The Time Shifter Chapter 68


The jam Saturday was fun. Thin Lizzy, UFO, Scorpions, Iron Maiden,Motorhead, Girlschool, Aerosmith, we were at it for close to four hourscovering songs we both liked. I taught her how to play Heart's"Barracuda" and showed her a couple of little Yngwie Malmsteen licks shecould work on at home. I also lectured her for a few minutes on what Itermed "belligerent showing off. " That is, being aggressive with whatyou do  and ramming it into everybody's faces because an audience likesthat kind of confidence. Of course, there is also kind of a sexualthrill watching a good female guitar player. To a degree, a guy canunderstand how a girl feels when she's watching a typical all male bandwhen he gets off on seeing a woman kicking ass on a Strat, especially ifshe's attractive.

Sunday, I visited a batting cage in another part of the county and hit for a couple of hours to try to stay sharp.

Monday, I had a visit with the girls who had their gym class the sameperiod I did. Being able to cook well was becoming my ace in the holesince girls weren't used to guys doing that for them. I asked DebbieMarcus, a 5'3" 14 year old auburn haired honey, to have dinner with methat night. Unfortunately, her parents weren't allowing her to date foranother year. "So how about you, Courtney?" I said to the 5'6" darkbrown haired sweetheart of a girl. She had a slim frame and legs, but Ccup tits that really jutted out. She laughed the easiest of any girl Iever met before or since. She giggled her consent and I told her to beready before six.

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   She lived in another town that was nonetheless insidemy high school's boundary.

I went to the supermarket after school to pick up a few things both forthe meal and for me. I was in the produce aisle when I saw this woman inher mid-30's staring at me. Just to get a rise out of her, I walked byher and said "hi. " "Hey handsome," she replied coquettishly. I backed myass up and introduced myself. Her name was Cara and she was a childlessdivorcee. She asked me if I wanted to go for coffee and I had to admitthat I already had a date that night. She never asked me how old I was. Total cougar out on the prowl. I got her phone number and promised tocall her. I finished my shopping and went home to do some prep fordinner.

Things went off without a hitch and the quality of the meal really madean impression on Courtney. I urged her to join me on the couch  Shegiggled her approval and sat next to me. While we talked I began gentlystroking her left chick with the back of my righthand and expressed howbeautiful I thought her eyes and laugh were, which was the truth.

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   "Youreyes just seem to sparkle, which tells me that you're just a really nicegirl," I flattered. She blushed because she knew I was hitting on herbut was nonetheless flustered in formulating a response. I upped theante by stating that I might have to write a song about her. I actuallylater did, though I didn't use her name in it.

I eventually got my left arm around her and we kissed for a fair amountof time as I cradled her body in my arms. My hand slithered under hersweater top, where I parted the hooks of her bra and felt her up. Ipulled the bra and sweater off and got a gander at her sweet tear dropshaped gazongas. She giggled yet again when I groped them but moanedwhen I got into some real sincere suckling her pinkish nipples. I glidedmy righthand up her right thigh and attempted to insert it into herpanties, but she put up the stop sign. So I rubbed her clit over herpanties and pantyhose as she held my head against her chest.   Hermoaning intensified and this time she allowed my hand to crawl as far asher vulva, where I resumed bringing very pleasurable friction to hernubbin. She had a lot of pubic hair down there and I wondered if she hadthe wild and free 70's porno bush happening.

She was panting now and I hastened the pace of the rubbing motion Iexerted on her clit, which boosted her to the height of ecstasy. Ipulled my fingers out of her crotch and wrapped her back in my arms,kissing her hard and spinning my tongue around hers deep in her mouth. "Come on babe, we're going to bed," I proclaimed and like I did withAndrea, I slung her over my shoulder and transported her upstairs to mybed, carefully lowering her on to it.

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   "Clint, this is going faster than Iwant right now," she declared. "It's cool babe. I really like you, sowe can just kick back together for a while if you're into that. " "I'dlike that, too," she agreed and I sat up against the headboard and hadher scoot in in front of me, whereupon I encircled her with my arms. Weflirted, kissed and joked around for a couple of hours  before I tookher home. Naturally, when I returned to my house, I wacked off like achamp.

Tuesday after school, I called Cara and, while chatting about nothing inparticular, I asked her if she wanted to get together that night forsex. She hesitated then answered affirmatively, which made me wonder howlong it had been since she'd had a good rutting. "God, probably morethan a year," she estimated. If she had said no to me, I would have justblown her off. I got her address and made plans to meet her at seven.

Cara was presentable. She was probably 5'4" and 120-130 pounds with Dcups and short brown hair. When I talked to her at the supermarket, shelooked at me like a lot of the girls at school did. I was planning ongiving her a whirlwind screwing and using her as a cum receptacle.

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   Toher, I was mainly boy candy and so would be using me to reconfirm herattractiveness.

I rolled up to  her place right on time and she greeted me at the doorwearing a hot little black teddy, black stockings and high heels. Icrossed the threshold and immediately grabbed her, laid a passionate,invasive kiss on her, slung her over my shoulder and told her to pointout where her bedroom was. She squealed as I hefted her into her bed andI landed on top of her when her back hit the mattress. I unzipped herteddy and pulled it off of her,  her heavy mammaries bobbing out. Igently pulled her shoes and pantyhose off, exposing her bushy twat. While I kissed her again, I rolled her around the bed. I stood up andpeeled all of my clothes off and jumped right back on her, crashing mymouth on to her right nipple and lustily licking and sucking it. "Ohhhhhhh yeah baby," she whimpered. I staged an oral beatdown of hermilk ducts and it drew vocal plaudits from her. I kissed my way down hersoft belly and dove headlong into her underbrush, my tongue finding herbutton in that haystack and givingt it what for for the next 45minutes, resulting in her being rendered that special kind of high fromall the orgasms I induced in her and her juices permeating my tastebuds.

I rotated her body so that she was on her stomach and I pinned her upperback down with my chest while my righthand grabbed my cock and forcedit in to her hallowed hall. "Oh fuck that feels good!" she testified as Isavagely stabbed her cunt with my spike over and over. Her ardor rampedup quickly and she was thrashing under me while the sensations withinher accumulated and steered her closer to climax. I "You like this cockbitch?" I snarled.

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   "Oh God yes!" she praised. "You want me to keepgiving it to you?" "Oh yes!" "Well, tell me then!" "I want you to keepgiving me your cock!" she panted and the flood gates of her passionopened and her nails dug into her pillow as the orgasm poured atorrential tide of pleasure into her. I kept on humping her vigorouslyseeking my own release while she welcomed several more peaks of pleasurebefore I streamed my manjuice throughout her vaginal cavity.

"God, I haven't had a hard fuck in so long," she lamented as she proppedherself on my right shoulder. "You have the perfect body for it, babe,nice and soft," I smiled. She giggled at that line. I then made anexcuse to leave. She still had no idea that she just had sex with a 16year old. The only thing I had told her about myself was that I was amusician.

Having vented my balls, I went to school Wednesday very relaxed.   Iinvited Valerie over for a jam both that day and Thursday. She said shewas practicing a minimum four hours a day, which I hoped was true. Unfortunately, a lot of the responses I was getting from my musicianswanted ads were completely pathetic. I really wanted to have somethinggetting off the ground by the time baseball season arrived, but itcertainly didn't look like I was going to reach that target at thatpoint.

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