A Night in the Park (Part 1)


His name was Tim Smith. He was 38 years old, 6 ft, 205 lbs, dark hair. He was good looking by any girls standards. Tim worked out every other day so his body was in real good shape. Tim was married to Jenny who was 35 years old, 130 lbs, and had blonde hair. Jenny tried to keep herself in shape by exercising and working out at least one a week. Tim and Jenny were married for almost 10 years. They loved each other but their relationship had grown routine and a little boring. But they worked at it because they had a young son, Mark.
One day on a Saturday, Jenny asked Tim to drive the family to the mall. Mark was due for some new clothes and Jenny wanted to pick out a new outfit. Tim hated the mall, he hated the crowds and having to find parking. He knew he would be bored while Jenny did the shopping. Jenny knew this, so to get him moving Jenny told him he could to the electronics or sit in the food court while they shopped. She said she would only be a couple of hours. It was a sunny Saturday and Tim really wasn't looking forward to it, but he went along without complaining.

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   When the family got to the mall, Tim tagged along while Jenny shopped for shoes. But Jenny noticed he was moping and doing his best to looked bored out of his mind, so Jenny said he could go look around the mall and she would call him when they were done. A couple minutes later, not trying ot look happy, Tim drifted away while Jenny tried new shoes on Mark. He walked through the mall looking for something interesting. He walked through the music store and electronics stor but there wasn't anything new to catch his interest. So Tim walked around the mall for about fourty-five minutes. Tim was very bored so he decided to get a drink at the food courtt. After he got his dirnk, he took a seat at a table and decided to do some people watching. He noticed all the unlucky men being dragged along to carry bags while their wifes did the shopping. The skater kids roamed around aimlessly, and the single motheres were trying to keep track of their kids while they tried to shop. He was glad Jenny didn't drag him along, by now she was probably on the far side of the mall in her favorite womna's store.
He sat there bored, then out of the corner of his eye, he noticed two younger girls giggling and pointing towards him. He looked around but couldn't tell if they were pointing at him or something past him, so he thought nothing of it. While he sat there, every once in awhile he would look at the girls, and would get caught by the young girls would smile and giggle back. Tim started to notice the girls were really quite cute.

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   One of the girls was a blonde with her hair in ponytails, and the other was dark haired and wore her hair down with cute bangs. The blonde wore shorts and knee socks pulled up to her knees, a pink shirt with tennis shoes. The other wore cute sandles and Tim noticed that it looked like the little girl just got a pedicure because her toes were cutely painted with red nail polish. He also noticed that she wore what looked to be a short skirt that showed a lot of her legs and a light blue sweater that showed her nice figure. Everytime Tim looked to the girls table the girls were looking at him smiling, and then they would whisper in each others ears and look back at him and giggle.
Tim finally figured out thtat the girls were looking and talking about him and he blushed shyly and smiled back at the girls. When Tim was looking away at something else in the mall, he overheard one of the girls daring the other one. That caught his attention and he looked to the girls. That's when the blonde stood up and walked to the other side of the girls table with her back to Tim she stood there. The she looked over her shoulder at Tim to make sure he was looking, she smiled at him and then the girl bent over and leaned on the table. She stood there legs apart slightly sticking out her butt toward Tim's table. Tim now nitced the little girls tight booty shorts that really hugged her ass cheeks and her ass was barely hanging out the hem of her shorts. Tim tried not to stare but it was very hard. After a minute of talking to the dark haired girl, the blonde stood up straight and with her back still directly facing Tim she looked over her shoulder to make sure he was still looking. Then the little girl stuck her ass out a little and pulled the shorts out of her ass crack.

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   But it didn't do any good because her shorts were so tight. Then she walked back ot her seat next to the other girl and the girls broke out in giggles.
Tim was all smiles now, he thought about going and looking for Jenny, but he couldn't get up from the table cause his dick was starting to get hard. He looked back at their table and the girls were laughing, then the dark haired girl gave a quick little finger wave. Tim knew the girls saw him staring at the young girls ass. He was busted cold, so what else could he do. He gave a quick wave back and gave a little laugh. The girls turned to each other and started talking, that's when Tim noticed Jenny walking towards his table. When Jenny and mark sat down, Jenny started telling him about all her deals she was able to find. But Tim couldn't concentrate on anything she was saying. All he could think about was if he had a guilty look on his face, and would Jenny notice something going on? Then Jenny asked if she could leave the bags with him while she finished her shopping. He was glad to hear she wasn't done shopping and said no problem. With a smile, which Jenny thought was strange, but let it pass with no questions. Tim gave a quick glance towards the girls who were talking and looking towards his table, he was sure the girls would get up and leave now that they saw he was obviously married with a son. But they sat there still giggling and waving to him behind Jennys back, teasing him.

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   At one point while Jenny talked, he looked past her to the dark haired girl who was obviously trying to get his attention. When she saw him looking, she looked directly into his eyes , scooted back in her seat a litte, and looked down towards her lap. When Tim finally looked under the table, he found her skirt was pulled up high on her thighs and with her legs open wide he had a clear view of the little girls white panties. When he looked back up to her face ,because he didn't want to get caught staring by his wife, he noticed the little girl smiling to him. Then she turned to whisper in her friends ear.
When Jenny got up and left to finish her shopping, Tim continued to sit at his table. From the girls table he heard one of them ask if that was his wife, Tim looked around dumbly and asked her if they were talking to him? The blonde replied with duh and the girls laughed, which made Tim laugh. He was little embarassed by the little girls answer and he told himself there was nothing wrong with responding to their questions. Tim replied to them that it was his wife and son. The girls told Tim that she was very pretty and wondered how old his son was. He told them his son was very young and the dark haired girl told Tim his son was cute and wondered if she could be his girlfriend. The two girls giggle and Tim told them they were a little too old for him. WIth a smile on his face he asked them how old they were, the blonde replied that age was just a number. The dark haired girl told him that the blonde was 13 and she was 14. That surprised Tim, the young girls looked much older.

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   He told them they looked at least 17 years old. It sounded corny, but it was a good lie. Tim knew he didn't have much time, that Jenny would finish her shopping soon and he really didn't this to end. He knew he'd never be a situtation like this again, so he got up to leave and while walking past the girl table he stopped. He had to think of something to say, so he blurted out the quesiton of where they lived?
They told him they lived in the area and he didn't plan on what to say next, so he stumbled over his words and finally said he was wondering if they knew where a park was in the area. The blonde told him there was a nice park up the street, that they went there all the time. It had a lake and trees with picnick talbes and a playground with swings. Tim only lived a couple of blocks from the mall and he knew the park well. Not wanting to leave he told them that his wife and him were new around here and didn't know anyone, and asked if either of them babysat. One of the girls responded that they babysat all the time, but only together. He told them his name was Tim and the blonde said her name was Kelly, and the dark haired girl was Jessie. Tim noticed their cell phones sitting on the table. He asked fi there was a number he could reach them at, in case they needed a babysitter. They laughed at him and told him he was too old to be babysat. Then they all laughed and Kelly gave TIm her number and he asked if they had plans that Friday.

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   The girls looked at each other and told him they weren't if he needed them. Tim asked if they were good at babysitting, Jessie said that they were good at a lot of things, with a naughty smile on her face. Tim meant that that he wanted to make sure he wasn't going to come home to a party going on in his house. Kelly told him they drank wine coolers, but not when they were babysitting. Tim asked them if it they wanted to be paid in money or booze, joking with the girls. Kelly told him not to worry, they could definitely work something out and the girls giggled. Tim told them he would get some wine coolers for when they were done babysitting.
All week Tim thought about the young girls, he couldn't get the picture of the young girl bending over in her booty shorts out of his mind. When he and Jenny had made loved he would remember lookin under the table to see Jessie's legs open with her panties pulled up so tight Tim could see the panties wedged intot the 13 year old's pussy.
    On Tuesday, Tim made plans with Jenny to go out for the night and Jenny looked forward to going out for the night with no worries. Especially since Tim told her not to worry, he would take care of everything. Meaning it was up to him to arrrange for everything reservations to babysitter. Tim's only worry was he hoped the girls didn't dress too sexy. But he thought what could Jenny do? He'd pick up the girls and arrive home just before it was time to go out, that way maybe the girls would tease him on the way to the house in the van. With plans for the night, Jenny wouldn't send the girls home and cancel their plans for the night.

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       At worst, Jenny would tell Tim not to use the girls for babysitting again. If the girls didn't dress too sexy, Jenny wouldn't suspect a thing anyway. When Tim got home on Friday the house was empty and Jenny's car wasn't in the drive way. Tim knew right away that something was wrong when he went through the house. He entered the kitched and he saw the note Jenny had left him. It told him she was sorry, she was really looking forward to their night out; but her sister, Tammy, wasn't feeling good and she volunteered to stay with her for the weekend and take care of her and the kids. She had put dinner in the fridge, just microwave it and she would call tomorrow evening. Tim was relieved that Jenny and Mark were ok, but he thought this was going to ruin everything. Now there was no need to pick up the girls because he didn't have a kid that needed babysitting. So he found Kelly's number and called her to cancel. It was about 6 o'clock when he called, Kelly answered her phone and Tim gave her the bad news. Kelly told him it was too bad, they were both looking forward to the wine coolers after they were done. Right then, Tim had an idea. He told them that since he canceled and already bought the coolers, he could drop them off for them. Kelly told him they felt bad that he would be alone tonight, and told him he should hang out and drink the coolers with them.

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       Tim tried not to sound too excited, but he wanted to make sure they didn't mind hanging out with an old guy like him.
    They told Tim they would be at the park with the swings, and they hung up. Tim ate dinner and showered, then dressed in blue jeans, sneakers, and a long sleaved button down shirt. He rolled the sleeves half way up his arms so trying to look relaxed. He cleaned the kitchen and headed out to meet the girls. When he got in the van he sat there and asked himself what he was doing, he could get in a lot of trouble hanging out with 13 year olds. He didn't care, he wanted to see the girls again and besides, it was only a couple of coolers and he didn't plan to stay long. He got to the park a little after nine, he didn't see the girls . Then he saw Jessie move out from behind a tree, then Kelly. It was a warm summer night and Kelly wore a sleeveless sundress; it was yellow and came up about mid-thigh, her tits looked huge, he wasn't sure if she wore a bra. Jessie was wearing a loose fitting pleated skirt and a white t-shirt that said in big letts across her boobs "Blow Me", and white ankle socks with white sneakers. The girls walked up to the van and Tim told um to hop in. Jessie told him they could drink out on the swings. They left one of the four packs in the van and walked with the other 2 four packs to the swings. Jessie and Kelly didn't wait, they drank a cooler quickly as they walked to the swings.

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       They finished and were on their second cooler by the time they got to the swings. When they got to the swings, Jessie bet kelly she could finisher he cooler first. So they both slammed their second cooler.
    Kelly won the race and teased saying asking what she won? Jessie thought about it for a minute and than said she got a hug from Tim. Kelly ran towards Tim and landed in front of him, she stood on her tippy toes and reached up and put her arms around Tim's nick. Then she innocently looked at Tim and asked if he was going to huge her back? So Tim put his arms around the little girls waist and squeezed. Kelly's eyes were closed and she asked him if she worked out? Tim broke the huge, he was nervous. He was glad there was nobody else in the park, the girls walked to the swings. Tim noticed they walked a little unsteady and he asked if they had a buzz off two coolers. Kelly laughed and told him they had drank a four pack before he got there. She told him he should stop nursing his and catch up. So Tim stood there and slammed his cooler. The girls were sitting on the swings. When Kelly said I bet I can swing higher than you, the girls started to swing and go higher. Everytime the young girls went forward the would kick their legs out with their legs open.

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       From where Tim stood in front of them, he had a perfect view under the little girls dresses. He could see Jessie was wearing a purple and white striped thong under her skirt, but he couldn't make out what Kelly had on under her sundress. So he was trying hard to see. . . . . . . .
    *This is only part one of three parts. Comments are appreciated. *