The Other Side of the Coin Chapter 3


Later that same week, I decided to go check out a lesbian bar inHollywood. The music was abysmal, mostly alternative rock. But Istarted getting hit on as soon as I entered and ordered a softdrink. An Asian dyke walked up to me and asked me if I had beenthere before, a cliched opening gambit. I confessed that I hadn't. She was cute in a masculine sort of way. Very short hair, t-shirt,white jeans, Doc Martens, D cups, a little bit chubby, a couple oftattoos on her arms. We went through the usual cv stuff that peopledo when first getting to know each other. She found it interesting"that someone as small and cute as you was a heavy metal guitarist. "I didn't know what to make of that. In my former days as a male, Ihad met female metal musicians and they were all pretty normal sizedas far as being women. Maybe she expected someone who was playing inthat genre to look tougher like Donita Sparks of L7? I don't know.

The girl's name was Deana. She was a little on the tough sideherself, which I guess one should expect out of a dyke. Our musicaltaste definitely didn't jibe, though. She was more of a Riot Grrl, agenre that I thought was pretty musically useless.

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   Nonetheless, shethought I was nice, so she asked me to go back with her to herapartment. I followed her and we got there about 15 minutes later. It wasn't actually an apartment, but a guesthouse in the rear of amain house that stood in front of it. It was pretty bare bones. Basically just a bedroom with a bathroom attached to it. Comfortable, but hardly spacious.

I was dressed in a white blouse with a black leather vest, a blackleather mini skirt, ankle boots and fishnet thigh high stockings aswell as bright red lipstick. Underneath were a black lacy bra andmatching panties. I sat on the edge of her bed with my legs danglingtogether. Deana sat her body facing my left side with one legpropped under her and the other extended. She kind of nervously madesmall talk and I smiled a lot trying to put her at ease. My guyresponses were firing off in my head. I definitely wanted to see hernaked because I was something of a chubby chaser when I still had apenis. She put a pillow in her lap and bid me to lay my head in it. "About time," I thought, because I knew what the progression ofevents would likely be from there.

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She looked down at me from above and used the back of her hand tostroke my cheeks. "You're so cute Miwa. " "Thank you sweety," Iacknowledged. She then bent her body slightly to reach over me andbegin popping the buttons on my vest. I reached up with myrigththand and lightly ran it over her high cheekbones. Sheunbuttoned my blouse and then slid both hands inside my bra,manipulating my breasts to just the right degree to where it didn'thurt but it was still firm. I felt her thumb and first fingersrolling my nipples between them. "Ohhhh," I groaned, I love how thatfeels. " She smiled and kissed me. I pulled the back of her headtoward me and really hitched my lips to hers. She then had me liftmy upper body slightly so she could get my bra off. I also peeledthe blouse and vest off, leaving my upper body completely exposed. Islid my hands up Deana's t shirt and unhooked her bra and then felther up. She leaned down further and I felt her lips and tongue on mynipples. Her soft lips felt a lot different from how a guy's feel onthem.

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   But it was pretty much the same when it came to how it feltwhen they sucked my milk ducts. I was now moaning and very wet. Deana slid out from under my head and scooted to the head of thebed. I did likewise and we were now both in full recline, which wasa lot more comfortable. She insinuated her lefthand into my pantieswhile she sucked my nipples more vigorously. "Fuck Deana, that feelsso amazing. "  I pulled her jeans open and explored her hairy pussy. She was really steaming, telling me she wanted to fuck me bad.

I rolled on top of her and deprived her of her t-shirt, her bra andher jeans. I removed my skirt, stockings, boots and panties. Ileaned down and kissed her before my head went due south to herfloppy breasts and I found her nipples. She stroked my head while Ilicked and fingered her milk duds. I awkwardly slid down to the endof the bed and extracted her panties and gazed at her. "Such a cute,soft body," I thought even if I didn't really care for the tattoos. I fastened my mouth on to her vulva, sucking it and flipping mytongue up and down the length of her slit.

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   Her pubic hair was kindacoarse, but she kept it clean and so when I began bullying her clitwith my tongue, I didn't smell anything foul. "Oh shit Miwa, thatfeels so nice," she purred. I lapped at the clit repeatedly and thenput my index and middle fingers together and jammed them into hersopping twat. When she was approaching orgasm, I pulsed my suctionon it and she came with a violent flexion of her hips, medesperately endeavoring to keep my lips and fingers in place.

Her eyes sparkled as she recovered her senses and helped me backtoward the head of the bed. She got on top of me and deep kissed me,her tongue exploring my mouth from stem to stern while her righthandplayed with my left breast. She retreated toward the foot of the bedand had me hand her a pillow so that I could use it to raise my hipsand, with it, make my pussy easier to access. She exerted on my clitmuch the same treatment as I did hers, and in five minutes I wasbeing pleasurably stabbed by the sensations Deana was eliciting outof my clit, my breathing choking again before the final surge ofecstasy. She kept at it and had me cumming time and again, her facesmeared with my juices, for a while. I don't know how long it was.

We cuddled and talked. I had told her back at the club that I wasbisexual and mostly into guys (at least as a woman) and so sheunderstood that  the dalliance that night wasn't going to result ina relationship. I told her I hope I would see her again because shewas still pretty cute, even with the short hair and the tattoos.

I had to get home to my dogs, anyway.

The next morning, I got online and went trolling for cock again.

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  Another guy who worked in the general area I lived wanted to comeover for a quickie bj after he was done for the day. That was finewith me. Obviously, that chatroom was being frequented mostly bymarried guys who were feeling a little unsatisfied with their wivesand so they didn't have enough of a time window for a full on fuck.

I decided it would be a nice day to visit the beach for a few hoursbefore the above visitor was going to come over. I lived about 15minutes from it, a short hop. I put on a white bikini withg string style bottoms. The bikini top pushed my boobs up verynicely and made a nice cleavage. I wore a pair of blue jeans overthem so I would have something to put my wallet in (didn't want totake a purse) and I had my car keys on a ring that I could putaround my wrist.

I pulled into the parking lot, put enough money in the meter for twohours and took my jeans off and tossed them into the trunk. Ibrought some sun block with me and now here is why it is good beinga girl as opposed to being a guy: I walked down the strand lookingfor groups of guys just hanging out in the rental houses that linedthe front of the sand. About 100 feet later, I walked up to this onewell tanned, buff but not ridiculously muscle bound guy and told himthat I had just arrived at the beach but didn't have anyoneavailable to put the lotion on my back. Making goo goo eyes at him,I asked him if he would do it for me. Without hesitation, he saidyes and I felt him rubbing the sun block on to my back. "God baby,"I said, "your hands feel really good on me. " He didn't really sayanything and I think he was a little flustered.

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   When he was done, Iturned to him and hugged him and then kissed him. "Thanks sweety!" Ichirped. Then I drizzled more of the lotion down the front of mybody and rubbed it in while still standing near him, includingreaching into my top and applying some to my tits. I looked at hisdick real quick and I could see the outline of his hard on againsthis shorts.

I walked across the sand almost to the shoreline, where I put mytowel down and, after oiling up my legs, watched the hot guys andchicks stroll by or swim. I noticed a lot of guys staring at me,even though my skin lacked any kind of tan, and I would smile backat them, but none of them apparently had the guts to come over tome. "God, guys are such pussies these days," I said to myself. I gotup and walked down the waterline to the pier and back and, again,lots of guys staring but no action. Because I have the attentionspan of a hummingbird, I was getting bored now, so I left after onlya little over an hour. Probably just as well. I didn't want to endup with an egregious sunburn.

When I got home, I didn't feel like changing. I also thought itwould be fun to do a couple of You Tube videos playing guitar in thebikini. So that's what I did, performing a pair of old Aerosmithtunes. They're still the most popular vids I've done *lol.

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Around 5:30, the guy who wanted the bj knocked on my door. I let himin. He liked my bikini, doing a little bit of the old "talk to herchest" routine. Again, as a former guy, I understand why men do thatand I personally don't care, but women really get offended by thatand yet guys still do it anyway. Amazing.

Anyway, he unhooked the front of his pants and pushed his briefsdown. He was probably in his early 30's, average height, maybe 160pounds or so. His dick was still limp, so I circled my tongue aroundthe circumference of it and he began to grow right away. I put itin my mouth and gently bobbed my head up and down, enjoying thesensation of it thickening and lengthening on my tongue. When he wasat full extension, he was a little over six inches, probably. I tookit out of my mouth, pulled the cock up and sucked and licked hisballs, causing him to let out a loud moan. Then I trailed my tongueon the underside of his shaft to the head, where I stroked it for aminute before I allowed it to sink between my lips and slide into mythroat, where he choked out an "oh shittttt" as my throat musclesbrought pressure on it. Bit by bit, I increased the rapidity of mylips running the length of his shaft while I also played with hisballs and he soon fired several cummy blasts into my mouth, and, asI always do, I showed him his semen on my tongue and then swallowedit.

"Fuck, that was a hell of a blowjob," he said. "I'm glad you likedit, baby" I retorted.

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   "Can I fuck you sometime, too?" he anted up. "Mmmm, that might be fun," I teased. "Great," he replied, with agrin. "Making time for it will be kind of a bear, but my God, you'rehot. I love Asian girls. " That's good," I answered rathernon-committally, giving him an opening to continue the conversation. "Well, I better go. Hope to see you soon, Miwa. " "Bye honey. "

I went back upstairs and got on my computer again, only not toparticipate in a chat room, but to get on Second Life. I run hot andcold on SL. It can be addictive if you can find enough stuff to do onit, but a lot of the time, most of it is just vacant plus the operatingplatform is rather clunky and prone to all kinds of frustratingbuzzkilling breakdowns. I have played on SL as both a male and a female,finding it much easier to meet people as the latter, obviously, becausethe overwhelming number of SL users are male geeks and if my experienceis any indicator, most of them are in their 30's or older andoverwhelmingly college educated.

There was this one particular guy who I had hit it off with well and Idecided to try to reconnect with him even though I hadn't been on SL inmonths now that I really was a girl. I sent him an IM to ask him how hewas doing.

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   I also apologized for not being on for so long. We spent thenext couple of hours catching up just on the IM and then I teleportedover to him, where we had virtual sex. When we finished, complete withmy avatar having cum smeared on her thighs and pussy, I told him that Ihad thought about him quite a bit during the time I was away from SL andasked him if he wanted to see my real life picture. Of course he saidyes, so I sent it to him. "OMG, you are really hot!" he exclaimed. "Maybe I need to make a business trip out to the west coast, soon," hesaid. "Well, if you do," I typed, "let me know and you can stay withme. " He was surprised since I had fended his desire for a real lifemeeting off before because, well, I was a guy masquerading as a chickthen. "Really? Do you mean that?" he asked hopefully. "Yeah, mycuriosity is kinda getting the best of me," I wrote.

Fortunately, a couple of months later, his company needed someone to flyout to L. A. to negotiate on some kind of business deal (I didn't askwhat it was and I didn't really care), so my SL friend volunteered. Itold him my real (new) name and that I would be wearing a white blouse,white skirt, blue vest, white thigh high stockings and white heels inthe luggage pickup area of LAX. He sent me a picture of himself.

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   He had abeard, which I didn't like, so I had him shave it off. Sorry, I justdon't like facial hair.

The day of his arrival came and I drove up to the airport and waited inthe terminal for him. He recognized me right away, thankfully. "Miwa?""Rex?" I countered. "Hi babe. It's nice to finally meet you! "I huggedhim and then let him kiss me. As I was pulling away, I whispered, "I'mnot wearing any panties (giggle). " "Oh really/" he leered. I giggledagain and then took his arm and we headed to the parking lot. I told himto just toss his luggage into the backseat. While he was doing that, Igot into the driver's seat and then brought my knees up to my chest andturned toward the passenger's side and pulled my skirt up to my hips. When he got in, he got an eyeful of my bare snatch. He froze for asecond to make sure he was seeing what he was indeed eyeballing, whichmade me giggle again. "Wow, that is a nice pussy you have there," hepuckishly noted.


   "Thank you," I giggled. I pulled my skirt down and thendrove us to my house, holding his hand and chit chatting along the way.

When we arrived, my dogs jumped all over him and so I waited while theygot used to him and he gave them the attention they wanted. I took himupstairs and asked him if he was tired. He did, after all, have to getup pretty early to get ready to make his flight out from Chicago. But hesaid he was good and I put my arms around his neck and we kissed for afew minutes. I backed away from him and slowly took off my vest and thenmy blouse while he watched intently. I unzipped my skirt and let itfall to the floor. He has a bigtime stockings fetish and I could see thelust in his eyes when he stared at my legs. I brought the girls out andthen he stripped and we jumped into bed.

He was on me like a bad suit and handled me rather roughly, which Iloved. I played with his cock and then began sucking him. "Oh yeah,bitch, suck that cock. Fuck, that feels good," he growled. He knew Iloved being denigrated when I had sex and now his aggressive side wascoming out.

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   I sucked and licked his balls and then put his dick back inmy mouth and milked him with my lips and tongue until he detonated in mymouth, feeding me a yummy load.

Since I knew about his stockings fetish, I decided to sit on his face,the leggings on either side of his head. He ran his hands up and down mylegs to enjoy the texture of the fabric as his mouth and tongue lickedand sucked my clit. I ground my vulva into his face while he moaned andpushed me toward an orgasm. Finally, I felt the heat breaking in my clitand I shuddered and began to cum, dousing his face with my wetness andhim eagerly lapping it up.

He pushed me off of him and on to my back and, after taking a coupleminutes to survey my stocking covered legs again, he dove into my muff,eventually bringing me off a couple more times orally.

I thought it would take longer, but he was hard again and pushed my legsup over his shoulders and stuck his cock inside me. "Have you beenwaiting for this cock bitch/" "Oh yeah baby, Give it to me good!" Iimplored and that is what he did. frantically savaging my hungry twat. "Fuck, you're such a slut," he accused, continuing to pump it into me. "God yes baby, ram it in deep," I cried. "Don't worry about that mylittle Asian whore," the sound of his pubic bone crashing into my assloudly resounding in my bedroom. We continued this way for the next halfhour, me cumming god only knows how many times before he spurted hisman milk into me.

But he wasn't done. He then went down on me and began licking his cumout of my pussy.

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   This was another of his fetishes and he spent about 15minutes doing it. After that, we laid in bed and watched tv and then Imade him dinner. "Jesus Miwa, you're an amazing cook," he praised. "Thanks baby, I'm glad you like it. " "This business trip is so much moreenjoyable than the last time I was down here. The guy I was sent withand I didn't really like each other and so it was a pretty miserableexperience. " "Well, sweety, welcome to L. A. ," I giggled.

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