nodded my head up anddown. "Yappari (that's what I thought)1" he blurted.

My clit was stiffer than a pencil and feeling hot as the resonancein my pubic area shook it. My vaginal walls were tucked around theintrusive device and it was hard keeping it inside me since I was sooiled up there. He took out a length of rope and compacted mybreasts in a harness. Then he untied my wrists from the top of therack and bound them behind my back. My ass was throbbing like thebeat of a drum and that would be joined by the pain in my nipplesafter he attached some very tight clamps to them that compressedthem severely. He then started pulling and pinching my aching milkduds, causing me to emit "eek!" sounds. He bent me over and lashedthe backhand tie to the top of the rack, causing gravity to exertpressure on my bound and pinched breasts, which only exacerbated thepulsing I felt in the nipples. He then took another whip out andsnapped it all over my ass and thighs, the pain being searing.

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   Thatis when my starship departed for sub space and I started to cum ingrunting exclamations of ecstasy. "Oh, you came did you?' he archlynoticed, unloading more strikes of the whip on my ass and thighs. Then he grabbed a small wire whip and slapped my breasts with it,which hurt tremendously, but the endorphins inside me were not onlymaking me high and keeping me turned on, but helping to blunt thepain, too.

My hair was hanging down in front of me toward the floor, so myvision at that point was pretty limited. But I heard him undoing hispants and then the sound of a bunch of clothes hitting the floor. Herepositioned himself in front of me, pushed my hair on to my backand pulled it so that my head faced forward, yanked the gag off andthen rammed his cock into my mouth. He grabbed my face and began toskullfuck me, the only difficult part of that being just finding agood breathing rhythm while he repeatedly sandwiched his dickbetween my lips and then pistoned it into my throat. He wasn't allthat big, maybe five inches, so once I got a good air gulping rhythmI was able to accommodate him pretty easily. He shot a salty loadinto my mouth and I swallowed it. "Oishikatta (did it taste good)?""Hai goshujinsama," I affirmed. "Yappa ii ko da na (you really are agood girl)" he calculated. "Doomo arigatou goshujinsama," Iacknowledged.

He wacked up the vibrator to full and I instantly orgasmed, cursingin english as the pleasure conquered me. He strolled around behindme and clamped  my ankles to a spreader bar. He undid the  ropekeeping my body bent so that I could straighten up.

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   He slapped mybreasts and pulled and twisted the nipples several times, making mesee stars. He anchored the back of my breast harness to the top ofthe rack and then picked up the spreader bar and forced my legsupward, quickly and precisely tying the spreader bar to rings on thepoles on either side of the apparatus. I was now fully spread openand facing forward. Katono-san got on his knees and started to suckon my pussy and clit. "Ah, oishii!" he enthused as he distended myclit with his suction and lapped up my juices. I started to cumagain while he did this.

"You know what? I think I'm perhaps being too nice. You have strongendurance because most girls would be crying their heads off by now,but still, I'm not happy with the results of our little trainingsession so far," he informed me. He whipped my breasts several moretimes and then flogged my inner thighs, which stung like a bitch. Seeing my reaction, he did it again. Then he produced a wooden spoonand slapped my clit with it, which was also excruciatingly painfulbecause it was stiff, engorged and slightly distended  from beingsucked on. Then I felt several more shots across the ass with a whipand my whole groin region had been set ablaze, making me feel like Ihad the wind knocked out of me.

He came right up into my face and squatted slightly, withdrew thevibrating egg from me, grabbed my raw red ass hard, which made mecringe, and pushed his cock into my pussy. I let out a long moan andthen felt him slap my breasts again before he began to thrust. "God,your pussy feels so good," he told me in Japanese as I felt my lovecanal  being turned into a cock comforter.

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   The sensations,especially contrasting with the more negative things I was feelingat the time, were wonderful. What he didn't have in length he had inthickness and hardness and I was going to cum again, though thepleasurable sensations from my cunt were interrupted by the stingingand aching from him grabbing my overly sensitive butt cheeks. Finally, he nudged me over the edge and I shouted in Japanese, "Iku!Iku! Iku (I'm, cumming! I'm cumming, I'm cumming!)" while hemasturbated himself inside me. He lasted a while and I had threemore orgasms before he flushed his balls into my open hole.

He let me hang there while his cum obscenely dripped out of me andon to the floor. After he grabbed a bit of a respite, he untied theropes and removed the nipple clamps and I shook my limbs out. Ithought we were done, but no. He guided me over to the stocks and Iput my head and hands in them. He anchored my legs to the base ofthe stocks so that they would stay open. He slipped the ballgag backin my mouth. He then went about whipping and spanking my ass andthighs again. Finally, my system had enough and I couldn't help butto start crying and begging him to stop. It felt like someone hadslathered napalm on my entire lower backside. He continued to punishthis area of my body for another 15 minutes. Now if he was going tofuck me again I didn't think he would be able to get it up foranother hour at his age.

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   But I guess the sight of me bawling my eyesout got him hard in just a few minutes. Unfortunately for me, thepiece de resistance of our encounter was going to be anal sexwithout lubrication. He had to use my hips for leverage to pushhimself into me and that hurt a ton not to mention the burning andaching sensations I felt when he burrowed his dick through mybackdoor. Because he was an older gentleman and had already cumtwice, he was in me for a fucking long while, or so it seemed,before he finally splooged my poop chute with the remainder of whatwas in his balls.

He released me from the stocks and then commented, "I didn't think Iwould be able to break you after you withstood the earlierpunishment, but I finally got to you," he chuckled. I answered bysaying some lame, cliched horseshit like, "Master is just too strongfor me" in Japanese. "Go and have a bath and get dressed and thenI'll have my driver take you guys to your hotel. Please come over toplay again soon if you're so inclined," he said. I thanked him,bowed and went to the bathroom. The hot water felt like it wasboiling when it splashed on to my butt,  breast and legs, so I justused cold water, hoping it would lessen the swelling. When I put myclothes back on, it felt like someone was scraping my skin with acheese grater.

John, Sayuri and the driver were waiting in the livingroom. Ithanked Mrs. Katono for her hospitality. On the way back to thehotel, I told John about all I had been through.

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   I also let him knowthat he wasn't getting anything off of me the next couple of daysbecause my body was just too beat up. As for what he and Sayuri did,as I anticipated, he just wasn't that attracted to her, so he hadher blow him and then sucked it up and held and cuddled her, tellingher how beautiful she still was. She  stroked his cock and then goton top of him and rode herself to several orgasms. His lack of ardorfor Sayuri helped stave off his ejaculation by a good ways, helaughed.

When we returned to the hotel, I had John get a boatload of ice,load it into the tub on top of me with my legs splayed on the edgesof the it like there were stirrups on them and then told him to goto a certain bookstore and buy every known recent Japanese guitarmagazine he could find. I spent the better part of two days in thattub reading before I was healed enough to want to do anything. Icharged John TWO expensive Japanese signature guitars, total ofabout $15,000, for that. And I also used him as my coolie when Iwent guitar and book shopping the two days after that.

Mind you, I wasn't mad at John and I was glad for the experiences Ihad even as hard as many night think they were. The worst of it forme was not being used in the way Katono-san did, but the hour afterhour tedium of the negotiating process. When we got home almost aweek early, John cut me a check for $50,000 because, according topress reports, the contract his and Katono-san's outfit had agreedto was worth upwards of $10 million a year. "You're becoming mylittle fix it girl," he said to me over dinner the day we got home. I smiled at that, but the truth was I was acting more like aparticularly talented escort. Both things were fine with me. It'sall good fun.

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Oh yeah, I bought 20 guitars on that trip plus the three I had Johnbuy for me. My GAS (Guitar Acquisition Syndrome) was quenched forthe time being. My sexual appetite, on the other hand.
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