The Other Side of the Coin Chapter 2


Just after I had finished eating dinner the night I took Todd'scherry from him, there was a knock at my door. When I asked who itwas, they said they were friends of Todd's. I opened the door andthere was Todd and the two buddies I saw him with the previous day. "Hi, are you Miwa?" the biggest of them inquired. "Yes I am," Ismiled. "Did you really have sex with Todd here?" "Yes I did. " Iguess he was expecting me to deny it in the name of modesty or withthe idea that Todd was lying. He kind of did a double take when Iconfirmed Todd's story. "How was it?" the guy suddenly blurted. Ismiled and countered, "he has an eight inch cock. How do you thinkit was?" "Todd has an eight inch cock? For real?" "Yep. " I looked atTodd and he was grinning from ear to ear. "Come here Todd honey," Isaid. I shared a long kiss with him then scolded him that maybeclowns like what he was calling his friends weren't all that goodfor him.

Todd showed up at my door the following day. I told him that hemight want to have his mom teach him to cook because girls love itwhen a guy can do that.

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   We kissed for a bit after that and it wasnice, but I kept thinking about his big dick and couldn't resist theurge to lean over, unzip his pants and suck it into my mouth. Iplayed with his balls, too, and he didn't take long to unspool anice warm load that would see its final destination in my tummy. Ithen told him that I had things to do and ushered him out the door. I never saw him after that, but through the neighborhood grapevinethe reputed story with him was that he took my advice and theneventually decided to go to culinary school. He also reportedly hasa girlfriend now, though God forbid he be allowed to reproduce. Butat least I apparently gave him a shot of confidence as well as someadvice he really needed to hear and I'm glad he took it to heart.

The day after that, I met John again and we had sex. I revealed thatI liked being denigrated while I'm being fucked, so he really wentto town on me, calling me a bitch and a slut  and making me loudlydeclare my fondness for cock while slapping my ass hard and reamingmy wet pussy. When we finished, he asked me for a favor. Most women,I think, would have been insulted, but since I was a former guy, theidea kinda turned me on. He had a Japanese client he was meeting thenext morning and he wanted me to service him in his office. I askedwhat the Japanese businessman looked like and he seemed presentableby John's description. He said he would pay me my standard book ratefor a translation job, which was $40 an hour with a three hourminimum. Now I have no idea if that is what real interpreterscharge, but John went for it, not that I needed the money since Iwas a billionaire anyway.

The next morning, I got dressed in a stereotypical Japanese officelady's uniform, a white blouse with a light blue skirt that came tojust a hair above my knees, a light blue vest, white stockings (Idecided to wear thigh highs rather than the more typical panty hose)and chunky white heels.

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   I looked pretty damned fabulous, if I do sayso myself. I drove over to John's office building and announced whoI was to the receptionist, who shortly after told me to take theelevator to the 24th floor. I exited the elevator and knocked on thedoor to John's office. He let me in and gave me a quick kiss (Ididn't want to smear my lipstick doing some major face sucking). Mr. Shimadayama, who was actually the president of his company, wasalready there and was sitting across John's desk from him. I madethe usual demure Japanese formalities. Mr. Shimadayama's english wasactually very good, putting the lie to the ostensible rationale formy being there.

John's phone rang and he told Mr. Shimadayama that he had to attendto a small emergency and that Miwa-chan would keep him company whilehe dealt with the sudden (and actually non-existent) issue. Istarted making noises about how difficult and stressful Mr. Shimadayama's position is, which, of course, he concurred with. Iasked him to remove his blazer so I could give him a shouldermassage. He let me take it off of him and I put it over the back ofan adjacent chair.

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   He was a decent enough looking guy. Wore glasses,probably in his early 50's, a little gray in his hair. After aboutfive minutes of kneeding his shoulders, I bend over him, my headonly about two inches from his face. I parted my lips and kissedhim. I tasted cigarettes on his breath, which was kinda gross, butbeing the trooper I was and because I had larger goals in mind, Icontinued to swap spit with him.

I pulled away from him and, moved around in front of where he wassitting. I unbuttoned my vest and my blouse and unhooked my bra. "Ne, shacho, nameteminai (Uh, Mr. company president, would you liketo try licking my nipples)?" He grabbed my left boob and my pantieswere quickly becoming damp. I pulled his head into that nipple andmoaned, extolling his ability to make me feel good. I felt his handgo up my left thigh and soon land outside of my lace panty coveredsnatch. I had my eyes closed and was really getting into this. Hethen informed me, "ireru zo! (I'm going to put it inside you)," andhe got up from his chair and gently spun me around so that I waslooking out the windowed facade of the building with my breastshanging over John's desk. Shimadayama-san pushed my skirt up on myback and yanked my panties down to about mid-thigh. I heard him undohis pants and then his cock weaseled its way inside me.

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   I let out along sigh and he asked, "kimochi ii darou (I bet that feels good foryou)," to which I answered affirmatively. He didn't really careabout my pleasure, though, as he was soon slamming his prong into mefor all he was worth. A few minutes later, I started cumming whiletelling Mr. Shimadayama to give it to me hard and fast (hageshikuyatte!) before I heard a shudder in his voice and a long grunt,spewing his dick snot into my soft, wet cock comforter.

I demurely thanked him after he pulled out and then asked him toallow me the pleasure of cleaning his spent rod off with my mouth. Iheard the handle of the door to the office turn and both he and Iscrambled to get our clothes back in order. John strode in afterchecking to make sure we were decent so as to avoid anyembarrassment. "So did Miwa-chan keep you entertained while I wasgone Mr. Shimadayama?" John asked pleasantly. "Oh yes. She is verynice, very beautiful woman," he complimented. I bowed and thenthanked him for the kind words while my panties caught the runofffrom my pussy in them. "I'm glad to hear that. Thank you for thatMiwa. He is a very important client of ours.

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  " "Yes Mr. Cravelle," Ichirped. I stood there while they negotiated, Mr. Shimadayamastaring at my boobs a lot in the meantime.

The meeting broke up and Mr. Shimadayama left to get on with therest of his day. "So how was it?" John wondered. "It was fun. Hebent me over your desk and drilled my brains out," I giggled. "Sounds hot!" "Yeah, I can't complain (giggle). " "Fuck I'm hard justhearing about this. Why don't you sit in that chair, Miwa" Johninvited. I did as he asked and then John moved right in front of me,pulled my cum smeared panties off and slid his cock inside me,fucking me for the next 20 minutes as I enjoyed one orgasm afteranother. 'Can I shoot on your face," he asked. "I moaned out a,"yes" and five minutes later my nose, forehead and one of my eyeswere given a sperm veil.

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"That was definitely worth the $120 bucks Miwa and you'll get alittle bonus besides. Thanks," John expressed. I took some tissuesout of my purse and wiped the ejaculate off of myself. "See youlater," he waved as I skipped off to the elevator.

I arrived at home, changed and took my dogs out to the park. It wasaround noon by that time and so while I was eating lunch, I beganlooking at sites for women who wanted to meet black guys for sex. Idecided to leave an introduction of myself on one such board. "21year old Japanese-American female, 5'3" 100 pounds, seeks clean,well hung, circumcised and dominant black man for NSA fun in ___county. Please be non-smoking and in shape. I am into cocksucking (Ican deep throat and swallow), regular vaginal intercourse and I willonly do anal for black guys," I wrote. I also left several pics ofmyself, one fully clothed, a bikini shot and then two others thatexhibited just my pussy and boobs. Furthermore, I filled out aprofile that requested my phone number that would only be used bythe site administrators.

A couple of days down the road, I got a phone call from the websiteowner who wanted to ensure I was an actual female and not a guymasquerading as a girl. We had a pleasant chat, but he was basedback east, so probably wouldn't be making it to my enclave anytimesoon. There were few blacks in the entire county in which I was nowresiding.

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   However, a day or two later, I got a private message fromanother guy who sent a pic of his cock, which, he said, was nineinches, wanting to meet me.

He showed up on my doorstep in the early afternoon the following dayand he was built like the proverbial brick shithouse. He wasn't thattall, probably about 5'10" or so. I welcomed him into my home, wherewe hugged and kissed. "Okay bitch, let's see you show someappreciation for a black man's dick. " I went to my knees andunzipped his pants. Oh my God, it was fucking huge! I couldn't getmy fingers around the girth and I would say that the nine inch claimwas on the money. I looked at it for a bit thinking about how Ishould approach it. I was definitely not going to be able to getthis monster all the way into my mouth, that was for sure. I slid mymouth over just the head of his cock and sucked on it while mylefthand fingernails lightly grazed his ball sack. I relaxed mythroat and slowly began to force my mouth over his enormousfleshpipe while I stroked the base of it with my righthand. Theenormity of his manhood was beginning to obstruct my airway and Ipulled my head off to gulp some air before trying it again. I bobbedmy had in incrementally longer and longer excursions while my lipstraveled over his meat stick. I could now get it about threequarters in my mouth, but that was going to be about it due to theconsiderable girth.

He grasped my head on either side and decided to force the issue, ashe started jackhammering the fat penis in and out of my mouth.

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   Whenhe pulled out, drool followed, quickly dowsing my chin and chestwith saliva. "Come on bitch, suck that dick," he willed, as my lipscontinued to be used to satisfy his need. This was complicated bythe amount of precum he was secreting, which I had difficultykeeping out of the wrong pipe as it dripped out of his cockhead. Mylittle mouth just couldn't keep up and he finally pulled out andasked me where my bedroom was.

We went upstairs and he pulled my t-shirt off and I undid my bra forhim, my breasts shaking as they popped out in front of him. "Wow,those are some nice titties for an Asian girl," he remarked. He feltme up and then unsnapped my jean shorts, too and then we told me toget into bed. He was on my nipples like sugar on candy, sucking hardand distending them, which sent all kinds of glorious feelings intomy brain. He slid his hand into my panties and found my slit andforced two fingers into it. "Oh yeah, this was more like it," Ithought to myself as he strummed my g spot with his digits. Ireached over with my righthand and played with his cock. Heabsolutely devoured my nipples, lightly biting them and pulling onthem with his lips. A wave of wetness drowned his fingers inside meand then I felt a wall of heat burrow through me from hisfingerbanging me. I guess he felt that was his cue to fuck me and herolled me over on to all fours and knifed his pole into my sex, thewalls of my cunt struggling mightily to be pushed apart to thatextent. But shit, did it feel good! He was surprised that my pussywas able to stretch enough to get all of that dick inside me and, tobe honest, so was I!

He began to pound that heavy sausage in and out of me and commentedhow he had never had been in such a tight pussy before.

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   I was almostimmediately in full moan and thrash mode due to the intense frictionand the sounds his cock made as it was transported to the deepestregions of my being and back were kinda embarrassing. "God girl, Idon't know how long I'm going to last in this motherfucker," hesighed. I was already close anyway and went off like a fourth ofJuly fireworks show. "Yeah, you love that black dick, don't youbitch/" he teased. "Oh God yes," I croaked. "You're a black man'sslut now. You ain't gonna get dick from white boys like this shit,"he claimed. I was scratching at the bed sheets while he plowed meand then I came the hardest I think I ever did as a human being, letalone a female, making me scream in ecstasy as one orgasm followedanother before he injected dose after dose of sperm into me. He pulled out of me with a gloppy "pop," said only, "see ya laterbitch!" and dressed as he walked out the door.

I was just left there with a veritable creek's worth of semenrunning out of me and wetting my sheets. I was also hot and happybut not sore, surprisingly, even after the hammering I justabsorbed. "With the exception of choking down such ridiculously hugecocks, I think I could get to like being fucked this way. " I thoughtto myself. It did take me about half an hour, though, before Iovercame my orgasm induced torpor to finally get up and clean myselfup.

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