Twist of fate 7



WhileSapni’s was in Grammasi , Nihal inthe temple of Gawara Nihal had decided to kill Sapni when she returned from Grammasi. He saw her as a hurdle in his quest for power because he allied himself with the soldiers of Rikakiani Temple’s Pandit who want to control Gawara temple the centre of power, Sapni was in the way
“Get me a horse” She commands. A horse was given an she rode backGawara. No one realised that she had disappeared for three years, for them only a few days had gone by. Going and coming back toto the temple of Grammasi with Nihal’s men.
One night she she was sleeping in the temple. Nihal came in tip toedwith a dagger. Was about to come near her,when in flash all the candles in the temple lit up and the temple was brigtht as could be.
Sapni began to dance before Nihal,he jumped to thrusthis sword into her, Sapni took it away from himripped his balls and cock with her bare hands. In his shocked open mouth was she threw inhis genitals. The co-conspirator was Arjun could not believe what he had seen. He dropped his sword was about to run away.
“Arjun come here at once!” Ordered Sapni. He returned knelt before Sapni”
“Call all those who supported Nihal and come and face me” She commanded. Arjun ran out of the temple. Those men were ready to kill Sapni, they did not care if the Nihal was dead.

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“Stop and kill eachother” She said lightly using the mesmerism which she had learnt
The soldiers turned their swords and spears onto eachother and fell on the ground dead. All the others who were rushingfled. They were now even more convinced about Sapni’s divinity than ever before.
A month later the Sardar had killed the Pandit of the Chakaur temple and brought his body to Sapni. The Sardar was with his men.
“You are a Devi, bring him back to life…. . ”
Sapni hand went straight into the Sardar’s chest and took out his heart. The Sardar collapsed dead. It was too terrifyingfor some of his men Butothers pulled their swords to kill her. She dodged them and shouted, “I want some music, I’m dancing”. Quicklythe temple was resounding with the music of the Sitar, tabla’sand dhols, a warbhajan. Sapni was in her elements. She danced and let her sari fall. Her naked body made one of the attackers pause, it was ampletime for her to snatch his sword and behead him, there was another behind her rushing towards like a mad man, she grabbed his hair used the sword of his fallen comrade and beheaded him too.

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   These were the Sardar’s finest. All of them who were still alive sheathed their sword and knelt before. Only one was pretending to be afraid, he kept a dagger close this chest. Sapni knew that, she picked him up with seemingly with inhuman strenght and stabbed him in the chest with his own dagger. These men were a blood thirsty scourge and had killed and robbed people with their swords and knives but never had they seen a man’s heart pulled out of his chest or so many of their own killed in such haste in. These were genuinely scared out of their wits. ====
She points at one of them. “Stand up, and tell me everything”
“The Sardar was not having any success recently since you left and consultedother Pandits, today he snapped and killed the pandit and had planned to kill you goddess”
“Tell your men the sardar is dead, throw his body and off the others to rot in the desert Find a new Sardar, he will lead you properly”
The bandits ran off with bodies, the pandit’s body was put on a funeral pyre. The holy men took care of the rituals. She gave offering to deceased Pandit’s family.
The Raja got the news of the strange happenings at the Temple of Gajaur. He cautiously stood in front of her.
“I heard some people lost faith in you and tried to kill you?”
“That is right”
“What concern is it of yours”
“I am offering the servicesof my men to protect all times”
She stood up and went over to the Raja, grabbed his cock viciously – the guards looked away they did not want to see their Raja being humiliated.
“Now, why would I need your help?”
“It’s an offering, I know you’re very powerful and can deal with every threat, but please let my men be here for my sake to protect, so that I can feel secure that no one dares to do anything remotely harmful. ”
“First spend some time with me and show me how good you and your men are, then you will you my anser” Sapni said.

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Sapni got gang banged by the Raja and his guards. They were scared at the same what they were doing. The Raja was drained out, his guards screwed Sapni in all her holes. She was screaming lustily. When all the men were done they lying on the temple floor. Sapni stood up and laughed, waited for the Raja to recover.
Ravinder wason his knees. Then Sapni spoke.
“Do you have archers havethe sharpest eyes?”
“Of course theydo”The Raja said
“Can their arrows pierce an apple as it isflying in the air at night from that distance?” She points at a wall at a distance which was next to a wall extending from the palace walls.
“From there, that’s humanly impossible” the Raja said
“Then you are of no use to me and can deal with all threats on my own”
“Please Devi forgive me, I will make sure that my men are trained in such ways”
“The daythey are and be able to do that from there all the time they should be positioned there only”
“Then you are of no use to me”
The bandits numbers swelled with the new Sardar. The Raja’s men were trained and ready and positioned where she wanted them to be and their commander came to tell her.
“If I am threatened I will raise my arms and bring them down once if I want you to kill one. I will repeatthis action if I want them all dead” . She never really thought she would ever need their services till a rival bandit’s sardar showed up with his bodyguards.
“Whoever you Devi, I cannot believe half the things you said.


   No one can do them. Sapni started chanting, raised her arm and brought them down once. An arrow pierced through his chest he fell to the ground.
“What is it that he wanted?”
“To kill you. She repeated the movement of her arms and everyone of those men were dead. It was fairly hot on that and Sapni was not prepared todeal with the men on her own, though she could have wanted to.
Later the commander Raja’s soldiers came over.
“Are you safe Devi”
“Never mind me, do you recognise them”
“Of couse, he has been terrorising caravans and destroying homes, we failed to catch him, he always escaped. ”
“Take their bodies away and do as you will with them”
The final bloodshed took place when Rikakiani Temple’s Pandit turned up with many of his men
“I do not know what you did earlier. Killing Nihal and terrifying my men. I am not afraid of you. In fact I don’t even think you’re even a devi”
“I do not have time for this, you can go” Sapni said brushing him away.
“What if I decide to stay”
‘That is good go and pray to the gods and goddesses inside”
“I will thank the gods and goddessesafter I have killed you. You’re just acommon slut,the whore wifeof the fruit seller Gujar,noweveryone believes is aDevi. ”
Sapni was silent, did not move, she was standing there frozen.


   She sat there and turned into ice, when the Pandit stabbed with her sword, the ice fell to the ground. Itreformed into Sapni she stood up. The sword fell from the Pandit’s hand.
“What did you see?”
“Magic, black magic nothing else” the Pandit said, picked his sword again attacked Sapni who dodged him every time.
“I hate to this,it is my turn now” She says. She tears his head off and throws it away.
“Do you all of you want to suffer the same fate,if you do not fall to the ground now and pray for forgiveness, you will suffer just like your Pandit. All of Pandit’sfell to the ground did exceptThe Pandit’s son rushedher with his spear, she waved herarm and an arrow wentthrough him. For the rest of years the Sapni was trapped in the role of Devi, shewas no longer 18, she was in her 30s The Traveller returned
“You still have a lot to learn, for one you have to preserve your youth and your power, you are your useless without it. ”
“What about time”
“All in good time Sapni, you will learn that too. It is not easy to understand, eventually you will have to stay in the mountains forever, there is a storm”
Sapni had gone for20 years, learnt a great deal. , she thought she must in her 50s when she looked at herself in a mirror she was not a day over18many times more beautiful. All of a sudden she found herself in the temple Nothing since her disappearance and she understood why those twenty years had taught so much, more than anyone could do in an entire lifetime. She was in deep thought one day – Arjun came close to her.
“I there anything the matter Devi”
“No just fuck me”
Arjun knew so many men had failed to satisfy her, he did his best.

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  He was somehow better than Nihal and Sapni was pleased.
“Now go” Shesaid and returned to thinking. “What if Sapni was just a dream and this was the reality – I am some sort of exalted being perhaps not a Devi. All that I haveobserved and experienced in 20 years has shown me things were beyond any known mortal’s knowledge. I know there is no turning back, no matter how hardI would try to convince people otherwise they will still think I’m a Devi”

The Battle
“I came as soon as you called me Devi” The Raja Davinder said with his hand clasped together and holding his head down.
“There is a storm coming” She said
“I do not understand”Davinders
Raja Rajesh Sing isgoing to invade this land in four months times exactly. He will be gathering a huge army. Your men will never stand chance against him,He will have a hundreds of elephants and many more horsemen. The army he will have will be thousands of time bigger than yours. The only way to avoid this calamity is to do as I say”
“Yes Devi” Ravnder said
“Your men will be able to inflict a great deal of damage before they can even reach your palace”
“But Raja Rajesh Singh is a friend, why would he do this?, his kingdom is only two weeks ride from here”
“I do not have time to explain now. Prepare for flight now. Get as many caravans take all those in the palace and the tell the villagers and townspeople to follow you. Go further East where the jungle is and builda castle there, Strip you palace of gold and every ornament, do not leave anything precious there. It should look completely barren, only archers will be there no one else. ”
She explained to the Raja how to tell his men arched rows upon rows ofditches in as wide as two elephants.

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   Put wooden tables holding up plants in pots to make it like they are wild vegetation, the tables are importan it wil preventthe desert reclaimin its land place rocks in those ditches, but they should be weak enough so as to break by the weight of an elephant. Have holes in the groundso that it should slow the army down. Collect archers from friendly places. Forgive all the bandits for they will help as archers, because the Raja will exterminate them. The Raja’s sons will have to be killed or kidnapped they will be a short distance away. Destroy the royal carriages carrying the princesses let the bandits do as they please with them, burn the carriages carrying the hags.
“This is may sound horrible to you now, but what the Raja Rajesh has planned exactly the same for you and your family,a fate worse than death”
“But can’t you save us from this calamity”
“Whathave I been telling for so long –is it not save your life?- you blindly trusted Raja Rajesh because you thought he was your friend, when he was not and now he out to destroy you. The gods have given you a brain, but you refuse to use it”
“Yes Devi you are right you have indeed given the correct advice, it will be done at once”
Raja Davinder rushed back to his palace. It was being vacated, meanwhile work in the desert had started. A week later an arrow struck the gate of the palace. There was a message tied around it.
“Be prepared for war and for your ultimate defeat, Raja Rajesh your master”
Some days laterthe ground was shaking because of the elephants. As the wind blew Sapni she said “Return Rajesh before you face a great tragedy”. The wind repeated the words.
“Did you hearthat my lord, that voice telling us to leave”
“You are imagining things, do not be fooled by such trickery” Rajesh said but heard the same words as the wind howled.

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   He decided not to be scared and told his army to march on.
The bandits were waiting for the army to come closer. The princes were exactly where the Devi said they would be. They were killed. The young princesses weretaken off their royal carriages, they gang raped in the most horrendous manner. The rumbling of the elephants drowned their screams. All the older women were put to the sword or burnt alive.
“Charge” Raja Rajesh gave the order. The elephants instead of moving ahead were fell in the first ditch, including the horses and were buried in the desert’s sands. Raja Rajesh was not prepared for retreat again the elephants andhorses moved aheadagain they fell in the second ditch. Raja Rajesh was becoming increasingly frustrated. After that ditch, the Raja had only a few riders to fight for him.
“Davinder is trying to be clever, he will not get away”
He treads over fallen riders, crushing them with his large elephant Men were sent forward to see if there were any more ditches. They were looking for ditches missed on the pot holes in which the foot soldiers tripped and fell in. There some distance from the palace.

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“Raja Ravinder do not be coward, come face me and fight like a man”
The answer was arrows raining down on Rajesh’s army. The arrows did tremendous damage Raja Rajesh’s army, it was a major set back, but Rajesh was break into the palace and did. The archers had long sinceran from the back gate removed the planks they had place over the ditches and ran for dear life. When Raja Rajesh soldiersentered the palace, all the treasure all the wealth which they hope they would find, was not there.
Raja Ravinder was never inthe palace it and abandoned haunted building The soldiers searched every room, every basement and found nothing of value.
The bandits did an atrocious thing. They beheaded all the members of the Raja’s family gave it to one of hissoldiers.
“An offering from a stranger” A soldier carrying bloodied bag. When it was opened, the Raja almost collapsed. His face had turned white.
“How can this happen, who could known where my loved ones would be? Who?!”
“When I will find Davinder he will make him pay. Go out and look for him. The soldiers went throught back gate and almost all of them fell inside the ditches. The survivors returned.
“Back so soon?” The Raja said.

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“More men have fallen in ditches, this place is a death trap”
“Fill those ditches” Rajesh shouts
“There must be spies and traitors in my palace, who could have known what I had planned, how did Davinder knowwhat I was planning, I am going to have my revenge. ” Rajesh screams
It took some time. The soldiers looked around there was not a soul anywhere. The buildings were abandoned. All the temples were empty. The stone gods and goddesses were gone. There was only one temple in which there was a woman who claimed to be a devi.
Sapni expected their company, seduced one soldier, got fuckedandkilled him. Abunch of soldiers fell into her spell each died after havingscrewing her. Those simply wanted to kill her were found they could not move turned to stone and fell. By nightSapni had her sexual gratification which she loved so much. She clapped and she was back on the The Traveller’s route, to live the rest of herlife in the mountains. Raja Rajesh was weeping and was demoralised.
“Even after winning I have lost, what will I do now?”
The calamity whichstruck Raja Rajesh spread like wildfireNo one knewthe details but people heard he had lost his entire family and almost all his cavalry. There was also news that a Devi was responsible for helping Raja Davinder.


  The soldiers went to the temple.
“Ah new men, I love to have them” Sapni said.
“Who are you slut”
She jumps from the temple floor toward the soldier who said that, he looked like someone of higher rank than others. She snatches his sword and turns it to dust.
“Canaslut do this?, I’ve done this to your sword, what if you I were to do this to you?”
“All lies” Were his last word, In place of the man was mound of mud. She flies back to temple floor. There is a story about Pandit who toldsomething valuable and repeated the teachings of long deceased Pandit of Gawara.
“We can show you”
Each of those soldiers mounted her, but for losing the price was death, eventuallyRajesh’s entire unit was dead one way or another.
[Sapni dancedand the music simply came out of nowhere,it was farewell dance, for she was to return to the mountains and The Traveller. The Traveller had nothing more teach her, she spenther days spending days and nights with men and women filling her asshole, mouth and cunt, it was heaven for her. She could take so much pain, which could kill a mortal woman but she was amongst the immortals. Every fantasy came true. ]
When Rajeshheard this. He begins weeping, I should not have ignored the voice of the wind and returned to my kingdom.
“Oh what have I done?”
He got over his grief brought slaves from distant placesrebuilt the palace accumulated his wealth, he remarried, he had a daughter and mader her Rani to rule over his domain.

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This story was forgotten but for some reason people would visit the Temple of Gawara as long as it stood till it was overcome with time, it had crumbled to the the ground. Till a book was found written in Sanskrit titled “Devi and the Raja’ later renamed ‘Twist of Fate’ But remains banned to this day.


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