The Time Shifter Chapter 67


Thanks to Vishnu, the tunes just kept coming into my head and Iwrote two more after Desiree departed and recorded rougharrangements of them.

The next day at school, Desiree was with her friends and I justwalked right up to her and gave her a hug before introducing myselfto everybody else. My eyes were immediately captured by this littlehispanic chick, Marta Salgado, who was about 5'2" and 100 poundswith nice C cups and slim legs. She made googley eyes at me, too,but so did the other girls. So when the bell rang and everybody wenttheir separate ways, I told her I wanted to have dinner with her atmy place Friday night. She accepted and I started thinking aboutwhat I was going to make for her. I went to the store after schoolto get what I needed for it and then jammed the rest of the nightaway.

Friday, I picked her up at six and brought her to my house. Now thething about hispanic chicks is that they're really bubbly, supernice and exceedingly cute. She loved the fact that I cooked for her,liked it even more that it was delicious and dug it when I broughtmy acoustic guitar out and sang her a couple of Bruce Springsteensongs, "Thunder Road" and "Badlands. " We kibitzed for a while andthen I started kissing her. She wouldn't let me get any farther thanthat, though. That was fine. It was still a fun night and I didn'tspend any real money on her.

Saturday and Sunday, I devoted myself to music, learning and writingsongs and ordering cds. Monday, I took my Taylor acoustic to schooland, when I went out to lunch, I sat on the grass near the quadwhile leaning against a tree and started playing for myself.

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   Withinabout five minutes, the girls in the new clique I had begun hangingout with flocked around me. They wanted me to play them something, so I did FleetwoodMac's "Never Going Back Again. " One of the girls, Trish Martin,actually asked me if I wrote it. What a dummy! So I introduced thenext song, Jim Croce's "Operator. " I decided to do something theyprobably actually knew, Green Day's "Good Riddance. " Dire Straits'"Sultans of Swing" was next on my hit parade and I followed thatwith Dylan's "Don't Think Twice, It's Alright" and Cat Stevens'"Peace Train. " My throat was drying up by then, so I went into MasonWilliams' "Classical Gas" and was rocking away on that until thebell rang.

When I got home, I put ads on some musician's sites and in MusicConnection seeking people to play in my band, which I decided tocall Red Sentinel. I just hoped I wasn't going to have to siftthrough a passel of incompetents, flakes and druggies to find peoplewho I could work with.

Tuesday was interesting. I was coming out of gym class and walkingacross the quad when I saw this lanky strawberry blonde who waswearing an Iron Maiden t-shirt staring at me. "Oh, I'll have a bitof that," I thought to myself. The thing was I didn't have toapproach her, she was walking up to me! Cool! I thought this wouldbe the easiest pull ever!  "Hey, you're the bloke with the Les Paul,ain't ya?" "Yep, guilty!" I confessed. She was speaking with aBritish accent and I was impressed that she knew what model ofguitar I was playing. "Are you in a band?" "Nah.

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   I just moved hereand I'm actually looking for people to play with," I answered. "Whatkind of music are you into?" "Well, the material I write is mostlyneo-classical metal. " "Oh, you mean like Nightwish?" "I loveNightwish, but it's a little more intricate than what they do. It'smore like Stratovarius with a bit of a chamber music influence. " "Ithink I might quite fancy that," she enthused. "Would you like tohave a bit of a jam?" This last question really threw me. First, Iwasn't expecting her to be a musician and, secondly, if she suckedit was going to bite to tell her that since I really wanted toinvade her panties. Facially, she had a little bit of a ShirleyManson thing going on. "What do you play?" I inquired. "Strats," sheaverred, though that wasn't what I intended to ask her. So she wasobviously a guitarist.

I was running out of time to get to class. We exchanged cellphonenumbers and agreed to meet in the quad after school. That would giveme more of a basis to determine whether Valerie, that was her name,would mesh with me or I would have to send her off. So I sat on aplanter after sixth period ended waiting for her.

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   A couple minuteslater, she strolled up to me. I told her to have a seat. "Tell meabout yourself," I directed. Her parents were from Birmingham,England, but her dad moved to London to work for British Airways. Six years ago, he decided to pull up stakes and move his family toSouthern California to work for Southwest since it was a chance toenjoy the California lifestyle.

Her father had been a mad Iron Maiden fan and met his wife at one oftheir shows when he was in college. Therefore, Valerie got exposed to a lotof that band's music growing up. However, what got her playingguitar wasn't Maiden, but Kelly Johnson, the late guitarist of theall female band Girlschool. "My dad was gutted when she died ofspinal cancer because he had been a fan of her band back in the1980's. I didn't know who she was, so I looked Girlschool up on YouTube and I was knocked for six by the ferocity of her playing. Italso demonstrated to me that the girls could keep up with the ladsmusically and so I asked dad to get me a guitar. I had lessons for acouple of years and then taught myself ever since," she disclosed. She graduated from a Squier to a used black Fender Strat and thenher dad bought her a white Jeff Beck signature model Strat and aMarshall 50 watt half stack. "He's quite chuffed to see me playingmusic he likes and not going for the typical stuff girls listen tothese days," she giggled. "He calls me his little rockstar.

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I thought that was pretty cool since I had been a fan of Kelly andGirlschool, too. I agreed to jam with Valerie. I told her she coulduse one of my Strats and a Marshall stack I had at my house. We tookmy car there and, after tuning up and waiting a few minutes for thepower tubes in our amp heads to warm up, we went into Maiden's"Number of the Beast. " I took the first solo and she performed the secondand did a credible job. I urged her to be more aggressive. We thenplayed "Wrathchild," also by Maiden and I had her do the leadbreaks, which weren't that technically difficult. She wanted to do"Revelations. " I was impressed by that because of the tempo andtextural changes in the song. She took the Dave Murray part and Idid Adrian Smith's. She had a couple slight muffs, but otherwise didpretty well.

Now it was time to  step it up a notch and I did the intro fromYngwie Malmsteen's "Far Beyond the Sun. " "Woah, sorry, but I'm totalcrap when it comes to Yngwie stuff," she stated. "It's cool. If weform a band, you can do the rhythm guitar bits on the more difficultstuff," I consoled.

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   We played a few more 80's metal tunes, includingMetallica's "Seek and Destroy. " I sat down with her and explained toher where she needed to improve and wrote out some exercises shecould do to improve her speed and accuracy and so she could learnhow to sweep pick. I also told her to learn Stratovarius' "Speed ofLight" since it would really push her ability in the direction Iwanted. However, I also figured it would take her a couple ofmonths, best case scenario, for her to begin to get any kind ofgrasp on it and that was if she practiced for at least 4-5 hours aday. This would be a test of how much she wanted it. I also couldn'tsleep with her because if she ended up in my band it would queer thewhole relationship between us and the rest of the members.

Wednesday, I was hanging out in the aforementioned gym class beforeit started. I was talking to some guys I had gotten friendly withwhen I noticed a group of girls looking at me, giggling and avertingtheir eyes whenever I caught them. I excused myself from the dudecircle and walked over to where the chicks were. There were four ofthem and they were sophomores and freshmen. They were all flippingtheir hair back, holding my gaze when they talked and subconsciouslysmiling a lot, which meant that they were hooked. I had to go joinmy class a couple minutes later,  but I made a mental note torevisit them at a future point in time.

However, I did have somebody in my bed that night. Desiree hadblabbed to the other girls about how good a cook I was and what agreat time she had in the sack with me. That made Andrea Flett, a5'7" brunette with pouty lips, a slim and nicely defined figure andlarge B's/small C cups rather interested in me.

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   Thus, I invited herover for dinner, which she loved. Unfortunately, she wasn't thatinteresting as a person, only as a piece of ass. While we talked atmy dining room table, I got up, went around to her side, picked herup and carried her to the sofa in the livingroom. That made herlaugh and, as soon as I put her down, I was all over her, kissingand hugging her. She was responding nicely to that and I unzippedthe back of the red wine colored one piece mini dress she waswearing and pulled  it down to her belly. I then disattached her bra,clasps and chucked that harness to the floor. She had her hands upmy t-shirt and pulled it off of me. I resumed kissing her as thedarkness of the encroaching evening was enveloping us, my mouthtrailing down to her neck and, eventually, to her plump roundtits. As I sucked on her reddish nipples, I slid my righthand up herright thigh and into her white lace panties, her wetness lubricatingmy hand as it rubbed her clit.

I slung her over my shoulder and hauled her upstairs to my bedroom. I gently lowered her on to the bed and yanked her shoes and dressoff of her and did the same with her panties. I lost my shoes,socks, boxers and pants and proceeded to eat her pussy, my tastebuds absorbing every last drop of juice I could elicit from her cuntbefore I concentrated on her clit, bestowing climax after climax onher. I jammed my dick into her without objection and she sighedcontentedly as I did so. I didn't feel anything special here. Thiswas just a fuck to me and I reamed her for my own pleasure.

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   She wasgetting off on it, too, and she came with a vengeance when I startedpounding it into her like a frenzied animal. My deep grunts and herhigher pitched moans created a kind of obscene harmony while mytrenching tool dug into her gash repeatedly, causing her to leavemarks in my back and biceps with her fingernails. I inundated herlove canal with my effluent and then,  my balls now vented, I wantedto kick her out of the house. Nonetheless, I cuddled her for a whileand made rather forced conversation before I finally said that I hadsome music stuff to do before I went to bed.

The next morning before school, she was being a pain in the assabout it by asking me what we would do if she got pregnant. "You'renot going to, Andrea. I knew a long time ago I didn't want kids, soI had a vasectomy. " That lie cut that bit of drama off at the knees.

I met with Valerie at lunch to ask her how her playing was coming along. As I expected, the lessons and the song I had her take on were provingquite a challenge. I preached patience, that it would all come in duetime as long as she practiced with correct technique. She also wanted tojam Saturday and I was definitely up for that.

Friday, though, I asked Desiree if she wanted to get together at myplace again and she received the invitation positively. I drilled hersilly that night after we ate dinner. Definitely a nice way to begin aweekend.

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