Twist of fate-7


All the temples which were in the control of the Pandit fell in the hands of Sapni. She created three parallel armies. The Raja’s soldiers, the bandits and the Pandits private army.
Sapni relunctantlyruled not like an empress but like a goddessblessed withtremendous power and wealth. She missed the life she had lived, like the nymphomaniac whore wife she was, she missed the time when she was treated like complete trash anda filthyslut, beaten and raped by all kinds of men because her insane lust was never satisfied. She felt intense heat when she filled with extreme filth which forced inside her, or it covered her.
But no matter how hard she tried undo what she had done, the more powerful she became. Her children were taken care by all the women who worshipped her. Including her mean mother in law and Gujra’s sister. The one who abused her the most was Gujra’s brothers wife. Sapni turned her into a temple dancer. All the others begged forgiveness.
Sapni turned the the older children of the murdered Pandit into sex slaves and they would forever be at the beck and call of the holy men. She enjoyed watching them fucked in every conceivable way.
Sapni found a way around to get gang banged again. She called it a Puriifcation Ritual for the mortal body that possessed her divine spirit.

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  . Eventuallyshe was a great time enjoying endless gang bangs from as many men she wanted, regardless what they were liked. She sucked as many dicks as she wanted, all kinds filth filled her mouth and covered her body. Strangely enough it made more exalted than she could ever expect. She was perpetually hot. But controlled her lustand set her own time.
She had the rape of some the holy men and they accepted the mistreatment as some kind of sacred test. Sapni unintentionally had built an empire for herself. So all her worshippers screwed the living daylights out of her.

The traveller

When Sapni was at the temple of Gramnasi, her devotees garlanded her. She saw a bearded man in an unfamiliar dress standing at a distance with long walking stick. He came over to her and sat next to her and spoke in her ear.
“I know you’re not really a goddess, but I can make you like one. The knowledge I will givepossess will be of great help to you in future”
“Who are you?” Sapni asks nervously
“My name is difficult to pronounce, just call me The Traveller, You will need to go to a place with me for a long time
“How long?
“Perhaps three years at the most”
Let me think about it”
“I’ll be here tomorrow to hear your answer”
The next dayThe Traveller came to the temple.
“I’ve decided to go with you”
She gets out of the temple and after that she could not remember anything.

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   She spent three long year in the mountains guided to diiferent places byThe Traveller. Learnt a great deal. She was tested to the limit. After her terrible ordeal all that The Traveller said.
“Go in that direction you will on your own know your way”
Sapni as if in a trance walked backed to the Grammasi Temple. When she arrived there she had the strange feeling that not a moment had gone by. The moment she had decided to go with The Traveller the women who were to serve her were still staniding ther with a gree sari they held. The wind started blowing. It was as if time had stopped and nothing had changed, everyone was as they were although she felt three years had gone by. The gree sari was placed on her head. .
“Surely The Traveller knows more things than I have yet to learn. ” Sapni said.

To be continued.
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