A Chinese Dish


Topic: Part 1A Chinese I was heading to work one day. I rehab apartment buildings. I arrived at about 7:30 am and was unlocking the front door when I heard kids behind me. I turned to see four kids, three small Asian boys and behind them was the most gorgeous girl I think I have ever seen. She was obviously the older sister of the boys. I guessed her to be about 13 years old. She was less than 5 feet tall but it was her amazing face and body that caught my eye. She was beautiful. Her body, yet still a young girls body, was perfect. She had small breasts hidden under a tight t-shirt. Tight enough to know she was wearing a bra. She wore low rise hip hugger jeans that accentuated the most perfectly round ass I have ever seen. As they walked by she looked at me and smiled. . I nearly passed out. I mean this was the most perfect female I have ever seen.

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   They disappeared down the street and all I could think of was “I can’t wait until she comes The day seemed to drag on forever. I don’t think my erection ever subsided. Then at around 3:15 I heard the kids coming home. I went to the window and peered out so they couldn’t see me. I dropped my pants and as she came into view I started stroking. As they passed by the building I was just about ready to explode when she turned and looked straight at the window I was leering at her from. She stared for a second then smiled just as my orgasm erupted. I shot come all over the window the wall the floor. I think it was the most powerful orgasm I’ve ever had. They crossed the street and went in their building. I sat and caught my breath for at least a half The next morning I got to the job early and took my place at the window waiting for her to come out. Shortly the boys came out but she wasn’t with them. I waited and watched as the boys disappeared down the street. I was heart broken. I put my hard cock away and started working all the while speculating on where she was.


   About an hour later there was a knock on the door so I went to answer it. I opened the door to see her standing there, not two feet from me.
With a big smile she said “Hi, I’m Susie”.
I stood there like an idiot with my mouth hanging open. Finally I spoke, “Hi Susie, I’m John”
She asked if she could come in for a minute and I of course said yes and let her pass. I watched as she walked by and took in all her beauty. Plus she smelled great. I followed behind watching her perfect ass as she walked in. I said what can I do for you Susie. She turned, looked me right in the eyes and asked, “ Did you enjoy watching me yesterday?”
Immediately I could feel m y face flush and turn red. I stammered, “Ummmm I don’t know what you mean. ”
She said, “I saw you at the window watching me when I came home from school. ”
I wasn’t real sure what to say so I stood there embarrassed. She said, “It’s ok, guys look at me all the time but I’ve never seen a guy play with himself while he did”.
I thought, “ Oh shit she’s going to turn me in or worse, blackmail me.

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   All I could say was, “I’m sorry but you’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen”.
She looked at me with those big beautiful brown eyes and said, “Do you really think so”? I said “Oh god yes, you’re perfect”. She smiled and said, “thank you”.
Then she said she had thought about telling her parents what she had seen me doing but had a better idea. I thought to myself, oh shit it’s the blackmail”. She looked me in the eyes and said, “if you don’t do what I say I’ll tell my parents what I saw and that you forced me in here and did things to me”.
All I could say was, Ok what do you want?”
She smiled big and said, “I want to see you do what you were doing yesterday, you know playing with yourself. ” I was to say the least shocked but turned on at the same time. Here I was with this beautiful girl asking me to jack off for her.
I said, Oh no I can’t do that, I mean what are you 13?”
She said she was 13. Well my cock immediately got rock hard. She turned and started to the door and I said, OK wait I’ll do what you want. ”
She said, “Great so drop your pants. ” I couldn’t believe how open and bold this little beauty was. I slowly undid my pants and slid them and my boxers down exposing my rock hard 8” pointing right at her.

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   Her eyes got huge and she smiled. Then she looked at me and said, “Now do it, I want to see”. I grabbed my dick and started pumping for my life while she stared at it. I said, “You know it would help if you took your shirt off. ” She looked at me, walked closer and actually and slapped me across the face and said, “This is my show, not yours”. I was so turned on I started shooting cum across the floor in streams. One, two, three, I actually lost count how many spurts. She giggled, turned and walked towards the door. Just before leaving she turned and said, “See you tomorrow. ”
End part 1
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