A Walk in the Park


Topic: A Walk in the Park It was during the summer when I was 13 yrs old.  Me and a few friends were playing in the park.  Doing all the things young teens do.  At one point we were all sitting down chatting when Gail said that we were being watched from someone in the bushes.  We all tried to see who was watching and we soon found out it was a older man.  After about 10 mins of this Gail said that she was not going to be spied on by an old perv and was going home.  Off she went and my other two friends said the same but I told them I was going to stay.  I wasn't scared as there were a lot of people close by and anyway I wanted to know who he was. I slowly walked over and sat down on a bench close to where this man was hiding.  I just sat there listening to him moving around in the bushes.  The noise became louder and he stepped out and looked around.  He saw me sitting on the bench all alone and hesitated a bit, then he came and sat on the bench not too far away from me.  I pretended not to notice him and I lifted my left foot on to the bench and looked at my shoe.  As he was on my left side he had quite a good view of my leg as my skirt rode upwards.  The man slowly slid closer to me and I continued pretending not to notice him.  Soon he was very close to me and he was sitting with his hands on his knees.

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    He slowly dropped his right hand and rubbed his right leg on the outside of his thigh, I could see him plainly from the corner of my eye.   This ment the back of his hand gently rubbed my thigh.  I pretended not to notice and he became a bit bolder.  He turned his hand round and placed it on my leg and gave it a small squeeze.  I turned my head and said "Hello, nice day isn't it". He smiled back at me and said " You're a pretty little girl, are you all alone. "  I told that I was and that all my friends had gone home.  He said that he would sit by me and keep me company.  I told him that was fine by me.  He looked down at my legs and said "My you do have lovely legs you know, how old are you anyway?" I told him I was 13 and he smiled when I  told him this.  He gave my leg another squeeze and when it was obvious that I wasn't going to complain about him touching me he became even bolder.  He looked around making sure that no one was watching him, he then slipped his hand under my skirt.  I took off my small jacket and put it on my lap so that no one would notice his hand up my skirt.  When I did this then man slid his hand right my leg, up to my panties.  He pressed right over my slit and tried to move my panties to one side, but in the position we were in he couldn't manage it.

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    He leaned over and said quietly in my ear, " Little girl, you seem to like me touching you, don't you. " When I nodded he continued, "Well why dont you come over to the toilets with me and I will do other nice things to you, would you like that?" I just nodded and sttod up.  He took hold of my hand and we walked over to the toilets which were about 100 yds away.  We waited till no one was close by and we went into the Gents toilet.  He took me straight to a cubicle and closed the door behind us.  He said that I should be quiet as if anyone came in we didn't want them to know we were in a cubicle.  I told him I would be quiet and that I would do anything he wanted me to do.  A gleam into his eye when he heard this ans he asked me to take down my panties.  I reached under my skirt and pulled them down and took them off.  I then lifted up my skirt.   The man sat down on the toilet and this gave him a clear view of my little hairless cunt.  He sighed when he saw my pussy and he lent forward and kissed it.  I shivered with pleasure and he kissed my cunt again and slid a finger inside me.  I opened my legs wider and he managed to get in three fingers.  All the time he was nibbling my little button of a clit.

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    As he was doing this to me waves and waves pf pleasure ran through me, right from my toes to my nose.  All of a sudden I came and my orgasam made me gasp out loud.  As I came down to earth I saw that the man had undone his trousers and pulled them along with his underpant down.  He was sitting on the toilet with his cock sticking up.  The knob end was all purple like and there was a drop of precum at the tip.  He took hold of my waist and turned me around.
     With my back towards him he told me to sit down on his cock. I bent forfard a bit and reached through my legs and took hold of his cock.  I slowly sat down and I guided his cock to my cunt hole.  I was very wet and his cock slipped in as I sat down.  MMMMMM I love to feel a good hard cock as it splits my cunt open and this was no exception.  As his cock entered I sat down hard and WOOOSH it was all inside me.  WOW did it take my breath away, but it was a fantastic feeling.  When I got my breath back I started to ride his cock up and down and by the groans of pleasure coming from him the man was enjoying it as much as me.  He held on to my waist and helped me ride his cock and all too soon I felt him go all ridgid and splash his cim inside of me as he orgasmed.

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       After a bit I climbed off him and I turned around and sat on his lap and played with his wilting cock.  As I did this he put his hands up my t-shirt and pushed up my bra and played with my tits.  He lifted my t-shirt up higher and he kissed my tits and nipples and he also nibbled on them.  While he was doing this his left hand was up my skirt and he was finger fucking me.  I was soon shuddering with a 2nd orgasm and to stop me from groaning out loud he kissed me on my lips and rammed his tongue into my mouth.  Only a small sound came from me as I came.  WHEEEEE it was a strong one.  By this time his cock was all again so the man told me to kneel down and to take his cock in my mouth.  This I did for I love to suck on a cock.  I took his cock into my mouth and I sucked and sucked while I ran my tongue over the knob end.  At the same time with my right hand I wanked his cock up and down.  Soon he was leaning back and his cum was spurting into my mouth.  I swallowed as much as I could but some escaped and dribbled down my face.  After this he checked that no one was in the toilet and we both cleaned up a bit.  He invited me back to his house where I went and stayed for quite a bit and I let him fuck me once more before I left.

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       It was later I found out he was 55 yrs of age and that he really like young girls like me.  A few weeks later he invited me round to his house, I knew what he wanted and I was ready for some good sex.  As it turned out he had also invited three of his friends and I spent that day getting fucked by all four.  By the time I got home that evening my cunt was dripping with spunk and was quite sore. .